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An Auckland man travelling on a low-cost bus service was left behind after a rest stop in Paihia but the operator will not refund the fare. Pt Chevalier resident Jordan Earl, 19, was on his way to visit his grandparents in Kerikeri earlier this month, travelling with nakedbus.com. He got off the bus to use the bathroom at a passenger pick-up point in Paihia and was shocked to return and find it gone. Earl left all his belongings on the bus apart from his cellphone which he used to call his grandparents. "My bag, laptop, money, everything was on the bus," he says. 



A 27-year-old woman is recovering in hospital with serious injuries after she was viciously assaulted as she walked through an Auckland school in broad daylight. And police say her attacker may have approached another woman just an hour before the brutal assault. The woman was walking home from work through the grounds of Mt Roskill Intermediate on Tuesday when she was approached by a man at 5.28pm. Police were reluctant to reveal too many details about the nature of the attack, but Inspector Gary Allcock said her injuries were "serious''. Members of the public called 111 after finding the woman in a "distressed and confused'' state.



Tearful children too upset to talk today lined a rural road in the Eastern Bay of Plenty where a local boy died after falling from the back of a ute. Shane Hohepa was riding on the truck as it travelled along Galatea Rd in Te Teko. It swerved, throwing him off and into the path of another vehicle. He died on the road he had grown up one, within 3km of his family home. Police said he was 13 but a relative gave his age as 12.



State-owned Kiwibank is buying the investment management company of well-known businessman Gareth Morgan for an undisclosed price. The bank, which is government-owned through parent company NZ Post, announced the decision this morning and said Morgan himself will remain as a "member of the investment strategy team". Gareth Morgan Investments, (GMI), has $1.5 billion in funds under management, of which $650 million is KiwiSaver related, on behalf of more than 57,000 clients. Kiwibank, which launched in 2002, has around 800,000 customers and offers full personal and business banking services but is still smaller than the "big four" of ANZ-National, ASB, BNZ and Westpac. It already offers a KiwiSaver scheme that currently has 15,000 customers. The scheme is currently managed by AMP Capital, except for its Cash Fund, which is directly managed by Kiwibank.



An official committee is calling for tighter controls to stop violent offenders going home and killing their partners or children after coming out of jail. The new Family Violence Death Review Committee, which has conducted pilot reviews of three family homicides to test plans to review all such deaths in future, says the three cases have shown the importance of a systemic focus on victim safety when offenders with a history of family violence are released. A Corrections Department spokesman confirmed that the department was reviewing its procedures.




Family violence perpetrators, 2002-2008


Couple-related victims
Men 86 per cent
Women 14 per cent

男性 86%
女性 14%

Child victims
Men 60 per cent
Women 40 per cent


All perpetrators
Maori 34 per cent
European 30 per cent
Asian 11 per cent
Pacific 8 per cent
Other 2 per cent
Unknown 15 per cent

マオリ 34%
ヨーロピアン 30%
アジアン 11%
パシフィック 8%
その他 2%
国籍不明 15%


First they were covered in Rena's oil, now Bay of Plenty penguins are being attacked by dogs. There had been an increase in the number of sea birds being mauled by dogs on Bay beaches, Oropi Native Bird Rescue Haven manager Christine Jefferson said. The seven birds in her care had been attacked by dogs after they came to shore exhausted from swimming in the ocean. "After a day swimming these poor little things have got on to the beach and all they want is a rest before they go to their burrows. The dog sees this poor tired little thing that's just come out of the water and it's fair game,'' she said.



Insurers look likely to foot 80 per cent of the $20 billion price tag put on the Christchurch earthquakes, according to industry research. Global reinsurer Swiss Re says the New Zealand insurance industry will cover about 80 per cent of the overall cost of the February 22 quake and 81 per cent of the earlier September quake according to its internal database. That's significantly higher than similar coverage for seismic events, and shows New Zealand has one of the highest rates of earthquake insurance penetration.



New Zealand needs to do more to improve our workforce's literacy, numeracy and language skills if we are to achieve significant economic growth, according to business leaders. As is the case in many Western countries, low workforce literacy and numeracy skills are a pervasive problem, with around half of New Zealand adults aged 16 to 65 years not having all the skills they need to fully contribute to performance improvements in a changing environment.



