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An elderly woman who was struck down by a bus at a pedestrian crossing says she's heard nothing from the bus company and would like an apology. Thelma Symons, 86, was heading into town on January 11. She was crossing at Bryce St, over Anglesea St outside the Hamilton Transit Centre about 9.40am when a bus turning left into Anglesea St, hit her, knocking her unconscious and breaking her wrist and elbow. "I looked up and I thought: am I dreaming?" she said. "You get a shock when you look up and you see this great big bus and these huge big tyres. I couldn't believe it." The view of the driver of the Naked Bus was obscured by a blind spot, she was told, but she has yet to hear from the bus company or receive an apology.



The hustle and bustle of a Chinese market will be recreated at Year of the Dragon celebrations today. Auckland's ASB Showgrounds has been transformed for the annual Chinese New Year Festival and Market Day. The event will include a grand opening from Prime Minister John Key, over 200 stalls, cultural dances, martial arts and games. Skycity Auckland will also be celebrating the Year of the Dragon. The Sky Tower will again be lit in the traditional colours of red and gold for the Chinese New Year period, from January 22 until February 6.



A whale stranding on Papamoa Beach today could be linked to the Rena. The stranding of four whales was attended by the Department of Conservation and Project Jonah - an organisation dedicated to protecting marine life. All four whales died on the beach. Project Jonah chief executive Kimberly Muncaster said it is important a necropsy - the animal version of an autopsy - is carried out.



Earlier today a thief stole an iPhone from a staff member at Manukau City shopping centre. The worker alerted police and went to the local Vodafone shop for assistance tracking the phone. The phone's location updates were sent on to the assigned police unit. Police soon located a vehicle and after a brief chase the offender was arrested and the phone was recovered - along with the stolen vehicle the offender was driving.



Julia Slater has spent nearly $500 this week getting her two daughters ready for primary school - and there will be a further $300 to pay in donations. "It's a bloody lot of money, isn't it?" says the Browns Bay woman, who recently moved with her family from Queenstown where the local school didn't have uniforms or such specific stationery requests. "I was thinking, 'My God', because we haven't saved up for it. "It's just coming out of our monthly budget, which is fast depleting. We struggle on one income." Olivia, 7, and Lauren, 5 will start at Sherwood Primary School on January 31 - the first day of the school year.



Labour is slashing its parliamentary staff numbers, after its poor election result sliced an estimated $700,000 off its funding. As part of the cost-cutting the number of press secretaries working for the 34 MPs has been cut from five to three; one fewer than the press team that works exclusively for Prime Minister John Key. There will also be likely job losses in other areas, but these are yet to be finalised, as Labour looks for savings to cover what is understood to be a 20 per cent fall in funding from $3.5m before the election to about $2.8m now. Chief press secretary Fran Mold will take on a broader role as head of media and communications, including correspondence.



Latest statistics show that of the 5700 poison exposures recorded by the National Poisons Centre, over half - 2990 cases - resulted from the children exploring their own environment. And more than 1000 of those involved substances around the household and a further 1187 involved unintentional poisoning from therapeutic or prescription drugs.


Be poison-proof


* Keep all chemicals and medicines out of sight and reach of children, preferably locked away.

* 薬品や薬を子供の手の届かないところ、見えないところに保管すること、カギができる場所が望ましい。

* Store poisonous substances in their original containers - never in food or drink containers.

* 毒性のあるものを入れ替えないこと - 決して食べ物や飲物の入れ物にいれて保管しないこと。

* At the chemist, ask for child-safety caps on all medicines.

* 家庭で保管しているすべての薬において、子供が空けられない構造になっているフタの購入を薬局で問い合わせること。

* Supervise children closely when visiting other people's homes - where poisons may not be stored out of reach or out of sight.

* 他人の家へ訪れたときに子供たちから目を離さないこと - 子供の手や目が届く場所に毒物があるかもしれない。

* If you suspect your child has swallowed poison, do not try to make them vomit or give them anything to eat or drink until you have obtained advice.

* もしあなたの子供が毒物を誤って飲んだと思われる場合、ちっかりとしたアドヴァイスが得られるまで、子供へ吐かせようとしたり、何かを食べさせたり、飲ませたりしないこと。

* Phone the New Zealand National Poisons Centre on 0800 POISON (0800-764-766) - this toll-free service operates 24 hours a day.

