Pretty young women and older men of means - 'sugar babies' and 'sugar daddies' - are pairing up thanks to a US website that openly offers companionship for money, but balks at the word prostitution.

かわいくて若い女性と年配の男性の意味するところは - シュガーベイビーとシュガーダディー - 彼らがペアになること、世界の売春婦にためらいがあるが、お金のためにおおっぴらに交際をオファーするアメリカのウエブサイトに感謝したい。

"We are a matchmaking website for wealthy benefactors, and attractive guys and gals," its front page says.


On SA, the idea is simple: a man who is "rich and successful... single or married" sets up an online profile that reveals the amount in his bank accounts and the monthly allowance he can provide to a willing woman. Amounts range from at least US$1,000 to more than $20,000 (NZ$24025).


Men pay $50 a month for an account, plus $1,000 a year for the site to certify his wealth. For the woman, who is ideally "attractive, ambitious and young," membership on the site is free.



"The point is that there's nothing wrong with dating somebody who is rich and who is willing to spend money on you in a relationship, and that's what it is about," he said.


On the site's blog, "BellaSavantNYC" describes herself as an educated career woman and says that helps her attract even more men.

サイトのブログでは、"BellaSavantNYC" は彼女自身を教養のある女性と説明しており、サイトは彼女を男性のためだけでなく、それ以上に魅了させることを助けてくれる、と述べている。

"For me, having a sugar adds enjoyment and companionship without any of the general relationship issues. I have been in arrangements where it was platonic as well and it was just as fulfilling," she writes.



He adds that most of the women on the site would not define themselves as prostitutes.


"But if you would ask them, 'Are you basically exchanging sex and romance for economic benefit?' they would have to say yes. Basically that would be a definition of prostitution."

しかし、もしあなたが彼女たちにこう尋ねたら、あなたは基本的にセックスと恋愛を経済的な利益として交換しているだけではないですか? 彼女たちは、はい、と答えるだろう。基本的にそれは売春婦の定義となりえる。

According to Wade, 35 percent of the Sugar Babies who use his site are students who often use the money to pay for their studies, though that number cannot be independently verified.


So are Sugar Daddies truly searching for romance or fixed-rate love?


"I don't know what they are looking for," said Weitzer.


"Clearly what we do know is that they have resources. They are not the type of person who would go out on the street, looking for a prostitute - they are lawyers, corporate people, bankers."

私たちが明らかに知っていることは、彼らは資産を持ている。彼らは売春婦を求めて道端に出かけるような類の人々ではない - 彼らは弁護士、企業の人々、銀行員もいる。



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