New Zealand home sales climbed 20 per cent in the best December result since 2007, though sales are still at relatively subdued levels. The number of houses sold in December rose to 5316 from 4397 a year earlier, according to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. The number of houses sold was down 12 per cent from November. The median sale price achieved fell 3.4 per cent to $355,000 from a month earlier, and was up 0.9 per cent in December 2010. The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand said the Auckland market was strongest with its best sales in December since 2006 and the house price index for Auckland rising back to all-time highs.



The annual UN World Economic Situation and Prospects report forecast average economic growth of 2.6% in 2012 and 3.2% in 2013, assuming what it said were benign conditions in a "make-or-break year" for economic recovery. In the downside scenario, the European Union economy would contract by 1.6% in 2012, with Germany, France and Britain all sliding into recession. But the biggest loser from the downside scenario would be Russia, with a baseline forecast of 3.9% GDP growth in 2012 flipping to a 3.6% contraction, especially if oil prices were to fall just as the presidential election spurs new social and public spending. The report also forecast an increase in world trade of 4.4% in 2012 and 5.7% in 2013, compared with an estimated 6.6% increase in 2011.




The announcement that this Friday's Big Day Out will be the last one in New Zealand is not a stunt to boost ticket sales, says organiser Campbell Smith. Smith says they're genuinely sad about the decision to pull the plug on the long-running music festival after slow ticket sales. While social media tributes to the event continue to flow, some have speculated that announcing its end is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Speaking to radio station 95bFM this morning, Smith called the speculation bull***t. The decision to end the 18-year-old festival was made "quickly" in the space of a 30 minute meeting yesterday afternoon said Campbell, with Australian master-organiser Ken West and other staff present.



Christchurch City Council says it relied on expert advice back in the 1980s when it forced a design change to the Hotel Grand Chancellor. Engineers testifying at the Commission of Inquiry into the Canterbury earthquakes say the change meant the building was never strong enough to withstand big quakes. As experts carry out New Zealand's most difficult, expensive and longest demolition, they say it is all due to the failure of one wall. Structural engineer William Holmes told the inquiry the failure was caused by a heavily loaded and lightly reinforced wall. The council forced a design change to the wall in the 1980s to allow for a right of way which ran under part of the hotel and today the council was defending that decision.



The operator of New Zealand's only international internet cable has cut wholesale prices by 44 per cent as one of its potential competitors announced progress on a rival project. The Southern Cross Cable Network runs between Auckland, Sydney and the United States and transports all the internet traffic coming in and out of New Zealand. The company - which is half owned by Telecom New Zealand - said cable upgrades and lower costs had allowed it to almost halve what it charges internet companies for trafficking international data. But despite a sharp drop in wholesale prices, commentators say it could be a long time before these cuts flow through to consumers.



Ansvar - the main provider of insurance for churches - cancelled all policies at the end of last year and now some churches are facing premium rises of up to 100%, putting pressure on small churches, particularly. The senior minister at Palmerston North church St Albans' said the church's premiums had increased 100% from last year. "We were insured by Ansvar," Steve Jourdain said. Jourdain said premiums were assessed on the age of the building, how it measured up against building codes and its ability to withstand earthquakes. "I've heard of some churches having a 300% increase, but they are mainly in and around Christchurch or in vulnerable places." St Albans is about seven years old, so doesn't have the same issues.



The teen charged with sex assault on a five-year-old girl has pleaded guilty in court today. The 16-year-old male appeared in Taupo Youth Court in relation to an attack on a five-year-old tourist today. The teen pleaded guilty on three charges including one count of sexual violation, one count of sexual violation causing grievous bodily harm and entering the caravan with the intent to commit a crime. In a family group conference, including the accused, everyone agreed not to ask for youth court jurisidiction, meaning the 16-year-old will be sentenced in a district court. The Judge agrees that youth court should not be dealing with this case because the charges are so serious.



Police are on the hunt for two men who swiped diamond rings worth $233,000 from jewellery stores by distracting staff standing nearby. The Asian men are believed to have stolen the rings from two stores in central and south Auckland. The thefts happened on December 11. Police have released an image of the men in the hopes of identifying them and finding the rings. They chose a ring worth $33,000, gave a $200 deposit and asked if it could be put into a sealed box until they could return to pay the balance in two days. Staff at the store found such a ring at their Manukau store and, believing the men were legitimate "sales professionals", drove them to view the ring they wanted, worth $200,000. At the store the men paid a deposit of US$1000 for the ring and made arrangements to come back and pay the balance, again in two days. But they never came back and when staff reopened the box days later the ring was gone.

