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Wellingtonians were this morning rattled by a second quake in a week after a 4.2 quake hit near Porirua. The quake, which hit at 10.16am, was 30km deep and centred 10km west of Porirua, reported GeoNet. The earthquake could be an aftershock from the bigger jolt felt in the city on Saturday said Geo Net duty seismologist Lara Bland. "It is possible that it is a bit of an aftershock [from Saturday's 5.7 quake] but there is no cause for concern at this point. "Wellington is right there on the [tectonic] plate boundary and it is a really active area. It is not really out of the ordinary."


The quake, which struck at 8.13pm, was 10 kilometres deep and centred 10km southeast of Lower Hutt, according to GNS Science.


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A Taranaki student dragged along a gravel road by his school bus this morning suffered only minor cuts and bruises. William Holtham, 10, from Matau, was getting off the bus at Huiakama School when his schoolbag got caught in the door as it was closing. Taranaki rescue helicopter chief crewman Jayden Strickland said he understood William was dragged 20-30 metres down a gravel road before the bus stopped. He was flown to hospital, but was not badly injured.



Dengue and Yellow Fever are among the diseases carried by exotic types of mosquito caught by biosecurity staff at the Ports of Auckland. The Ministry of Health says it is particularly concerned about the Asian Tiger Mosquito found on board which is not established in New Zealand and is known to spread Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, and Ross River Virus. The other species, known as Culex quinquefasciatus, is thought to spread diseases such as West Nile virus. It is already established here but, to date, New Zealand has no record of any locally-acquired, mosquito-borne diseases.

ミニストリーヘルス(健康省)によると、黄熱、デング熱、デング出血熱、そしてロスリヴァーウイルスの感染を引き起こしたアジアンタイガーモスキート(蚊)がオークランド港でMAFによって発見されたようです。また、Culex quinquefasciatus(ネッカイイエカ)として知られる蚊が、西ナイル熱の感染を蔓延させた別の種として紹介されています。現在ニュージーランドにおいて、蚊を媒介した病気の感染の記録はまだないと報じています。ちょっと心配です。


Quotable Value (QV) says nationwide residential property values in November were 1.7 per cent higher than a year earlier and 4 per cent below the 2007 market peak, but Auckland prices were up 3.4 per cent year-on-year, and 0.6 per cent from the 2007 peak taking them to their highest level ever. QV said the average New Zealand sales price over the last three months was $390,921, down just under $7000 from $397,805 in the same period of last year. The average sales price for the Auckland region in November was $513,792, she said.



The identities of two police staff arrested after a covert police investigation targeting an alleged criminal syndicate selling thousands of Ecstasy pills each week can be revealed. Name and occupation suppression for Darren Ian Hodgetts and Timothy John Russell Sarah was lifted in the Auckland District Court this morning after they chose to not pursue further secrecy.



Official interest rates are expected to remain on hold until late next year according to some economists, after the Reserve Bank left rates unchanged at 2.5 per cent this morning. ASB Bank economists said it expected official rates to stay on hold until December next year, even though the Reserve Bank's forecasts implied the first move in the September quarter next year. Westpac said it expected the first rate rise in September.

準備銀行がOCR(Official interest rates)を現行の2.5%まま変更しないことを公表しました。ASBバンクのエコノミストは来年の12月まで現行のまま、ウェストパックは準備銀行の予測と同じく来年の9月にOCRが上げられる、と予測しています。この記事を読む限り、2.5%以下へ下げられる可能性はかなり低いように思います。


Manufacturing sales volumes have fallen for the second straight quarter and economists warn the outlook is not bright. Statistics New Zealand said this morning that total manufacturing sales volumes, including seasonal adjustments, had fallen 1.4 per cent in the three months to September 30. It was the same level of decline as the June quarter.



The convicted rapist, Craig James Crofts, 48, was sentenced to four years' jail in 2004 after admitting raping the woman. She has since moved on with her life, but the rape ordeal came flooding back about a month ago when she discovered her attacker had moved into a city property beside her flat. The two residences are so close that, when Crofts is in one part of his block of units, he can see directly into the front window of his former victim's flat, which she shares with her partner. The woman was in tears as she told The Southland Times this week that, while she had an indefinite protection order in place against Crofts, the order did not specifically say he could not live beside her. "I just don't feel safe knowing he is living there, all I want is for him to move on," the woman said. "When I see him I feel very shaky and that's how he affects me, it just brings everything back - I hate him living next to me."



