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A three-year-old girl spent up to two days home alone after her mother died in the house. Lauren Ruthella Silbery, 28, was found in her Upper Hutt home about 7pm on Friday, October 21. Her daughter has since spent four days in Hutt Hospital, where she was treated for dehydration. Ms Silbery's mother Heather had not heard from her daughter for two days and went to the address to investigate. She says they spoke very often. "Lauren and I were very close - she would ring me every morning. "One day I was in the garden and that afternoon at about four o'clock . . . her brother Peter and I said, 'Well, we haven't heard from Lauren'. "So we got a friend to go around there and [the grandchild] had come to the cat door, but Lauren hadn't, so I dialled 111." "When we started cleaning and taking Lauren's stuff out of the flat, she did say 'Mummy won't wake up' and when we went back in, she had shut her mother's bedroom door. Senior Sergeant Jason McCarthy says police have concluded Silberry's death is not suspicious.



The insurers of quake-hit Lyttelton Port have disputed and not paid a second $20 million progress payment towards the repair of the damaged port, saying that too much has been spent by the company on the temporary repairs on wharves. The port has not made public the total figure it expects its insurance claims to rise to, but it is thought the bill will be in excess of $300m, and the biggest single corporate insurance claim made in the Southern Hemisphere. At the port company's annual meeting today, chairman Rodger Fisher said lead insurer Vero has formally advised it accepts the earthquake-damaged assets were insured, but last night informed the port it was disputing the progress claim. A second payment of $20m had not been made.



The Shell brand is to disappear from New Zealand's roadsides by the middle of next year, with Z Energy committing to a nine-month deadline to roll the brand out nationwide. After rebranding 10 pilot sites over the last four months, Z Energy said this morning that it would spend $60 million refitting the remaining 210 retail service stations, 90 commercial truck stops and all company offices and operations. Chief executive Mike Bennetts said the branding decision followed exhaustive consumer research and consumer feedback. ''Our customers have told us they want a contemporary local identity that reflects who we are as New Zealanders and what we value. Our consumer research has reflected a growing sense of national confidence which we call ''New Kiwi'' and upon which the Z brand is built''.



ANZ Banking Group reported a 25% rise in annual profit in New Zealand, beating the $1 billion barrier even as lending contracted. The largest bank in New Zealand reported a $1.085 billion profit in the year to Sept. 30, up 25% on the previous year, driven by a 59% fall in the annual provision for bad and doubtful debts to $187 million. 



Unemployment rose slightly to 6.6 per cent in the September quarter, even though an extra 5000 people were employed in the three-month period. The unemployment rate was 6.5 per cent in the June quarter. The worse than expected result was driven by a weak jobs market in Christchurch, down about 3.8 per cent in the quarter, according to economists. The fall in jobs was in the retail and hospitality sectors, which reflected the closure of the central business district and the extensive damage to some of the big hotels in the city. Nationally, excluding Christchurch, jobs were up 0.9 per cent in the quarter according to ASB estimates, which suggested underlying demand for workers remained strong.



Unemployment in the Wellington region rose to 6 per cent in the September quarter, from 5.5 per cent in the June quarter. However, the unemployment rate in the region remains lower than the national average which rose slightly to 6.6 per cent in the three months to the end of September. Statistics NZ figures show 267,000 people were employed in the Wellington region in the September quarter, down 7000 from the June quarter.




Police, ambulance and dog-control officers were called to a Whangarei house yesterday after a pet dog attacked a 1-year-old boy who had to be hospitalised because of his injuries. The child and one of his brothers were taken by ambulance to Whangarei Hospital for treatment after the attack, while dog-control officers took the animal. The dog's owner, who did not want to be named, said the child was his grandson.



New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is planning to shorten jail sentences for repeat offenders but make life behind bars more difficult with a regime of hard labour. In a speech in Pukekohe this afternoon, Mr Peters announced his party's law and order policy, which included bringing in "shorter sharper" jail sentences to reduce costs and make the prison "lifestyle choice" harder. "They will have something to look forward to - rations and diet will be reviewed to allow for the hard labour that will be required from this regime," Mr Peters said.



The New Zealand Superannuation Fund, a state-owned nest egg to help fund Kiwis' future superannuation payments, lost further ground in September to close at $16.63 billion. The fund lost 3.6 per cent of its value during the month, taking its total losses to 11.1 per cent for the first three months of the financial year. The fund, which is ring-fenced until 2031, is heavily invested in overseas equities on the basis that they will make bigger gains over time. It did well in the year to June, rising 25 per cent to reach an all-time peak of $19 billion, after slumping two years earlier during global financial crisis. 



He conceded that Qantas's predicament presented an "opportunity" on which his airline could capitalise. Virgin carried 30,000 extra passengers in the three days after Qantas grounded its fleet, while those passing though its airport lounges "went through the roof - they literally went stratospheric". "Virgin Australia reacted very, very quickly and made sure Australia kept moving," he said.



Petrol and diesel prices have remained the same for seven weeks - the longest period without change since April 2009. Prices for petrol and diesel were unchanged throughout October, at $2.10 a litre for 91 octane petrol in the main centres, and $1.47 a litre for diesel at most outlets. "But this doesn't mean commodity prices have been stable, with oil prices rising US$10 a barrel during the month, and refined petrol prices up about 4 US cents per litre by month end. Fortunately the rising Kiwi dollar protected motorists from a price increase," AA PetrolWatch spokesperson Mark Stockdale said today.



