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New Zealand's "runaway millionaire", who allegedly escaped to China after a mistaken bank transaction, has appeared in an Auckland court. Hui Gao, known as Leo, was arrested crossing from China to Hong Kong in September, 2 and a half years after police launched an investigation into the alleged theft. Gao, 30, appeared in the Manukau District Court this afternoon before Judge Jonathan Moses to face 16 charges of theft and three of money laundering. The money was taken after a $10 million overdraft facility was mistakenly loaded into the business account of Gao and former partner Kara Hurring by a Westpac staff member. Police allege the former Rotorua petrol station owner then transferred $6,782,000 into other accounts before he and Hurring, 32, fled to Hong Kong. Gao left first on April 29, 2009, with Hurring allegedly following him on May 3. The banking error was not discovered until May 5 and a scramble to get back the missing millions still left $3,872,000 unrecovered. About $3 million is still outstanding.



Latest visitor figures show the effects of the Rugby World Cup have worn off on tourist numbers, and net migration to Australia has hit a new high. Statistics New Zealand said overseas visitor numbers in November were 230,300, up 2 per cent on a year ago. However, short-term arrivals fell by a seasonally adjusted 11.6 per cent between October and November as people returned to their homelands. November arrivals dropped to 215,159, from 243,430 the month before - while departures rose to 280,240 from 217,470 in October. A net 35,800 people migrated to Australia in the year to November, surpassing the previous annual record of 35,400 in December 2008.



New Zealand's annual current account deficit is worse than expected, rising to 4.3 per cent of gross domestic product for the September year, from 3.7 per cent in the June year, as export prices tumbled. The annual current account deficit was $8.7 billion in the September year and compared with a $7.4b shortfall in the June year.



Auckland ratepayers are stumping up a $100 million loan to cover an unexpected shortfall in funding for local roading projects. The council will contribute the money to transport projects over the next two years, as the New Zealand Transport Agency doesn't have the funds. Labour has attacked the Government over the loan claiming it raises serious questions about its budget and planning abilities. "Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee needs to explain why Auckland ratepayers are being asked to fork out money for work that should have been properly costed and funded," Transport Spokesperson Phil Twyford said.



There is concern in Nelson over the accuracy of geo-tech assessments of flood damaged homes. Record levels of rainfall, said to be a once in a 100 year event for some parts, caused widespread damage across the area last week with around 100 homes red stickered as unsafe to live in. A team of building inspectors, geotechnical engineers and welfare officers have begun examining the damage to households, but some residents remain concerned about the safety of their homes. Currently 95 houses in the region are closed off to residents, and 25 have only limited access.



Most Labour MPs are satisfied by Labour leader David Shearer's first lineup - but he delivered the new rankings with a warning for the MPs to prove they were up to their jobs before a review after a year. Mr Shearer announced his shadow Cabinet and rankings yesterday, including promotions to the front bench for five MPs: Jacinda Ardern (social development), Grant Robertson (environment), Shane Jones (regional development), Nanaia Mahuta (education) and Mr Shearer himself (science and innovation).



Gerry Brownlee has been named Politician of the Year by a political reporting publication. Trans Tasman has released its annual MP scorecard and Brownlee is recognised for his efforts in Christchurch - both the earthquake recovery and also for turning the city's vote towards National. Brownlee will continue as Earthquake Recovery Minister, a role in which Trans Tasman says he's shown "true mettle".



More than 100,000 houses are still on the list to be repaired after the Canterbury earthquakes, and some owners face a two year wait before they can move back in to their homes. Fletcher's EQR is project managing the repairs and said it hopes to get through 80% of the houses by 2014, focusing on the worst houses first. Properties with more than $50,000 worth of damage will be prioritised. EQC's target for houses passing this threshold is completion by mid-2013.



Former TV One newsreader Richard Long may face legal action over his Hanover Finance advertisements. Financial Markets Authority chief executive Sean Hughes said, "It is under consideration". Long, who fronted One News between 1988 and 2003, promoted Hanover Finance, which in 2008 froze repayments to investors owed $554 million. His voiceover ads ran several times each night late in 2007 saying, "This One Weather update is brought to you by Hanover, a New Zealand business with the size and strength to withstand any conditions."



The occupation of Dunedin's Octagon by protesters seems to be over. The remaining Occupy protesters have pulled down their tents this afternoon after 66 days camping in the city centre. It is unclear whether they will return, or what the group's future plans are, according to protester Kieran Trass. The group said it was aware the space was going to be used for upcoming events such as New Year's Eve celebrations. At its height the protest in Dunedin attracted more than 100 people staying in about 30 tents.



Higher methamphetamine prices show the Government's crack-down on the drug is making progress, a new report shows. The Tackling Methamphetamine Action Plan is the fourth progress report on Government agencies' work to contain the growth of methamphetamine, also known as P. P prices rose to $768 a gram from $723 at the same time in 2010, the report said. It also found customs seizures of precursors to the drug were down 44%, but seizures of the drug itself at the border were up. The proportion of offenders with methamphetamine convictions receiving alcohol and drug assessments was up to 20.2% in 2010 from 16.8 in 2008. Police have also identified $92 million worth of assets believed to have been obtained through criminal means, $45m of that relates to methamphetamine offending.



Police have hailed the rescue of a woman found unconscious floating in the sea north of Wellington this morning as "very lucky". The woman, who appeared to be in her late 70s, was spotted floating on her back past the Paraparaumu Boating Club by two people walking their dog, senior sergeant Alasdair McMillan of Kapiti police said. "The main concern we had was the length of time she had spent in the water," Wellington Free Ambulance team manager Anita Halbert said. The woman was taken to Wellington Hospital, where she was in a stable condition.



Up to 50,000 British women with defective breast implants have been warned about their safety as the French government prepares to order the products be removed from every woman who has had them fitted. The implants were made by a French company from substandard, industrial-grade silicone and exported around the world. Eight cancer cases, including one death, have been tentatively linked to them in France and hundreds of other women have reported ruptures in the devices. Investigations began last year into the activities of Poly Implant ProthEses (PIP), a company that made 100,000 breast implants a year. The now-defunct firm, based near Marseilles, is suspected of saving up to A1m ((pounds sterling)835,000) a year by using a form of silicon gel 10 times cheaper than that officially authorised for breast implants.

豊凶手術を受けた方は注意が必要かもしれません。フランスで製造されたシリコン製の胸のインプラントに発がん性があることが公表され、うち8人がガンで、死亡例がすでに1人報告されているようです。イギリスで5万人ほどがその対象となっており、シリコン製の製造元が年間10万個を製造しているPIP(Poly Implant ProthEses)という会社のようです。もし心当たりのある方は、記事元で詳細の確認を。


A Dutch broadcaster - renowned for testing the limits of good taste and the law - says it will air a segment in which two presenters engage in cannibalism by eating a small chunk of one another's fried flesh.




Attaching an enormous steel grille to the front of your hotel might not seem the best way to attract guests. Want to feel like a zoo animal? Come on in! As it happens, the mesh facade of Hôtel Americano, New York's newest design hotel, is oddly impressive, an eye-catching addition to an otherwise unremarkable glass building.



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