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Older readers will remember a catchy tune released by the Vapours in 1980 called Turning Japanese. Many economists are finding themselves humming it at present, because many developed economies appear to be sliding into a Japanese-style slump.

Japan's property market boomed in the late 1980s, then bust spectacularly in the early 1990s. Japan's stock market has fallen about 70 per cent since and its total economic output is now lower in nominal terms than it was in the early 1990s.



Police and child welfare authorities are hunting a woman who was spotted breastfeeding and driving at the same time - with three other children in the car.

In a move called "highly dangerous", the woman attracted attention with her erratic driving at Kamo, near Whangarei.

Police, who did not catch her in the act, were called by concerned member of the public who took down her car's registration, local radio reported.



A woman watched in horror as her boyfriend choked and died while he ate a Jetstar in-flight meal.

She has told how she sat next to his body for the remainder of the 11-hour trip from Singapore to Auckland this week.

Robert Rippingale, 31, was pronounced dead by an onboard doctor 90 minutes into the flight.



A couple knocked $5000 off the asking price for their house after a former real-estate agent claimed a potential buyer's relative had died and the family needed money to return to Samoa.

The only trouble was, nobody had died.

The agent, Rita Charles, was last month found guilty of disgraceful conduct by the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal. But vendors Ronika Chand and husband Paul Martin's claim about the fake death was not covered by the tribunal case, which centred on Charles' attempt to act as an agent for them when they were trying to sell the house privately on auction website Trade Me.



A Fashion Week afterparty turned sour on Thursday night when a guest was punched by a photographer.

Seeby Woodhouse, founder of Orcon, said he was punched at the Huffer afterparty at Racket Bar in Auckland after blocking photos being taken of celebrity mother and daughter duo, Sally and Jaime Ridge, 17.



A Hamilton cold case investigator is hot on the trail of evidence that suggests a toddler who went missing from outside his Tokoroa home more than 40 years ago was wrongly concluded to have drowned.

And what is more, since being asked by the family of two-year-old Jefferie Hill to look into the case, published author Scott Bainbridge said he had uncovered evidence the boy may still be alive today.



A Maori academic says immigration by whites should be restricted because they pose a threat to race relations due to their "white supremacist" attitudes.

The controversial comments come in response to a Department of Labour report, obtained exclusively by the Sunday Star-Times, which found Maori are more likely to express anti-immigration sentiment than Pakeha or any other ethnic group.

Margaret Mutu, head of Auckland University's department of Maori studies, agreed with the findings and called on the government to restrict the number of white migrants arriving from countries such as South Africa, England and the United States as they brought attitudes destructive to Maori.



The first anniversary of Canterbury's September earthquake has been marked with two aftershocks in the region.

A 3.6-magnitude aftershock struck 20 kilometres west of Christchurch at 2.56pm today, while the second 4.4-magnitude aftershock struck at 7.41pm in the same area.

The first aftershock was 9km deep, the second 7km deep. The second aftershock was felt strongly in Christchurch, from New Brighton in the east to Merivale in the west.

A year ago Canterbury was rocked by a massive 7.1-magnitude earthquake, which struck at 4.35am.



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