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Financial contagion from Europe is pushing global economies toward the brink, and the risks of slipping into worldwide recession are rising significantly. China's exports have plunged to half their year-ago levels. Factory orders in Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, are slumping as China weakens. Australia and Indonesia have cut interest rates to ward off damage from Europe, while Japan, Britain and Brazil have slashed their growth forecasts. From Beijing to Washington and Sao Paolo, top financial officials are worried their economies will be sucked into the maelstrom by Europe's inability to unify around a debt strategy. High yields on Italy's and Spain's sovereign debt, hovering around 7%, are putting severe funding strains on banks, infecting the global financial system, which in turn undermines confidences and upends growth. "It's a scary situation," said Mike Feroli, chief US economist for JPMorgan Chase. "Unless Europe really goes pear-shaped, we should avoid recession. But each passing week without a resolution we are doing more damage, and it's hard to see how this will stop."



LATEST: Severe weather lashing the country has hit flights at Wellington Airport, with a flight from Auckland turning back after twice failing to land. Forecasters warn of flooding and damage as stormy weather hits the central North Island today. Air New Zealand flight 417 failed to land and was turned back to Auckland. Air New Zealand spokesman Mark Street said the pilot made two attempts to land but conditions were too blustery and the flight had to turn back to Auckland.



NZ First leader Winston Peters has hit back at John Key, saying he does not understand democratic government. Key yesterday warned voters returning NZ First to Parliament could bring down a new Government ''at a click of its fingers'' after Peters said he would withhold confidence-and-supply from both major parties, if he held the balance of power. NZ First was wiped out of Parliament in 2008, but could find its way back in if it won 5 per cent of the party vote in Saturday's general election. This morning Peters said Key was "scaremongering". And this afternoon at a speech in Hamilton, he said MMP provided a democracy and required Parliament to be a place of compromise and cooperation. Peters invited Key to attend his party's open air meeting on Wednesday and offered to buy him a takeaway coffee if it suited.



National's "invisible candidate" Paul Goldsmith may take out the Epsom electorate, as National and Labour voters unite against Act. In a nzherald.co.nz street survey of 180 Epsom voters, 32 per cent said they would be voting for Goldsmith, with Act candidate John Banks trailing at 25 per cent and Labour's David Parker nearly out of sight on just 6 per cent.



There are 240,000 eligible voters not yet on the roll for Saturday's election. The Electoral Enrolment Centre's Murray Wicks said 92.6 per cent of eligible voters were now on the roll. The rest had until Friday to get on the roll to ensure their vote counted on Election Day. "The last chance to enrol is Friday November 25. You cannot enrol on Election Day," he said. "To make sure your enrolment form reaches us in time the easiest thing to do is pick one up at a PostShop and fill it in and hand it to the staff there and then. It only takes a minute," Wicks said. You can also get an enrolment form by Freetexting your name and address to 3676 or by calling 0800 36 76 56 or from www.elections.org.nz.

およそ24万人が選挙のための登録がされていないことが明らかになったようです。もしまだ登録が済んでいない方は、ポストショップで申請用紙に書き込むか、テキスト:3676、電話:0800 36 76 56、または、ウェブサイト:www.elections.org.nz で登録できるようです。


National leader John Key says the teenager he took to Waitangi Day three years ago is not leaving for Australia because life is better there. Aroha Ireland, 16, became the face of National's campaign to close the gap with Australia and help struggling families during the last election campaign. Now it has been reported that Miss Ireland is headed across the Tasman. Despite being disappointed, Mr Key said he did not think she was going because of the wage gap. "I'm proud of the Government's record – in difficult times, we've closed that wage gap with Australia. We've grown after-tax wages by 10 per cent in the last three years, Australia by six." He did not want to go into details about why he believed she was leaving.



Last year, more than 25,000 children were admitted to hospital for respiratory infections. Doctors routinely treat cases of rheumatic fever and scabies – diseases now rare in Europe. The reason behind these preventable diseases were appalling rates of child poverty that New Zealand could not afford to ignore, Mr Bruce said. In the two years he spent researching the topic, he visited schools, doctors and low-income families in eastern Porirua. Cross-referencing world development indicators with mortality data, he found that 150 children who died in New Zealand last year would probably have survived had they lived in Japan, Sweden or the Czech Republic. New Zealand is second to last in child health and safety rankings of 30 OECD countries, with only Turkey worse.



Mobile phone giant Vodafone has been fined $81,900 in the Auckland District Court this morning for misleading customers over its "$1 a day" mobile internet plan. It was also ordered to pay $132 in court costs. Vodafone was found guilty in September of misleading customers through its false advertising, less than two months after it was fined more than $400,000 for a similar offence. The Commerce Commission laid a representative charge under the Fair Trading Act against Vodafone over its mobile internet plan, which the company defended in the Auckland District Court.



Christchurch International Airport Ltd has bought the International Antarctic Centre from a private owner following a tough earthquake environment operating period for the tourism business. Christchurch Airport chief executive Jim Boult said he was delighted to be adding the visitor attraction to the airport's portfolio. The airport is owned 75 per cent by Christchurch City Holdings Ltd and 25 per cent by the Government. "There is obvious synergy here - Christchurch Airport is the tourism gateway and the International Antarctic Centre is a cornerstone of the tourism industry," Boult said.