Shopkeepers are fighting back against thieves with a vigilante website set up by a group of off-duty and former police officers. Retailers are able to upload images and CCTV footage of people they accuse of shoplifting onto whotube.com. The public can help shopkeepers as well as service station owners and taxi drivers gather information about alleged thieves, which is then shared with police or other retailers to help identify suspected robbers.



A Southland couple who raised concerns with The Warehouse about a bike sold to them that broke down after an hour have been given another dud. Lisa and Jason King, of Otautau, bought a 49cc motorbike from The Warehouse on Sunday for their six-year-old son Ryan, but after playing on it for only an hour it broke down. The bike was returned the next day and the family raised concerns about similar problems happening with bikes being given to children for Christmas, but The Warehouse said its stores reported low levels of faults in the bikes and gave the couple another one. Warehouse general manager of marketing Jenni Ryan said the company was sorry the King family had again "encountered difficulties" and could understand the frustration. However, of 130 bikes sold, just three problems had been reported and two of those were from the Kings, she said. The Warehouse was satisfied with the pre-inspection technical checks that were done on the product, but would be reviewing the service, she said. Yesterday the Kings were provided with a third bike, as well as some vouchers and a box of chocolates for their inconvenience.



Children from Wainuiomata were 11 times more likely to be exposed to cigarette smoke compared to those living in the wealthier suburb of Karori. Researchers from the University of Otago in Wellington found children living in poverty are more likely to be exposed to second-hand smoke in cars than those who are better off. The researchers observed nearly 150,000 cars in Karori and Wainuiomata between February and April to compare exposure to smoking. The study also found differences between the two areas have widened since 2005, when a similar study was conducted.  Smoking in cars with other passengers has reduced at double the rate in Karori compared to in Wainuiomata. Observers in Karori and Wainuiomata watched traffic flows at rush hour and counted the number of cars with smokers and children. "We were surprised by the difference in the extent of smoking for children,'' said Dr Thomson.



One in five drivers has admitted to falling asleep at the wheel - and the problem is now costing motorists more than ever. Driver fatigue insurance claims cost the industry about $4.8 million a year and the Automobile Association says that figure is rising. The AA Insurance Drivers Index interviewed 3550 Kiwi drivers and found 26 per cent of male drivers and 15 per cent of female drivers admitted to nodding off while driving. The group which made the most insurance claims after fatigue-related car crashes this year was aged 18 to 29 and made up 10.6 per cent of claims. That was closely followed by males aged 30 to 39 at 10.4 per cent. The third largest group was females aged 40 to 49. Men aged over 70 years old made the most expensive claims, averaging $11,787.




* Take regular rest breaks when driving long distances.

* 長い距離を運転するときは定期的に休憩を取ること

* Get a good night's sleep before going on the road.

* 運転するなら夜ぐっすり眠ること

* Avoid alcohol as this can increase the effects of fatigue.

* 疲れの原因を増大させるのでアルコールを控えること

* Share the driving where possible.

* 可能なら運転を交代すること

* Don't drive at times you're usually sleeping.

* あなたが普段寝ている時間に運転しないこと

* Be aware of medication that may affect your ability to drive.

* 運転能力に影響を与える薬を飲むときは慎重を期すること

* Recognise the signs of drowsiness.

* 眠くなったときの兆候を認識すること

* Pull over if you feel drowsy or lose concentration.

* 眠くなったり集中できないときは車を路肩に停車すること


An unlicensed brothel in Remuera has closed after neighbours collected evidence that included men paying for sex after church on Sunday. Acting on evidence collected by a neighbourhood support group, the Auckland Council investigated and found the brothel at Ascot Ave did not have resource consent. City officials issued an abatement notice ordering the bordello to cease operating. When council officers visited the property a week later, the $1 million-plus home was empty. We were very unhappy about having a brothel in our neighbourhood. There were men hanging around, people coming to our doors and knocking looking for the prostitutes. They were blocking the road ... and even parking in the St Aidan's Anglican Church carpark [on Remuera Rd]. "It is unbelievable the men that come and go. Young, old, every nationality you can imagine. Some in their turbans after church on a Sunday," said the neighbour, who did not want to be named.



New Zealand's 11-year hosting of the V8 Supercars appears destined for doomsday. The fourth event in Hamilton next year is likely to be the last staged in this country, which could cause an outcry from passionate Kiwi motorsport followers eager for their chance to see the stars. V8 Supercars chairman Tony Cochrane described his relationship with the failed event promoters as "horrendous" after the parties agreed to terminate their contract two years early, following Hamilton's swansong next April. The Australian race organisers endured big losses this year after the Hamilton council racked up a bill of more than $40 million and race-related loans of about $22 million since taking on the street race in 2006.



