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Eleven Fairfield College students have been suspended after it was revealed that they consumed ecstasy-like pills during school hours yesterday. The students took the illegal drugs during the school lunch hour on Monday, with seven ending up at Waikato Hospital. The seven girls, aged between 13 and 15, were taken to the hospital at about 1.30pm yesterday by the school nurse and deputy principal after consuming the pills, which they said they thought were sweets. The New Zealand Herald had said earlier today that a female student brought in the class-B party drug and gave them to fellow pupils. Hamilton police are still trying to identify where the pills came from.



A pitbull cross has been shot by police after it attacked four people in Mangere this morning. A police spokesperson says officers were called to an address on Elmdon Street at around 10:30am after they received reports of a dog biting people on the street. Two men and a woman in their 60s, as well as a 15-year-old girl have puncture wounds. The dog bit one of the injured people while police were there.



Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern) employment services manager David Lowe said pay for 54 of 215 position dropped in 2011, compared to just three in 2008, according to the National Wage and Salary Survey. In 2009, pay fell for 47 positions of 215 roles, and in 2010, pay decreased for 55 roles of 215 positions. "Statistically some positions always go down but to have so many positions showing a decrease three years in a row shows many businesses are finding the going tough," said Lowe. The survey, in its 18th year, assessed pay rates across 215 job positions in 18 industry sectors. Pay for IT roles raced away last year but the survey indicated the pace of change had now slowed, with pay for some roles falling. The average increase in pay for staff on the payroll was 3 per cent, Lowe said.



Some residents were angry when it was revealed John Francis Hubbard, 66, had bought a house in Whitcombe Rd, across the road from the town's kindergarten earlier this month. Last week vandals smashed windows in the house and police believe the attack was motivated by Hubbard's criminal convictions for possessing child porn and sado-masochistic images. Hubbard is serving a 4 1/2 month sentence of home detention in New Plymouth after pleading guilty in the New Plymouth District Court to 15 charges of possessing images deemed objectionable under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993. He told the Taranaki Daily News he had reconsidered his Opunake plans after the hostile reaction from locals. "It has been a very stressful time for me. The response has been far from welcoming, so I've decided to put the property on the market," he said.



The New Zealand dollar fell to an eight-month low amid reports a US congressional 'super committee' has failed to agree on US$1.2 trillion of budget cuts, stoking concern unwieldy levels of debt in the US and Europe will stifle global growth. The kiwi dollar fell to 74.70 US cents, the lowest since March, from 75.64 cents late yesterday. 



Tax practitioners are frustrated at the Inland Revenue Department's ongoing aversion to email, saying relying on the postal service is out of step with modern business practice. The IRD was permitted to communicate electronically with taxpayers and had an internal policy on the issue, Wellington tax agent Jeff Owens said. The problem was that the policy was not used uniformly across the department and it was up to the individual managers. Some units would email, some would not. ''Exactly how they apply that in particular also does not seem to be controlled by a central area,'' Owen said.



A Masterton school that has been changing the lives of troubled kids has had its funding cut, forcing its closure. New Zealand has one of the highest school drop out rates in the developed world and Ohorere School is a transition unit, a place for children who struggle at school. Housed in an old trout farm in Masterton, it is a place for kids who have behavioural issues such as bullying or learning difficulties . At the last election in 2007 John Key visited the school, and shot a scene for a National Party DVD. The government reports said then Ohorere could be used as model for other regions. The school was shocked when the ministry announced it will not extend Ohorere's funding of $150,000 a year.



Today, she welcomed the result of the public vote, saying the choice that had been made was "excellent". Wellington - Blown Away did just that to its competition, and was designed by a duo from advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland. The sign will cost $80,000, which is what the airport had budgeted for. The existing All Blacks sign will remain on the hill until the replacement is ready to go up. Designed by Matt Sellars and Ray McKay from advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, the sign romped home with 18,862 of the 33,027 votes cast. The Eye of the Taniwha design was second, but trailed by more than 7000 votes. The Wellywood option, which caused public outrage when first proposed by Wellington International Airport, managed just 3104 votes.

ウェリントンのミラマーの丘に飾られるサインボードが決定しました。33,027票の投票のうち18,862票を獲得した、ブロウンアウェイ(Blown Away)です。このサインはオークランドの広告業、サアーチ&サアーチ(Saatchi & Saatchi)の2人によってデザインされたもののようです。


Fishery officers have seized a commercial fishing trawler in Tauranga and two refrigerated trucks, after an investigation into a large scale black market operation. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) ran the operation and said snapper and a large amount of cash were also taken. The trawler is the New Fish II 4363. FishServe's public register of vessels said it was operated by an Auckland company, ECZIW Fishing. Companies Office files show the company's registered office is at 93 Buckley Rd, in Epsom. Its sole director and shareholder was listed as Lyn Ok Kyung Lee, of the same address. Ministry Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Coromandel districts field operations manager Brendon Mikkelsen said MAF had been covertly monitoring the men's activities for the past two months.

