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Rugby NZ 2011 organisers today confirmed there were no tickets available for Sunday's clash between the All Blacks and arch rivals Australia at Eden Park. But a few hundred tickets may be released later this week once the teams confirm their own ticketing needs. Meanwhile, 8000 tickets are available for Saturday's France versus Wales match in the A, B and C categories but tournament organisers "expect these to sell strongly now that the opponents are known". According to the official RWC ticketing website the cheapest seats have limited availability and are $296. The most expensive are $797.



Prime Minister John Key appeared before an Australian flag at his weekly press conference today after losing a bet. But he says that does not change who he'll be cheering for on Sunday. Key and his Australian counterpart Julia Gillard made a bet on the NRL Grand Final between the Warriors and Manly Sea Eagles earlier this month. The loser had to appear before the others flag. "I unfortunately lost," Key said today.



Police said the incidents happened when she and a man were walking her dogs along Lincoln Rd on April 24. One dog was leashed and one unleashed. She verbally encouraged her dog to attack him, but the man turned his back and lifted his jacket over his head to protect himself. The dog jumped on him and tried to bite his shoulder. Parker unleashed the dog and both dogs chased the man as he ran away until he ran into a flat. A short time later, an 18-year-old Japanese woman was approached and was shouted at to go home as she was not wanted here. Parker then encouraged the dogs to attack the woman by pushing them towards her, and forcing her to back into a corner. She was verbally abused as she huddled to protect herself from the dogs, which tried to bite her. Parker and the man walked off as members of the public came to assist the woman. The pair were later arrested and the dogs impounded.

事件はクライストチャーチのリンカーンロード、日時は4月24日。18歳のフィリッパ・アン・パーカー(Phillipa Ann Parker, 18)が一匹はリーシュ付き、もう一匹はリーシュなしで2匹の犬をコントロールし、通りを歩いていたフィリピン人の男性へ、攻撃するように犬をけしかけ、犬は男性へ飛び掛り、男性は肩を噛まれジャケットを損傷し、そのまま近くのフラットに逃げこんだようです。その出来事のすぐあとに、18歳の日本人女性が標的となり、パーカーが犬を押しながら彼女へ攻撃するよう仕向け、彼女は(フード付きの服装の)フードで犬からの攻撃に耐えていたようです(残念ながら攻撃の最中に背中と肩を噛まれ病院へ搬送されているようです)。それを発見した近隣の人々が、彼女を助けたと報じています。犬の所有者の女性と、そのパートナーは逮捕され、犬は捕獲されています。この判決は有罪になっていますが、自宅謹慎にするか、区域外外出禁止にするのか、まだ結審はしていないようです。余談ですが、ウェリントンよりもオークランド、オークランドよりもクライストチャーチでこの手の話をよく聞きますが、(何かボタンの掛け違いがあったのか、なぜか)アジア人がその標的になることが多いように思います。


A Chinese student murdered and dumped in the boot of her car "died for absolutely nothing" after her killers were unable to get money from the bank card they stole from her, the Crown says. Jiayi Li, 18, known as Kiko, was found dead in the boot of her car in Hamilton in May 2010. Honglin Yu is standing trial for murder and aggravated robbery in the High Court at Auckland today.

2010年5月、ハミルトンで殺害されトランクに入れられていた中国人留学生のキコ(Jiayi Li, 18, known as Kiko)さんの容疑者の公判がオークランドで始まりました。容疑者はキコさんの友人のひとりを含む2人組みだったようです。


Jealousy and bitterness over an affair that was long over led a woman to stab her love rival deeply through the chest, a court has heard. Waimirirangi Rihipete Tauariki, known as Elizabeth, 32, is on trial in the High Court at Auckland for the murder of Preva Shortland, a 28-year-old mother. Tauariki pleaded not guilty. Shortland died from stab wounds on July 11 last year, during her friend's 40th birthday party at his house in Glenveagh Park Drive, Manurewa. Dhyrberg said Tauariki did not mean to kill Shortland, and was acting in self defence. She said the defence disputed the Crown's account of what happened in the driveway of the party that night. The trial is set down to continue for three weeks.

32歳のエリザベスさんが28歳のショートランドさんの胸を刺し殺した容疑で殺人罪の裁判がオークランドのハイコートで審議されています。エリザベスさんはショートランドさんを殺す意思はなく正当防衛だったと無罪を主張しています。渦中の人物は現場にいたようですが、刺した瞬間をみていなかったようです。記事で気になったのは、エリザベスさんがショートランドさんへこう叫んだようです:"I did do your man and it felt good."。果たして、無罪を勝ち取れるのかどうか、公判は3週間続くようです。


Oil from a stricken container ship off the Tauranga coast could continue to wash up on beaches for weeks, according to Transport Minister Stephen Joyce. The Liberian-flagged Rena was carrying about 1700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and about 70 tonnes of marine diesel when it struck the Astrolabe Reef last Wednesday. Between 10 and 50 tonnes of oil is estimated to have escaped the ship since the crash, and today (Monday) the public was warned to stay away from Mt Maunganui beach after toxic oil blobs were found there.



