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Four media outlets, including Radio New Zealand and TVNZ, are to be searched for any material they might have in their possession that relates to the tea pot tapes. Radio New Zealand reported this morning it has been told by police to hand over any unpublished news material it has relating to the tea pot tapes. TVNZ has also now confirmed it will be searched. The Prime Minister John Key laid a complaint with police after his conversation with Act party candidate John Key in Epsom on Friday was recorded by a freelance cameraman.



Yesterday, the grinning Prime Minister walked in Phil Goff and Helen Clark's shoes and autographed a banknote - technically breaking the law. It is illegal for a person to "wilfully deface, disfigure, or mutilate" any banknote without permission from the Reserve Bank. Even Sir Edmund Hillary, whose face is on the $5 bill, was not above the law. In 1993, the Rotary Club had to go through months of preparations and negotiations with the Reserve Bank to allow Sir Ed to sign 1000 $5 notes for charity. Cafe Romeo's Romeo Jovanoic is owner of the $10 banknote autographed by Mr Key yesterday. He told the Herald it was pinned to his fridge in his Upper Hutt restaurant next to a $10 note which Helen Clark signed during her 2008 election campaign.  Defacing a banknote carries a penalty of up to $1000. But Mr Key is not the only current leader to have signed one. Last week, while campaigning in Nelson, Phil Goff signed a $5 bill for local man Peter Hansen, who said the Labour leader was the 89th public figure to sign a banknote for him. It's not the most serious of offences, but it is still an offence which would result in a conviction and a fine," Mr Mansfield said.



An Auckland councillor is angry that $20,000 of ratepayers' money is being spent each week on security for Occupy Auckland in Aotea Square. Cameron Brewer says it is a peaceful protest and it is completely over the top to spend that amount of money to guard the small number of occupiers who actually sleep there. "The operation needs to be scaled down," he said. He claims a two-metre high perimeter fence is also costing ratepayers $500 a week to hire. Brewer said ratepayers have already spent nearly $100,000 on the security guards "who look bored to tears".



Gisborne was shaken by three earthquakes last night, ranging between magnitude 4.2 and 4.5. The first quake, a magnitude 4.5, occurred at 8.18pm. It was centred 40 kilometres south of Gisborne and was 25km deep. The second quake, a magnitude 4.2, occurred at 8.28pm and was followed by a 4.3 tremor one minute later, GNS Science reported. Both quakes were centred 30km south of Gisborne and were 25km deep. The quakes were felt throughout Gisborne and surrounding areas, like Wairoa and Mahia. Reports to GNS indicated that the last quake was also felt in Wellington and Christchurch.



Police are trying to track down the owner of a pair of underpants left at the scene of a Blenheim sexual assault. A man allegedly assaulted a woman at an Eltham Rd address in the early hours of Sunday. Detective Sergeant Dave Woodley said police were very keen to find the owner of a pair of women's underpants left at the property. The underpants did not belong to the woman who was assaulted. "We have concerns as to how these underpants have come to be at this address and believe the offender may have left them. However, we remain mindful of the possibility that they may be unrelated to Sunday's attack,'' Mr Woodley said.



One person died and two people were injured when a car and a 4WD collided near Tai Tapu, Canterbury. The crash occurred at 11.40pm last night on State Highway 75. The driver of the car appeared to have died instantly, police said. The driver and passenger of the 4WD suffered minor to moderate injuries and were taken to Christchurch Hospital. Meanwhile, another crash in Palmerston North this morning has left one person in a critical condition and two others with moderate injuries. Police pursued the vehicle after it failed to stop at about 2.15am. But the pursuit only lasted 30 seconds as the Honda Accord failed to negotiate a sharp right-hand bend and crashed into a concrete sign on Botanical Rd, just outside Awatapu College. The 18-year-old driver had to be cut free by the Fire Service. He was taken to Palmerston North Hospital in a critical condition. Two other men in the car, a 30-year-old from Palmerston North and a 19-year-old from Shannon were taken to hospital to be checked and have since been released, police said.



Mercer, an international investment consultancy, said global volatility continued to affect KiwiSaver fund returns. While KiwiSaver diversified funds largely produced negative results for the quarter - with a median return of minus 3.7 per cent - the majority of default funds managed to stay positive with a median return of 0.2 per cent, Mercer, an international investment consultancy, said. KiwiSaver default providers have a contract with the Government that requires them to meet additional reporting requirements. The more aggressive growth funds posted a median return of minus 7.1 per cent for the period, Mercer said. The best performing fund for the quarter was the default fund, OnePath Conservative, which returned 1.0 per cent over the period. In the 12 months to 30 September, the median fund return was 1.5 per cent (after fees but before tax). The best performing fund for the same period was OnePath Conservative, which returned 4.8 per cent over the past 12 months.