"This is nearly 12 per cent up on last year. The women and children also needed to stay longer. The average stay for a woman was 23 days which was a three day (or 15 per cent) increase from the year before." Nearly 14,000 women and just over 11,000 children sought refuge while there were 60,000 calls to the refuge crisis line - around one every nine minutes. The refuge says it has to do more work with no extra funding, in spite of a major focus on cutting violence in the home. According to a report by Tomorrow's Manukau reducing Family Violence Group, completed in 2009, family violence costs an estimated $542 million every year in South Auckland alone.



West Auckland resident Gary Osborne was lost for words when he received a letter from Auckland Transport offering him 10 cents for access to his property over the next two years while it undertakes the widening of Te Atatu Rd. Osborne is one of a number of residents who will be forced to sell part or all of their properties to Auckland Transport under the Public Works Act so that plans to widen Te Atatu and Edmonton roads can go ahead. ''They are asking me for a favour to sign a legal contract. If this is their approach before they've even started negotiating with the residents about buying their properties it's not looking very good.''

ウェストオークランドの土地の所有者へ、オークランドトランスポートより、2年間の道路工事の道路使用料として10セントが提示されていたようです。この工事はテアタツロード(Te Atatu Rd)の道路拡張工事のようです。それにしても、(工事の総工費を抑えるためだったとしても)10セントはあまりに少なすぎるように思います。


MF Global, the securities firm led by former Goldman Sachs chief Jon Corzine, admitted using clients' money as its financial troubles mounted, a federal official says. An MF Global executive admitted that to federal regulators in a phone call early on Monday after regulators raised questions about the company's books, according to an official familiar with the conversation. It is not clear where the money ended up or what it might have been used for, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorised to discuss an investigation by federal regulators. Trading of MF Global shares was permanently suspended on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday afternoon.



New Zealand remains one of the world leaders on pay equity, according to an annual study on salaries and workplace success between sexes. The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Pay Gap 2011 placed New Zealand sixth in its global study on pay equality, slipping one spot from last year. In an analysis of 135 countries representing 90 per cent of the world's population, the report stated women have the most pay equality with men in Iceland, followed by Norway, Finland, Sweden and Ireland. New Zealand had held fifth place for four consecutive years between 2007 and 2010.



A judge has sentenced Lindsay Lohan to serve 30 days in jail for a probation violation. Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner on Wednesday (local time) sentenced the actress for violating the terms of her release by being terminated from a community service assignment at a women's shelter. The actress acknowledged she violated her probation.



Kelly Osbourne wants to be more like Victoria Beckham and keep her "real self" separate from her career. The television star struggles to keep her opinions to herself and has gained a reputation for being outspoken. Osbourne insists she is always the same person in and out of the public spotlight. However, she sometimes wishes she could divide her work and personal life.



Apple's latest iPhone will be launched in New Zealand next Friday, but Kiwis may have to adopt an Aussie twang to get the most out of its snazzy voice-recognition technology. The cheapest 16-gigabyte version of the iPhone 4S will sell for $1049, while the higher capacity 32GB and 64GB will sell for $1199 and $1349 respectively. Siri, the phone's voice-recognition technology, can understand and respond to spoken questions and commands. For example, users can ask, `Will I need an umbrella this weekend?', and the phone will pull up a weather forecast. The technology has so far only been programmed for Australian, British and American dialects. It can understand Kiwi accents but not with the same accuracy.

アップルの最新のiPhoneが来週金曜日に発売されることが予定されていますが、音声認識のアプリケーションにおいて、キウィアクセントが完全に認識しない可能性が報じられています。ちなみに、最も安い16GBのiPhone 4Sが$1049、32GBが$1199、そして64GBが$1349の価格で販売されるようです。ちなみに、このお値段、ミドルロウレンジのコンピュータの値段とそれほど変わりません(ボトムレンジのコンピュータであれば、2台分の価格になります(笑))。



We say "fish and chips", they hear "fush and chups".


We say "peg", they hear "pig".


We say "baggage check-in", they hear "beggage chicken".


We say "pan", they hear "pen".




Capitalising on the near-insatiable demand of Indians for jewels and precious metals and stones, a local company has launched what it claims to be the world's first ATM that dispenses diamonds, jewellery items and gold and silver coins. Sanjeev Agarwal of the Mumbai-based Gitanjali Group that developed the ATM and plans on setting up 75 across India at retail outlets, temples and airports said they would be a "one-stop shop to buy medallions, coins and jewellery". The first machine began operating last month in central Mumbai and had served "a substantial number of customers", Agarwal said. It offers nearly 40 products ranging from 10g gold coins embossed with the image of Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, to diamond-studded pendants with religious motifs priced from US$20 ($25) to US$610.



A piece of Rugby World Cup 2011 history is up for grabs with Morrinsville's now famous All Blacks Bedford for sale on Trade Me. The 1956 bus was listed on the auction website yesterday afternoon with a starting bid price of $9000. There had been about 3000 views by 5pm. The bus, and its owners, made international news during the World Cup, and hosted RWC boss Martin Snedden and NZRU chief executive Steve Tew for a brief period.



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