The man, travelling from Auckland to Singapore two days ago, emptied his bladder about six hours into the 11-hour flight.


Passenger Amos Chapple said: "I hear this sound of running water and then I hear a guy going 'No, no, no, what the hell is wrong with you?'

乗客のアモス・チャップルさんは述べた: (私は)水が流れるような音を聞いた、そのあと男性が、やめろ、あんた気でも触れたのか?

"And there's this guy pissing in the aisle, waving back and forth."


The man urinated on to the aircraft carpet, a man's leg, and a woman's scarf.


"Everyone was yelling at him and he slowly became aware that he was being uncouth. He pulled up ... and wobbled back to the other end of the plane."


The man and a friend were seen drinking whisky before take-off.


"Him and the mate were sitting there and mixing it in Burger King cups. Six hours later they were catatonic," Mr Chapple said.


The man left the plane with only a warning and Singapore police were not called to deal with the matter on landing, he said.


Jetstar crew gave wipes to the man who was sprayed and moved him to another seat, but Mr Chapple was left sitting next to a large reminder for the rest of the flight.


"We were sitting next to a pool of urine for a good five and a half hours. You couldn't see a puddle but you could tell it was there. It was pretty outrageous."


The female passenger whose scarf was sprayed had to repeatedly ask for a plastic bag for the soaked item, said Mr Chapple.


Mr Chapple criticised the way the Jetstar crew handled the incident, saying they were "slack".


He said he confronted the man in Singapore and asked him "what was that all about" but the man did not know what he was talking about.


"I told him that he had pissed everywhere and he looked quite shocked," Mr Chapple said.


JetStar said the urinator was issued an official warning from the plane's captain, had his alcohol confiscated, and returned to his seat to sleep off the public incident.


Jetstar last night confirmed that "there was an inebriated passenger who engaged in inappropriate and disruptive behaviour", but maintained police did not need to get involved.


"We issued our final warning ... if you don't behave after the warning, then it becomes a matter for federal police," said airline spokeswoman Jennifer Timm.


Jetstar was contacting the customers affected by the incident to arrange compensation.


They would probably get a $200 voucher and an apology letter.




August 27, 1989: Izzy Stradlin of Guns N' Roses arrested at the Phoenix airport after urinating on the floor of the plane, apparently upset at having to wait for the bathroom.

1989年8月27日: ガンズアンドローゼスのイジー・ストラドリンは機内の床に小便をしたあとフェニックス空港で逮捕された。彼はトイレを待っていたがそれに腹を立てての行為だったと思われる。

April 21, 2001: REM lead guitarist Peter Buck cleared in court after a drunken rampage aboard a British Airways plane, where, among other things, he allegedly sprayed flight attendants with a pot of yoghurt.

2001年4月21日: REMのリードギター、ピーター・バックはブリティッシュ航空の機内で酔っ払い暴れまわっていたあと、訴追を受けたが釈放されている。他にも余罪があり、彼はポット一杯のヨーグルトをフライトアテンダントに吹き付けていたと主張している。

December 3, 2003: A Canadian man, 39, became drunk on a Cathay Pacific Airways flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne. "He then punched a flight attendant in the stomach, threw his shirt at a flight attendant's face and urinated in the aisle and against the toilet door," said a state prosecutor.

2003年12月3日: キャセイパシフィック航空の香港からメルボルン行きの機内で39歳のカナダ人が酔っ払っていた。彼はその後フライトアテンダントのおなかにパンチし、彼のシャツをフライトアテンダントの顔に投げつけ、通路に小便をし、そしてトイレのドアにかけた。州の検察官は述べている。

June 2, 2011: Rats were found aboard a Qantas flight from Sydney to Brisbane shortly before takeoff. A spokesman for Qantas said it was "a very irregular occurrence".

2011年6月2日: クォンタスのシドニーからブリスベン行きの機内でねずみが離陸前に発見された。クォンタスのスポークスマンはそれはとてもありえないはずの出来事だった、と述べている。



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