* (毒物について疑問があれば)ニュージーランドナショナルポイズンセンターの無料電話は 0800 POISON (0800-764-766)で、24時間対応。


Occupy Auckland's 99-day camp-out will be marked with a march in the city this morning. The 99th day holds special significance for the protestors, as they are promoting the rights of what they call "the 99%". The march will leave from Britomart at 11am. The Occupy movement pitched tents in Aotea Square on October 15, when members began a protest as part of a global movement demonstrating against corporate greed.



Cannabis plants estimated to be worth more than AU $7.5 million have been seized in a series of raids across northern NSW. Drug squad detectives raided more than 60 rural sites over the past five days, including at Kippenduff, Rappville, Clearfield, Busby Flat, Mummulgum, Bulldog, Drake, Nimbin, Blue Knob, Kyogle and Tabulam. They found and destroyed more than 3730 cannabis plants. The raids were part of an annual eradication program that NSW Police says has prevented cannabis worth almost AU $240 million from reaching the streets since the mid-1980s.

オーストラリアで、Kippenduff, Rappville, Clearfield, Busby Flat, Mummulgum, Bulldog, Drake, Nimbin, Blue Knob, Kyogle and Tabulam、を含む60の街を5日間で捜索し、およそAU$7.5ミリオンに相当する大麻が押収されたようです。この摘発は1980年代から毎年実施される薬物プログラムのひとつで、AU$240ミリオンに匹敵する大麻を押収している、とNSWの警察が述べています。


Police have closed down dozens of toy shops for selling Barbie dolls in Iran, part of a decades-long crackdown against "manifestations of Western culture,'' the semiofficial Mehr news agency reported Friday. Barbie dolls are sold wearing swimsuits and miniskirts in a society where women must wear headscarves in public, and men and women are not allowed to swim together. A ban on the sale of the Barbies, designed to look like young Western women, was imposed in the mid-1990s. In its latest report, Mehr quoted an unidentified police official as saying authorities confiscated the dolls from Tehran stores in a "new phase'' of the campaign. In 1996, a government-backed children's agency called Barbie a "Trojan horse,'' sneaking in Western influences such as makeup and revealing clothes. Authorities started confiscating the dolls from stores in 2002, denouncing what they called the toys' un-Islamic characteristics. The campaign was eventually dropped.



As a 30-year-old man walked to his car in the shopping centre near Parramatta he was stabbed in the stomach and battered to the ground by about 15 young Pacific Islanders. It was, police said, a random attack and robbery. But it spurred growing concerns that Islander street gangs are extending their violence and crime through the streets of major Australian cities. From Brisbane and the Gold Coast south to Melbourne and across to Perth, headlines have claimed Pacific Island gangs have become the nation's most dangerous.


Polynesian gangs in Australia


* Gangs of young Pacific Islanders are emerging as a violent threat in major cities, marked by turf wars, beatings, stabbings and property crimes.

* 若いパシフィックアイランダーのギャングは、縄張り争い、暴打による暴行、刃物による暴行、そして窃盗犯罪などにより、ほとんどの主要都市で台頭しつつある。


* But members are being recruited by serious crime groups for work such as drug mules and enforcers, and by outlaw motorcycle clubs such as Sydney's Notorious gang.

* しかし、メンバーはシドニーのノートリアスギャングなどの無法者のモーターサイクルクラブや、深刻な犯罪グループによって用心棒や薬物の運び屋などの仕事へ勧誘されている。

* Girl gangs are also starting to appear.

* 少女たちのギャングもまた台頭し始めている。

* Special task forces and social programmes have been set up to tackle a problem experts fear could become a major issue if not addressed.

* (看過され)主要な関心事になる恐れがある問題と取り組むために、スペシャルタスクフォースとソーシャルプログラムが用意されている。

* Much of the growth of gangs lies in factors such as high unemployment and low incomes, truancy, breakdowns in relationships with parents and extended family networks and problems in adjusting to unfamiliar social systems.

* ギャングの成長の背景には、高い失業率や低い収入、無断欠勤、両親や親類との関係の破綻、慣れない社会システムへの不適合の問題などがある。


Air New Zealand's long haul passenger numbers fell 5% last month as the ongoing squeeze in international travel weighs on the national carrier's global trade. The airline carried 173,000 long-haul passengers in the month of December, down from 182,000 a year earlier, with 3.8% fewer revenue passenger kilometers racked up at 1,619 million. Domestic travel buoyed total numbers, which were down 0.6% at 1.3 million. Domestic traffic crept up 0.3% to 833,000 passengers. Total revenue passenger kilometers fell 1.7% to 2,812 million, while capacity, or available seat kilometers, rose 0.4% to 3,330 million, and load factor decreased 1.9% points to 84.4%.



