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Gas supplies are not expected to be fully restored before late Sunday as repairs continue on the ruptured Maui gas pipeline north of New Plymouth. Thousands of companies in the upper North Island were told to stop using gas after the leak was discovered in the pipeline on a farm near White Cliffs early on Tuesday. Essential services such as hospitals were given gas supply, but Goodman Fielder bakeries and Fonterra dairy factories were out of action for a time before being allowed to resume production. A further 1,000 customers have had their gas supply restored today, including small industry, larger hotels, shopping malls and commercial buildings. Chelsea Sugar told ONE News today it has been upgraded to an essential producer and given the all clear to resume limited production. The sugar refinery said it has been supplied enough gas to provide for critical customers such as Tip Top and brewery Lion Nathan. Production of Weetbix and Cornflakes is also back up and running at Sanitarium in Auckland. Vector, the operator of the pipeline, says the affected section of pipe has been removed and work is continuing on fitting the new section, with testing at each stage.

タラナキの北部にあるホワイトクリフでガス供給パイプラインに亀裂、ガス漏れが確認されたことにより、現在懸命に復旧作業を行っているようですが、今週末には直せないことが公表されています。ニュージーランドの北島にあるスーパーマーケットでは、すでに、ミルクやパンなどの棚に空きがみられ、食料品の供給不足が深刻になりつつあります。砂糖会社は主要な取引先である、パン製造会社(Tip Top)やビール製造会社(Lion Nathan)へ供給するだけのガスは確保したと述べ、シリアル製造会社(Sanitarium)もバックアップを受け製造を継続しているようです。確認ができている箇所の修理なのでそれほど長期化することはないとみられていますが、多額の損失は免れない状況に陥っています。


Further concern about New Zealand's shipping industry has been sparked today by the grounding of a second ship near Tauranga. The 130-metre Schelde Trader, which was headed for Noumea, hit rocks after it lost power while leaving the Port of Tauranga shortly after 10.30am. No one was injured in the incident, and the ship did not appear to have suffered any damage, but, coming hot on the heels of the Rena disaster, onlookers were panicked. Tauranga man Allan McKee said ship staff dropped the anchor to stop it hitting the rocks, and he had seen large plumes of black smoke billow from the funnel of the ship as it tried to reverse off the rocks. The ship was towed further out to sea while experts assessed it for damage, and was expected to be brought back into port later today.



The cost of the oil spill clean-up was approaching $10 million - and Mr Key said in Tauranga yesterday the final bill could be 10 times more. "I think if you're the salvor and you end up getting all the oil off and everything ... you don't get much change from $50 million, so add to that the ship, the clean-up costs, it's a big number, $70 million, $80 million, $100 million maybe."



Christ Church Cathedral will be partly demolished and will never look the same again. The decision is the first on the future of the 130-year-old icon since it was damaged by the earthquakes. And the cathedral's ultimate fate is still uncertain after it suffered heavy damage in the February quake, with its tall spire collapsing to the ground. Bishop Victoria Matthews announced today that work will be carried out on the building to make it safe, which will involve some demolition work. Just how much of it will be be lost though is still unknown. "We honestly don't know. What I can tell you is there won't be a wrecking ball in sight," Matthews said.



Air New Zealand has asked the Labour party to change an election ad featuring the Air New Zealand koru. The ad, which refers to asset sales, replaces the E in ‘Asset’ with the koru, which is Air New Zealand’s logo. The company's CEO Rob Fyfe has written to Phil Goff, saying the koru's been used for political point scoring, and the ad denigrates and debases a brand investment worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Air New Zealand says it's yet to hear back from Labour.




The owners of more than 6400 Canterbury homes have been given the go ahead to rebuild on their land. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) has today announced the homes have been shifted from the orange zone to the green zone. It means the properties can be rebuilt on or have remediation work carried out on damaged parts of their land.



A kiwifruit orchard in the Kerikeri area has tested positive for vine disease Psa, the first case to be found outside the Bay of Plenty. John Burke, general manager of industry organisation Kiwifruit Vine Health, said the outbreak was likely to have come from accidental movement of plant material rather than being sprad by the weather. ''The fact a preliminary positive has now been found in Kerikeri underlines the points that every region is at risk and no grower can afford to be complacent in doing all they can to protect their orchards,'' he said. Further testing of the samples is underway and results are due next week.



Two of the five fuel tanks on the Rena are now empty and pumping is continuing from tanks in the engine room. Salvage Unit Manager Kenny Crawford said the 25-tonne port service tank had been emptied and almost all of the 770 tonnes from the port number five tank had been removed. More than half of the oil from one of the two settling tanks in the engine room has been pumped into the barge Awanuia, bringing the total oil removed from the Rena to 882 tonnes. Emptying two of the tanks is a "significant milestone", given the state of the Rena," Crawford said.



One whale has died but animal paramedics have successfully refloated two others after they became stranded on Papamoa beach in the Bay of Plenty. Project Jonah chief executive Kimberley Muncaster, whose organisation coordinates whale stranding volunteers, said the three Gray's beaked whales - one calf and two adults - beached earlier this afternoon and the calf died soon afterwards. The Conservation Department asked Project Jonah to assemble a team of paramedics, who managed to successfully refloat the two adults. The dead whale has been taken away for an autopsy by Doc. It was too early to say whether the strandings were related to oil leaking from the container ship Rena, stranded on the nearby Astrolabe reef.



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Since its release earlier this month online, the US$50 limited edition doll designed by Los Angeles-based fashion company tokidoki and aimed at adult collectors, has sold out but not before causing controversy. "Is the New 'Tokidoki' Tattoo Barbie Inappropriate for Children?" the magazine US News & World Report asked in a recent headline. Some parents in the United States also questioned whether the toy company that launched the original Barbie in 1959 should be promoting body art. "It's teaching kids to want tattoos before they are old enough to dress like that," Kevin Buckner, of Virginia, told a local television station.

ロサンゼルスのファッション会社、トキドキ(tokidoki )が、成人の収集家を狙いデザインした、刺青入りバービー人形の限定販売が開始されています。日本にも販売されるようです。保護者の多くはこの刺青つきのバービー人形には否定的で、子供たちにいい影響を与えないと懸念を示しています。


That was the reaction of Wellingtonians who spotted a cut-price deal on the website grabone.co.nz. "Today you'll pay just $275 for a vasectomy from Snip Vasectomy Clinic to take the lead out of your pencil, the butter out of your bangers and mash, the sparkle out of your crown jewels... you get the picture," the ad read. "Seedless grapes, non-alcoholic beer, low-calorie cola. Sometimes the best things are an improvement on an existing concept."



German Rolf Bucholz has just claimed the Guinness World Record for Most Pierced Man. Bucholz, 52, who works as a computer expert was in Dortmund recently showing off his 453 piercings. Rolf, 52, has 25 piercings in his eyebrows, eight in his nose and a whopping 278 in his genital area.



Wellington will hold the world premiere of The Hobbit in late November next year, Sir Peter Jackson announced in Hobbiton today. He also welcomed Prime Minister John Key to the Hobbit set - but said it was not a political endorsement. Sir Peter and Key struck up a relationship last year after the Hobbit movie became embroiled in an employment dispute. The filmmaker today expressed his gratitude for the Government's help. But he was not endorsing Key in the upcoming election campaign and he had worked with the Labour government as well. Sir Peter and the Hobbit crew started filming on location in Hobbiton five days ago, after having already shot 110 days of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Part 1 in his Wellington Weta studios.


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