An international expert in disaster recovery is shocked at the slow pace of deconstruction work in Christchurch's quake-damaged central city and is questioning why demolition crews are not working weekends.


"Teams should be working seven days a week," Cameron Sinclair, chief executive of the international agency Architecture for Humanity told the Sunday Star-Times during a whistle-stop visit to Christchurch.


When the Star-Times visited the red-zone last weekend, machinery was sitting idle and there was no demolition work under way despite the perfect weather conditions. The explanation given for the lack of activity was that by the weekend workers were so tired it became "almost dangerous" to continue.


But Sinclair, who helped with the rebuild of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, said the city could not afford to take weekends off when there were so many buildings that needed to come down before any reconstruction work could begin.


The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) has identified around 1000 buildings in Christchurch's CBD which need to be demolished.


Sinclair said Cera should be negotiating with contractors that they worked seven days a week – even if it meant having to take on more staff.


"It's almost like putting on a world cup right? You have a deadline and you hit it. People get bonuses if they make a deadline and they get fired if they don't. Think of this like putting on a huge event, but the event is the rebirth of the city," he said.


A spokeswoman for Cera said as an increasing number of buildings were signed off for demolition, the authority expected to see contractors working longer hours and over the weekends.


Asked if the authority was happy with the current pace of the deconstruction work, the spokeswoman said: "The assessment of each building is determined between the building owner, insurance company and Cera. However, ultimately the decision for demolition lies with the building owner. The work could always be faster, however we appreciate the complexity of making such decisions."

現在の現場作業のスピードで当局が満足しているのかどうか尋ねたところ、スポークスマンは: それぞれの建物において解体されるかどうかを評価するさい、CERA、保険会社、そして建物のオーナー立会いのもと決定されている。しかしながら、解体は究極的には建物のオーナーの決定に委ねられている。解体作業は早めることはいつでもできるかもしれない、しかしながら、私たちはそれらの決定が複雑であることに感謝している。



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