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The 100% Pure New Zealand giant rugby ball which featured on Auckland's Queens Wharf during the Rugby World Cup is up for sale by public tender. The inflatable structure was brought in by Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) as a high profile promotion for Cup. Over 95,000 people flocked to the attraction during the six-week tournament. It caters for up to 220 people on two internal levels. Inside there are two stairways, a mezzanine floor, furniture, LED lights, bars, a sound system and stage. It is being sold on an as is where is basis. Tenders close on November 30.

オークランドのクィーンスウォーフに展示されていた、100%ピュアニュージーランドジャイアントラグビーボールがパブリックテンダー(公共入札)で売却されることが明らかにされています。このジャイアントラグビーボールは6週間の展示期間で95,000人もの人々を誘致しており、内部は220人収容の2階建て、ふたつの階段、舞台フロア、家具、LED証明、バー、音響システム、そしてステージなどが設営されていたようです。売却の条件は”as is where is (壊れたところはそのまま、ありのままのコンディション)”で売却されるので、もし入札を考えている方は注意が必要です。


Nearly one and a half tonnes of pea-sized beads of oil from the Rena have been collected by Defence Force personnel in a single day. Work's continuing on shore to clean up weathered oil which has been washing up around the coast, or been uncovered by natural tidal movement. Lieutenant Commander Phil Rowe says staff picked up 1.4 tonnes of fine beads of oil by hand yesterday alone. A total of 898 tonnes of oiled waste has been collected so far.



An All Nippon Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner carrying 249 people had to make a second approach at a west Japan airport before landing, after a glitch forced the pilot to manually deploy the main landing gear, the airline said Monday. The first glitch on a commercial flight for the new plane occurred on a domestic route Sunday after a cockpit monitor showed that the landing gear had not fully deployed shortly before landing, ANA said. As flight 651 from Tokyo's Haneda airport approached Okayama airport in western Japan, the monitor issued a warning that the main landing gear had not deployed due to a hydraulic valve fault, an ANA spokeswoman said.



Online auctioneer Trade Me paid its Australian owner Fairfax Media a dividend of $220 million in the year to June, newly filed financial statements show. The financial statements are the first to be publicly filed by the business and herald its initial public offer prospectus due to be released shortly. They show Trade Me made a net profit $69.7 million in the year to June, up 9.5 per cent on the previous year. Revenue for the year grew 12.6 per cent to $128.8m. Net assets at balance date were $19.9m after accounting for the dividend.



Jetstar has today introduced iPads on board flights, saying it's the first airline in the world to offer tailored technology for the device. The first Jetstar flight with iPads on board took off from Auckland this morning. Customers flying longer than two hours will be able to hire an iPad from $10-$15 per flight. Jetstar says it will initially roll out 3000 iPads with plans to increase this number once they are placed on its Asia network.



HSBC is cutting fixed term mortgage rates down to levels in line with the lowest in the market. HSBC cut its two year fixed rate by 23 basis points to 5.87 per cent, and also trimmed three, four and five year fixed rates. Its two year rate is slightly below Westpac Bank and Kiwibank's rate of 5.89 per cent, set recently. HSBC only lends to people with combined home loans of at least $500,000 or $100,000 in savings and investments.



A man who stole $284,3241 from the Transport Accident Investigation Commission while he worked there has been sentenced to 10 months' home detention. Ropati Telea, 27, appeared for sentencing today in the Wellington District Court on two representative charges of fraudulently using documents. Telea handled some payroll matters and stole the money over four years, the court was told. Judge Susan Thomas sentenced him to 10 months' home detention, 300 hours' community service and ordered him to pay $10,000 reparation in a lump sum, plus $100 a week.



Prime Minister John Key has apologised to anyone who may have been offended after he failed to observe a minute's silence for quake victims in Christchurch yesterday. It was reported that during the minute's silence held at the New Zealand Cup at Addington Raceway, Mr Key was seen speaking to his Diplomatic Protection Service officer. Questioned about the incident today, Mr Key said he had not known there was a minute's silence. He apologised to anyone who was offended.



French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "liar" in talks with US President Barack Obama, who then complained of having to deal with him daily. The private conversation, held during the G20 summit in the French city of Cannes last week, was overheard by a number of journalists after it was inadvertently transmitted over a system used for translation, media website Arret sur Images reported. "I can't stand him anymore, he's a liar," Sarkozy said in French during the talks. "You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day," Obama replied in comments that were translated into French. A number of journalists have confirmed hearing the remarks.



