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Demolition of more than 6000 Christchurch red-zone homes will start in February, flattening entire suburbs. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) has already taken possession of more than 1000 red-zone homes under the government buyout deal and will demolish the first "clusters" of properties early next year. The scale of demolition is unprecedented in New Zealand. Private insurers and the Government are expected to spend about $150 million and take more than two years to clear large swathes of Christchurch and Kaiapoi. However, authorities will have to tread carefully around remaining residents, with a Cera survey in October showing about 60 per cent of homes in the residential red zone were still occupied. Cera residential red-zone manager Baden Ewart said authorities will try to work around occupied homes but dust, noise and vibrations would be unavoidable over the next two years.



Diesel use in Christchurch is soaring as demolition and reconstruction work continues in the earthquake-damaged central city. The Christchurch Agency for Energy's latest three-monthly figures for July to September show electricity consumption and petrol use in the city are still below pre-quake levels. However, the use of diesel is bucking that trend and is still rising. Petrol consumption was down 6 per cent, but diesel use was up by 8.5 per cent.



Hamilton city councillor Dave Macpherson – always quick with a well-timed jibe – has been mocked for suggesting that Erotica organisers consider schools as a venue. In a string of emails between Mr Macpherson and expo promoter David Crow, since posted on the Erotica website, the pair have a frank exchange of views on council's decision to veto a request to book Claudelands Events Centre in March. Mr Macpherson wrote that Mr Crow should consider holding the event in a private venue such as a school hall. "Should you wish to hold your Sexpo in private premises, the council would not be expressing an opinion on that, much less be able to stop it. "Perhaps you could try booking one of the many large school or other private facilities available for hire around Hamilton – see how you go! I book a number of these frequently, and know they charge considerably less than Claudelands," he wrote.

ハミルトンカウンシルの担当者からエロティカのオーガナイザーへ、学校をエロティカエキスポの会場として使うことを検討するよう、要請していたメールが暴露されています。もし、この話が暴露されぬまま予約されていたとすると、学校でエロティカエキスポが開催されていた可能性が否定できません。担当者曰く:できることなら、たくさんある大きな学校のうちのひとつを予約してみるか、またはハミルトン周辺にある民間の施設を借りるか - それで様子を伺ってはいかがですか?私はそれらの施設を何度も予約したことがあるし、それらの施設はクラウドランズよりもかなり割安ですよ。 と担当者は書いています。これ、普通に読むと、キックバックの匂いがそこはかとなくします(笑)。残念ながら、ハミルトンカウンシルでもすでに倫理や道徳が崩壊しており、こんなことが日常的に横行しているなら、ハミルトンで納税をしている人々は(V8レースの件も含め)無駄な税金を支払っている可能性が高いかもしれません。


Chemist chain operator Pharmacybrands has almost doubled its interim net profit, with the acquisition of the Radius businesses boosting the company's earnings. The Auckland-based company, which manages the Unichem, Amcal, Life Pharmacy and Care Chemist stores, said unaudited net profit for the six months to September 30 came in at $4.1 million, up from $2.2m in the same period last year. Total revenue for the period was $52.2m, up from $9.4m previously, and included the contribution from the Radius Pharmacy and Radius Medical businesses which were acquired in April and June respectively. Earnings before interest and tax were $5.9m compared with $2.3m last year.




Don Brash says it is ''logical'' John Banks will take over as ACT leader. Brash will tender his resignation to the board today - but announced his intentions at the party's election party in Parnell last night. In an interview with Auckland Now he said it will be a challenge to rebuild the party after it's party vote support collapsed. But he admitted: ''The reality is we thought we'd get more than one seat.... I didn't really think the result would be as bad as this.'' ACT was saved from political oblivion by winning the Epsom seat - and as Banks will be its only MP, Brash assumes he will be leader.

アクト党として議会で議席がひとつしかとれなかったため、それにより、エプソンで勝利したジョン・バンクス氏がアクト党の党首となるようです。ドン・ブラッシュ氏曰く:私たちアクト党は議席数を1つ以上獲得するだろうと現実的に考えていたが… 私はこの結果がそれほど悪いものだとは思っていない。 と、述べています。つまり、ドン・ブラッシュ氏はジョン・バンクス氏を勝たせるためだけに努めたことに対し悔いはないようです。(お茶会のあとからずっと)誰かの筋書き通りに話が進んでいるようにもみえなくない展開のように思います。



Solid Energy has laid a complaint with police about an attack overnight on its website by anti-lignite activists. The hacking of the state-owned coal miner's website was described as underhand tactics by National leader John Key. Visitors to Solid Energy's website this morning were redirected to another site, an address for "stolenenergy", playing a video about the possibility of lignite mining. The Solid Energy site has been down since mid-morning for ''maintenance''. Key said Kiwis wanted to have "a genuine debate" about issues like the sell-off of state owned assets, and the hacking was underhand.



