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LATEST: Quade Cooper expects his knockers won't let up till he hops on a plane and flies home to Australia, but the Wallabies young first five-eighth says he has no regrets. The Tokoroa-born 23-year-old has spoken candidly about the effect of the relentless criticism he's received over the past six weeks. "It's been the case throughout the whole tournament," he said after the Wallabies 20-6 semifinal loss to the All Blacks at Eden Park last night. "From the moment I got off the plane to the moment I get back on it I'm sure people will have their opinions, their voices and whatever that be I'm not going to try and make any perception any different. "I am who I am and I'm going to play the way I play and whether you like it or not that's me. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and to write what they write. I'm not going to try and change anyone's perception or opinion."



Kiwifruit plant material from Psa-plagued Italy has been imported into New Zealand for at least five years, but the Ministry of Agriculture says it is confident this is not how the disease has struck the $1.5 billion export industry. However the ministry, by its own admission, has traced only the "majority" of material released from quarantine after being tested and cleared for Psa. MAF documents covering 2006 to 2011 obtained by the Waikato Times show importers, including listed fruit company Turners & Growers, have imported cuttings and tissue from Italy, where kiwifruit orchards have in recent years been devastated by the bacterial disease now haunting New Zealand.



New Zealanders who sell or dump their computers with data still on them risk falling victim to identity theft, blackmail and fraud, e-waste experts have warned. Their comments follow revelations that Australian computers have been dumped in Africa and Asia and skimmed for data such as bank details, credit card numbers and account passwords. The Sydney Morning Herald reported Australian e-waste had been dumped in Ghana – a known cybercrime hotspot where hard drives fetched US$200 – despite a ban on its export.



Most people find the internet works better at home than at work, according to the results of a stuff.co.nz poll. Fifty-one per cent of New Zealanders found the internet better at home, with just 23 per cent reporting it was better at work and the remainder seeing little difference. Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce chief executive Ken Harris was surprised by the results but argued "it doesn't necessarily indicate a problem".



A notorious gang boss is believed to have armed himself as he actively avoids authorities, police say. Vila Lemanu, described as the most senior Killer Beez gang member on the streets, has been on the run since his failure to appear in court six weeks ago. He is one of two Auckland fugitives described as armed and dangerous, with Rodney police also searching for Lyndon Carl Nicol after a violent assault in Kumeu last week. Escaped prisoner Aaron Forden also remains on the run.

逃走中の危険人物について警察から警告が出されています。ひとりはVila Lemanu(写真上)で、彼はギャングメンバーで(火器などにより)武装している可能性があるようです。もうひとりはマウントイーデン刑務所から逃走してまだ捕まっていないAaron Forden(写真下)です。いずれも危険人物で接触しないよう注意が呼びかけられています。もし万が一、彼らをみかけたら警察へ連絡を。



Blackstone, one of the world's largest private equity investors, has bought Antares Restaurant Group which holds the Burger King franchise here, from Australasian private equity operator Anchorage for an undisclosed sum. The sale was tipped last week by BusinessDay although Anchorage refused comment at the time. Jan Nielsen, a managing director in Blackstone's private equity group, said they're about a third of the way through the planned expansion programme.



The New Zealand dollar rose back above US80 cents for the first time since September amid hopes that European policymakers will this week unveil a comprehensive solution to their debt crisis. The kiwi recently traded at US80.35c, up from US79.50c on Friday, and it rose to 70.18 on the trade weighted index of major trading partners' currencies from 69.73. The New Zealand and Australian dollars were the biggest winners over the weekend, after news coming out the Group of 20 Nations meeting suggested officials are close to delivering a comprehensive euro zone rescue plan. The news was light on details but the market is speculating that the plan will include beefing up the European Financial Stability Fund to €2 trillion from €440 billion currently, addition support for banks, and a 50 per cent haircut for Greek bondholders, down from 70 per cent previously.



LATEST: A person is dead after a Cessna crash on the Arrowtown golf course this afternoon. A reporter at the scene said the plane appeared to have nose dived into the bottom of a small hill on the course, snapping in half on impact. Queenstown police confirmed a man had died in the crash. The two other people from the plane, a man and woman, were in a serious condition. They had been transported to Queenstown Lakes Hospital, but were to be transferred to Dunedin, an ambulance communications spokesman said.



The names of the 182 people killed in February's earthquake will be read at 2.30pm, followed by two minutes silence and a welcome address from commission chairman Justice Mark Cooper. The hearing begins at 3pm with GNS Science natural hazards director Terry Webb who is expected to discuss the Canterbury "earthquake sequence". He will be followed by Canterbury University professor Jarg Pettinga, who will discuss active faults and historical quakes in the region. Further evidence will be presented by Pettinga tomorrow, as well as GNS Science's Graeme McVerry and Kelvin Berryman. The commission is charged with investigating what happened and recommending changes needed to building codes and design standards. This three-day hearing on seismicity is the first of the 11 in the inquiry. The commission's work started in May and a final report is expected in April.



Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley has apologised to the minister responsible for the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Judith Collins, for causing "unnecessary embarrassment" over popping open a bottle of Bridgecorp wine at a staff party, and later distributing a biography of deceased failed businessman Allan Hubbard as a booby prize. After an investigation, State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie today said he would be cautioning Feeley over his lapse in judgement and for taking "an unnecessary risk" but would take no further action.

シリアスフラウドオフィス(Serious Fraud Office、SFO)という、海外からの投資を監視したり、ビジネスの詐欺などを調査する機関のボスが、つい最近有罪判決を受けたブリッジコープの面々へ2010年5月に開かれたスタッフとの夕食の席でワインを開け、また2010年12月にハバード氏の回想記をパーティの賞品として与えていたことが少し前に暴露されていましたが、彼はそれらが不適切だったことをやっと認めたようです。官僚と企業の癒着に問われかねない大問題だったようですが、警告と注意だけで済むようです。


This shocking prediction comes from US Christian broadcaster Harold Camping, the same man who said the world would end on May 21 - and also on September 6, 1994. We're still here, he believes, because on May 21 only God's true believers were "withheld" while the rest of us were left to be under "final judgment" for the next five months. "All of mankind was shaken with fear. Indeed the earth [or mankind] did quake in a way it had never before been shaken," Mr Camping wrote. "God had come spiritually to bring judgment upon the whole world." "I really am beginning to think as I restudied these matters that there's going to be no big display of any kind,” he said in an audio address quoted by The Washington Post. "The end is going to come very, very quietly."

残念ながら今週の金曜日に世界が終わってしまうようです。アメリカ合衆国のクリスチャンブロードキャスター、ハロルド・キャンピング氏が警告しています。彼は今年5月21日、さらに1994年9月6日に”世界が終わる”と同じ警告をしていました。もう、ある意味で確信犯なので記事がコミカルに書かれています。彼によると、前回彼が予測した5月21日から5ヶ月間、世界は神が与えた最後の最終判決の下にあり、今週の10月21日がその5ヶ月間の最後の日になると指摘しています。頭から信じない人々が多いようですが、信じている人々もいるようです。世界の最後の最後はとても静かに進行するようなので(The end is going to come very, very quietly)、もしかすると、多くの人々はそれに気づけないかもしれません。


Plants and animals are shrinking because of warmer temperatures and lack of water, researchers said today, warning it could have profound implications for food production in years ahead. "The worst-case scenarios ... are that food crops and animals will shrink enough to have real implications for food security," Assistant Professor David Bickford, of the National University of Singapore's biological sciences department, said. Bickford and colleague Jennifer Sheridan trawled through fossil records and dozens of studies which showed that many species of plants and creatures such as spiders, beetles, bees, ants and cicadas have shrunk over time in relation to climate change.




Pop star Lady Gaga has won an injunction stopping the makers of an online children's game from promoting an animated character called Lady Goo Goo, the company involved said. British company Mind Candy is behind the Moshi Monsters site, which allows children to adopt a virtual pet monster. Its characters include Lady Goo Goo, a sunglasses-wearing blonde baby who appears in "The Moshi Dance", a video that became an online hit after it was posted on YouTube in June.



I also saw the film Super Size Me, where filmmaker Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald's, three times a day, for a month. If he is offered the "super sized" option, he has to take it, and he must consume every item on the menu at least once over the month. He gains about 12kg, and suffers other health problems including heart palpitations, headaches and depression, and reckons his symptoms can only be alleviated by another dose of Ronald's finest. It is a sobering tale, but, you know, who's going to eat that much McD's?! Better still to find a local joint that really cares about what it does - and what it does is make great burgers. The best I have found in Wellington is the Ekim Burgers caravan at Lyall Bay - big, hearty burgers at reasonable prices, fresh ingredients, and homemade sauces. There is even a decent selection of vegetarian options. And their chips, with a house-made tomato-cumin relish - home run. Or, I will make burgers at home - some good Angus beef mince, some fresh rolls, crunchy iceberg lettuce, caramelised fried onions, spicy gherkins, aged cheddar, Best Foods mayo and some homemade beetroot relish. Side of oven-baked chips, skins on, with garlic and rosemary? Oh, yes...

言われてみれば、ずいぶん昔はマクドナルドを食べていましたが、最近、というかここ数年まったく食べなくなりました。記事をさらっと読んで同意するところだけ拾ってみましたが、やはり、あのスーパーサイズミー(Super Size Me)の映像はそれなりのインパクトがあったと思います。見ていて十分気持ちが悪くなりました。あと、自宅で作って食べるほうが、安くて美味しく体にいいという指摘はそのとおりで、あの、いかにもジャンクフードっぽい食べ物は何の栄養にもならないしお金の無駄だということを頭と体が学んだように思います(この記事ではベストフードのマヨネーズを進めていますが、カトーさんあたりのアイオリをちょっといれてもおいしく作れます)。この記事のコメント欄は結構楽しく読めるので、お勧めです(ベストフードのマヨネーズに猛反論している方もいます)。


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