A notorious escape artist has become the first person to break out of the new Mt Eden Corrections Facility, having famously escaped from the old Mt Eden Prison in 2008. Aaron Stephen Forden, known as "Houdini'' due to his history of slipping away from custody, and a fellow inmate broke into a service way and fled the prison complex about 2.20am today. Staff quickly recaptured the second inmate but were unable to capture Forden, who was believed to have been driven off in a car. Costing about $218 million, the new Mt Eden prison in Auckland opened on March 30 this year, with its management controversially awarded to private British company Serco.

今朝2時20分頃、オークランドのマウントイーデンにある2008年に$218ミリオンを投じて全面改装された刑務所から、アーロン・ステフェン・フォーデン(Aaron Stephen Forden)がサーヴィス通路を破り脱走したようです。6時のニュースでも手口など詳細は明らかにされていなかったので、人為的なミスかもしれません。刑務所では現在調査が行われ、警察が彼の行方を追っているようです。それにしても、$218ミリオンも税金を使ったところでセキュリティが甘ければすべてが台無しになるという、わかりやすい悪例のひとつのように思います。


English rugby player Manu Tuilagi has been fined STG3000 (NZ$6075) after jumping off a ferry as it docked in Auckland Harbour. Samoan-born Tuilagi was met by police after he jumped off the Fullers ferry Superflyte on its arrival from Waiheke Island with the defeated team on board just before 7pm yesterday.

イギリスのプレイヤー、マヌ・ツイラギ(Manu Tuilagi)が、昨日の夜7時頃、フラーズのスーパーフライトから海へ飛び込んだ罪より、NZ$6075の罰金が命じられたようです。本人は愚かだったとひたすら詫びています。ちなみに彼は、IRBからマウスガードの件で$10,000の罰金を受けているので、踏んだり蹴ったりかもしれません。


Many Kiwis are choosing to stay at home during the Rugby World Cup rather than stay in motels, put off by overpriced accommodation and floods of overseas tourists. This is ''stifling domestic tourism'', said the Motel Association of New Zealand chief executive Michael Baines. A survey of MAINZ members shows about 60 per cent of motels reported a lower number of domestic during the Cup, compared with 14 per cent who said domestic visitor numbers had risen. About 48 per cent experienced lower bookings than usual, and only 28 per cent reported a lift in business.



A missing Porirua teen is feared to have run away to Los Angeles to meet a person she met on Facebook. Kimberly Korad, 17, left her parent's Whitby home on Thursday night after a disagreement and has not been seen since. There are fears for her safety as she has a physical disability. Ms Korad is described as Asian, 162cm in height and of solid build.

ポリルアにある両親の家から行方不明になっている17歳のキンバリー・コラッド(Kimberly Korad)さんが、彼女のFacebookを通して知り合った人物に合うためにロサンゼルスにいるのではないかと報じられています。彼女には身体的な障害があり、彼女の安全が心配されています。警察が情報提供を求めています。警察の連絡先は、Porirua Police on +64 4 2381 401 or Crimestoppers in New Zealand on 0800 555 111 です。


California girls who dream about the sun-kissed skin glorified in song by Katy Perry will have to wait until they turn 18 before they can get the effect from tanning beds under a new first-in-the-nation law. Governor Jerry Brown announced on Sunday that he had signed into law a bill that prevents children under 18 from using the popular tanning method. The law takes effect on January 1.



A two-level penthouse at the top of one of Auckland's top hotel and apartment blocks is up for mortgagee sale. The luxury unit is in the Spencer on Byron, a hotel building where the All Blacks have stayed during the Rugby World Cup. Barfoot & Thompson is advertising the distressed sale. "Once upon a time a luxurious penthouse on the 20th floor of the Spencer on Byron and sprawling over two levels with expansive Auckland city and Lake Pupuke views.

ラグビーワールドカップ開催中にオールブラックスが滞在している、スペンサーオンバイロンの最上階のペントハウスがモーゲージセールに出ています。この記事では価格が明らかにされていませんが、過去に提示された金額はすべて忘れろと書かれているので、今回の金額は割安かもしれません。気になる方は、バーフットアンドトンプソン(Barfoot & Thompson)へ連絡を。


There has never been a better time to go green, according to a team of US food scientists who say that green tea may slow weight gain and has the potential to play an integral role in the battle against obesity. Publishing their findings in online journal Obesity, researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that a control group of obese mice who were fed Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) - a compound found in most green teas - in addition to a high-fat diet gained weight 44 per cent slower than their counterparts who were fed the same diet without the compound.



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