A former white supremacist wants taxpayers to help him remove his "skinhead" tattoo so he can start living a new life.


Carl Nathaniel Drewett, who has an extensive criminal record, was once proud to wear the tattoo across his forehead.


But now Drewett, 28, regrets getting the tattoo; it is one of many white supremacist tattoos on his body but is the only one that can't be easily covered.

しかしいまのドリュエット28歳は、刺青をしたことを後悔している: それは彼の体に彫られたたくさんの白人至上主義を記す刺青のひとつだが、それだけは簡単に隠すことができていない。

He wants it removed but that will cost about $2500 - a lot more than the $40 he spent getting it done in prison at the age of 23.

彼はその刺青を外したがっているが、それにはおよそ$2500の費用がかかる - それは彼が刑務所にいた23歳のときに、その刺青を彫るために支払った$40よりも、はるかに高額である。

He will need eight to 12 sessions of laser treatment, one every six weeks, but even then it is uncertain whether all traces will be removed.


Drewett's former probation officer is looking at options to raise cash for the procedure, including applying for funds through government agencies.


A Department of Corrections spokeswoman said: "A number of providers with a vested interest in this offender's rehabilitation have been approached in regard to supporting his tattoo removal".

刑務省スポークスマンは: たくさんのプロヴァイダーがこのオフェンダーのリハビリにおいて関心をもち、彼の刺青を外すことをサポートすることについてアプローチがあった、と述べた。

"[Community Probation Services'] role is to manage the offender to hold him to account for complying with his home detention sentence, manage his likelihood of reoffending (including support for his rehabilitation efforts) and any risk of harm to others. However, we do not provide funding for tattoo removal."


Drewett was aware people may question spending taxpayer dollars on removing his tattoo but said: "Everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others".

ドリュエットは人々が税金を使って彼の刺青を外すことに疑問を持つだろうことは気づいていた、しかし彼は: 誰でも間違いは犯すし、幾人かは他よりも悪い(俺よりも悪いやつはいる)、と述べた。

"If someone is trying to change for the better, for someone to then be judgmental - it wouldn't be about me that'd be about them and how naive and judgmental they are.

もし誰かがよくするために変えること、誰かのために、それから判断を請うことだ - それは俺のことではなく、彼らのことで、それがいかに考えが甘い判断だ。

"Everyone deserves a second chance ... the more help I can get the better."

すべての人々は2度目のチャンスを与えられるべきだ … 助けがあればあるほど、俺はしっかりと歩むことができる。

He plans to put some money aside each week to contribute to its removal; his mother has also offered to help.

彼は週ごとに貢献したお金を積み立てて刺青を外すことを計画している; 彼の母親も彼に支援を申して出ている。

Drewett hopes to start laser treatment as soon as possible so the tattoo will be gone before his home detention sentence is over in a year.


He was convicted in the Rangiora District Court on Friday on a charge of intentionally injuring a man and two charges of drink driving causing injury. He was sentenced to home detention and was also disqualified from driving for a year and a day.


Drewett acknowledges the tattoo was a mistake.



He is considering studying business while on home detention.




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