Two people are dead and a third person was flown to hospital with serious injuries after a car plunged down a cliff near the Homer Tunnel last night. Senior Sergeant Dave Raynes, of Invercargill, said emergency services were called to the scene of the single-car crash shortly before 7pm after the vehicle, a Subaru Forrester, fell about 5 metres over the side of a cliff. The incident happened on the Milford side of the tunnel, about 1km down the Milford Rd, he said.

ミルフォードロードからおよそ1km、ミルフォードにある真っ暗なトンネル(ホーマートンネル、Homer Tunnel)のミルフォード側にある崖から3人が乗ったスバル・フォレスターが5メートルの崖を転落し、2人が死亡し、1人がヘリコプターで病院へ搬送される事故が起きていたようです。運転にはくれぐれも注意を。


Police are dismayed at the number of people still using cellphones while driving and vow to continue the crackdown, saying drivers are risking their lives for the sake of sending a text message. Figures to be issued today will show that police caught 862 motorists – more than 60 a day – in the national crackdown focused on cellphone users. The blitz included officers using cameras with long lenses to catch drivers in the act, a practice that police will continue in future. In the two years since the law change, 15,000 fines – worth $1.2 million – have been issued for using a cellphone while driving.



LATEST: Chinese police have arrested 608 suspects and rescued 178 children in busts of two separate child trafficking networks, authorities said Wednesday. Its statement posted online said 5000 police across 10 provinces cooperated for six months on the investigation and moved in to arrest the suspects last week. Child trafficking is big problem in China, where traditional preference for male heirs and a strict one-child policy has driven a thriving market in baby boys, who fetch a considerably higher price than girls. Girls and women also are abducted and used as laborers or as brides for unwed sons. The statement said police have cracked more than 7,000 gangs or rings that sold women or children since a special campaign against human trafficking started in April 2009. It said 18,518 children and 34,813 women have been rescued.



The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has decided to independently review its recruitment process following media reports of key selections involving family members. The review began after The Press uncovered a senior commission employee whose child was given a lucrative EQC job. It emerged yesterday that the son of chief estimator Terry Johns has been employed as an estimator at $60 an hour for most of the year, and because he is from out of the area he is entitled to free accommodation in a motel or hotel and a food allowance of $70 a day, The Press reported. Chief executive Ian Simpson says any potential conflicts of interest are identified and managed.




The survey, conducted by BNZ Banking Group with the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, canvassed more than 10,000 licensed real estate agents. Some 29 per cent of real estate agents reporting first home buyers are prevalent in the market. BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander said first home buyers nationwide were probably responding to the lower level of interest rates at the moment. "Since we went into recession in 2008, a lot of young people who may have left home and gone out on their own otherwise have not done so. Maybe they have been living at home, have now built up a deposit and are certainly sick of living with their parents," Alexander said.



Not everyone had benefitted, however. Profits had improved for wineries at the very small and large ends of the spectrum, but wineries in the $1m to $10 revenue band had had only marginal increases. The hardest hit were wineries earning between $1m and $5 million annually, booking an average loss of 5.6 per cent, their sixth consecutive year of negative returns. The report noted that the largest wineries, earning $20 million or more, had made an average profit of 15.2 per cent, up from 7.8 per cent the year before. Their main advantages were economies of scale, higher margins and lower debt servicing costs. The best performers were the boutique players, earning less than a million dollars, with an average profit of 17.4 per cent.



A light plane crash sparked a massive emergency response at New Plymouth Airport. Six fire trucks and numerous police units and ambulances rushed to the scene as soon as reports came in at 7.15pm last night of a plane crash. It was only by the time they were halfway there they learned it was not a 50-seat Air New Zealand Bombardier scheduled to land at about that time but a New Plymouth Aero Club Cessna.



A Detroit-area woman is suing a US auto dealership, claiming her new SUV smells bad because it once contained a corpse. The Detroit News and CBS Detroit reported that Margarita Salais sued Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights in Oakland County Circuit Court. The suit claims the dealership failed to disclose that the car had been stolen three times and once held a body. The lawsuit says Suburban Ford told Salais that the bad smell in the 2006 Ford Expedition came from a dead animal. A letter in her suit says a hazardous materials company determined it was a human odour. Dealership general sales manager Jim Elder says the smell wasn't there when Salais bought the car and that the dealership "would love to get to the bottom of it."



