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Auckland power couple Mike Hosking and Kate Hawkesby are reportedly planning to marry this weekend. Hosking, a breakfast host on Newstalk ZB, is set to marry Hawkesby at her father John Hawkesby's Waiheke Island home, according to Fairfax Media reports. But details on wedding are scarce thanks to a confidential deal with a local woman's magazine, believed to be Woman's Day. The couple - dubbed 'Mikate' by New Zealand's media - announced their engagement in Woman's Weekly in July, 2010, in a deal reported to be worth $50,000.



A Mt Roskill teenager has been charged with rape over a vicious daylight attack on a woman at an Auckland school. The 27-year-old woman was left traumatised and unable to speak after the assault at Mt Roskill Intermediate on Tuesday last week. Police this afternoon said a 17-year-old man had been been arrested over the attack. At the time, Inspector Gary Allcock said her injuries were "serious'' and counted it among the worst he had seen in 28 years of policing.



A 13-year-old girl has been caught driving a stolen car with five others along for the ride, say Hamilton police. Acting Senior Sergeant Phil Ruddell of the Hamilton Strategic Unit, said a night full of "concerning" incidents and arrests began when officers noticed a car driving erratically about 10pm yesterday. "On pulling it over [police] discovered a 13-year-old girl behind the wheel of a stolen car with four other juveniles and a 19-year-old aboard."



Bold plans to extend Auckland's port 250m into the Waitemata Harbour are going through the Auckland Council for formal approval without a full public debate. Ports of Auckland is asking councillors to "lock in place" a coastal zone allowing it to expand its waterfront operations from 77ha to 95ha by 2055. That's the equivalent of adding two Victoria Parks to its space, which is already about the size of the Auckland Domain.



About 20 people have been arrested this morning during a council operation to evict the last of Occupy Auckland protestors in the city's Aotea Square. Up to sixty police officers and scores of security staff arrived at the site around 7am, with at least six police wagons and two removal trucks. Most of the dozen or so protestors who had been left in the Square had decided to pack up voluntarily.



Despite moves to calm tempers, anger is mounting among Christchurch residents over the council chief executive's pay-packet. A hefty raise for Tony Marryatt, who scooped a 14.4% pay rise, has sparked public protests and anger among councillors. Marryatt's $68,000 pay rise was announced on December 18, taking his remuneration from $470,400 to $538,529 a year, effective from July 1, 2011. Christchurch City Mayor Bob Parker told TV ONE's Breakfast yesterday that he and the council does need to accept blame and accountability for allowing Marryatt's pay rise. Peter Lynch from protest group No Pay Rise for Tony Marryatt said even if Marryatt decides to turn the pay rise down now it will not be enough. "His pay rise really was just a catalyst for this protest. We have a huge problem within the council. There's a vote of no trust among the ratepayers now."

この記事を読んでいるとき、TVONEのクロースアップでクライストチャーチ市長のボブ・パーカー氏がこの件について弁護していました。彼がいわんとしていることは理解できますが、現状のクライストチャーチを考える限り(カウンシルが責任を負うインフラはまだ完全復旧していない。また震災で亡くなった方の埋葬でもトラブルを起こしていた、等々)、この昇給に正当性を見出すことは難しいにも関わらず、彼はトニー・マリエット氏の昇給は彼の働きを考えると妥当だと答えています。どんな働きをしていたのか定かではないですが、震災被害著しいときに不在になっていた彼を、カウンシルのトップとして、市民が望んでいるとはとうてい思えません。同じクロースアップでこの件でジョン・キー首相が述べたコメントのほうがまだ適当で、政府として、税金をどのように使っているのか今回の件で慎重になっており、トニー・マリエット氏がそれについて良い判断を下せるだろう、と述べていました。ちなみに、ボブ・パーカー市長の主張よりも、反論していたマイク・コールマン氏(Mike Coleman)の発言にもっと耳を傾けるべきで、彼が述べた、クライストチャーチの民主主義が崩壊している、という点は忘れてはならない言葉だと思います(これを観ていて、ロシアの赤い貴族を思い出しました)。トニー・マリエット氏がその昇給を受けるかどうか、明日、明らかにされるようです。


