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HSBC Holdings is laying off several hundred investment bankers in London, Hong Kong and elsewhere this week as part of its jobs cull to save billions of dollars, people familiar with the matter said. Staff in the global banking and markets (GBM) investment bank arm were being told of the cuts this week, and some had already been told, several sources said. It is expected to affect several hundred of GBM's 20,000 staff. Europe's biggest bank plans to axe 30,000 jobs by the end of 2013 under a revamp by Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver to cut annual costs by $US3.5 billion.



LATEST: Widespread train disruptions are set to hit Wellington this afternoon at peak hour, with eight cancelled services and six trains replaced by buses. The announcement by Tranz Metro follows on from major disruptions on the Johnsonville line today for the third day in a row, with a sick driver compounding staff shortages this morning. A Tranz Metro spokeswoman attributed this afternoon's disruption to staff shortages, not sick staff. The company would like to have 13 more drivers on their roll, she said. The company needs about 92 drivers to be able to cover contingencies.



Terry Serepisos' million dollar Queenstown holiday home with breathtaking views has been sold under mortgagee auction. A Southland man bought the property for $1.01 million yesterday - $440,000 less than its most recent rateable value of $1.45m. The split-level three-bedroom, two bathroom house on Belfast Tce has panoramic views over Lake Wakatipo and was last sold in 2005. Photos of the house show a modern home with extensive views. The luxury pad also has an outdoor spa, under-floor heating and is a few minutes walk from central Queenstown. The 845 square metre property was advertised by New Zealand Sotheby's International Realty as a "developers dream”, which requires some maintenance.



More Aucklanders may be lured across the Tasman after this weekend's Oz Jobs Expo, which is seeking workers for thousands of high-paying jobs in the so-called "lucky country". The two-day expo at the ASB Showgrounds will feature over 30 stalls, including mining companies Chandler Macleod and BHP Billiton. A predicted 89,000 mining jobs are expected to be offered in Australia in the next five years and Chandler Macleod is encouraging skilled Aucklanders to ''take a career-changing leap'' at this weekend's expo. Jobs in the mining industry can command salaries of between $100,000 and $200,000 for workers with electrical, mechanical, trade or engineering backgrounds.



LATEST: The Rugby World Cup boosted revenues by $12 million for casino and hotel operator Sky City Entertainment, but it was less than the group had expected. SkyCity's chief executive Nigel Morrison told shareholders at the company's annual meeting in Auckland today that the result was still hefty enough to contribute to strong momentum in the first four months of the 2012 financial year with group normalised revenues of $326m, up 8.8 per cent or $26.5m on the previous corresponding period.



An accident during the woodchopping competition at the Canterbury A&P Show has left a man injured. The head of an axe came off during the competition - flying over the fence into the spectators, and striking a man on the leg. St John Ambulance communications say they were alerted at 10.51am about the incident. The man, in his 50s, was taken to the Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department in a very serious condition with serious lacerations. People who saw the accident are reported to have been upset, and police are at the scene taking witness statements.



A 10 per cent slump in vegetable prices in October helped push down overall food prices by 1.3 per cent in the month. However, Statistics NZ figures also show that over the past year food prices are still up 1.1 per cent on the same month last year. There was a seasonal spring fall in lettuce prices, down almost 40 per cent in October and tomatoes were down almost 30 per cent in the month, after rocketing up over the winter. However, potato prices rose more than 8 per cent in the month. Without the drop in vegetable prices, food prices would have still dropped 0.5 per cent in the month. A fall in ham and sausage prices in October saw the meat fish and poultry subgroup drop 1.5 per cent in the month. However the falls were offset by higher lamb prices, up almost 9 per cent, retracing a similar fall in September, due to discounting. The annual 1.1 per cent rise in food prices no longer includes last year's increase in GST.



