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Forget Phil Goff, John Key, and the "teapot" tapes – the minor parties could yet decide who governs New Zealand. A Horizon poll of 2874 people is projecting National on 46 seats in a 122-seat parliament, and Labour and the Greens on 50. That leaves 26 seats to decide the government and, according to Horizon, Winston Peters' New Zealand First is on track to take up to 13 of them. The teapot tapes, in which Key and Act's John Banks were secretly recorded during a meeting, has seen the prime minister suffer a 5 per cent drop in credibility, even among his own supporters.



Prime Minister John Key has warned an election result that delivers Winston Peters the balance of power will see the country go back to the polls within weeks. Mr Peters has said he will give neither Labour nor National his support on confidence and supply and will vote issue by issue. Mr Key said in Auckland today that statement was a serious threat to the country's stability. "What Winston Peters is saying to New Zealanders is that on every budget, on every issue, there could be a general election. "How can New Zealand govern itself over the next three years - which is likely to be a volatile period in the world economy - when at any stage the whole government can be brought down by Winston Peters" Mr Key said National could provide stable government but Labour could not. "The only way Phil Goff can really get there is with the Greens, NZ First and the Mana Party. "New Zealanders need to know when they elect a government next Saturday, that government will be there for a three year period providing leadership, providing strength, providing guidance - not at the click of the fingers all of a sudden we are back at the polls again."



The number of elderly New Zealanders killing themselves has surged 11 per cent to a 10-year high, fuelled by mounting health and economic worries. The spate of deaths has pushed the country's overall suicide numbers to 558, the highest since 1997. While youth suicide rates continue to decrease, the 65-plus age group is growing, with 54 deaths this year – around 10 per cent of all suicides. But some nurses are concerned not all suicides are being recorded properly, and the number could be much higher. Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand figures show an average of 49 deaths a year in the older age group since 2000, compared with an average of only 33 in Australia.



A $9.95 a month electronic money card for children, which is being marketed as a way for youngsters to learn financial literacy, has been slammed as exploitative. The Fundzi card is being billed as a "safe" alternative to cash for kids, but the costs add up to at least $119.40 a year compared with free children's banking and ATM card packages offered by the main banks. The card also attracts a fee of 50c per transaction after 12 free transactions and three free declined transactions. That Fundzi cost does not include forgone interest either. While most big banks pay interest on children's deposits of 2.25%, any money loaded on to Fundzi's "prepay" cards is kept in a National Bank account for Fundzi, which keeps the interest for itself. "It is obviously not aimed at people with any financial literacy with charges of $120 a year for the service," he said.

カードの費用が毎月$9.95少なくとも年間$119.40もかかるとしてカード会社(The Fundzi card)が非難されています。このカードはプリペイカードのようにお金を一時預かりのようにして使用される、お金の使い方を学ぶ子供たちのために採用されているカードで、主要な銀行からお金を下ろすのに最初の12回は無料、それ以降は50セントの手数料がかかり、預けたお金の利子はつかないようです。こんなカードに年間$120もの費用がかかるのは、お金を学ぶ人々のためにはならないと指摘されています。


State houses are costing about $3000 a year each to repair and maintain. Figures show Housing New Zealand has paid more than $600 million in repair bills over the past three years. Property Investors Federation president Andrew King said the annual $3000 bill was on the high side, and he recommended private rental owners put away about $1200 a year for repairs. He said the high cost highlighted inefficiencies in Housing NZ operations when private owners kept costs down by carrying out work themselves, and by doing it sooner. The country has 68,460 state houses, and tenants caused more than $8m worth of damage to them in the last financial year, down from $10.3m the year before. One tenant caused $23,662 worth of damage to a south Auckland property that needed extensive repairs when the tenant moved out after 10 years. The next biggest bill – $22,412 – went to a tenant in the Bay of Plenty, and a tenant in Auckland caused $22,360 worth of repairs after they excavated the basement.



Opinions may vary on Wellington Airport's international passengers terminal, but the unusual building has been named the RMB Commercial Project of the Year. The award, in the same vein as House of the Year, inspired high praise from competition judges. The building was partially inspired by the rock formations along the Wellington coastline, as well as the area's landforms.



Two inmates who tried to sweeten their love letters, quite literally, by adding a sprinkling of sugar to the envelopes accidentally touched off a hazardous-materials scare at a prison in upstate New York. The Watertown Daily Times reports that authorities noticed something leaking out of the envelopes at the Watertown Correctional Facility, and state police and firefighters were brought in. In one case it turned out to be sugar. The other was lemonade mix. The Department of Corrections says one inmate, Jafar Torkpour of Broome County, had added sugar to a note telling a woman he was still "sweet" for her. Another inmate, Desmond McNeil of Queens, did the same thing, telling a woman his love for her was "sweet enough." Authorities say both men could be disciplined.