最もパフォーマンスの良かったデフォルトファンドはワンパス(OnePath)コンサヴァティヴで1.0%です。全体を平均した中央値のリターンは、なんとマイナス3.7%です。アグレッシヴグロウスファンド(aggressive growth funds)だとマイナス7.1%です。主要なデフォルトファンドの中央値は0.2%でなんとかプラスを保っており、9月30日までの過去1年間で1.5%(手数料後、税徴収前)。これが現実です(笑)。マーサーによると、世界経済な景気低迷と世界的な低金利がこのパフォーマンスにも影響を与えていると述べています。


Freight operator DHL Express is seeing unprecedented growth in its deliveries to this country, which rose 26.6 per cent between March and September this year, and says it has been forced to beef up its Auckland workforce to cope with the demand. Goods arriving from the United States grew the most, rising 40 per cent over the same period, the company said. Nielsen also estimates that Kiwis spent about $2.3 billion shopping online over the past year, based on a database of 12,000 people the company interviews annually and a survey it did in January.


Ins and outs of web trade


Coming in


Products arriving in NZ include:


* Bikes
* 自転車

* Clothing
* 衣服

* Books
* 本類

* Shoes
* 靴類

Going out


Products ordered overseas include:


* NZ fashion from brands including Stolen Girlfriends Club, Karen Walker and Twenty-Seven Names
* ニュージーランドのファッションブランド:ストーレンガールフレンズクラブ、カレンウォーカー、そしてトゥエンティセヴンネームズ

* Baby formula
* ベビーフード・粉ミルク

* NZ music
* ニュージーランドの音楽

Top five


Sites generating DHL deliveries:


1. Amazon.com Books, music, clothing, jewellery
1. Amazon.com 本類、音楽、服飾、ジュエリー

2. Shoebuy.com Shoes
2. Shoebuy.com 靴類

3. Shopbop.com Fashion
3. Shopbop.com ファッション

4. Iherb.com Herbal health products
4. Iherb.com ハーブ健康商品

5. Wiggle.co.uk Bikes and cycling clothing and accessories
5. Wiggle.co.uk バイクと自転車用服飾、そしてアクセサリー


John Key has won almost universal support from leading chief executives for a second term as prime minister. Ninety-eight per cent of the CEOs surveyed in the Herald's 2011 Mood of the Boardroom election survey say Key deserves another three years in the country's top job. The 100 chief executives - and a handful of company chairmen - who contributed to the survey, also ranked Key above his Labour opponent Phil Goff on all measured attributes. They singled out Key's leadership skills, his ability to form a coalition government and trustworthiness as his top attributes. They also rated his management and economic management skills highly - important factors during his crisis-ridden first three year term.



A big majority of chief executives want KiwiSaver made compulsory. Seventy-seven per cent of respondents to the Herald's CEO survey are in favour of compulsion, which is a key Labour Party election plank. But 40 per cent do not agree with Labour's plan to return to pre-funding National Superannuation liabilities through re-starting contributions to the NZ Super Fund (aka Cullen Fund) - although 28 per cent are in favour. In interviews for the Mood of the Boardroom report, chief executives said they also want the politicians to start a conversation about raising the age of entitlement for National Super above 65 years, which is another Labour policy.



Mana Party leader Hone Harawira has called for John Key to test his Cabinet for drugs and alcohol before picking on welfare beneficiaries. "With due respect to beneficiaries an alcohol or drug impaired minister is in a position to do a lot more serious damage than a beneficiary smoking a joint,'' Mr Harawira said. "Yet Mr Key would see attacking beneficiaries as his priority. It just shows how desperate he is becoming to drum up redneck support. "But to use beneficiaries who are already under huge pressure as a `whipping boy' shows how low he is prepared to go in his attempt to hang onto power.'' Among moves announced in National's welfare policy yesterday, jobseekers who do not apply for a job because they're asked to take a drug test, or who fail pre-employment drug tests will face having their benefit cancelled, as will benefit recipients on the run from the police. Mr Harawira said Mr Key's suggestion to take away beneficiaries' payments because of testing by a third party showed how far the Government would go with its attack on beneficiaries. "The next thing I suspect is that he will be proposing taking beneficiaries' DNA on the grounds that he needs to identify them. Mr Harawira said the inconsistency of Mr Key "getting in a fit'' that his rights might have been infringed when his public conversation was recorded but not caring for beneficiaries' rights must be clear for all to see.