Kei Nishikori became the first Japanese man to advance to the last 16 of the Australian Open since tennis was declared open in 1968 when the 24th seed rallied for a four-set victory over France's Julien Benneteau on Saturday. Nishikori, who is seeded for the first time at a grand slam tournament, had taken an early lead in the match on show court three but was unable to prevent his 30-year-old opponent from sealing the first set.



Veteran boxing historian and promoter Sir Bob Jones reckons Sonny Bill Williams "can't box" and should be fighting as an amateur. But Williams' manager, Khoder Nasser, fired back, saying he's never heard of Sir Bob and wants to see his boxing "credentials". Williams is scheduled to fight Clarence Tillman III for the title at Claudelands Arena in Hamilton on February 8. Since launching his boxing career in 2009, the star All Black has fought, and beaten, four much lesser opponents, including 43-year-old gospel-singing sickness beneficiary Alipate Liava'a in June last year. "I'm afraid as a boxing historian I cannot take SBW seriously," he said.




With the Reserve Bank's main inflation-busting tool looking settled at 2.5 per cent for the medium term – a far cry from its heady pre-recession days of 8.25 per cent – it's leaving a trail of winners and losers in its wake. A low official cash rate means low interest rates, which is good news for borrowers but not so good for those with money in the bank. If you're trying to grow your nest-egg, the immediate future does not look so bright.




Cash: With below-inflation returns of around 3 per cent, "no-one" is doing cash at the moment, says Spicers financial adviser Jeff Matthews. After tax, term deposits probably don't beat inflation either.


Bonds: An option, but the small range of new bonds on offer aren't yielding particularly good returns, says wealth coach Martin Hawes. The risk is that investors can get stuck on a fixed interest rate that won't be good for them when inflation pressures rise.


Finance companies: Matthews never recommends anything without a credit rating. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


Shares: A lot of New Zealand companies pay quite high dividends - 6, 7 per cent - especially property firms, says Matthews. However, the capital you put in can fluctuate, and dividends can dry up unexpectedly.

株式:たくさんのニュージーランド企業は高い配当を支払っている - 6、7% - 特に不動産関連企業、マシュー氏は述べた。しかしながら、あなたが投資した資金は変動し、配当が予期せず滞ることもある。

Property trusts: Hawes says listed property trusts are one option worth recommending. "I wouldn't say sell the kids to buy it, but ... they are yielding 9 to 10 per cent which given the risk in them is a pretty good deal."

財産信託:ハウィズ氏は、指定された財産信託はひとつのオプションとして奨めるに値する。私は子供を売ってまでそれを買えと言っている訳ではないが、… リスクのあるそれらの利益は9から10%で、それはとても良い(金融)商品だ。

Property: If you rely on a steady income from investments, don't put all your eggs in one basket, warns Greg Moyle of New Zealand Financial Advisers. An unfortunate turn of events – natural disaster, leaky home, absent tenants – could cut that income off abruptly.

不動産:もし投資から堅調な利益に依存しているなら、すべてをひとつ(の不動産に)にまとめてしまわないことだ、ニュージーランドファイナンシャルアドヴァイザーのグレッグ・モイール氏は警告する。予期しない不幸な出来事 - 自然災害、水漏れ住宅、借りて不在 - それらによって収入が突然絶たれてしまうこともある。

Managed funds: A managed fund provides some mixture of the above. Someone else does all the work, and hopefully performs better than a monkey throwing darts. Moyle suggests that as you grow older you reduce the proportion in growth funds and increase the proportion in income.




Put the extra cash on your mortgage, the advisers say. "Probably 12 to 18 months ago there were one or two who wanted the cash for improved personal cashflow, but of late people are saying: `No, let's leave the money there and repay the debt quick as we can'," Mortgage Link Kapiti broker Derek Hughes says.




Celebrated physicist Sir Paul Callaghan has ended his experimental intravenous vitamin-C treatment for cancer, saying there is "absolutely no evidence" it worked. He is concerned that alternative medicine advocates are now using his "unusual experiment" to promote the controversial treatment in a misleading way. The New Zealander of the Year, who has terminal colon cancer, began receiving high-dose intravenous infusions of vitamin C in June last year, along with several alternative herbal remedies. The 64-year-old began the treatment during a six-month break from chemotherapy, tracking its effectiveness through a blood test for protein carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), which indicates cancer levels. Yesterday, he told The Dominion Post he had ended his experiment after analysing data from six months of blood test results. "I have, as a result, learned enough to say that there is absolutely no evidence of any beneficial effect of high-dose intravenous vitamin C in my case."



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