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Police today arrested 19 people and seized about $14 million worth of assets in raids across Auckland. Fourteen of the accused are due to appear in the Auckland District Court today and five will appear tomorrow. Police released a list of the ages, occupations and addresses of those arrested which included two male police employees, both from the North Shore, aged 36 and 34. The oldest man arrested was a 58-year-old biochemist from Remuera and the youngest was a 25-year-old DJ from the North Shore. The group contained two females, a 54-year-old office assistant from Hillsborough and a 30-year-old hairdresser from Papatoetoe. More than 200 officers were involved in raiding 45 addresses across Auckland, where residential properties, several high value motor vehicles, jet-skis, a boat, pill presses and dies were seized.



The first container has been lifted from the wreck of the cargo ship stranded off the Tauranga coast. The container was lifted from the rear of the ship around 3.30pm, and on to the crane barge Sea Two, Maritime New Zealand said. It was one of three containers successfully "decoupled" today, meaning the locks that connect the containers have been removed. Approximately 1280 containers remain aboard the 47,000 tonne ship, which grounded off the Bay of Plenty coast on October 5.



US President Barack Obama has touched down in Australia. Air Force One landed in the capital Canberra for the day and a half trip, where he's expected to announce that the US is expanding its military presence on the continent. Governor-General Quentin Bryce and Prime Minister Julia Gillard were among the first to greet him.



The Auckland property developer who allegedly orchestrated a $50 million fraud repeated the same dishonest behaviour ''over and over'', prosecutor John Dixon said at the opening of Malcolm Mayer's trial. Mayer is facing 62 charges in the Auckland District Court including dishonesty using a document, obtaining by deception and using forged documents. The Crown alleged Mayer used relatives and associates to secure almost $50m in loans from fund management company Trustees Executors Limited (TEL), chaired by former Prime Minister Jim Bolger. 



A cannabis raid in Hamilton has netted police more than 80 plants. Police made the discovery during a search of a property on the city's northern outskirts. Senior sergeant Freda Grace says 15 cannabis plants were growing under lights in a garage on the property and another 67 plants growing in a gully behind the house. Two men and a woman face drugs-related charges in the Hamilton District Court.



Tower Investments is planning a $200 million pre-Christmas spend-up on the New Zealand and Australian share markets, chief executive Sam Stubbs said yesterday. Stubbs said Tower planned to trim its Northern Hemisphere equity investments and to reduce its holdings in cash, in favour of increasing its New Zealand exposure to shares, bonds and property to 55 per cent of its total funds under management from the current 45 per cent. About $160 million of the $200 million increase would be re-directed towards New Zealand. "'We have a strong home bias now," he said.



Statistics released by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) show for the three-month period ending October 2011 sales increased by 94.6% on the same three months last year. 286 farms were sold compared to 147 in 2010. This increase was because there were a lot more rural properties available on the market REINZ rural market spokesman Brian Peacocke says.



A map of radioactive contamination across Japan from the Fukushima power plant disaster confirms high levels in eastern and northeastern areas but finds much lower levels in the western part of the country, thanks to mountain ranges, researchers say. The mountains sheltered northwestern and western parts of Japan as radioactive cesium-137 emerged from the power plant and blew downwind, the scientists said.



A man paid prostitutes and bought a waterbed with money stolen from Wellington Catholic secondary school St Patrick's College, a court has been told. David Neil Don, 44, today pleaded guilty when he appeared in Wellington District Court to eight counts of dishonestly accessing a computer system and one of money laundering.He stole a total of $126,728.01 over the five years he was employed by St Patrick's as its executive officer. When the school confronted him last April 7, he apologised and told them the money had gone on prostitutes and living expenses.



A hippopotamus named Humphrey has mauled to death a South African man who kept him for a pet, Beeld newspaper has reported. The 1200kg hippo bit 40-year-old army major Marius Els, dragged him into the water and killed him, the paper said. The incident happened on Saturday at the Vaal River near Els's farm in the Free State province in central South Africa. Humphrey, who is about six-years-old, was rescued as a calf during a flood on the river and had been raised as a pet. In a video posted online in March, Els feeds Humphrey apples, swims with him and rides on his back.