The player, whose name or team was undisclosed, has been provisionally suspended by the IRB until the outcome of a hearing. The world governing body says the player tested positive for a banned painkiller following a match in the final round of the pool phase. His team failed to progress to the knockout stage. Japan flyhalf Ryohei Yamanaka was banned for two years and Russia prop Evgeny Pronenko for six months for failing doping tests before the Sept. 9-Oct. 23 tournament.

9月9日から10月23日まで開催されていたラグビーワールドカップ期間中に、禁止されている痛み止めを使用していた選手一名が薬物検査で陽性の結果がでていたことが公表されています。開催前には2人が検査で陽性が確認され、日本のリョーヘイ・ヤマナカさんが2年間の出場停止と、ロシアのEvgeny Pronenkoさんへ6ヶ月の出場停止が命じられています。開催中に陽性が判明した選手の名前やチーム名は公表されていないようです。


Former champion New Zealand jockey Lisa Cropp was yesterday stood down from her four rides in Australia after returning an irregularity to the prohibited substance Zopiclone. Cropp, who is now based in Melbourne, gave a urine sample to stewards during the spring carnival with the test revealing traces of Zopiclone, which is a prescribed medication used in the treatment of insomnia.



Swiss motoring creator and Rinspeed custom cars boss Frank M. Rinderknecht has come up with a doozie of an invention that turns the diminutive two-seater Smart ForTwo city car into a highly useful, big-booted six-wheeler. The Dock+Go system has been designed as a "backpack on wheels" that works specifically with plug-in versions of the For-Two runabout.



Airport baggage handler Lynn Jones saw the sad look on the listless, emaciated pointer sitting in a pet carrier and knew something was wrong. Then she saw that its body was covered with sores and its paws were worn raw. "It was so thin, it made me cry," she said. If that dog gets on that plane, she remembered thinking, it would certainly die. And when she refused a supervisor's orders to load it onto the Texas-bound flight, she was fired. Now, a month after the incident at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, the dog has recovered. And Jones, while her former employer and airport officials have praised her for her actions, remains without her old job. Peggy Hohl, vice president of employee services for Jones' former employer, Airport Terminal Services, based in St Louis, said in an email that the company is taking the matter "very seriously."



Christchurch songbird Hayley Westenra has sparked a debate over radiation emitted by full-body scanners at airports. Westenra tweeted to her 10,115 Twitter followers yesterday: "Manchester Airport. I'm told I can't board plane if I refuse the bodyscan! No pat-down option. So mad at enforced radiation. it's not right!" She added: "Security is paramount, but they've got to consider everyone's health too!" But a Christchurch scientist said people were exposed to more radiation eating a banana. Manchester Airport installed the scanners, which emit a low dose of X-rays, to scan through clothing, producing "naked" images, in 2009. Many of Westenra's Twitter followers aired their concerns at the level of radiation full-body scanners subjected people to.

ニュージーランドのソプラノ歌手、ヘイリー・ウェステンラがマンチェスター空港でフルボディスキャナーを強制されたことに対しトゥイッターでその不満をつぶやいています。彼女曰く:もしボディスキャンを拒否すると飛行機に乗せないって言われたわ!身体検査など他のオプションもなかったわ。放射線を強制的に浴びさせるのは気が狂っている。それは正しいことではないわ!セキュリティはとっても大事だけど、人々の健康も気遣うべきだわ! と述べていたようです。なので、撮影されることの批判ではなく、レントゲンで放射線を浴びることを強制されることがおかしいという指摘のようです。クライストチャーチの科学者によると、バナナを食べることのほうが放射線を浴びているので大丈夫だと述べています。いずれにせよ、現行のセキュリティシステムは人権を侵害したものが多く、他にも安全を守る方法があり、さらに改善できると思います。


About 1000 asteroids big enough to cause catastrophic damage if they hit Earth are orbiting relatively nearby, a Nasa survey shows. In a project known as Spaceguard, the US space agency was ordered by Congress in 1998 to find 90 per cent of objects near Earth that are 1km in diameter or larger. The survey is now complete, with 93 per cent of the objects accounted for, astronomer Amy Mainzer of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco yesterday (NZ time). Using Nasa's recently retired Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (Wise) telescope, scientists also found about 20,500 smaller asteroids near Earth. Previous studies estimated there were 36,000 to 100,000 of these objects, which have a diameter of about 100 metres. "They could still pack quite a punch," Mainzer told Reuters, adding that "any impact is not a very likely event."



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