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A spacecraft circling the moon has snapped the sharpest photos ever of the tracks and trash left behind by Apollo astronauts in their visits from 1969 to 1972.



A police officer has denied cutting off a female prisoner's genital body piercings with a pair of boltcutters. The police are being sued by a Christchurch woman for $150,000 over claims that five piercings from her tongue, belly button and genitalia were lopped off with "proper, heavy" bolt cutters.



Right Hemisphere, an Auckland-based 3D graphics software developer and recipient of an US$8 million soft loan from the government, has been sold to German software giant, SAP Ag, for an undisclosed sum.



Four victims of the Christchurch earthquake will never be formally identified. Acting Chief Coroner Gordon Matenga and Police Inspector Mark Harrison have announced today that all possible Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) work that can be carried out to identify the remaining victims of the 22 February Christchurch earthquake has now been completed.



Auckland police say 37-year-old Sorlinda Arirtizabal Vega was admitted to hospital on Wednesday morning - the day after she and her family arrived from Buenos Aires - and she died a short time later. Police say an autopsy showed Vega was internally carrying at least 26 20gm packages of what is believed to be cocaine and at least one of the packages had burst. Police say that amount of cocaine had an estimated street value of up to $175,000.



The 14-year-old involved in a brutal machete attack on a police officer near Taihape has been sentenced to 18 months supervision. The Feilding youth, who cannot be named because of his age, was sentenced in the Whanganui Youth Court today for his part in critically injuring Senior Constable Bruce Mellor in the early hours of December 11.



10. 4 Non Blondes, What's Up?
9. Right Said Fred, I'm Too Sexy
8. Baha Men, Who Let The Dogs Out?
7. Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On
6. Hanson, MMMBop
5. Chumbawamba, Tubthumping
4. Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby
3. Billy Ray Cyrus, Achy Breaky Heart
2. Los Del Rio, Macarena
1. Aqua, Barbie Girl



The two-month "Operation Localise" ran across all 12 police districts and specifically targeted organised crime. During the operation, police executed 301 search warrants and took away more than 32kg of cannabis. A wide range of charges were laid against the 311 people arrested, including conspiring to sell drugs, manufacturing methamphetamine and threatening to kill.



National list MP Tau Henare is disputing claims he instigated a road rage incident in Auckland by failing to indicate while changing lanes. Henare this morning confirmed there had been an incident in Avondale last week. An Auckland woman has written to Prime Minister John Key complaining that Henare failed to indicate. She has reportedly claimed Henare gave her the finger when she tooted her horn and shouted at her when both cars pulled up to a red light.



Statistics NZ figures show the amount of building work fell 6.6 per cent in the June 2011 quarter, after adjusting for price and seasonal effects. Activity was down to the lowest level in 10 years. Home building activity fell 12 per cent in the June quarter. It has now fallen 24 per cent in the latest year, to the lowest level in 18 years.



The unemployment rate rose in August to 5.3 per cent, up from 5.1 per cent a month earlier, according to data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The economy shed 12,600 full-time jobs last month, adding to the upwardly revised loss of 26,400 full-time jobs in July. Employers added 2900 part-time jobs last month, less than the revised 22,300 such positions added in July.



In Germany sex workers pay income tax - the level of which varies from region to region - but compliance is difficult to enforce with women seeking business on the street. Germany's first "sex tax meters," from which prostitutes can purchase a ticket for 6 euros ($10.70) per night, will ensure the tax system is fairly implemented, a city spokeswoman said. "Inspectors will monitor compliance -- not every evening but frequently," the spokeswoman said. If caught without a valid ticket, offenders will first be reprimanded, then face fines and later even a ban. About 200 prostitutes work in Bonn. Due to protests from residents, city officials have limited the areas of operation to specific quarters.



New Zealand cheese is being squeezed out of the Australian market by supermarket chain Coles. It has dumped New Zealand as a supplier for its generic brand, under its "Australian first" policy. It will now use New South Wales co-operative Bega Cheese under a five-year deal.



The report found that, though there remained an "entrenched market" for methamphetamine in New Zealand, the price of the drug per gram had risen steadily from $610 in 2006 to $780 last year. The potency and availability of methamphetamine appeared to have declined.



Timber exports in the middle of the year were down 22 per cent on May and June last year in the biggest and sharpest drop on record, the Timber Industry Federation says.



The advertiser for Ab Circle Pro has been forced to change its television ads after the Advertising Standards Authority banned them because they were misleading. The Ab Circle Pro v2 infomercial portrays flab turning into rock hard abs, but according to the ASA it portrayed unrealistic outcomes that were likely to mislead customers.

テレビコマー シャルでしょっちゅう流れていた、ABサークルプロの広告にアドヴァタイジングスタンダードオーソリティ(広告が適切かどうか判断する局)が異議を唱えて います。使用前・使用後の結果が消費者を煽っていると判断され、広告内容の変更を求められています。たしかに、毎日数分だけであれだけお腹が引っ込めば、 誰でも試してみよう、という気にさせられると思います。ただ、この裁定はちょっと遅きに逸した感が否めません。


Hundreds of Christchurch homeowners are demanding the Government buy their property, despite being cleared to repair or rebuild their homes. Figures obtained by The Press show 270 homeowners have asked the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) to rezone their properties after the land decisions in June. Most complainants were in the green zone, with 245 asking Cera to rezone their properties red. If Cera agreed, the properties would be condemned and the owners would be eligible for the Government's buyout offer.

やはり不公平感が拭え ないようです。最も申し立てをしているのは修理・建て替えが許可されたグリーンゾーンに家がある人で、245人がレッドゾーンへ変更するようCERAへ要 請したようです。ひとつだけ考えられるのは、クライストチャーチの復興に予想よりも年数がかかることから、その買取で得たお金で(仕事がある)違うところ に引越しを考えている人々が増えているように感じます。これから1年以内に、このあたりの状況は急変するように思います。


An estimated three-quarters of the capital's homeowners may have to find thousands of dollars each to make their homes more earthquake-proof if a new Wellington City Council proposal goes ahead. The plan would require a Government law change so the council could target dodgy foundations, shonky chimneys and poorly supported roof tiles that could cause injury or death in a quake. A law change would have implications not just for Wellington homeowners but for those everywhere in New Zealand.

と りあえずウェリントンカウンシルがそれに興味を持っているようです。これにより、4分の3の住宅が、数千ドルのお金を投じて耐震住宅にしないとならないよ うです。もしこの法案が通過した場合、おそらくウェリントンだけでなく、全国で同じような対応が迫られる状況になると思います。ウェリントンは、丘の上や 崖に面した高級住宅(海に面したあの辺りです)が多いので、ウェリントンに持ち家がある方は、ちょっと注意が必要かもしれません。


Although Kaitlyn may be starting early, it took quite a while for the branch to get where it is now – the bank is in its sixth building since opening in 1861.





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