An Auckland businessman has been found guilty of organising a child sex tour to Thailand. But the 47-year-old has been found not guilty on two counts of promoting a child sex tour. He has been remanded in custody for sentencing on February 14. Police had alleged the man, who cannot be named due to court suppression orders, was organising a sex tour with boys under Thailand's legal age of sexual consent. The man was the first person in New Zealand to face the sex tour charges.



National Party supporters favour the Act Party most as a coalition partner, but not by much, according to the latest Herald DigiPoll survey. The Greens are most favoured by all voters to be a partner of National in government with 38.9 per cent, compared with Act with 18.9 per cent, and the Maori Party on 17.8 per cent. But among National supporters, Act is favoured more, with 30.7 per cent favouring it. Prime Minister John Key is set to boost Act's chances of increasing its overall poll rating - 1.5 per cent in today's Herald DigiPoll survey - with a public meeting with Epsom candidate John Banks. A win by Mr Banks in Epsom is likely to boost party support in the wider country.



Prime Minister John Key yesterday acknowledged private sector, rather than Crown debt is the bigger problem for New Zealand as the worsening European debt crisis threatens the global economy. International financial markets have continued to take a hammering this week on signs Europe's third largest economy Italy, a nation considered too big for Europe to bail out, may be engulfed by the ongoing debt crisis. New Zealand's economy was also showing some signs of strain yesterday as Treasury reported lower than forecast tax revenue, the Reserve Bank published a gloomy report on the state of our financial sector, and Standard & Poor's said risk had risen in our banking industry. But in the middle of his re-election campaign, which yesterday took him to Rotorua Hospital, Mr Key told reporters risks outlined in the Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update two weeks ago had not increased and his Government was prepared for a deterioration in the global economy. "The economic downturn that may occur on a pronounced basis in Europe is factored into our books.



National leader John Key says he does not accept the Government has lost the battle to slow down the migration of Kiwis to Australia. In the past three years around 100,000 New Zealanders attracted by the appeal of higher wages and a stronger dollar have moved to Australia. The Government's record on the issue has been attacked by opponents who say the number is growing and the wage gap has increased by $32 a week since National took power. Related
Goff pledges to close Aussie wage gap watch Aussie wage gap now 40% - Brash watch However, Key told TV ONE's Close Up tonight that "in terms of the wage gap, that's narrowed". "We look at after tax terms, and in the three years we've been in Government we've grown those (after tax) wages by 10% (while in) Australia it's 6%." Key said the migration statistics for the past three years show fewer people have moved to Australia than compared to Labour's last three years in power and National has also taken steps to keep Kiwis in New Zealand. "For instance, the tax system we've reformed in New Zealand means if you earn above $55,000 you get to keep more in New Zealand than you do in Australia," he said. "Look at growth in Australia, they grew at 0.3% in the first half of this year we grew at 1% - so when you start saying everything's fantastic there, I don't accept that argument. "They have a capital gains tax, they have a stamp duty, you do not get superannuation there when you're 65, it's means tested." Last night Labour leader Phil Goff said his party had policies which would close the wage gap if it were to be successful at the next election. But Key said the issue isn't going to be solved quickly. "If anyone thinks they're going to turn around this 40 year decline in 3 years - they're not going to. "We've got a big job to do, and there's only one way to do that job and that is to go and say where does New Zealand have an advantage? "I think it has a competitive advantage in the people that we have, in the things that we produce and the markets that we can sell to." Key said it is good for New Zealand for there to be strong economies in Australia and Asia as they are the country's main trading regions.



National has plunged nearly five points to below 50 per cent in the past week and the smaller parties - including a fast-rising New Zealand First - are picking up support, according to the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey. Prime Minister John Key is expected today to have a symbolic public meeting with Act Epsom candidate John Banks, who on today's poll would take another Act MP into Parliament with him if he won the electorate seat. If National's polling slips further before the November 26 election, two Act MPs could become important to Mr Key forming a new government.