タウランガ沖で操業していた船と2台の冷凍トラックがMAFにより押収されています。船そのものは事業用の船として登録し、操業を深夜または早朝の人気のない時間帯を選び、鯛やその他の魚をトロール漁で捕獲し、捕獲量を当局に報告しないで漁を続けていた船が以前から調査対象となっていたようです。船の名前は、”New Fish II 4363”で、会社はオークランドのエプソンに登記していたようです。捕獲されたそれらの魚はテイクアウェイなどへ、裏のルートで流通していたのではないかと見られています。


The return of the worm has seen Labour leader Phil Goff declared the clear winner in tonight's election debate. The 3News leaders' debate used digital technology to track the reactions of an at home audience and a panel of uncommitted voters in the studio as Goff went head-to-head with his National counterpart John Key. After the debate, the Roy Morgan polling company which organised "the worm", said Goff had been declared the winner by 54 per cent of people over Key with 46 per cent of people. More than 1600 people took part. But they said the Studio Reactor audience appeared to favour Labour, even though it was supposed to comprise uncommitted voters.


The audience reacted "extremely positively" when Goff made the point that "you don't sell your home to pay the mortgage".

-> モーゲージを支払うために家を売ったりはしない



The Green Party has added its voice to the chorus of people saying New Zealand First leader Winston Peters can't be trusted. National Party leader John Key has warned any coalition with New Zealand First would be unstable, prompting Peters to say Key wants to run a one-party state. And in Hamilton today, Peters hit back at Key's claims he would hold the country to ransom if he returned to Parliament. "That's just scaremongering," Peters said. "It's nonsense. He denigrates every other Parliamentarian and every other political party when he makes those extravagant and desperate statements."



The four other systems are Supplementary Member, Single Transferable Vote, Preferential Voting and First Past the Post. Prime Minister John Key last week reiterated his support for ditching MMP, and his preference for a change to Supplementary Member, which he said also offered good representation but delivered a more stable government. The other party leader firmly planted in the anti-MMP camp is Act's Don Brash, despite the fact his party is polling well below the five per cent threshold, and will be depending on MMP's one-seat threshold to get back into Parliament. "I recall (former Act leader) Rodney Hide saying Act cares more about the future of New Zealand than the future of its own party, and I like to believe that that's my concern also," Dr Brash said. His alternative choice was also Supplementary Member, which he said allowed larger parties to bring in MPs unlikely to get in under First Past the Post. On the other side, leaders in Labour, the Greens, the Maori Party, United Future and Mana backed MMP.

国民党とアクト党はSupplementary Member(サプリメンタリーメンバー)を支持、労働党、グリーン党、マオリ党、ユナイテッドフューチャー党、マナ党は現行のMMPを支持しています。


The National Party may lay a complaint with the Electoral Commission after a political pamphlet slamming the party was anonymously dropped into mailboxes in at least two Dunedin suburbs. The A4 sized flyer features a picture of John Key on the front and inside, it lays out "The Brighter Future Plan", as 1: No Hillside Workshops; 2: No Jobs; 3: Sell your Farmland; 4: Sell your Assets; 5: Close your Schools; 6: Lower Wages and 7: Tax the Poor and give to the Rich, the Otago Daily Times reported. The flyer, which did not include a name or address, was posted in Maori Hill and Morrington, the report said. Under the Electoral Act all election advertising must include such details and leaving out this information could see the offender receive a fine of up to $40,000. Dunedin National MP Michael Woodhouse said if a complaint is laid it would be difficult for the commission to investigate as the flyer was anonymous.


"The Brighter Future Plan", as


1: No Hillside Workshops;

2: No Jobs;

3: Sell your Farmland;

4: Sell your Assets;

5: Close your Schools;

6: Lower Wages and

7: Tax the Poor and give to the Rich



Food and Grocery Council boss Katherine Rich has accused lobby group Greenpeace of "green terrorism" following a campaign about the origins of toilet paper. Her comments follow research from Greenpeace which found matter from tropical rainforests in toilet paper made by local manufacturer Cottonsoft. Cottonsoft has now released its own study showing that the fibre in its toilet rolls comes from standard plantation trees such as acacia, eucalypt and Douglas fir. The company, which is owned by the giant Indonesian corporate Asia Pulp and Paper, says the testing disproves Greenpeace's "misguided and misleading campaign" against it. Rich said the tactic was a standard formula from Greenpeace.



The researchers used data on nearly 190,000 patients who underwent a variety of surgeries at 183 hospitals between 2005 and 2006. BMI is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in metres squared. According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, people with a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 are normal weight, those with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 are overweight, and those with a BMI of 30 and above are obese. To look for a link between body weight and the risk of death, they classified patients into five groups or quintiles: people with a BMI of less than 23.1; people with a BMI of 23.1 to less than 26.3; people with a BMI of 26.3 to less than 29.7; people with a BMI of 29.7 to less than 35.3; and people with a BMI of 35.3 or higher. Overall, 2,245 or 1.7 per cent of people in the study died within 30 days of surgery. "We found patients in the lowest quintile had a 40 per cent higher odds of death compared to the mid-range," said Stukenborg, referring to people in the overweight category with BMIs of 26.3 to 29.7.



