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A poll on the eve of tonight's Rugby World Cup final shows 83 per cent of us expect the All Blacks to win. Responses to the Horizon Research poll suggest up to 112,000 people will turn up at Party Central – a figure in line with Auckland Council expectations. That would be the second-biggest crowd of the tournament – an estimated 200,000 flooded into the city on opening night on September 9. Auckland ratepayers committed the most money, and 74.1% of them think it was worthwhile. However, only 38.5% rated mayor Len Brown's handling of the event as good, and 18.1% thought it was poor. Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully scored 28% good, against 23.2% poor. But the highest performance ratings went to the volunteers – 71.6% of respondents said they did a top-notch job.



Entertainment off the rugby field has proved almost as successful as on the park during the Rugby World Cup. More than 888,000 people have been to Auckland fanzones, run by thousands of volunteers, workers and entertainers. Until Tuesday, 828,889 people had visited the Queens Wharf and Captain Cook Wharf fanzones. A further 59,000 have been to the Henderson, Albany and Mangere fanzones. By yesterday, more than 88,000 people had walked the Fan Trail.



All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has been spending time with newly single Go Girls star Anna Hutchison. The pair were spotted together at a private party this month. McCaw has been single since he broke up with Newstalk ZB journalist Nicola Grigg in July. He had previously been linked to TV personality Jessie Gurunathan and had dated dancer Hayley Holt. But in recent months, he is said to have been making the most of his footloose and fancy-free status. Hutchison, meanwhile, split just recently from former Home and Away actor Jason Smith.



Crimes against children have increased by 35 per cent in the past two years, new police figures reveal. The force's annual report was tabled at parliament last week and revealed almost 5000 offences against children in 2010-11. That was up from just over 4000 in the previous year and almost 3600 in 2008-9. The report also revealed there were 5563 offences against vulnerable adults, such as the elderly and disabled, up 370 since 2008-9.



A jury convicted three Brazilian doctors of killing four patients by removing their organs, which prosecutors said were used for transplants at an expensive private clinic. Sao Paulo state Judge Marco Montemor sentenced doctors Rui Sacramento, Pedro Torrecillas and Mariano Fiore Junior to 17 years and six months each in prison. Sacramento and Torrecillas were charged with murder after removing both kidneys from the patients and preparing the organs for transport. Fiore, a neurosurgeon, was charged as an accomplice for incorrectly declaring the patients brain dead and authorizing the harvest of their organs. Another neurosurgeon who had been accused in the case, Antonio de Carvalho Monteiro, died last year. Sacramento fainted when the sentence was read late Thursday, and family members of the victims who packed the court cried and hugged each other.



Almost eight out of 10 of those liable for child support are behind in their payments, owing Inland Revenue almost $2.3 billion. About $1.7 billion of that is more than five years old and made up of non-payment penalties. The department is required to collect all outstanding child support debt, even if the debtor has been declared bankrupt. It can write off debt only by court order or death. Figures released to the Sunday Star-Times show that of the 179,500 people liable for child support, 141,464 (79%) are behind. The top five defaulters with a current child support liability, owe $4.79 million. Parents who did not pay their child support on time were charged the greater of $5 or 10% of the unpaid amount. On top of that, they faced a $1 or 2% penalty on the total overdue amount – including incurred penalties – every month. More than 1000 liable parents have a temporary exemption because they're in prison. Last year 11,759 liable Kiwi parents living in Australia and owing $502m were managed by Australian authorities on the department's behalf. Around 2400 others with uncollected child support debt were "missing". In the same year the department issued 19 warrants for arrest and obtained 24 charging orders over property because of unpaid child support.

チャイルドサポートのための支払いをIRDにしなければならない保護者の10人に8人の負債の合計がなんと$2.3ビリオンに達しているようです。うち$1.7ビリオンが過去5年間に一度も支払いがされていないようです。この負債をチャラにできるのは裁判所の命令があったとき、もしくは保護者が死んだときだけで、破産者であってもその支払いから逃れることはできないようです。このチャイルドサポートの支払いに責任がある人数は179,500人で、うち141,464人 (または全体の79%)が未払いの負債としてIRDに登録されています。去年、支払う義務があるにもかかわらず、オーストラリアへ渡航した保護者、11,759人からオーストラリア局を通して$502ミリオンを徴収しており、19件の指名手配と24件の裁判手続きがなされているようです。もし心当たりのある方は、早めに支払いを(たしか金利がつくはずなので注意が必要です)。


Sharing a room - even a bed - with a complete stranger is one of the ways young people are coping with the rising cost of central Auckland rooms. Rooms in Auckland's inner-city have increased by an average of $50 a week in the past six months. The price is now usually upwards of $270 a week. As a result, increasing numbers are choosing to share a room rather than move to the suburbs. Liane Santoss, 30, came to New Zealand four years ago from Brazil and lives in the city to be close to business school. To save money, she is now sharing a bed with a new female student from Italy. Both pay $135 a week, all inclusive. "Sharing is becoming really common in Auckland," she said. "Most of my friends are sharing rooms to save money.