Budget Australian airline Jetstar and Tourism New Zealand have signed a $9 million marketing deal to attract more visitors from Australia, Singapore, Japan and across the Asia region. The three-year agreement runs to mid-2014 and will see Tourism New Zealand and Jetstar each contribute $1.5m a year to various campaigns including consumer events as well as print, online and television advertising and social media activities. Jetstar brings more than 400,000 passengers to New Zealand each year and is now the largest low-cost airline in the Asia Pacific region by revenue. It last month announced a similar alliance with Tourism Australia which will cost $A10m over three years to also tap the burgeoning Asian market.



Police have released a photograph of a woman allegedly used by a man to pose as a woman online to get young men to expose themselves and commit sex acts. Christchurch man, Cameron Stuart Hore, 27, was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation, obtaining by deception and sexual grooming through online internet contact. The photo of the young woman holding a phone was on a Facebook page with the name Sarah Ruddenklau. "At this stage we don't know who this person is, or whether there is any connection to the name that was used," Detective Sergeant Scott Anderson of Christchurch South Police said. "If anyone can identify the person in this photograph we would be very interested in hearing from them." It is alleged he would then befriend some using the name Dan McPherson and offer between $1000 and $4000 to allow him to perform sexual acts upon them. Many males passed on details including their names, addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts, said Anderson, but the money was not paid.

27歳の男性がフェイスブックでこの女性の写真を使い誘惑し、性的な誘いをかけて数人の男性から$1000から$4000ものお金を騙し取った疑いにより逮捕されています。彼がフェイスブックで使っていた女性の名前は Sarah Ruddenklau で、写真の女性とは関係がないものと見られています。また、警察は、この写真の女性がいったい誰なのか、もし知っている人がいれば教えてほしい、と話しています。


Oamaru police are asking locals to be on the lookout for the unmanned jet ski that took off from a beach near Oamaru on Sunday afternoon and has not been seen since. Senior constable Bruce Dow, of Oamaru, said police were alerted to the runaway jet ski by a Temuka woman. She said she had got off the jet ski at Bushey Beach. However, the motor failed to stop and the jet ski headed out to sea at about six to seven knots. It was last seen heading south-east. "It had a full tank of petrol and could go for several hours," Mr Dow said. It is a Yamaha Superjet, stand up-style jet ski coloured dark blue with yellow and silver trim.



Federal agents at Chicago's O'Hare Airport averted "a potential catastrophic event" when they stopped a package containing a live military flare from being loaded onto a flight to Japan, a federal agency said. The Customs and Border Protection said the Vietnam War-era device, identified as an M49A1 phosphorous trip flare, was found in the mail as it was passing through the busy facility on Thursday. Brian Bell, a customs supervisor, said he did not know whether the package that contained the device would have been routed onto a passenger or cargo plane. The device, which burns at a temperature of 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, had been listed on the shipping manifest as a "military training dummie", the agency said.

軍事用の火炎放射器が郵便物として日本へ送られようとしたところ、連邦政府がそれを発見し発送を止めたようです。税関によると、その機器はヴェトナム戦争時代に使われた華氏5000度(摂氏2760度)の炎を生成できる”M49A1 phosphorous trip flare”という火器だったようです。おそらく、日本在住の人物がオンラインで購入したものではないかとみられています。


A woman wearing a little black dress and a fascinator jumped the barrier at Addington Raceway just before the New Zealand Trotting Cup began yesterday. The 32-year-old woman was quickly escorted off the track by security staff and was handed to police. Sergeant Craig Prior, of the Christchurch police, said the woman was believed to have been under the influence of alcohol. She had been charged with disorderly behaviour and would appear in the Christchurch District Court. The arrest was the only "full arrest" made at Cup Day, Prior said.




Schapelle Corby's insistence she knew nothing about the bag of marijuana found in her boogie board bag has been dealt another major blow with a new book detailing where the marijuana came from, how it got into her bag and her father's 30-year history of drug dealing. Sins of the Father by Sun-Herald journalist Eamonn Duff adds myriad details to the circumstances surrounding Australia's most polarising criminal cases since Lindy Chamberlain's conviction. Launching the book this morning, Allen and Unwin publisher Richard Walsh said: "Indonesians have said from the beginning she's a guilty person, we are saying to a domestic audience we agree." She was delivering it for Malcolm McCauley, the convicted South Australian drug dealer who visitied Corby in jail 18 days after she was arrested. Five months later, Eastwood was arrested delivering marijuana to far North Queensland on one of 15-20 runs she said she had made. Mick Corby died of cancer in 2008. Corby is seven years into a 20-year sentence in Bali's Kerobokan jail after she was arrested in 2004 with a 4.2-kilogram bag of marijuana shaped like a boogie board inside her boogie board bag. Corby's half-brother James Kisina, who was with her on the trip to Bali, was later jailed after he was involved in an assault and theft of drugs and money from a drug dealer.



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