Authorities have compensated an Australian man A$100,000 (NZ$131,820) after he was wrongly accused of trying to smuggle drugs into the country in bottles of shampoo. Neil Parry of Darwin spent three days in jail last year after he was arrested at Darwin Airport and accused of trafficking liquid ecstasy. His boat and two friends' houses were searched. But his two bottles of Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner contained exactly what the labels said. Australian Customs and Border Protection said in a statement yersterday that there were "mistakes made during the presumptive testing of Mr. Parry's goods" and additional procedures have been introduced when conducting drug tests.



Cunningham Building and Construction, the company that holds the Southland franchise of Signature Homes, has been placed in receivership. The receivership, which came into effect on Friday last week, was listed on the Companies Office website late yesterday. Recievers Colin Gower and Stephen Tubbs of BDO Christchurch Limited were appointed on Friday. The first receivers' report is due on January 26. Yesterday, directors of Signature Homes continued to refuse to speak about the company's position despite out-of-pocket tradesmen, angry suppliers and unhappy Signature Homes customers contacting The Southland Times.



A red-zoned Brooklands resident says he will live off the grid before giving up his waterfront "paradise". Charles King ran his home of seven years as a bed and breakfast. It was one of more than 400 properties in the northeastern Christchurch suburb rezoned from orange to red on Friday.



A fertility-friendly diet is one that's high in fruit and grains and low in red meat, alcohol and coffee, Brazilian researchers report in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Being overweight and drinking alcohol were linked to lower sperm concentration and motility - how well sperm swam. Smoking was tied only to negative effects on motility. Alcohol and coffee were both linked to a lower chance of fertilisation. Embryo implantation rates, as well as pregnancy rates, were significantly lower when men ate lots of red meat. On the other hand, eating more cereal grains (such as wheat, oats or barley) was associated with improved sperm concentration and motility, and fruit was also linked to a speed and agility boost in sperm.



Pro tip: choosing "password" as your online password is not a good idea. In fact, unless you're hoping to be an easy target for hackers, it's the worst password you can possibly choose. "Password" ranks first on password management application provider SplashData's annual list of worst internet passwords, which are ordered by how common they are. ("Passw0rd", with a numeral zero, assent much smarter, ranking 18th on the list).


* 1. password
* 2. 123456
* 3.12345678
* 4. qwerty
* 5. abc123
* 6. monkey
* 7. 1234567
* 8. letmein
* 9. trustno1
* 10. dragon
* 11. baseball
* 12. 111111
* 13. iloveyou
* 14. master
* 15. sunshine
* 16. ashley
* 17. bailey
* 18. passw0rd
* 19. shadow
* 20. 123123
* 21. 654321
* 22. superman
* 23. qazwsx
* 24. michael
* 25. football


Tobacco giant Philip Morris has launched launched legal action against Australian laws forcing tobacco products to be sold in drab, plain packaging from late next year, and other tobacco companies said they would soon follow suit. The tough legislation cleared by parliament is being closely watched by governments considering similar moves in Europe, Canada and New Zealand. It has angered tobacco firms worried it may set a global precedent and infringe on trademark rights. "The government has passed this legislation despite being unable to demonstrate that it will be effective at reducing smoking and has ignored the widespread concerns raised in Australia and internationally regarding the serious legal issues associated with plain packaging," Philip Morris spokeswoman Anne Edwards said in a statement.



A US man who tried to buy hotdogs, popcorn and drinks with a fake twenty dollar bill has been sentenced to 80 years in prison. Charles Cleveland Nowden, 48, used the counterfeit money at a Texas movie theatre where he was trying to purchase two hot dogs, two Cokes and a tub of popcorn. After he was arrested, a police officer found $120 in additional counterfeit bills tucked inside the hot dog wrapper. Police described Nowden as a "career thief" who had previously been arrested when he was found in possession of stolen all-terrain vehicles. In 2010, he was linked through DNA to a stolen 18-wheeler truck. Nowden also held previous federal convictions for bank fraud, possessing counterfeit cigarettes, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. The jury was able to consider those offenses and other bad acts in determining Nowden's punishment.



Country sensation Taylor Swift came up the big winner at the American Music Awards, after an opening performance by Nicki Minaj wearing a costume that made her a human audio system. Swift claimed three trophies including the top honour, artist of the year. She tied for most wins with British singer Adele, who also earned three trophies for female pop artist, best album with smash hit 21 and top adult contemporary performer.



Much of New Zealand will see a partial solar eclipse on Friday, space agency Nasa says. Many traditions have long held solar eclipses represent a bad omen for rulers - and Friday is just a night out from the general election. Nasa charts show the partial eclipse will be visible over the whole of the South Island and the lower half of the North Island in a line from Napier through to New Plymouth. New Zealand will be the only populated landmass to see the eclipse. It will occur about 7.30 pm - just before sunset. The maximum eclipse will be visible along the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula in the Bellingshausen Sea. It will be the fourth solar eclipse this year; some years score five.



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