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Commercial property owners and businesses face expensive new insurance that could provide them with peace of mind in the event of another big earthquake, but at a high cost. A new phenomenon has crept into the insurance market in New Zealand, called "excess buydown" – insurance cover that shrinks the excess liability on a building or business but can cost several thousand dollars a year, and more depending on what is covered. Most interest in quake-plagued Christchurch in "excess buydown" so far is from builders, seeking to shrink the about $50,000 excess they face on "contract works insurance" for building new homes. To cover $30,000 would have cost the client $5370 or 18 per cent of the covered amount. These days general insurers were placing a $50,000 excess for contract works insurance. The banks were nervous about some of the excesses the insurers were wanting.

これからクライストチャーチで新築の家を建てる方は覚悟が必要かもしれません。エクセス・バイダウン(excess buydown)と呼ばれている新しい保険がニュージーランド市場に参入しており、これは、住宅にかける保険の補償が低く抑えられ年間に数千ドルの支払いが必要になるようです。3万ドルを補償するのに顧客が支払うコストが$5370、または補償額の18%を支払わなければならないようです。


Cromwell police are searching for two men who tried to lure a young Cromwell girl into their car while she was walking home from school on Monday. The 11-year-old girl was walking alone along Melmore Tce at 3.30pm when an older black or grey Honda Accord with tinted windows stopped and two men, both with dark skin, tried to persuade her to get into the car. Detective Gary Hyndman, of Cromwell, said the girl had taken the right steps and ran away from the car.



The Labour Department has told Solid Energy to make improvements to ventilation at its Huntly East mine following allegations from workers high gas levels raised the risk of a Pike River-style disaster. An experienced miner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the Huntly East Coal Mine was a "time bomb" after explosive levels of gas were found while 40 men were working underground earlier this month. "It was a Pike River ready to go," he said.



From next year, a lot more businesses are likely to go under as banks lose patience with waiting to get back what they are owed, Ernst & Young insolvency practitioner Rhys Cain says. Cain said more receiverships and liquidations were possible in 2012's second and third quarters, because of the continued after-effects of the global financial crisis (GFC). Latest insolvency statistics show liquidations and bankruptcies administered by the Insolvency and Trustee Service (rather than private firms) have been slowly falling in the last few years. Bankruptcies hit a peak of 3595 in the 2006-07 June year. Bankruptcies are now at 2719 for the 2010-11 year. Liquidations reached a high of 377 in 2008-09. Liquidations are down to 208 in the 2010-11 year.



Britain's economy will stagnate until mid-2012 and could easily fall back into recession, the government said today, a grim outlook that puts its debt reduction plans in jeopardy and will mean more austerity for longer. Finance minister George Osborne, unveiling much lower growth and higher borrowing forecasts than outlined in March, said the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government's deficit plan was still broadly on track but he had lost a one-year cushion factored in to the strategy.



Drawdown plans announced by the US and more than a dozen other nations will shrink the foreign military footprint in Afghanistan by 40,000 troops at the close of next year, leaving Afghan forces increasingly on the frontlines of the decade-long war. The United States is pulling out the most - 33,000 by the end of 2012. That's one-third of 101,000 American troops who were in Afghanistan in June. The US is pulling out 10,000 service members this year; Canada have withdrawn 2,850 already; France and Britain will each send about 400 home; Poland is recalling 200; and Denmark and Slovenia are pulling out about 120 combined. Troop cutbacks will be deeper next year when an estimated 26,000 more will leave. That figure includes 23,000 Americans; 950 Germans; 600 more French; 500 additional Britons; 400 Poles; 290 Belgians; 156 Spaniards; and 100 Swedes.