A woman who wanted to work at a nightclub started searching for someone who could perform plastic surgery at a cheap price to give her a more curvaceous body. Police say what she found was a woman posing as a doctor who filled her buttocks with cement, mineral oil and flat-tyre sealant. The suspect - who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman - apparently also performed the surgery on herself, and investigators say she may have victimised others. Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested on Friday after a year on the run and has been charged with practising medicine without a licence and causing serious bodily injury.



Secretive North Korea is expected to register the 1 millionth cellphone user on its new 3G network by the end of the year, barely four years after people were thrown into prison camps, or possibly even executed, for owning one. Most of the users are in the capital of Pyongyang, home to the impoverished country's elite and powerful who have the cash to splash out for a device and the calling fees. "There has been an astronomical increase since even two years ago," said Michael Hay, a lawyer and business consultant based in the capital for the past seven years. Two years ago, there were fewer than 70,000 users.



Australians send 5000 tweets a minute - rude ones in Sydney, affectionate in Adelaide and aggressive in Canberra. A national study on Twitter that analysed words associated with emotions found people in the nation's capital were the most anxious, aggressive and sad, particularly when compared to the upbeat West Australians. Sydneysiders tweet the most but Melbournians were more sociable, with the highest amount of mentions on Twitter. Adelaideans are the most affectionate tweeters, Hobart sends the most tweets per capital and Brisbane takes out the silver medal when it comes to profanity, after Sydney. Advertising agency The Works revealed the study's results showed Australians send 234 million tweets per month on average or 5000 per minute. Fifty-four per cent of women tweet, and 58% of all tweets posted from Australians come out of Sydney and Melbourne.

お隣のオーストラリアのトゥイッターは1分間あたり5000もの - シドニーでは横柄で、アデレードでは情感のある、そして、キャンベラでは攻撃的な - つぶやきがされているようです。つぶやきが最も多いのはシドニーの人々で、メルボルンの人々は社会性に長け、ホバートは州都で最も多く、ブリスベンはシドニーに次ぐ不敬で2番手だったようです。毎月平均234ミリオン、または1分間あたり5000ものトゥイッターがオーストラリアでつぶやかれているようです。54%が女性で、58%がシドニーとメルボルンから投稿されたものだったようです。結構な数字だと思います。


A Labour flyer targeting mothers on welfare has been labelled "threatening" and prompted a complaint to the Electoral Commission. However Labour says the pamphlet was justifiable as a response to a "negative, hard-hitting" National policy and it sourced recipients using publicly available information. The flyer, authorised by the party's General Secretary Chris Flatt, featured a picture of a baby girl and the message "Under National, you won't be around to celebrate her first birthday". Inside it begins: "Being pregnant is stressful enough without having to wonder if you'll lose your benefit" before listing Labour's family policies.

労働党の倫理観が崩壊しており、有権者へおかしな手紙を送りつけています。ひとつは、国民党政権下では、あなたはあなたの子供の1歳の誕生日を祝うことができないだろう("Under National, you won't be around to celebrate her first birthday" 補足:国民党の新しいポリシーによると2人の子供が1歳になったとき、ベネフィットが打ち切られる可能性が指摘されている)、で、もうひとつは、もしあなたがベネフィットを失うことが知らされなくても、妊娠はそれだけで十分にストレスになる("Being pregnant is stressful enough without having to wonder if you'll lose your benefit")。問題は、労働党がこれらを送付した先がちょうど懐妊していた世帯だったらしく、どのようにしてそれを調べたのか、手紙を受け取った人々は困惑し恐怖にさいなまれているようです。この苦情のいくつかはすでにエレクトラルコミッション(Electoral Commission)へ送られているそうなので、もし同じ手紙を受け取った方は、ぜひ苦情の提出を。


A man broke into a car but left behind a bag containing his cellphone and prescription medicine - and his enraged wife later phoned to find out where he was. Lloyd Shaw, 43, was stunned to be phoned by the angry wife of one of two men he disturbed breaking into a friend's car at 9pm on Friday night. Mr Shaw, owner of Vibra-Train on Auckland's Victoria St West, discovered a duffel bag - which had been used to smash the car's window - after the two men had fled. After police asked him to bring the bag to Auckland Central police station the next day Mr Shaw took the bag inside and threw it on the floor. "I heard this voice coming from inside the bag, this woman's voice. So I picked up the phone and it was [the burglar's] wife. "She was like, 'Who's this?' I said, 'I'm not going to tell you who it is. Who are you?' She goes, 'I'm Lisa, the wife of the guy who owns the cellphone'. I said, 'describe him to me'." The woman's description of the man - who was wearing a check shirt and had a crewcut - matched one of the men Mr Shaw had seen from behind running away.

ある男性が窓ガラスを壊し車内に入り、彼が立ち去るときに、携帯電話と処方薬が入った袋を車内に残し - そして、その残された携帯電話が鳴り、車の持ち主が携帯を取り、彼が”ハロー”と返事をすると、”あなたは誰?彼はどこ?とある女性から電話が。








The first little blue penguins caught in the Rena disaster are being prepared for their release back into the wild. About 60 of the oiled birds rescued when the cargo ship struck aground near Tauranga will be set free tomorrow. "These are wild animals and they belong in the wild. We know there is still a chance that more oil may spill from Rena - but we don't know when and we don't know where that might wash up," said Kerri Morgan, wildlife response co-ordinator. "We can't keep wild birds in captivity for an indefinite period of time without running the risk of disease or injury." About 400 birds have been cared for at the facility. More than 300 of those were little blue penguins.



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