A sharp fall in house prices remains a risk to households' balance sheets, which have yet to be truly tested, the Reserve Bank warns in its latest financial stability report. The report - couched in tones ranging from sober to downright grim - focuses on the risks to the financial system and the real economy from the turmoil in Europe. But it also notes that fundamental measures such as house prices relative to incomes and rents remain high. Households' ability to service debt has been bolstered since 2007 by higher incomes, slow growth in debt levels and lower mortgage rates. Because of this, people have devoted a higher proportion of their incomes to paying off mortgages. Consequently, households' vulnerability to a further slowdown in the economy "appears to have declined slightly over the past few years", the bank says.



Japanese aid worker Atsushi Miyazaki came to Turkey in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake last month, tasked with assessing damage and distributing relief supplies to survivors. Then he too became a victim of Turkey's treacherous fault lines yesterday (NZ time), fatally injured when a hotel, weakened by the earlier tremor, collapsed in a second quake that killed at least 11 others. Dozens of angry residents protested at the rubble of the downtown hotel where 41-year-old Miyazaki and others died, arguing that authorities should have closed it and another leveled hotel because they had been damaged by the first temblor. Turkey's Anatolia agency said Miyazaki, of Japan's Association for Aid and Relief, Japan, died in a hospital after being dug out from the rubble of the five-story Bayram Hotel at the intersection of two main roads. Rescue workers performed CPR on him before taking him to the hospital.



An iPhone hacker has discovered that iPhones running the iOS 5 operating systems have a hidden panoramic camera mode. It's great for snap happy iPhone users, but Apple might not be so pleased because it's a function that isn't officially ready for use. Once it is switched on users can take continuous photos while panning the camera from left to right. The Easter egg was found by Conrad Kramer, who describes himself on his Twitter profile as 'Programmer. iPhone hacker. Geek'. Yesterday he tweeted: 'So, I found out how to enable Panorama is the iOS Camera app. Set the key 'EnableFirebreak' to YES in com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist.' Several other hackers have since found the hidden mode, too. To turn it on, though, your iPhone would have to be jailbroken or you will need to have developer access. Apple does not recommend jailbreaking your phone, which some users do so that they can download apps not available on iTunes.

iPhoneのハッカーによると、iOS 5のオペレーティングシステムのiPhoneには隠されたパノラマカメラモードがあり、一度スイッチを押して、左から右へカメラを動かすことによりパノラマの写真が撮影できるようです。他のハッカーたちも同じ機能を見つけているようです(文中にヒントあり)。ただし、これをやることによりジェイルブロークン(脱獄)または開発者のアクセスが必要だと述べています。ちなみに、この機能はアップルとしては推奨していないようです(壊れたら自己責任)。

iPhone 4Sを購入するために15時間も列に並んだアップルファン

Dedicated punters lined up for hours around the country to ensure they didn't miss out on the latest Apple iPhone the 4S. Both Telecom and Vodafone kept stores open especially, and the phones went on sale at 12.02am. Some queued for more than 15 hours to ensure that they received a new phone. All Black Dan Carter was on hand to sell one of the first iPhones at Telecom's store on Victoria St in Auckland. In Wellington more than 50 queued through the evening waiting for the phone to go on sale.

金曜日朝12時02分に発売されたアップルのiPhone the 4Sを入手するために15時間も列に並んでいたファンがいたそうです。オークランドのヴィクトリアストリートにあるテレコムでは、最初のiPhonesをオールブラックスのダン・カーターが手渡しをして販売したそうです。ウェリントンでは、なんと50人もの列ができていたようです。なかなかの熱狂振りだと思います。


Supermodel Miranda Kerr gave Kiwi newbie Jessica Clarke a runway lesson at the Victoria's Secret show in New York overnight. Kerr, who spent time living in Wellington with her Hobbit-star husband, the actor Orlando Bloom and baby son, Flynn, earlier this year, wowed the crowd in a US$2.5 million bra creation dripping with yellow diamonds and pearls.



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