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Insurance premiums on houses will soon increase by nearly one-and-a-half times as a result of the Christchurch earthquakes. In fact, insurance brokers say house policies have already increased by 25 to 30 per cent this year, even in cities like Auckland which are not earthquake-prone. The EQC disaster fund is now in "a state of negative equity" - its liabilities are greater than the value in its funds. Government ministers are now considering a report on its future. Prime Minister John Key has told Radio New Zealand that the annual levy is about $60 for the average household. This could increase to between $120 and $180 "fairly quickly".



Tomorrow is always a brighter day whenever you hear Prime Minister John Key talk about the economy and he was upbeat this week on how China would save us again. He said New Zealand had the resources China wanted and China would grow into the largest economy. But what happens if China can't rescue the global economy like it did in 2008? What is Key's plan B? China generated half of global economic growth since 2008, helping to avoid a recession turning into a depression. It may not be able to repeat the trick.



A sex offender who was caught in bed with a 14-year-old girl when he was supposed to be under round-the-clock watch has been jailed indefinitely. Shane Frederick Stoneham was sentenced in the High Court in Wellington this morning to preventive detention - a sentence reserved for the country's highest-risk offenders - and must serve a minimum of five years in prison. Stoneham has multiple convictions for sexual offending against women - the youngest a four-year-old girl - and was residing at a secure Upper Hutt house in November 2010 when the runaway 14-year-old girl sneaked into his room. Stoneham was supposed to be watched 24-hours a day unless he was sleeping or in the bathroom.



Hayden John Barnett, 20, obtained the $10,000 personal loan to help an associate having problems with drugs debts which had escalated to threats involving Barnett's sister. However, the money was used to buy 350 ecstasy tablets and the trio began selling them in May. In June, police visited their flat on an unrelated matter, and on smelling cannabis searched further, finding 29 blue tablets and $5265 hidden in a roof cavity. Barnett, with sister Kelsi Evelyn Barnett and girlfriend Nikita Joan Johnston, both 17 at the time, later pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to deal in ecstasy.



A low over the Tasman Sea moves closer to New Zealand, becoming slow moving west of the country on Monday. Northern and central New Zealand are in for a moist northerly flow through to Tuesday. Heavy downpours are expected along the northwest ranges of Nelson overnight and into Monday, with the heaviest falls in the morning and easing off in the evening. Bay of Plenty and Tongariro Park is due for a drenching in the next 36 hours with 100-150mm of rain expected.



Warriors fans came out in force in Sydney to back their team in the NRL Grand Final. Thousands of Kiwis were in the packed ANZ Stadium and also in the city for what was only Warriors' second Grand Final. And while the Junior Warriors defeated North Queensland Cowboys ahead of the game, the Warriors went down 24-10 in the showpiece event.



Eighteen people were thrown out of Eden Park and one person arrested during last night's nail-biting Rugby World Cup clash between England and Scotland. There were about 58,000 at the game and the crowd on Queen's Wharf peaked at nearly 7000 at about 4pm.



Emergency services were called about 9.30pm. Police were able to communicate with the man by cellphone but his batteries were running low and he couldn't tell them where he was. Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter pilot Fergus MacLachlan suggested the man use matches and a lighter to guide rescuers to him. The rescue team were wearing night vision goggles and were able to pick out the man from about 5km away. MacLachlan advised anyone heading outdoors to carry a box of matches with them as that would be the easiest way to be spotted.



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