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Deputy chief fire officer John Genefaas said the first flood-related call had come in at about midday, while several cars had been waylaid by the water. "The worst part of the flooding was in the township, and a few people tried to go through and got stuck." Genefaas said the stranded drivers had been able to go "on their merry way" by late afternoon, as the rain stopped and the flooding eased. He did not believe the flooding had caused any significant damage, although several shops had been flooded. Akaroa-Wairewa Community Board deputy chairman and Little River resident Bryan Morgan said the storm had caused the worst flooding in the area in recent memory. "I've been out here 18 years and I've never seen anything like this." Gale-force southerly winds compounded the atrocious conditions, with wind gusts of 90kmh around Christchurch and more than 120kmh across higher parts of the peninsula.



Maritime New Zealand sent clean-up crews to the small community, 250km east of Tauranga by road, yesterday, and to Maketu, where "gumboot" sized oil patties washed ashore. A "concerned resident" said she found oil-covered deer skins, meat, pieces of polystyrene and bags of milk power littering the beach when she went out for her morning walk. "It's not a good look for our beautiful beach," she said of the area that featured in the popular New Zealand movie Boy. "There are bits and pieces of deer skins everywhere, all mixed in with the seaweed it's quite sad."



Residents of a Featherston street were told to stay in their homes as armed police responded to an incident. Police were alerted about 7pm to a fight between the residents of a home on Brandon Street. Warning of a firearm prompted the Armed Offenders Squad to be deployed. Police are speaking to a 47-year-old man in connection with the incident.



New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has tonight defended the party dropping a candidate who appeared on television drinking a cup of his own urine. Former SAS soldier Joe Glenn, 69, had been standing for the party in the Rimutaka electorate. But he was asked to withdraw his candidacy by the party president following his appearance last month on 20/20 in an item about extreme diets.



One person has been injured after two ferries crashed near the Auckland waterfront. St John Ambulance says one patient sustained minor injuries but was not transported to hospital. A packed Fullers ferry from downtown Auckland had just left for Devonport when it hit a berthed ferry nearby.



National Finance 2000 boss Trevor Ludlow was sentenced in the Auckland District Court today to six years in jail after being found guilty of theft and false accounting charges. In July, the court found Ludlow breached the terms of National Finance's trust deed, defrauding investors of some $3.5 million. That included some $2.7 million of unauthorised or unsecured loans to his Payless Car group of companies, undisclosed related party transactions worth $800,000 to an audio company, Fijian property, and land purchased for another company he owned, the Serious Fraud Office said in a statement.



A 48-year-old man is in a stable condition at Hawke's Bay Hospital after being shot in the torso by police this morning. The man was shot near the township of Otane, 36km south of Hastings, around midnight, after he approached a police officer, allegedly saying he had a gun and threatening to kill him. Police said the man will face numerous charges relating to the threat and other incidents in Hawke's Bay this week.



Dr Kelvin Berryman told the hearing scientists were very aware that a magnitude 6 may occur and while they spoke about that, social scientists advised them not to make that public. Kelvin Berryman says the population had a right to know that a magnitude 6 may occur so they could prepare. "There were five or six obvious scenarios where that future earthquake might occur. The worse possible case was directly under the city. Other possibilities were out in the southwest around Wigram, or Lincoln, and areas at Rolleston, and way out at Hororata. "We didn't want to alarm unnecessarily.'' His colleague at GNS Science, Dr Terry Webb said that warning the public was deemed "unhelpful''.




GNS Science unsuccessfully pushed for more Government funding to investigate faults under Christchurch after the September earthquake last year, a hearing has heard. GNS Natural Hazards Research manager Dr Kelvin Berryman today told the Canterbury earthquakes royal commission that he asked the now-defunct Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Commission for money to look at the possibility of a major aftershock near Christchurch. "One of the proposals was to conduct additional work recognising the area of Christchurch and that some of these aftershocks were relatively close to Christchurch," he said. The request was made in December last year but no funds were provided. Less than three months later, on February 22, a magnitude-6.3 earthquake, centred just 10 kilometres southeast of central Christchurch, struck killing 182 people.



Firefighters were forced to build a soil dam and flood an Auckland steel mill after 400 tonnes of molten steel leaked from a vat and melted through two floors. Northern fire communications shift manager Scott Osmond said crews arrived at the five-storey Glenbrook Steel Mill near Waiuku at 10.40pm yesterday to find liquid steel pouring from a smelter had melted through two floors. It was contained on a molten steel mass on the ground floor by building a soil bund and using "lots and lots of water". Twelve fire trucks were sent to the scene, with the water cooling down the steel and solidifying it.



The Wellington-based utility was among the biggest losers when the government-backed Whatsmynumber? campaign, which promotes comparing retailer tariffs, kicked off earlier this year. Contact lost almost 16,000 customer accounts during June and July. In response, the company began offering a heavy discount for customers who pay online and early, and last month it gained a net 696 customers, only the second increase in 15 months. Shares in Contact rose 10 cents to $5.73 yesterday, and are up 8 per cent in the last month.