All 33 remaining stranded pilot whales have been euthanised after restranding again overnight in Golden Bay. The whales were part of a pod of 99 that beached in the Farewell Spit area of Golden Bay around midday on Monday. Department of Conservation area manager John Mason said the remaining whales were shot in the head with a high calibre rifle shortly after the decision to put them down at 8:15am. They were showing showing "significant" signs of physical deterioration and stress, with many bleeding and blistering in the morning sun. "There are always people who say you should to more and you should be trying again - but you have to look at the bigger picture. "We don't believe anything more could be achieved." The decision to end the volunteer mission means 82 whales have died as a result of the mass stranding.



A 15-month-old Whangarei girl is nursing 19 stitches to her face after being bitten by her uncle's dog. The girl was playing with the dog at her uncle's Raumanga home on Tuesday evening. Acting Sergeant Geoff Bigwood said the girl was playing with a pen on the floor when the dog grabbed her by the face and bit her, causing a serious injury. She was taken to Whangarei Hospital where she received 19 stitches to her right cheek. She was discharged the same night and is now recovering at her Whangarei home. Whangarei District Council spokeswoman Rachel Pascoe said the dog's owners were co-operative and it was likely the dog would be surrendered and destroyed.



Diesel prices are falling, with BP cutting the price at the pump by 5 cents a litre. Its price at the pump for a litre of regular diesel is $1.529 a litre, with its ultimate grade costing 1c a litre more. Petrol prices remain unchanged, with a litre of 91 octane petrol costing $2.119 at most stations across the country. Figures from the Ministry of Economic Development this week showed the gross margins on diesel in New Zealand were at their highest level in months.



A $1.1 million upgrade of a busy Auckland road has been delayed because of the discovery of carcinogenic tar dust at the construction site - right beside the Child Cancer Foundation and Starship Hospital. And Auckland Transport has come under fire for failing to alert neighbours to the possible inhalation of toxic particles from the road works on Grafton Rd. Asphalt containing more than 150mg/kg of coal tar is deemed hazardous waste in Europe. Yet it can be found in quantities of up to 7000mg in New Zealand and most streets built before 1970 - those which have not been reconstructed - are likely to contain coal tar below the surface.



A 5.7 magnitude earthquake has been felt in the lower South Island. The quake struck at 7.02pm and was 15km deep. It was centred 230km west of Invercargill and 400km west of Dunedin. The quake has been felt in Gore, Invercargill and Riverton, according to felt reports on the GeoNet website.



Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard held the official cash rate at 2.5 per cent, saying international financial markets are still threatening to push up local bank funding costs, and New Zealand's economic recovery may be constrained by delays to the Christchurch rebuild. "Given ongoing uncertainty around global conditions and the moderate pace of domestic demand, it remains prudent to keep the OCR on hold," Bollard said in a statement. The international climate has "improved slightly" but the global economy is still "fragile and risks to the outlook remain," he said.



"We cannot say we are not going to accept a bid because someone is Chinese. We can say it's because they don't meet certain regulations and conditions in the Overseas Investment Act but we can't say it's because they're Chinese. "We always have the power to disagree with the Overseas Investment Office but we couldn't disagree because we don't like the ethnicity of a buyer. We'd have to say it doesn't meet these regulations or these terms." There was "a degree of subjectivity" in the tests but it was "for the most part, pretty clear cut". He said foreign ownership of farms was running at less than one per cent. "If we saw a significant buy up of New Zealand farms then the Government's response would likely be to further toughen the regulations or the Overseas Investment Act. But at this point, we're not really seeing that."



Disappointment looms for A-listers and crank callers alike as Prime Minister John Key changes his cellphone number after it became public on the internet through the unauthorised publication of the so-called "teapot tapes." However, a previous experience of having his cellphone number become widely available meant he would have to change a number that is a prized asset by would-be influencers of all stripes, and a magnet for disaffected citizens looking for a way to get a message to the top.



The Government is still on track to get back into surplus in 2014/15 but it would push out the date if the global economy went into meltdown, Prime Minister John Key indicated today. The upcoming Budget Policy Statement in February will forecast a surplus in the range of $300 to $500 million, he said. 