Police have charged a man after a suitcase allegedly stuffed with $1 million in cash was left in a Sydney cafe this week. The man, a 49-year-old Chinese national from Hong Kong, was in Concord Hospital suffering from an undisclosed illness after he was detained by police on Tuesday afternoon. He allegedly carried the black, unlocked suitcase, filled with Australian notes reportedly amounting to about $1 million, into Caffe Marco in Burwood at 8am on Tuesday. 



An Arrowtown man whose daughter's feet blistered and swelled to double their usual size after she scorched them on sun-heated tiles is shocked the house he built caused the accident. Olivia McRae, aged 13 months, suffered severe burns and may need skin grafts after she walked on tiles that were heated by the sun to 69C. Up to one minute was all it took for the toddler to burn the soles of her feet, said her father, Andrew. Mr McRae, 36, built the house, which includes a 3sq m veranda of basalt stone tiles off an upstairs bedroom where the accident happened. "I feel quite guilty. It's something we didn't even consider. I thought we'd built a safe house but we hadn't." His wife, Angela, 36, was at home with Olivia and her brother Jacob on November 10 and was using the ensuite while the children played in the bedroom. She had left the sliding door to the balcony open because it was a hot day, and suddenly she heard Olivia crying. "I rushed out and picked her up and I looked down and saw her feet. It looked like there was all this extra skin. It was like 'oh my God'," she said. "If you've got dark tiles check them out," said Mrs McRae. "I'd hate for it to happen to anyone else."



An Auckland karaoke bar has become the first in the city to be prosecuted for breaking smokefree laws. It is seven years since the legislation came into effect, and Fanseco Limited has been fined $2600. Auckland Medical Officer of Health, Dr Andrew Lindsay, said the karaoke venue is now under new ownership, but had been the subject of a number of complaints from the public about people smoking inside the premises.



The source, who declined to be identified, said the person killed was German and had tried to resist the attackers. The nationality of the others was not immediately known. The attack came on Friday a day after two French nationals were kidnapped from their hotel in the same region, where local agents for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb operate. The French nationals were kidnapped in the town of Hombori, close to the border with Burkina Faso. The increased risk of kidnappings, either by Islamists or by local gunmen cooperating with them, has made large tracts of Mauritania, Mali and Niger no-go areas for Westerners.



A Wellington punter has put $15,000 on the nose of Prime Minister John Key to take out this year's election. Australian betting agency Centrebet has almost A$100,000 ($130,000) in its kitty for tomorrow's New Zealand election. "It's running 94/6 the National Party's way, and after some early interest, no matter how far we push Labour out now, the punters from both sides of the 'ditch' aren't interested," a Centrebet spokesman said. The odds are heavily in favour of National and tomorrow the parties will be paying in at $1.05 for National and $9.25 for Labour.



Two pieces of Adolf Hitler's personalized bed linen, complete with swastikas and the Nazi leader's initials, are together expected to fetch up to £3000 (NZ$6265) at a sale in Britain next week. A single white bedsheet and pillowcase embroidered with the image of an eagle perched on a swastika inside a circle, flanked by the initials, will be sold by auctioneers Dreweatts in the southwestern English city of Bristol Tuesday. "We have put an estimate of 2,000 to 3,000 pounds on Hitler's bed linen and we've already received a lot of interest."



A study revealing the bacterial hotspots of public toilets has confirmed every germ freak's worst fears. American scientists tested 12 public toilets and found the worst spots for bacteria were the floor around the loos and the surface of soap dispensers. New Zealand medical officer of health Stephen Palmer said that the study showed how important it was for people to wash and dry their hands after using the toilet. "It's not just the gastrointestinal diseases. One of the main ways of preventing influenza is to wash your hands."



The Comalcalco Brick, as the second fragment is known, has been discussed by experts in some online forums. Many still doubt that it is a definite reference to December 21, 2012 or December 23, 2012, the dates cited by proponents of the theory as the possible end of the world. "Some have proposed it as another reference to 2012, but I remain rather unconvinced," David Stuart, a specialist in Mayan epigraphy at the University of Texas at Austin, said in a message to The Associated Press. Stuart said the date inscribed on the brick is a Calendar Round, "a combination of a day and month position that will repeat every 52 years". The brick date does coincide with the end of the 13th Baktun; Baktuns were roughly 394-year periods and 13 was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas. The Mayan Long Count calendar begins in 3114 BC, and the 13th Baktun ends around December 21, 2012. But the date on the brick could also correspond to similar dates in the past, Stuart said.




An array of colourful floats, spectacular inflatables and of course a visit from the jolly man in red put a smile on Auckland youngsters' faces this afternoon as the Farmers Santa Parade rolled through town. Hundreds of thousands of adults and children lined the inner-city streets from 12pm for the parade which has brought joy to children for the past 77 years. Police senior sergeant Don Stuart said the turnout of spectators to the parade was more than last year's estimated 300,000. ''It definitely looks bigger than last year's, but it's been a wonderful parade and everything has gone really well.''



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