Trade Me is likely to attract a valuation of well over $1 billion on the public market, according to bankers working on an expected flotation, with the company reportedly committed to paying large dividends immediately. UBS, the sole lead manager for the float, has begun meeting potential investors in Trade Me, as owner Fairfax Media mulls a sale of up to 35 per cent of the business. Fairfax Media also owns The Dominion Post. Fairfax acquired Trade Me for $750 million in 2006, in a deal led by former All Blacks captain David Kirk, its former chief executive. Kirk is set to chair the demerged company.



The claim came a day after a Florida woman found she had a US$201,000 (NZ$252,000) cellphone bill, racked up when her brothers used her account to watch videos while travelling in Canada. By March, all Vodafone New Zealand's smartphone customers will hit a "big stop sign" when they max-out their data caps, and will be forced to choose whether to buy more data or surf the web at casual rates. Chief executive Russell Stanners said bill shock was the company's "No1 one complaint" and the system would prevent customers overspending.



The Queen St closure, between Customs St downtown and Victoria St, will be in place from 10:30pm, or earlier if necessary. The closure may be extended to include Customs St, and if an application for a new fanzone in Aotea Square for the final is approved Mayoral Drive may also be closed.



"All countries around the globe between 53-degrees north and 53-degrees south could possibly be affected," Schuetz said early today (NZ time) - a vast swath of territory that includes much of the earth outside the poles. The 2.4 metric ton scientific satellite was launched in 1990 and retired in 1999 after being used for research on black holes and neutron stars and performing the first all-sky survey of X-ray sources with an imaging telescope. The largest single fragment of ROSAT that could hit into the earth is the telescope's heat-resistant mirror. The satellite will re-enter the atmosphere at a speed of 28,000kmh. The German space agency puts the odds of somebody somewhere on Earth being hurt by its satellite at 1-in-2000 - a slightly higher level of risk than was calculated for the Nasa satellite. But any one individual's odds of being struck are 1-in-14 trillion, given there are seven billion people on the planet.



Manila Airport in the Philippines has been voted as the worst in the world for 2011 by a popular travel website. The airport tops a list compiled by The Guide to Sleeping in Airports based on user reviews from disgruntled travellers. "The current government administration should hire a bulldozer and a ramming team and start tearing it apart," said one visitor to the site. Another described it as "run by thieves and extortionists neatly dressed in uniforms." Auckland Airport topped the 2011 poll for the South Pacific region's best airports to sleep in.



Last month it was revealed she had listed the 3.39 carat ring Hugh had given her on an auction website. The sale took place in New York City yesterday, and a lucky bidder managed to pick up a bargain. According to TMZ, the band sold for $US38,000, rising to $US47,500 once fees and taxes were calculated. Hugh originally paid $US90,000 for the jewellery. Before deciding to sell the band Crystal had tried to return it to her former fiance. However, he was reportedly wasn't interested in having it back. She apparently decided to get rid of it to help her move on with her life. "[Crystal] couldn't bear to look at the ring anymore because it brought back bad memories," a source explained. Earlier this month, Hugh revealed he has no hard feelings about the auction. He explained he was happy for Crystal to keep the ring as he also got something from their relationship. "I got the dog, she got the ring," he laughed. "I got the best of it."



A wildlife rescue group has returned to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park to try to find and capture a red-tailed hawk that appears to have been shot in the head with a nail gun. The bird was spotted Tuesday evening (Wednesday, NZ time) in the northwest part of the park with the nail extending from its cheek through the front of its head.



The rare white kiwi hatched in Wairarapa in May could face risky invasive surgery at Wellington Zoo after swallowing two large stones. Manukura, whose picture has been in media around the world, was taken by car to the zoo on Tuesday after staff at the Pukaha Mt Bruce National Wildlife Centre realised something was wrong. The six-month-old female was anaesthetised and X-rayed at the zoo yesterday. Conservation Department Wairarapa area manager Chris Lester said kiwi were curious and it was not uncommon for them "to swallow foreign objects of all sorts, shapes and sizes". Rangers noticed Manukura had been eating less than usual and her bowel movements were also abnormal.



A 309kW V8-powered SUV capable of 300kmh will become the first joint venture performance vehicle created by reigning Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel and Nissan luxury brand Infiniti. "Doing the FX Sebastian Vettel version for Frankfurt was fun, but it's also a kind of pilot," says Infiniti’s executive vice president Andy Palmer. "It's about our equivalent of [Mercedes-Benz] AMG or [BMW] M cars. "We wanted to test the organisation and see if it could cope with this type of special version. Sebastian’s FX demonstrates we are able to do low volume specials and the FX Sebastian Vettel version is one of the first that will go to market."



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