Mr Key outlined the Government's four main priorities this term:


- The first was to responsibly manage the Government's finances.

- 1番目は財政を責任を持って管理すること

- The second was to build a more competitive and productive economy.

- 2番目は競争力があり生産的な経済を築くこと

- Third was to deliver better public services to New Zealanders within a tight budget.

- 3番目は逼迫した予算で人々へより良い公共サービスを提供すること

- Fourth was to rebuild Christchurch.

- 4番目はクライストチャーチの復興


Reporters Without Borders has named "crackdown" the word of 2011 in an assessment of global media freedom during a year in which journalists covering sweeping protests were tested as never before. The Paris-based press freedom watchdog said that the wave of uprisings in the Middle East, the Occupy movement in the West and continued protests in China gave journalists an unprecedented role in advancing democracy. But they also were often targeted by governments trying to quash dissent.



Apple shares have soared following blockbuster quarterly earnings and the California gadget-maker leapfrogged over ExxonMobil to become the largest US company in terms of market value. Apple shares were up 6.37 per cent at $US447.20 in mid-day trading on Wall Street, giving the maker of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh computer a market capitalisation of $414.52 billion. ExxonMobil shares were down 0.92 per cent at $86.38. The oil giant's market cap - the number of shares outstanding multiplied by the stock price - stood at $411.45 billion.



Online file-storage service Megaupload.com was working on a legitimate music download service as recently as December that impressed the chief executive of New Zealand internet society InternetNZ. 



Hot pink sheep grazing the countryside north of Auckland are making headlines across the world. "Some days I'll be sitting in the cafe and I'll see people stop outside the gate and take photos. Sometimes they don't even come in," said manager Lois Grant. "So with all of those tourists, I guess it's not surprising the photos would be spread across the world." The 60-strong flock are regularly dyed, depending on how much rain the region has - the dye washes off in the rain.



Going up? A bulldog had a reason to howl after his distracted owner - holding the leash - walked into an elevator and closed the doors, leaving the pooch on the other side. Video footage posted on YouTube shows the man in a Chicago apartment building get into the elevator and press the button to his floor.



Auckland's population will be pushed over 1.5 million next week, Statistics New Zealand says. "The 1.5 millionth person could be a migrant coming from overseas or from within New Zealand but it is most likely to be a new baby," population statistics manager Andrea Blackburn said. "That's because births add more than net migration to Auckland's population growth." Auckland had dominated the nation's population growth for the past 60 years and was most likely to hit the 1.5 million mark on February 1, Ms Blackburn said. It had taken 35 years to jump from 500,000 to 1,000,000 but only 16 years to reach 1.5 million - and account for 34 per cent of New Zealand's population.



Most young women eat takeaway dinners at least once a week, prompting calls for them to cook more meals at home. Fifty-nine per cent of young women ate a takeaway dinner in the week prior to a Newspoll survey for the Dietitians Association of Australia. And 11 per cent of women surveyed said they had eaten a takeaway three times that week. Despite this, 76 per cent ranked themselves as good or very good at preparing a healthy meal. Dietitian Clare Collins urged young women to cook at home more often.



While costs of living are increasing in New Zealand and wages are not increasing to match, Australians are enjoying longer lives and lower unemployment. New Zealand has higher unemployment levels than Australia, with 5.3 percent of the working population unemployed in Australia compared to 6.8 percent in New Zealand. People are also living longer in the Lucky Country. The male life expectancy at birth in New Zealand is 78.8, compared to 79.4 across the Tasman, while the female life expectancy at birth here is 82.7, compared to 84.4 in Australia. Australia's GDP per capita is higher, at US$54,000 compared to US$31,000 in New Zealand. The Consumer Price Index is higher in New Zealand, at 5.3 percent compared to 3.6 percent. Food prices in New Zealand have skyrocketed in the past five years, with the biggest increases in the price of cheese (51.3 percent), bread (40.9 percent increase), and fruit (30 percent increase). Meanwhile New Zealanders' average weekly earnings have increased from $738 in 2006, to $898 last year.




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