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The All Blacks are just 160 minutes away from a $3 million payday. Squad members who have lasted the duration of the seven-week tournament will each receive $100,000 from the NZRU should the Graham Henry-coached team win the 2011 Rugby World Cup. "If they win it, it's 100 grand each ... if they lose this weekend, I don't think they get anything," NZ Rugby Players' Association boss Rob Nichol told the Sunday Star-Times.



Salvage crew have begun pumping heavy oil from the stranded cargo ship Rena off the coast of Tauranga after they were given permission to work on the ship overnight. Operators have been trying to start the job for the last three days. The operation comes as Maritime New Zealand announced it has re-opened a small section of beach on the Tauranga coastline affected by the oil slick from the ship.



A woman has been arrested and charged with murder following the death of a young man in Mt Roskill. John Lia, 23, died on the roadside in Nash Rd after a fight about 1.30am on Friday. The New Lynn man suffered stab wounds and other injuries during the assault. A 39-year-old Mt Roskill woman will appear in the Auckland District Court tomorrow charged with murder. Three Samoan-born men also appeared in at the District Court charged with assault yesterday.



Illicit prescription drugs that can cause severe side effects if taken in the wrong dose are being sold to children on the streets of a major British city for 50 pence (NZ$1). Mano 10, a type of benzodiazepine which is used to treat anxiety, depression and alcoholism, is being blamed by police for an upsurge in criminality in parts of Hull. Officers have found users of the little blue pills, known as "Blue Boy", as young as 15 and fear that the "pocket-money" drug could appear in other parts of the country because of its ready availability over the internet. Its use has already been reported in Ireland where it was described during a court case in August as being "widely available" on the streets.

UKでごく普通に手に入るドラッグを服用することによる深刻な健康被害が報告されています。このドラッグはマノ10(Mano 10)で、いらいら、憂鬱、アルコール中毒を治療するためにベンゾジアゼピンが含まれており、これを大量摂取するとにより健康を害する恐れがあると報じています。もうひとつの問題はこのドラッグの価格は50ペンス(約NZ1ドル)で、子供の小遣いでも買えてしまうため、15歳が服用し、病院へ搬送されるケースが出ているようです。


Owners of dangerous dogs that maim or kill could face up to 10 years jail under a draft amendment to the Queensland Criminal Code. The Queensland Government has released the draft amendment to deal specifically with serious injury or death caused by dogs. Attorney General Paul Lucas said the recent death of Ayen Choi in Victoria had sparked debate about Queensland's dangerous dog laws.



Calls for all genetically engineered (GE) foods to be separated from other foods on supermarket shelves have been dismissed by the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council. Soil & Health-Organic NZ has called on the Government to follow the lead taken in Cyprus, where separate supermarket shelving is now mandated by law. "New Zealand should follow the Cypriot Parliament's lead that gives consumers the choice of whether or not to eat GE foods, especially as reports casts doubt on GE food safety," said Steffan Browning from Soil & Health-Organic. The group said a French report showed weaknesses in GE food safety evaluation, and pointed to possible kidney, liver and reproductive health concerns. They say labelling of foods with GE ingredients has been mostly invisible in New Zealand, with 70 different GE food lines and GE food additives being approved for consumption by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). But the council's CEO Katherine Rich said food activists' claims are misleading, as GE foods are not widespread. Rich said people already have the choice about what they buy thanks to New Zealand labelling laws. 
However, Soil & Health-Organic has challenged consumer affairs Minister Simon Power and Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson to find any accurately labelled food products containing GE ingredients on the country's supermarket shelves. "USA consumers are calling for legislation to cover GE foods. New Zealand has such legislation, but it is not enforced," said Browning. The calls coincide with World Food Day today.







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