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Twenty-two of the 99 long-finned pilot whales stranded at Farewell Spit in Golden Bay today have died. The whales were seen milling close to the shore around lunchtime and grounded on a receding tide at the stranding site which is seven kilometres up the Spit. Around 50 Project Jonah volunteers and Department of Conservation staff are helping keep the stranded whales alive as night falls and efforts to save them are put on hold. "The failing light and a quickly rising tide make continuing our first aid action too dangerous," Project Jonah chief executive Kimberly Muncaster said. "We can only hope that some of the whales make it back to the ocean by themselves on the high tide at 11pm, and that those left on the beach in the morning are still alive and able to be refloated on the following high tide."



A magnitude 4.5 aftershock has shaken Christchurch residents awake this morning.
The jolt struck at 6.46am, and was centred off the coast of Waimiri Beach, 20km east of Belfast, at a depth of 12km. GNS Science reported the quake was "strongly felt" in Christchurch. People described the quake as "rolling" on Twitter.



Police have admitted there was a serious risk of explosion when a man wielding an LPG cylinder leaking flammable gas was pepper-sprayed, Tasered and shot by police. The drunk man allegedly advanced on police wielding the gas cylinder and a spade before being pepper-sprayed, Tasered and shot in the leg during a domestic violence call-out in Manurewa on Saturday. 



An investigation is underway into a plane crash in Feilding today that claimed the lives of two well known Manawatu men. The Russian-built two-seater Aerostar Yak aircraft crashed into the Timona Recreational Reserve just outside Feilding at about 10.45am. Police say they have confirmed that the aircraft had taken off from the nearby Taonui Aerodrome approximately 25 minutes before it crashed. Wreckage was scattered across the reserve and the bodies of the two men were trapped inside. It is believed they were two friends who are well known in Manawatu, on a private flight, police said.



New rules requiring residential building work needing a building consent to be carried out by a licensed building practitioner come into force in just over a month. A change in the Building Act 2004, to come into effect on March 1, means building work relating to the structure or moisture penetration of homes will be classified as restricted building work. Restricted building work can be carried out only by licensed building practitioners.



The native German was granted residency in 2010 under the "high-investment category", after putting $10 million into government bonds and making a large donation to the Christchurch earthquake fund. However Mr Peters said it is hard to understand how Mr Dotcom passed the "good character" requirements for New Zealand residency, given he had previous convictions. Mr Dotcom told the Herald on Sunday last year he was convicted for "hacking" under juvenile law and for insider trading because of ignorance about a share-trading law. Both convictions were more than 10 years ago and had been wiped by Germany's clean-slate law, he said. "The prime minister should order an immediate inquiry by a qualified person to see who was involved in this immigration scandal and ensure that it doesn't happen again," Mr Peters said. Mr Key defended the decision to allow Mr Dotcom into the country. "He had a clean slate because those convictions happened many years earlier under German law, so the New Zealand officials contacted the German police, they confirmed that I guess on the balance they decided to let him in without reference to the ministers," he told Newstalk ZB's Susan Wood. 

ウィンストン・ピーターズ氏がジョン・キー首相へ向けて、メガアップロードの創立者キム・ドットコム容疑者を、なぜニュージーランドに入国させ、投資家カテゴリーで永住権が与えられていたのか、政府が正式に調査するべきだと主張しています。彼によると、前科を持っている彼が、投資家カテゴリーに要求される"good character(良い人柄・人物)"においてなぜ却下されなかったのか、理解し難いと述べています。ジョン・キー首相によると、彼のドイツでの犯罪歴が遠い過去の話で、投資家カテゴリーで永住権を申請した時点ではまったく問題がない人物としてドイツ警察とともに確認をしていたため大臣への報告無しで入国させていた、と話しています。人生をやり直させるという観点からみると、ある一定の過去を問わない姿勢は理解できるものの、(基本的な)永住権の申請条件を満たしていないという、ピーターズ氏の主張もよく理解できます。このキム・ドットコム容疑者の件により、今後、永住権申請において審査が厳しくなる可能性はあるかもしれません。


Christchurch red zone homeowners will receive government funding for their hazardous household waste disposal. The Government will provide over half a million dollars from its Waste Minimisation Fund. Environment Minister Nick Smith says with more than 6,000 properties in the red zone, it's important that any hazardous household materials such as cleaning products, paint, LPG, and garden sprays are dealt with in a safe way. A free drop off service will be provided to residents.



The owner of a Christchurch building which collapsed killing four people in the February earthquake says he felt the building was not safe enough after the earlier September quake, and it wasn't allowed to be occupied. The unreinforced masonry Ruben Blades building on the corner of Lichfield and Manchester Streets killed four people including Kelsey Moore who was walking in the street with her five-week-old daughter. Their bodies were found beneath the rubble four days later. The facade of the building collapsed onto the footpath and road. Owen McKenna and Lisa Willems were crushed in their cars which were stopped at traffic lights by the building when it came down. The Canterbury Earthquake Royal Commission will also hear evidence this week on the fatal collapse of shops in Cashel Mall, as well as Iconic Bar and Joe's Garage, where staff were killed.