Authorities are clearing beaches off Western Australia's Rottnest Island as a shark that killed a US citizen there on Saturday remains in the area. The 32-year-old man was diving alone off a 25-foot boat on Saturday when two people on board noticed bubbles emerging from the water, 500m northwest of Little Armstrong Bay. A short time later, the man's body floated to the surface with fatal injuries, police said. Water Police and Rottnest Island rangers are currently on the scene clearing local beaches. They are warning swimmers to keep clear as the shark is said to still be in the area. The Department of Fisheries said it would work with police to assess whether action was required to remove the shark from the area.



More than 200 Indian girls whose names mean "unwanted" in Hindi chose new names for a fresh start in life. In shedding names like "Nakusa" or "Nakushi," which mean "unwanted" in Hindi, some girls chose to name themselves after Bollywood stars like "Aishwarya" or Hindu goddesses like "Savitri." Some just wanted traditional names with happier meanings, such as "Vaishali" or "prosperous, beautiful and good." "Now in school, my classmates and friends will be calling me this new name, and that makes me very happy," said a 15-year-old girl who had been named Nakusa by a grandfather disappointed by her birth. She chose the new name "Ashmita," which means "very tough" or "rock hard" in Hindi.



He believes some of the tactics Sea Shepherd skipper Paul Watson plans to use to stop the Japanese whaling fleet this season are unnecessary. "In the past, all the protest groups have had to do is find the Nisshin Maru, which is the processing ship, and then whaling stops. Everything else – the butyric acid, the potato bombs – are really a sideshow. These other things make good TV but in reality all you need to do is find the processing ship because the Japanese whalers are under instruction from the government that if there are cameras nearby, they're not allowed to whale," Bethune said. "As soon as the processing ship is found it just turns into this farcical procession around the Southern Ocean until one of the vessels runs out fuel or until the Japanese decide they've had enough and go home." Bethune said the demand for whale meat in Japan was now at its lowest levels in 30 years and for the first time there was debate within Japan over whaling. But Japan would be reluctant to pull out altogether though because it would seem like it had given in to the protesters. It also believed that, as other fish stocks ran out, demand for whale meat would return.

軽く訳すと:彼は、シーシェパードのスキッパー、ポール・ワトソンが日本の捕鯨船を止めさせるために使用する計画のいくつかは必要のないものだと信じている。過去に、すべてのプロテストグループがしなければならなかったことは鯨を加工する日新丸を見つけることで、それにより捕鯨は止まっていた。それ以外の作業のすべて - 酪酸やポテト爆弾 - それらは本当にサイドショーにすぎない。それらはテレビ向けの番組を作るのにいい材料だが、本当に(あなたが)しなければならないことは鯨の加工船を見つけることだ、なぜなら日本の捕鯨は政府からの指示により、近くでカメラが回っているときは、鯨の加工をすることが許されていない、ベスーンは述べた。加工船が発見されるとすぐに、いずれかの船の燃料がなくなるまで南洋をぐるぐる周回する馬鹿げたレースに突入するか、または、十分な量の鯨が捕獲されたと判断されると、彼らは帰路に向かう。ベスーンは、日本において鯨肉の需要は過去30年間で最も低い水準にあり、捕鯨について初めて討論されている、と述べた。しかし、日本は捕鯨を止める事に対して否定的で、止めてしまえば、それはプロテストたちにひれ伏したようにみえてしまう。また他の魚が取れなくなったとき、彼らは、鯨肉の需要は回復されると信じていることも、彼らが捕鯨を止めない理由になっている。



New Zealanders are a nation of travellers, but it also seems that we are constantly getting in trouble when we venture out into the world. There are thought to be hundreds of New Zealanders in prisons across the globe, but just 87 are known to have asked for assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Those 87 are in prisons in 27 different countries for crimes including murder, sex offences, robbery, assault, drugs, fraud and immigration offences. The country with the most prisoners known to the ministry is the US (22), followed by China and Japan (both 11), and Cambodia, Fiji and Thailand (three each). There are also New Zealanders in prisons in Peru, the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. 



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