機内でまた壊れたアップルのiPhone 4

An Apple iPhone 4 was glowing red hot and emitted a "significant amount" of dense smoke as it spontaneously combusted onboard a flight in Australia in the second reported incident of its kind in the last month. It's not the first time electronic devices have exploded or caught on fire. Numerous incidents have occurred over the past decade including Dell laptops catching on fire, a journalist's LG phone catching on fire and Sony Australia recalling 4300 laptops (440,000 globally) from its Vaio TZ series due to fears they could overheat, damaging the machines and potentially burning users. The iPhone 4 incident involving a passenger's smartphone glowing red hot occurred onboard Regional Express flight ZL319 operating from Lismore to Sydney last Friday after landing, the airline reported. The second incident, which Fairfax Media was made aware of by an anonymous reader, allegedly happened earlier this month on November 3 when their iPhone 3Gs (an earlier model) did something similar. The anonymous reader provided pictures as evidence.

飛行機の機内に持ち込んだアップルのiPhone 4が損傷する事故が起きています。バッテリーが壊れたり、ボディが割れたりするようです。似たような事例として、デルのラップトップの炎上、LG携帯電話の炎上、ソニーヴァイオTZシリーズの過熱や火傷の事故などが紹介されています。この記事では、リズモアからシドニーに向かうフライトZL319便が着陸したあとにこの事故が報告されており、これは今月初めに起きたiPhone 3Gsの事故から2例目になるようです。iPhoneに限らず、リチウム電池を使った機器を機内に持ち込むときは、体に密着する場所で保管することは避けたほうがいいかもしれません。


The digital age has left men's nether parts in a squeeze, if you believe the latest science on semen, laptops and wireless connections. In a report in the venerable medical journal Fertility and Sterility, Argentinian scientists describe how they got semen samples from 29 healthy men, placed a few drops under a laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and then hit download. Four hours later, the semen was, eh, well-done. A quarter of the sperm were no longer swimming around, for instance, compared to just 14 percent from semen samples stored at the same temperature away from the computer. And nine percent of the sperm showed DNA damage, three-fold more than the comparison samples.



Harvard scientists have built a new type of flexible robot that is limber enough to wiggle and worm through tight spaces. It's the latest prototype in the growing field of soft-bodied robots. Researchers are increasingly drawing inspiration from nature to create machines that are more bendable and versatile than those made of metal.



Thousands of people are talking about Marmite on Twitter right now, after one of Britain's busiest motorways was blocked when 20-tonnes of sticky yeast extract was spilled by a truck. Police shut the M1 between junction 32 and 33 at Sheffield at around 10.15pm Monday night after a tanker carrying yeast extract - believed to be Marmite - overturned, the BBC reported. Twitter users have quickly picked up on the story and the endless love-hate marmite debate has been much commented on. It has become one of the most talked about topics on Twitter, which allow users to make short statements or comments up to 144-words-long.



Property risks are overshadowing China's economic outlook as a slowdown in sales threatens to trigger developer collapses, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said. "While the exit of small developers would not pose a problem, the failure of large promoters could put some bank lending at risk, perhaps triggering negative chain reactions," the Paris-based OECD said yesterday.



Tomorrow is the first day of summer and the forecast is good with La Nina conditions likely to bring above average temperatures across the country. The Niwa National Climate Centre's is forecasting temperatures to above average on the South Island's West Coast, and near average or above average for everywhere else through to February.

暦の上では明日から夏になるニュージーランド、ニワナショナルクライメートセンター(The Niwa National Climate Centre)によると、ラ・ニーニャが運んでくる気候により、今年は全国的に平均か、平均よりも暑く、2月までその暑さが続くようです。ニュージーランドの夏は(もともと空気が乾いているため)どちらかというと涼しいほうが過ごしやすいので、あまり暑いのもちょっと困りものです。特にオークランドのマヌカウ周辺は毎年気温が上がっているような気がします。


It's no secret the flawless images of thin, tall and wrinkle-less celebrities found inside magazines worldwide have been polished with photo editing programmes. The retouched photographs have sparked criticism, with health organisations warning they promote unrealistic expectations of body images and could lead to eating disorders.



An amplifier used by George Harrison during recording sessions for Beatles albums Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is expected to fetch $100-140,000 (50-70,000 pounds) at auction next month. The rare Vox UL730 amp and cabinet will be offered at Bonhams' London entertainment memorabilia sale on December 15. According to the auctioneer, the amp's connection with the Fab Four was only recently discovered when an engineer who had been asked to fix it noticed the name George Harrison scratched on the chassis.