Thousands of older Christchurch residents are doomed to rent for life, says Hugh Pavletich, a city resident and Demographia's co-author. "The quake-damaged homes in the red zone have an average value of $295,000, based on the 2007 rateable value. How can these people afford to buy new houses on the fringes for about $450,000 when the median household income in the east is only about $45,000? The political authorities both locally and nationally have failed since September 2010 - some 17 months ago - to address this extremely serious issue," he said. "Christchurch is a low-income city. It must have affordable housing to survive. There is a desperate need for land release in this disaster-stricken city," Mr Pavletich said. "We can't get a recovery under way here while land prices are so high. If you're 60 and your mortgage eligibility has had it and you've got very little insurance, what are you going to do?" he asked.



Outspoken Christchurch city councillor Tim Carter wants council boss Tony Marryatt sacked, prompting Mayor Bob Parker to accuse Carter of playing "a destructive game". Carter slammed Marryatt yesterday for acting "as the 14th councillor" at the council table and asked the Government to replace him with a commissioner. In a statement to The Press, Carter said it was time for the Government to step in and appoint a commissioner willing to engage with the full council and the wider community in an open and transparent manner. Carter cited last week's decision by Marryatt and Parker to spend $80,000 on a communications review, without councillors' knowledge and without a competitive tender process, as an example of the decisions being made without scrutiny. "The chief executive acts politically as the 14th councillor, favouring some elected members rather than being accountable to all," he said. Carter also encouraged people to "turn up in large numbers" and be "vocal" at a protest organised for February 1 against Marryatt's $68,000 pay rise. A city council spokesman said Marryatt did not want to comment and referred all matters regarding his employment to Parker.



The eighth annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey looks at housing affordability in 325 urban markets in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong and New Zealand. A market is considered unaffordable where the median house price exceeds three times the gross annual median household income. New Zealand as a whole had a figure, known as the median multiple, of 5.4. Auckland had 6.4, Christchurch had 6.3, Tauranga-Western Bay of Plenty had 5.9, Dunedin 5.2, Wellington 5.1, Palmerston North 4.1, Napier-Hastings 4.8, and Hamilton 4.8. The survey described all of New Zealand's main centres as "severely unaffordable" and supports more relaxed land use planning rules than those prevailing in many of the cities it covers. The survey compared the 6.3 median multiple in Christchurch to the 3.3 in New Orleans, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. New Orleans had been better positioned for recovery by its less draconian land use regulations, the survey said.




"Yes, it is true,'' said an agency spokesman, without elaborating. The confirmation came after public broadcaster NHK said yesterday that the agency failed to record the exchanges and decision-making process in the meetings because officials were too busy. The Cabinet Office, in charge of keeping all public records, said it has told the agency to study what it can do to create a written record of the decision-making processes. "In the case of emergencies, it is legally permissible to create documents after the event. "We have asked the safety agency to consider what can be done,'' said a Cabinet Office official.



Kei Nishikori blazed a trail for Asian men's tennis in the modern era today when he became the first Japanese to reach the quarter-finals of the Australian Open in 80 years. Nishikori stunned French sixth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 2-6 6-2 6-1 3-6 6-3 to emulate countrymen Ryosuki Nunoi and Jiro Satoh, who made the last eight in 1932, and now faces Andy Murray for a place in the semi-finals. "Honestly there's a lot of good players in Asia and I am happy to get to the top from Asia," added the 24th seed. "A lot of people congratulate me," he added. "They always email me after the matches. Hopefully people, especially kids, (will) start playing tennis. "But first of all I have to play well and I have to give them good news. If that helps Japan, I'm really happy."



FileSonic, a website providing online data storage, has disabled its file sharing services following a US-led crackdown on a rival website and amid heated debate over Washington's attempts to clamp down on online piracy. New Zealand police and those in Europe have made a number of arrests in recent days related to an investigation led by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation of the Megaupload.com website. 



Auckland International Airport, the nation's largest gateway, has experienced record international travel demand for the week ended January 8. There were over 170,000 international arrivals or departures during the week, which is more than any other recorded week, even the peak periods experienced during the final stages of the Rugby World Cup 2011, said Judy Nicholl, general manager aeronautical operation in a statement. "This result indicates that despite some challenging economic conditions, more people than ever are willing and able to travel internationally to and from New Zealand."



New Zealand's internet watchdog is telling parents to warn their children about online dangers after TV ONE's Close Up tracked down men preying on a fictitious 14-year-old girl for sex. A Close Up reporter confronted men in parkland and other Auckland locations after they made sexually explicit comments to a fictitious 14-year-old in an online chatroom, and arranged to meet. A Close Up producer set himself up as a 14-year-old on a chatsite commonly used by young people. Men were quick to make contact, with sexually explicit suggestions and requests. Executive director of Netsafe Martin Crocker told Close Up everybody should be concerned and worried about the risks online. "If our children go on the internet then they are potentially going to be exposed to these sorts of people," he said. "That's the case for all children and they all go on the internet. So they're all going going to be exposed.



A man who parked in a clearly marked towaway zone has fought the $230 charge he incurred after being towed - and has won. Dan Dwyer, a lawyer, saw the warning signs when he pulled into an empty parking lot on Dominion Rd but figured he'd take the risk given it was 9pm and he was ducking into a video store for just a few minutes. "In my Disputes Tribunal application I argued that the $230 cost in no way accurately reflected the actual cost of towing the few kilometres from Mt Eden to Grey Lynn." The day before the case was due to be heard, the towing company offered his money back, which he happily accepted. Mr Dwyer is now speaking out to warn others that there is an alternative to paying expensive towing fees.



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