Some pharmacies are charging more than twice the standard price for prescription drugs and consumers could save thousands of dollars by shopping around, a Herald on Sunday survey has revealed. We randomly selected 10 pharmacies in Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton and asked how much they charge for six common, non-subsidised medications. The prices varied wildly. One month's supply of cholesterol-management drug Vytorin was $120 at Auckland's Westfield St Lukes - $16 more than average and $41 more than the cheapest outlet, Waugh's Pharmacy in Tauranga. The best-value Avigra, a generic brand of the sex drug Viagra, was 20 per cent cheaper than the standard rate and hair-loss drug Propecia cost between $123 and $97. By shopping around you could save nearly $1 a tablet or $1679 over five years. A six-month supply of partially funded contraceptive pill Loette was $53 at Life Pharmacy St Lukes but $10 cheaper in nearby Mt Eden or downtown.



Good news for Sonny Bill Williams' legion of female fans - the ripped rugby adonis is back on the market. Williams confirmed he was single after being quizzed by a young admirer on Twitter. "No I'm single" said Williams on Friday night after being asked about his relationship status. Within minutes of making the post, The World Cup-winning sex symbol was swamped with offers of marriage, and less permanent liaisons. A women's magazine claimed the All Blacks centre was dating touch rugby player Aleisha Berryman in September. "Not everything that's written in mags is true my friend," he later added.

オールブラックスのソニー・ビル・ウィリアムズに以前ウーマンズウィークリーで紹介されていた女性がいましたが、彼曰く、"No I'm single"(オレはひとりだよ)、"Not everything that's written in mags is true my friend,"(雑誌に適当に書かれていたあの女性は、本当にオレの友人だ)、と金曜日にトゥイッターでつぶやいていたようです。


Mutant mice have been used by scientists to prove burnt meat can kill you. It has long been known that eating burnt meat increases the risk of cancer, but scientists inserted human enzymes into mice during experiments and found the risk from eating burnt meat might be even higher than previously thought. The finding comes as New Zealanders fire up their barbecues for a summer of often overcooked meat. Researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health compared their "human" mice with normal laboratory mice to determine if people could be more sensitive to certain carcinogenic substances from heat-treated foods. The results showed the incidence of tumours in the "human" mice was higher than the lab mice – about 80 per cent had intestinal tumours after eating the blackened crust from meat, compared to about a third of the normal mice. The report said because, until now, normal lab mice had been used to test for the carcinogenic properties of burnt meat, the health risk to humans had been underestimated.



"Most of the research has shown that people who eat more frequently have a lower weight," said lead researcher Jessica Bachman, assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. "But no one knows why." More than 60 per cent of Americans are obese or overweight, but the relationship between the number of meals people eat each day and the ability to maintain weight loss has remained unclear, she said. Bachman and her team analysed data collected in two large studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. One looked at the eating habits of people with a body mass index (a measure of weight relative to height) between 25 and 47, which is considered overweight to obese. The other study looked at adult men and women who were normal weight (BMI of 19-24.9), about half of whom had lost at least 12kg and maintained their lower weight for more than five years. The researchers found that, on average, the normal weight subjects ate three meals and a little over two snacks each day, whereas the overweight group averaged three meals and just over one snack a day. 



Around half of Kiwi men and a third of women are not eating enough fruit and vegetables, results from the Health Ministry's adult nutrition survey show. And while healthy eating resulted in increased productivity and fewer sick days at work, many were struggling to keep up healthy habits in the workplace, information from the Five Plus a Day trust showed. "A lot of people swear they eat five plus a day, but when they write down what they're eating they realise they don't." 

ヘルスミニストリーアダルトニュトリション(Health Ministry's adult nutrition)の調査によると、男性のおよそ半数、そして女性の3分の1の人々は野菜や果物の摂取が足りていないことが示されているようです。また、健康な食生活を送ることにより生産的な活動や病気になりにくいことが示されているにも関わらず、たくさんの人々が職場での食習慣をうまく管理できていないことも明らかになっているようです。いずれにしても摂取が難しい場合は、缶入りのフルーツと野菜でスムージーなどを作って飲むのも良い方法のようです。他にも、興味深い健康管理が紹介されているので、興味のある方は記事元を。


Kris Gemmell has made it a golden New Zealand double at the 2011 International Triathlon Union World Cup in Auckland. After Andrea Hewitt demolished the women's field earlier in the day, a massive push on the bike drove Gemmell to a one-minute lead in the men's race and victory in downtown Auckland.


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