ビートルズのジョージ・ハリソンが使っていたアンプが来月のオークションに出されるようです。予想価格は$100-140,000 (50-70,000 pounds)。モデルはVox UL730 でとても貴重なアンプのようです。ちなみに、このアンプの中のシャシーのところに、ジョージ・ハリソンの名前が削ってあり、これが彼が使用していたことを証明する証拠となっているようです。


Qantas passengers were issued with handwritten boarding passes at domestic airports across Australia this morning after the company's check-in system malfunctioned. A Qantas spokeswoman confirmed the meltdown occurred at 6.40am (8.40am NZT) and had impacted on the airline's ability to print boarding passes. "We have had issues printing boarding passes at our domestic airports. Customers can check in online or on their smartphones, but we expect the system to be up any moment," she said at 7.45am.

オーストラリアのクォンタス航空のチェックインカウンターにあるボーディングパスの発券機が故障し、手書きでボーディングパスを発行されていたそうです。この事故は朝6時40分頃(8.40am NZT)に発生し、7時45分の時点で、修理がもうすぐ完了するとアナウンスしていたようです。



A Northern Territory woman has grown what is thought to be the world's largest pineapple, a freak fruit more than twice as heavy as most newborn babies. The pineapple, weighing 8.28 kilograms, tops the heaviest fruit listed by the Guinness World Records of 8.06kg grown in Papua New Guinea. It is 32 centimetres long and has a girth of 66cms.



It's the Milky Bar snail - a giant carnivorous albino Powelliphanta found living in New Zealand bush. A group of trampers stumbled across the rare find - only the second recorded - during a trip though the Kahurangi National Park at the tip of the South Island. "Our group had seen three or four snails already that morning as it had rained and they'd come out in the wet conditions," said tramper Bill Brough, of Motueka. "Then I saw the white snail and went wow! We were excited to see it, knowing how extraordinary it was."



New Zealanders based in the country's two biggest cities continue to experience some of the top rated quality of life in the world, a new survey says. Auckland has managed to hold on to third spot in the Mercer 2011 Quality of Life Survey - taking out bronze for the fourth year in a row and earning the highest ranking in the Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, Wellington has held on to 13th place. Researchers considered 39 pieces of criteria in the annual list, including the economic environment, health, education, transport, housing, personal freedom and recreational factors like restaurants, sport facilities and cinemas. "New Zealand cities consistently score highly on all livability factors," says Georgina Hartley, from Mercer. Out of the 221 cities on the list, Vienna took out pole position, followed by Zurich, then Auckland and Munich. Meanwhile, Baghdad comes in last. Across the Tasman, Sydney was Australia's highest ranked city coming in at 11, followed by Melbourne (18) and Perth (21).



1 Vienna, Austria ウイーン、オーストリア

2 Zurich, Switzerland チューリッヒ、スイス

3 Auckland, New Zealand オークランド、ニュージーランド

4 Munich, Germany ミュンヘン、ドイツ

5 Duesseldorf, Germany デュッセルドルフ、ドイツ

5 Vancouver, Canada ヴァンクーヴァー、カナダ

7 Frankfurt, Germany フランクフルト、ドイツ

8 Geneva, Switzerland ジュネーブ、スイス

9 Bern, Switzerland ベルン、スイス

9 Copenhagen, Denmark コペンハーゲン、デンマーク


Air New Zealand says new features on its Airpoints loyalty cards promise to revolutionise the travel industry by allowing users to load multiple foreign currency "wallets" up with cash, send money to other cardholders by text and buy goods from overseas websites. The airline's new loyalty card combines existing Airpoints benefits with "ePass" check-in technology and an optional pre-paid debit card that has been developed in collaboration with MasterCard. Air New Zealand Head of Loyalty, Simon Pomeroy, said Airpoints members who activated the debit card feature - dubbed OneSmart - would be able to upload funds to it in New Zealand dollars and convert them to one of eight foreign currencies at highly competitive rates.



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