Now there's even more incentive for election candidates who make it into Parliament – MPs have just been awarded a $7000 pay rise. The Remuneration Authority, the independent body that sets politicians' pay, has given MPs an across-the-board salary increase of 1.5 per cent and a $5000 payment to compensate for their axed international travel perk. Backbenchers will now be paid a base salary of $141,800, up from $134,800. The next prime minister's salary will rise from $400,500 to $411,510. The increases are backdated to July 1 this year. The $7000 rise in backbencher pay would take a fulltime worker on the minimum wage three months to earn.



But Mana Party's Manukau East candidate John Minto was outraged by the pay increase. "The government is very fond of telling us we are living in tough economic times, that we must make sacrifices, cut government spending and reduce public services. They tell us in tough economic times we must pull our belts tighter. "However they are loosening their own belts by a couple of notches."




All of the pilot whales which stranded at the top of the South Island have now died, the Department of Conservation has confirmed. The pod of more than 60 stranded whales were found by a Farewell Spit tour guide on Monday evening. DOC rangers found 20 dead whales and one whale in a poor condition was euthanised. Yesterday morning the rangers found another 44 whales stranded nearby, 2-3 kilometres from shore, 34 of which were alive and 10 dead. Department of Conservation Golden Bay Area Manager John Mason said another 16 whales have died since yesterday morning and staff made the decision this morning to euthanise the remaining 18 whales. "We had wanted to give the whales a chance to refloat and hopefully find their way out to sea in the high tides yesterday and overnight. But they re-stranded each time and more whales died.



Thousands of flesh-eating piranhas have appeared along a river beach popular with tourists in western Brazil, attacking unwary swimmers. A spokesman for the municipal government of Caceres in Mato Grosso state says at least 15 people have been bitten in the past two weeks off Daveron beach. Nobody has died, but some swimmers have lost toes, and spokesman Gonzaga Junior says others have lost chunks of their legs and ankles. Junior says piranhas are common in rivers on the outskirts of the city. But this is the first time they have appeared in waters off the beach inside the city.



Never mind the obesity crisis: US lawmakers prodded by the frozen food industry have moved to protect schools' ability to count pizza sauce as a vegetable in lunches for students. In an annual spending bill covering the US Department of Agriculture, which has oversight over subsidized school meals, a joint House-Senate panel voted to prevent the agency from restricting pizza, fries, and starchy vegetables. A Republican summary of the legislation, which was unveiled on Monday and may be approved this week, cheered the defeat of "overly burdensome and costly regulations" and hailed "greater flexibility for local school districts."



A woman's heart breaks more easily than a man's. Females are seven to nine times more likely to suffer "broken heart syndrome", when sudden or prolonged stress like an emotional breakup or death causes overwhelming heart failure or heart attack-like symptoms, the first nationwide American study of this finds. Usually patients recover with no lasting damage. The classic case is a woman who has just lost her husband, said Dr Mariell Jessup, a University of Pennsylvania heart failure specialist who has treated many such cases. Cyndy Bizon feared that was happening when her husband, Joel, suffered a massive heart attack in 2005. "May God work through your hands," the Maine woman told the surgeon as her husband was wheeled past her into the operating room. She later collapsed at a nurse's station from "broken heart syndrome" and wound up in coronary care with him. Both survived.



Baby, baby, baby, no: The woman who publicly claimed Justin Bieber is the father of her baby has dropped her paternity lawsuit, according to a report. Mariah Yeater, 20, filed a lawsuit in October alleging that she and Bieber, 17, met backstage at a concert in October last year in Los Angeles.



Police said the person found in the chimney of a suburban US home was not Santa Claus arriving early but a 17-year-old alleged burglar who got stuck. The teen spent about 10 hours lodged inside the chimney in the state of Georgia before firefighters climbed on the roof and lowered ropes to rescue him. Police were alerted after a neighbour heard someone calling for help from the chimney early in the afternoon, said Corporal Jake Smith, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department. The teen, who was not injured, was arrested on one count of burglary and another of providing a false name to police. The owner of the house was not at home during the incident, authorities said.



Gwen Stefani's debut childrenswear line borrows prints "right off costumes" she's worn in the past. The stunning star recently launched her Harajuku Mini collection in Target stores in the US. The range caters for babies, children and tweens and is Japanese anime-inspired. The brand is Stefani's first venture into clothing for babies and boys, and was launched off the back of her successful Harajuku Lovers young apparel and accessories collection.



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