A Taupo-based jetboat operator is celebrating 21 years of adventuring this month, having shipped 831,000 passengers up and down the river to date. Hukafalls Jet set up shop in 1990, starting as a single boat operation working from a little wooden shed on the banks of the Waikato River. Today it has grown to a four-boat business with a purpose-built base and 15 staff. Punters are driven to the base of the Huka Falls, where every second up to 220,000 litres of water bursts through the narrow gorge and over a 20m drop.



A Japanese company has unveiled a cheap Geiger counter for the iPhone to enable people worried about the March Fukushima nuclear accident to check their environment for radiation. The probe, 14 centimetres long by five wide, connects to the iPhone and the screen displays radiation readings in combination with a special app such as the Geiger Bot. "Immediately after the disaster triggered by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in the northeast of the archipelago, the cheapest Geiger counters cost 60,000 yen ($1012 NZD) and were hard to find," said Takuma Mori on the origins of the device made by Sanwa Corp. The first models for iPhones will go on sale in the next few days priced at 9,800 yen ($165 NZD).



Mercedes-Benz will become the first car manufacturer to offer autonomous driving, according to a report from UK motoring website AutoExpress. The system, which is expected to be offered as an option on the next-generation version of the S-Class, will allow the driver to leave the car to drive itself at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. Working in a similar way to radar cruise control, the autonomous driving system reportedly uses a series of cameras and sensors to control the speed of the car and the distance to the car in front. The system is also expected to be able to follow curves in the road.



Nintendo has responded to a claim by animal rights activist group PETA that Mario promotes the wearing of fur. PETA launched a campaign called "Mario Kills Tanooki" yesterday, claiming, "When on a mission to rescue the princess, Mario has been known to use any means necessary to defeat his enemy - even wearing the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers." "Tanooki may be just a 'suit' in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it's OK to wear fur."

マリオがタヌーキ(Tanooki)を着ているのは、現実社会の中で、タヌキの毛皮を着ることに問題がないという間違ったメッセージを送っていると、PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals、動物の倫理的扱いを求める人々の会)が主張しています。もう、アニメの世界であっても、気軽に毛皮も着られない社会になってしまいました(笑)。


Is it a genius invention for the preservation of youth and beauty? Marc Jacobs and his peers may be on to something - wrap your models in shrink wrap, and they'll stay young and beautiful forever.





With festive season parties looming, a sure way to keep all your guests' glasses topped up is with a giant $10,000 bottle of champagne. The hand-blown glass champagne bottle of Drappier Carte d'Or Non Vintage is the the equivalent of 40 750ml bottles. Only French champagne house Drappier makes the 30-litre bottles, known as Melchizedeks, the largest in the world. Wine retailer Glengarry has one in the cellar of its Victoria Park store, waiting for someone to buy it. Drappier started making the bottles because a customer kept asking for larger and larger bottles.



For most 16-year-old girls, life is only just beginning. But if you want to make it as a fashion model it's already over, a new modelling agency says. "I know people may think 13 is very young but that's what the international brands are looking for in Europe," said the head booker at Sydney-based GEAR Model Management, Naomi Fitzgerald de Grave. "Models are too old at 16 now."



LATEST: The Sun-Drop Diamond of South Africa, a giant pear-shaped yellow gem weighing 110.3 carats, has sold for more than NZ$14.1 million at auction, beating previous records for a jewel of its type. Including commission the unidentified telephone bidder paid NZ$16m for the gem, putting it within the $14m to $19m range Sotheby's had estimated before the sale. After Sotheby's sold a 24.78-carat fancy intense pink diamond for a record-breaking US$46 million (NZ$59.6m) last year, some had expected the auction's headline piece to finish higher.



As a seven-year-old, Christopher Becker found the perfect tool to make a track in the dirt for his toy cars. It was a triangular piece of brass kept in a bag of pipe fittings in a shed on the family farm in central Queensland. The strange implement had been in the family for generations but no one knew what it was. ''My brother and I were looking for something to grade roads for our toy cars,'' he said. ''We found that and thought it was excellent.'' Mr Becker learnt a few months ago that it is a rare 14th-century timepiece, the oldest of a group of four, two of which are in the British Museum.



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