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Serepisos said he had made the decision himself and was not pushed. "I am doing it for the right reasons... there is no forced hand here." He had decided to hand over control for "myself and my family". "I feel I've done my part in making history for New Zealand." Serepisos said he had poured $8m to $10m into the club, but he wasn't worried about that. "The council didn't help me; I've done it on my own. All [the council] people should have come forward a long time ago, but they didn't. I feel I have been hard done by a little in the media." He said it was not a decision he had made quickly. "It hurts because it's close to my heart," he said.



The speed limit on more than 100 streets in Hamilton is to be reduced to 40km/h from next month as part of a project aimed at protecting vulnerable road users. Each of the eight areas designated 40km/h featured at least one school within or near its boundaries. The areas - which have been named after streets they include - are Barrington (in Huntington), McNicol (in Fairfield), Ngaere (in Chartwell), Willoughby (in Whitiora), Lethborg (in Dinsdale), Heath (in St Andrews), Howell (in Hillcrest) and Tamihana (in Fairfield).

来月からハミルトンの100以上の道路の最高速度が40km/hに変更されるようです。バーリントン(ハンティングトン内)、マックニコール(フェアフィールド内)、ガエレ(チャートウェル内)、ウィロフビィ(フィティオラ内)、レスボーグ(ディンズデール内)、ヒース(セントアンドリューズ内)、ハウェル(ヒルクレスト内)、そして、タミハナ(フェアフィールド内) (注:読みは適当につけています。詳細は記事元の確認を)



The products that have now been recalled are:

Mainland Tasty Block 500g

- Best Before date of 28 March 2012 (Batches JI and JE)

Mainland Tasty Block 700g

- Best before date of 28 April 2012 (Batch JF)

Mainland Tasty Block 1kg

- Best before date of 28 December 2011 (Batch BD)

- Best before date of 28 January 2012 (Batches AB, AC and AD)

- Best before date of 28 February 2012 (Batch BF)

Mainland Cracked Pepper Processed Slices 250g

- Best before date of 25 May 2012

- Best before date of 26 May 2012

- Best before date of 27 May 2012

リファンドは、購入したところへ返却するか、電話で問い合わせもできるようです。電話番号は 0800 256 257 です。


Daycare centres in Sweden have started using GPS systems and other electronic tracking devices to keep tabs on children during excursions - a practice that has raised ethical and practical questions. The devices were used as extra security by three preschool teachers watching about 20 children, to quickly discover if one strayed from the group.



"It's not a matter for politicians. All New Zealanders feel the enormous pain these families have gone through and if we have the opportunity to recover their men to give people an opportunity to have their own private grieving and say farewell to these men, then we'd put up cash to do that." "This is not an issue of money, it's an issue of safety and ensuring we've got a credible plan we can do this with. When those two conditions are met, I'm confident we will find the money."



Up to 250 jobs are at risk following a decision by Alliance Group to close its Christchurch meatworks. The company this afternoon told media it proposed closing its Sockburn plant at the end of the 2012 processing season. Under the plan the Sockburn beef and venison processing would be transferred to other plants.



DoCoMo says it has developed technology that allows users to measure their own bodies or surroundings by slipping their smartphones inside sensor-embedded shells. The company will showcase the technology at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, a fair featuring the latest in high-end gadgetry, starting in early October near Tokyo.



Just to give you a bit of perspective of what that means in the US - their numbers are just dire. Their unemployment rate is 9.2 per cent officially but even the president told me their unofficial unemployment rate is about 14 or 15 per cent. He said the US was borrowing US$4.6 billion a day and had borrowed US$5 trillion in three years. ''It is absolutely incredible.'' Europe was not much better, he said.



Mrs Lee and her two children Jack, 18, and Sally, 17, came to the North Shore from Seoul, South Korea, in 2003. Mrs Lee's husband was unable to find work in New Zealand and has remained alone in Seoul for nine years where he works long hours to provide for the family.



Artika Devi from the Manukau firm, Universal Immigration Services, has been ordered to pay $35,171 for her treatment of four separate clients. In one case, a family moved from Auckland having been assured by Ms Devi they had jobs at a Marlborough vineyard. On arrival, they discovered the jobs did not exist and were then forced to live in a tent until the campsite owner lent them money to return home. They have been awarded $17,000.



A man who had served jail terms for rape and sexual violation went on to sexually assault eight schoolgirls at the camp where he worked this year. Mathew Everson, 37, was sentenced in the High Court at Rotorua yesterday to preventive detention after previously pleading guilty to nine charges of performing an indecent act on eight primary and intermediate aged girls from an Eastern Bay of Plenty school.



Assuming it wins the upcoming November 26 election, the Government intends to sell as much as 49 per cent each of power generators Meridian, Genesis, Mighty River Power and coal company Solid Energy. It also intends to reduce its 75 per cent holding in Air New Zealand. According to one market estimate, a 49 per cent stake in Meridian is expected to be worth around $2.9 billion.



New Zealand faces the prospect of limited or no natural-disaster cover within a year as global reinsurers shy away after the Canterbury earthquakes, the Insurance Council says. Council chief executive Chris Ryan said New Zealand needed to be prepared to join the likes of Japan and California, where natural-disaster insurance was limited and expensive. He said New Zealand private insurers and the Earthquake Commission had all secured reinsurance for the next 12-24 months, and insurers should start writing new policies in Canterbury soon, provided there were no large aftershocks. But next time around, reinsurers would be reluctant to provide natural disaster cover in a country that represented only 0.2 per cent of the global market, had generated huge insurance losses and had a well-known seismic risk.



Suzuki, who says she once played 10 different titles concurrently, buys credit from Gree to pamper her avatar with virtual clothes or shoes and buy tickets for additional game chapters. "When I wake up in the morning, I play these games for a while before I really get up," said Suzuki, 28, an office worker. "I need to play otome games because I'm so stressed out by my nagging boss at work."



CERN says a neutrino beam fired from a particle accelerator near Geneva to a lab 730km away in Italy travelled 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light. Scientists calculated the margin of error at just 10 nanoseconds, making the difference statistically significant. But given the enormous implications of the find, they still spent months checking and rechecking their results to make sure there was no flaws in the experiment.

ヨーロッパにCERN(ヨーロッパ合同原子核研究機関、European Organisation for Nuclear Research)という、大規模な粒子加速器を管理している機関がありますが、彼らが、光よりも速いニュートリノの観測に成功したと述べています。ジェネヴァの近くの加速器から発射された粒子が730km離れたイタリア内で、光よりも60ナノ秒速い速度で到着したそうです。想定誤差は10ナノ秒なので、それを差し引いても十分な差があることが理解できます。これは、1905年に発表された、アインシュタインの特殊相対性理論(E=mc2)、そして光よりも速い速度は存在しないという物理の法則が覆される可能性があるようです。


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