去年12月11日、オークランドのマヌカウのジュエリーショップ2店舗で総額$233,000の詐欺を働いたアジア人男性2人組が指名手配されています。明らかにされている手口は、高額のリングを選び、前金を支払い、2日以内に全額払うことを約束し、そのリングの箱を封印させる、という手法で、彼らは後日支払いに現れることはなく、店員が箱を開けるとリングが紛失していたようです。容疑者は同じ手口で、2店舗目で20万ドルの商品を騙し取ることに成功しています。被害にあった店舗で対応したスタッフによると、容疑者たちは本物の販売のプロだったと話しているようです。記事元にセキュリティカメラに写った容疑者が掲載されており、もし容疑者を目撃された方は、カウンティーズマヌカウ警察(Counties Manukau police on 09 261-1300)、または匿名でクライムストッパー(Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555-111)へ通報を。


The dog which bit a three-year-old boy in the throat in Ashburton this afternoon has been destroyed. The boy was taken by ambulance to Ashburton Hospital after the attack but was later transferred by helicopter to Christchurch Hospital. The boy is in a critical condition after being bitten by a family member's Doberman-Staffordshire-Pitbull cross while in a lounge at an Ashburton address. The boy was bitten on the throat and it is thought the dog was trying to get chocolate the boy was eating. The dog was picked up by Ashburton District Council and put down.



Kiwis could be asked to help fund a new royal yacht to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The backers of the national flagship will be seeking funds from corporate sponsors and individuals from Britain and the Commonwealth after government funding was ruled out, media reported. Prime Minister David Cameron and senior Conservatives have thrown their support behind the idea of a replacement for Britannia, which was decommissioned in 1997, the Daily Mail reported. Cameron's spokesman, Steve Field, said it would not be appropriate for public funds to be spent on a new yacht during times of economic hardship. But the government would be supportive of private efforts to fund the ship. The 80 million pound ($153.54m NZD), 600ft royal yacht would be among the largest sailing ships in the world.



Tonga claims it has been asked to return a large amount of New Zealand aid money after an independent auditor was unable to track it down. Around $300,000 dollars of aid money was reported missing in November. A month later the New Zealand Government announced an independent auditor had found no evidence of fraud, and the missing aid money was due to poor book-keeping. Tu'i'onetoa claims New Zealand has told Tonga to pay back the other half. "Your minister [Foreign Minister Murray McCully] has two faces - he has to face the New Zealand public but he also has to face Tonga," he said. In a statement McCully says some Tongan internal politics are at play and the money that is being returned to New Zealand is just unspent funding from the aid project.



Travel Guide Frommers.com has listed its best and worst airport terminals around the world. Wellington's Airport's 'The Rock' terminal comes in fourth best - ahead of the likes of JFK Airport's terminal 5 in New York, and Changi International Airport in Singapore. The worst in the world is JFK Airport's terminal 3. The controversial Rock terminal, once criticised as looking like two pumpkins, has now won 13 awards for the Airport.




1. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Hajj Terminal

2. Leifur Eriksson Air Terminal, Keflavik, Iceland

3. Seoul (South Korea) Incheon Airport

4. Wellington (New Zealand) "Rock" Terminal

5. New York JFK Airport Terminal 5

6. Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 3

7. Marrakech (Morocco) Menara Airport Terminal 1

8. Madrid (Spain) Barajas Terminal 4

9. Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay

10. Bilbao (Spain) Airport Main Terminal



1. New York JFK Airport Terminal 3

2. Manila (Philippines) Airport Terminal 1

3. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal B/C

5. Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 3

6. Amman (Jordan) Queen Alia Airport

7. New York LaGuardia Airport Terminal 5

8. Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport

9. Paris' Beauvais Airport

10. Chicago Midway Airport


A Canterbury mother is warning parents to seek pharmacist advice when buying sunscreen after her son received second-degree burns on his shoulders despite being coated in lotion. Jo Pattie, of Kirwee, said Angus, seven, had spent the past week crying in pain after his shoulders and back were blistered after about three hours in the sun. He was wearing a Cancer Society 30-plus sunscreen for delicate skin. It had an expiry date of 2012 and was reapplied after Angus had spent an hour in the sun.



Chief executive Dalton Kelly told TVNZ News at 8 that the society's sunscreen is made to meet New Zealand conditions and is monitored by the Therapeutic Goods Association. "We stand by it. Our sunscreen has been doing the job for many years," Kelly said, adding that it meets Australasian standards and thousands and thousands of tubes are sold. "Sunscreen is just one component and probably the biggest issue is that people don't put enough on."




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