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The bill for the Canterbury earthquakes blew out by 25 per cent to $20 billion yesterday - and it may push to $30 billion or more, the Treasury says. Most of yesterday's increase, laid out in the pre-election finance report (Prefu), was due to higher estimates of damage to houses and other residential buildings from the February quake. It also included damage from subsequent aftershocks.



A magnitude-5.2 earthquake has shaken the North Island, however no damage is expected, GNS Science says. The quake, which struck at 8.32pm, was centred 50km southwest of Taupo and had a focal depth of 110 kilometres.



The ruptured Maui Pipeline is not expected to be repaired until the weekend with millions of litres of milk being dumped and countless businesses affected by the gas leak crisis. Crews are working furiously to fix a crack discovered on a section of the pipeline running through a farm near White Cliffs about 20km north of New Plymouth. Large commercial and industrial gas users north of there have been told to stop using gas until further notice.





Housing New Zealand is getting rid of up to 150 staff and putting its vulnerable tenants at risk, says the Public Service Association. Housing New Zealand announced today that it is cutting 70 jobs by April next year. The department says it is reshaping its services to make them more responsive, efficient and consistent for tenants, and save money. But PSA National Secretary Richard Wagstaff says cutting 70 jobs is a best case scenario and Housing New Zealand has advised the union that up to 150 jobs could go. Originally, 220 jobs were targeted but representation from the PSA has seen that number significantly reduced, Wagstaff said.



EXCLUSIVE: Three New Zealand army medics caught using drugs in Afghanistan have been sent home early, charged and put in military prison. The three were caught using the pain killing inhaler penthrox at the main New Zealand army base in Bamiyan. Defence Minister Wayne Mapp has described the incident as a betrayal of trust.



A man convicted in the United States of murdering three 8-year-old boys has been allowed into New Zealand - after film-maker Sir Peter Jackson approached Immigration on his behalf. Damien Echols served 18 years in jail and was on death row until he was released from an Arkansas jail in August after he and two others agreed to change their pleas to guilty. New tests in 2007 from the crime scene proved negative for the trio's DNA and showed others were present when the three Cub Scouts were murdered.

アメリカ合衆国で8歳の少年を殺害した罪で有罪判決を受けた男性、ダミアン・エコルス(またはダミアン・エコールズ、Damien Echols)が、ピーター・ジャクソン監督が彼の代わりにニュージーランド移民局へヴィザの発給を申請し、入国が認められたようです。彼は18年の禁固刑で服役していたようですが、彼と他の2人の容疑者全員が訴答を有罪へ変えることに同意したあと、8月にアンカス刑務所から釈放される直前まで、死刑の列に並んでいたようです。2007年のDNAを使った新しい調査では、彼らの関与は否定されているようです。なので、法的には有罪判決を受けた犯罪者であり、これはイミグレーションアクト2009セクション15に抵触するためワークビザの発行ができないのではないか、と推測され、彼は、ピーター・ジャクソンのゲストとして1週間以内の滞在となるだろうと記事では報じています。もしワークビザなしで彼が映画に出演したとき、ニュージーランド移民局がどのように対応するのか、かなり興味があります(もうひとつの可能性として考えられるのが、制限付きのエンターテイメントヴィザの発給があるかもしれません)。


Shareholders in Telecom have voted in favour of splitting off the company's network business. Subject to final court orders, Telecom will separate its fixed line access infrastructure business, Chorus, to enable Chorus to take a leading role in the government's ultra-fast broadband (UFB) initiative. Telecom said 99.8 per cent of votes cast by Telecom shareholders at today's annual meeting were in favour of the demerger proposal.



PSIS has become The Cooperative Bank and it will pay "dividends", styled as rebates, to its 127,000 customer owners from surplus profits in the future. PSIS became a registered bank and adopted a new name from today. PSIS already offers current accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, insurance, personal loans and home loans. The new bank gained an upgrade in May to its Standard & Poor's long term credit rating to BBB minus with an outlook of stable. The 83-year-old institution has more than $1 billion in deposits, which are its main source of funding. There are now 21 registered banks in New Zealand.



New Zealand business confidence fell for a third month as the world's economic troubles started hitting home with local firms, and companies wound back their expected earnings for the coming year. The National Bank Business Outlook survey showed a net 13.2 per cent of firms are expecting a pick-up in the economy over the next 12 months, down from a net 30.3 per cent a month earlier in last month's survey.



The owner and staff of a Hawke's Bay vineyard have been stunned by a night-time attack on their vines which damaged about 500 plants. The manager, who did not want to be identified, said the incident destroyed about $10,000 worth of fruit. "They know viticulture because they have done what they know will harm the plants," he said. He said it appeared cutting tools used in the grape-growing industry had been used.



Up to 20 million tonnes of tsunami debris floating from Japan could arrive on Hawaii's shores by early 2013, before reaching the West Coast of the United States, according to estimates by University of Hawaii scientists. A Russian training ship spotted the junk including a refrigerator, a television set and other appliances in an area of the Pacific Ocean where the scientists from the university's International Pacific Research Center predicted it would be.



South Australian Sports Minister Tom Kenyon has come under fire for taking part in lizard racing at a family function on the weekend. Details of the sleepy lizard races were revealed when Kenyon tweeted about the event. Now the Liberal opposition wants him counselled by Premier Jay Weatherill, while the Greens say the incident raises concerns about the minister's attitude to animal welfare.




Lindsay Lohan is to pose naked for Playboy magazine. The troubled actress last week told she had to clean morgues for 16 hours a week as part of a court order until a probation hearing on November 2. This week she will reportedly earn almost $US1 million for baring all in the adult magazine.



An 18-year-old from Melbourne has taken the title of Australia's Next Top Model for 2011. Montana Cox said she was surprised and delighted when she was announced the season seven winner of the reality series at the Sydney Opera House last night. "I'm on top of the world," she told AAP. "I did not think I would get this far."



Wondering what went wrong with All Black Piri Weepu's goalkicking in the Rugby World Cup final on Sunday night? Look no further than the groin curse which has hit the world champions over the past six weeks. It's been revealed Weepu injured his groin in warm-ups before Sunday's final, but decided to play anyway.



The Sonny Bill Williams publicity machine was working hard during the Rugby World Cup - with the All Black topping player searches using Google during the tournament. But it was Dan Carter's groin that caused the biggest search spike throughout the six weeks of rugby - although Sonny Bill's 'ripped shirt' incident achieved the most searches overall.





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