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An estimated 400,000 New Zealanders regularly used cannabis and harmed no one except, arguably, themselves, which was their prerogative in a free society, he said. "The police and the courts spend some $100 million of taxpayer money a year enforcing this prohibition of a drug believed by many people to be less dangerous than tobacco or alcohol. Is there really any point to this?" Brash said. "I'm not saying it's now ACT policy to decriminalise or legalise marijuana. I'm simply saying it's my personal view that we should give the idea serious consideration as there are some strong arguments in its favour - arguments supported by some seriously sober and responsible national and international leaders," he said.



The All Blacks have wished super star Jonah Lomu well on news he is in Auckland Hospital. Auckland District Health Board says Lomu is in a stable condition in Auckland Hospital's kidney ward but have given no other details.



It claimed SPCA inspectors were almost suffocated by a strong smell of ammonia, food and faeces from 19 cats which were running freely around the lounge and bedroom. Another 17 were locked in cages with litter trays "overflowing" and another 23 were discovered in a fly-infested unit downstairs. In a disturbing discovery, police found 38 dead cats wrapped in blood-stained newspaper and fabric bags next to food inside two fridges and freezers.



Just over half of people (54%) told Visa's surveyors they liked there being no queues in cyberspace. Trade Me remains the most popular store, favoured by 70% of online shoppers. Amazon was favorite with only 19%. Three-quarters of people felt all shops should provide online sales. The most popular online purchases are entertainment and recreational items (19%), clothes, shoes and accessories (16%), travel and holidays (13%), household items (11%) and electronics (10%). The internet has also become the home of "want" items, with 79% saying it was where they bought the things they wanted, but did not need.



Thirsty punters are suffering hefty soft drinks costs at Rugby World Cup Fan Zones around the country, because a set price of $5 a bottle has been forced on vendors. It's expensive, even by Auckland standards.



Following the embarrassment of the opening night of the tournament, which stranded many people for hours, thousands of rugby fans again put their faith in the city's train system ahead of last night's test against France at Eden Park. A total of 25,910 travelled to the match on public transport, 15,210 by bus and 10,700 by train. The numbers were well down from opening night disaster when about 30,000 tried to travel to the ground by train.



Labour leader and former Foreign Minister Phil Goff says New Zealand should support a vote on Palestinian statehood at the United Nations - though any vote may now be some time away. Mr Goff said there was an increasing sympathy for the Palestinian people and that a fair solution had to be found. "I've been in the West Bank. I've seen the humiliation of the people there and the poverty they they live under and it's wrong. The best security for Israel would be to have a Palestinian state that had a thriving economy that could provide work and hope for its people."



Prime Minister John Key's best arm-wrestling bodyguard has been humbled in battle by a Canterbury University engineering student. The impromptu clash took place on campus today after Key was the guest of honour at the university's inaugural Community Engagement Awards. With Diplomatic Protection Squad officer Blue Young set at the specially-equipped table to wrestle Eddy "Mad Dog" van Oosten , Key checks out van Oosten's biceps before the clash gets under way. After 15 seconds, van Oosten emerges victorious.




He said he did an exercise with youth groups asking them to name role models and they came up with pop culture figures such as Ellen DeGeneres, which indicated a misleading idea of where gay people fitted in society. "They don't get the sense that actually, you could be an All Black and be gay. There's no very masculine role model available. It needs someone to take the plunge and demonstrate that actually, it's not too bad."



A rare "sharknose" Ferrari owned by embattled businessman Terry Serepisos was snapped up at auction yesterday for $204,500. It's the latest asset lost by the fashion-conscious businessman, who faces a bankruptcy hearing tomorrow. Turners boasted that the supercar was "the best Ferrari ever made". It is capable of reaching 315km/h. The phone bidder fled when approached by the Herald on Sunday, just as the Ferrari was also spirited away.

ペンローズのターナーズオークションでセレピソス氏が所有していた、歴史上最も優れたフェラーリ、F430 F1が$204,500で売却されました。走行距離は2600kmだったようです。


A new OECD report will rate New Zealand's water quality as relatively good but one of the authors is warning that while standards in other countries are improving, the opposite is happening here. OECD economist Kevin Parris has also warned that agricultural expansion has left New Zealand facing a "time bomb" on water quality, which means the problems could worsen before they improve.



There are 26 pursuits of fleeing drivers - in which someone was killed or injured - under scrutiny, while just one complaint of baton force is recorded, two of Taser shock, three concerning pepper spray and 11 dogbite injury allegations. There are 16 allegations of sexual misconduct (12 in the workplace), 28 of disgraceful behaviour (12 while off duty), seven investigations of drug or alcohol abuse and nine of drink-driving. Alleged breaches of conduct include dishonesty (33), corruption (21) and conflict of interest (4).



The extent of New Zealand's brain-drain has been revealed in a new study which shows only around two-thirds of doctoral graduates are employed in this country in the years immediately following their graduation. The study, done by the Ministry of Education, tracked PhD students who graduated in 2003 to see how many were employed in New Zealand during their first four years in the labour market. It found that four years after graduating, only 65% were employed in jobs here. An estimated 26% were overseas. Young doctoral graduates – those under 30 – were the most likely (57%) to be absent from the New Zealand labour market. In comparison, 72% of those who graduated with a master's degree and 75% of those who graduated with a bachelor's degree were employed in jobs within New Zealand four years after graduating.



AMI CEO John Balmforth is one of the highest paid executives in the country, earning a salary that would rank him in the top 20 among listed company CEOs. The troubled insurer, which was bailed out by the government after Christchurch's February earthquake, paid Balmforth a salary of $869,369 in 2011 plus a bonus for the 2010 year of $122,700, according to its 2011 financial statements. The statements released last week are much more extensive than those released in previous years. They also show the company is in breach of both the Reserve Bank's draft solvency standards for insurance companies and the solvency standard in the Crown Support Deed which provides $500m of back-up capital.



It's as big as a bus and weighs 6 tons, but officials probably will never be able to pinpoint exactly where a massive Nasa satellite plummeted to Earth. Nasa space junk scientists believe that all or nearly all of the parts of their 20-year-old dead satellite safely plunged into the Pacific Ocean, likely missing land. But if their estimates are off, by only five minutes or so, fiery pieces could have fallen on parts of northwestern North America.



Kellogg's, this year reduced the size of 38 brands by two servings a box - including Sultana Bran, Nutri-Grain and Rice Bubbles. In 2009, Cadbury reduced the size of a 250-gram block of Dairy Milk chocolate by 50 grams - a 20 per cent reduction. Likewise, a re-jazzing of Pantene shampoo packaging had the size of bottles shrink by 50 millilitres. Sometimes the firm gets caught out, as Foster's found when it tried to reduce the size of Cascade beer stubbies from 375 millilitres to 330ml "European-style" bottles - while keeping the good old Australian price.



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