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LATEST: John Key and Australian prime minister Julia Gillard have exchanged rugby jerseys ahead of the Rugby World Cup - but said they didnt have a wager on which team would win.



Community groups and the Historic Places Trust face a huge claim for costs from the developer who wants to turn the Masonic Hotel Tavern in Devonport into apartments and a cafe. Redback Develop has asked the Environment Court to award costs of $238,571 that it spent on fighting a challenge to its resource consent.



A motorist dialled 111 to alert police to two elderly women driving their car the wrong way down a Waikato highway - then relayed news of the head-on crash that killed them moments later. Police spokesman Senior Sergeant Matt Rogers said the motorist saw the purple Mazda Demio travelling the wrong way for almost a kilometre on the Waikato Expressway.



Staff and students at the University of Massachusetts celebrated the start of the new semester by making the world's largest stir-fry. Using a custom-built, 4.27-metre-frying pan, the 1820-kilogram meal included 360kg of chicken, 227kg of onions, 180kg of carrots, 135kg of broccoli as well as peppers, green beans, bok choy, peanuts, basil and garlic. It was cooked in 23kg of canola oil.



Harbor has over 60 centimetres of ears. Today (NZ time), the black-and-tan coonhound from Boulder, Colorado, in the US, gets the 2012 Guinness World Records title for "longest ears on a living dog." His left ear is 31.12cm long and his right is 34.29cm long. Tigger, a bloodhound from Illinois who died in 2009, still holds the record for longest ears ever. One was 34.29cm long, the other 34.92cm long.



Police did nothing wrong when they pulled over and then chased a fleeing Frances Stubbs, moments before she crashed into another car killing Penney Phillips, the Independent Police Conduct Authority says. A report by the authority's chairwoman, Justice Lowell Goddard, into the investigation into the pursuit in Blenheim on March 19, 2010, says the police officer complied with policy and acted lawfully. There was no need to make a recommendation to the Commissioner of Police regarding the officer involved, the report says.



Yesterday, Ticketek Australia said finals hospitality packages had been discounted by about 5 per cent and other agents have even offered tickets to pool matches at below cost. We Love Rugby, an Australian travel agency, last week knocked $100 off tickets for pool matches involving the All Blacks.



John Key and Julia Gillard will this morning announce a big boost in spending by the New Zealand and Australian Governments on basic education in Pacific countries. Over the next four years New Zealand will fund an extra $145 million and Australia $158 million to address the large numbers of kids that do not go to school.



Grandstand is launched on tvnz.co.nz today, pulling together the best social media debate on the Rugby World Cup. You can use tvnz.co.nz/grandstand , by logging on using your Twitter or Facebook account, to join the discussion.



The New Zealand dollar fell against the greenback after equity markets weakened and the Swiss National Bank set a ceiling for the franc, driving down a currency that has been a 'safe-haven' beneficiary amid global economic turmoil. The New Zealand dollar recently traded at 82.17 US cents, down from 82.88 US cents yesterday, having traded as high as 83.67 cents overnight.



Robert Pattinson thinks Kristen Stewart looks like "an alien". The 25-year-old heartthrob - who is dating his Twilight'co-star, who plays Bella Swan in the vampire franchise - admitted in scenes from Breaking Dawn, in which Kristen's alter-ego's baby eats her from inside, he was shocked by how "thin and ghastly" she looks.



* Prepare for long distances between service stations in rural areas.
* Take care when driving at night as outside of towns there is little street lighting.
* Look out for livestock wandering on to roads.
* Do not drink and drive as the law is strictly enforced.
* An amber traffic light means Stop.
* And the right of way rules are different from other countries.

農村地区では、ガソリンスタンドでガソリンが満たされているかどうか長距離を走るための準備をしておくこと - 街から外れた郊外は街灯が少ないので夜間の運転には注意を払うこと - 道路を渡る家畜に用心すること - 法律で厳しく規定されているため飲酒運転をしないこと - 琥珀色の信号は止まれ - 右折のルールは他の国とは違う 

… いくつかは他の国の旅行者にも警告しておいたほうがいいかもしれません。


Controversial academic Margaret Mutu says her comments about white immigration cannot be racist because she is not in a position of power. The head of the University of Auckland's Maori studies department fronted up to both angry and supportive callers on talkback radio show Radio Live today. She said Maori cannot be racist against Pakeha in New Zealand if you considered the definition of racism. "Racism is definitely associated with power and using power to deprive another group," she said. "Maori are not in a position of power in this country and therefore cannot deprive Pakeha."



A python illegally smuggled into New Zealand has earned a Feilding man four months in prison. The jungle carpet python was put down after Agriculture and Forestry Ministry officials seized it from a Feilding property in March.



Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said the figures dropped last month by 1145 to 55,974, the lowest it had been since July 2009. But, because of a rise in those claiming the DPB and sickness benefits, total beneficiaries were up from 327,990 to 328,355.



Auckland is in top place among the regions for the eighth quarter in a row, with Wellington slipping to the bottom half of the pack according to the latest ASB Bank regional scoreboard. Auckland rates four out of five stars in the scoreboard, with Wellington on a still healthy three stars, along with Waikato and Bay of Plenty.



The second explosion at the Pike River Mine was so powerful it carried a 300kg army robot 100 metres down the tunnel. Details about the force of the explosion were revealed at today's sitting of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the mine disaster which claimed the lives of 29 men.


経済回復とクライストチャーチ復興が次の政権に必要 - 首相

Running the economy under uncertain conditions, rebuilding Christchurch and reforming the welfare system will be the main challenges for the next Government, according to Prime Minister John Key. Whichever party is in charge for the next three years, it will face international financial and economic situations that will impact on New Zealand.



An armed and dangerous gang member - who tattooed his name on his girlfriend's face before he killed her - is on the run. Wilson is described as Maori, about 178cm tall and of fat to solid build. He may be driving a blue Ford Falcon with the personalised plate M4YH3M.






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