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The discovery of a woman's body in the swimming pool of an elegant apartment complex has alarmed water safety campaigners and invigorated work programmes to prevent more fatalities. Neighbours found the body yesterday morning - she is believed to have spent the previous evening drinking by the pool with friends. If the coroner confirms her death was by drowning, it will be the 21st such death since the summer holiday season began on Christmas Eve. The woman, believed to be in her 50s, is a resident at Marino Gardens, a heritage-protected apartment building just off Mt Eden Rd. A police crime squad closed off the apartment complex and questioned residents but, after several hours, Detective Senior Sergeant Hywel Jones said there appeared to be no suspicious circumstances.



Wanganui 'h' campaigners are upset at delays in getting the polarising letter officially included in the town's name. After a long debate, the government decided two years ago the town could be spelt either Wanganui or Whanganui. But it is still not official, because the necessary law changes haven't gone through, leaving those who pushed for the change frustrated.

北島南部にあるワンガヌイの英語表記について2年前に長い議論の末、Wanganui と Whanganui のどちらかを使っても構わないという結論に達しましたが、オフィシャルとして推奨されるべき Whanganui(wのあとにhがつけられる)があまり使用されていないことが明らかになっています。法律で強制しないと無理かもしれません。


The top of the South Island has been shaken by a 4.5 earthquake, which struck shortly before midday. The quake has been felt along the West Coast, including Westport, Greymouth and Hokitika, according to felt reports on the GeoNet website, as well as in Nelson and Hammer Springs. The quake was centred in the middle of the island, 30 km south-east of Murchison and 100 km south of Nelson. It had a depth of nine kilometres.



A tramper has died while walking the Milford Track in Fiordland. Police say the Japanese national appeared to have suffered a heart attack after falling. Senior Sergeant Dave Raynes of Invercargill police says the 63-year-old was tramping alone. Dave Raynes says arrangements are being made to have the body winched out by helicopter as it is in an awkward part of the track.



Actress Demi Moore suffered convulsions and seemed only semi-conscious after smoking an undisclosed substance before being rushed to hospital earlier this week, according to the tape of a medical emergency call released today. "She smoked something, it's not marijuana but it is similar to incense. She seems to be having convulsions of some sort," a female friend of Moore told emergency services when calling for an ambulance on Monday (Tuesday morning NZT). "She has been having some issues. I don't know what she has been taking," another woman at Moore's house that night told the 911 dispatcher.



The island state is holding out against the imports despite a World Trade Ruling rejecting Australia's 90-year ban on Kiwi apples, and Biosecurity Australia's final approval last August. Australian growers fought hard to prevent the trade because of fears of allowing the devastating fire blight disease into their orchards. Tasmania has refused to accept the WTO ruling. Key, who is in Melbourne for talks with counterpart Julia Gillard and a joint meeting of the transtasman cabinets, said Australia had accepted the ruling and it was a matter for it to ensure it ultimately held Tasmania to account. "Tasmania in the past in other rulings has been quite slow," he said. "They are a pretty small market but we'll leave that to the Australians."



In the six months since her family moved here from Britain, Lisa Welbourne has done a lot of shopping around. Gobsmacked at the price of basic foods, she has visited a lot of Auckland supermarkets and greengrocers in pursuit of lower prices, in pursuit of food she can afford. She finds it cheaper to buy at smaller fruit and vegetable shops - but that means more fuel costs. Her friends back home can't believe it when she tells them the price of food in New Zealand. "Nice bread is four times the price," she says. "I told them a loaf of bread was £1 [$1.90] and they said, 'You're joking' ... They can't understand. When I see the average wage in New Zealand I wonder how some people are surviving." Lisa and her husband Max moved here with their 2-year-old son just six months ago and they were immediately scandalised by the prices. "I always compare prices online and you can get things for half the price or a third of the price overseas that you get here."



LAST YEAR, Jemma Barrett was one of the thousands of Kiwis to join the exodus to Australia. Now, she's earning $6.50 an hour more, and paying $50 a week less for food. She can't get over how much cheaper her grocery bill is across the ditch. "It's insane how different it is." She thinks New Zealand shoppers get an unfair deal. "Bacon and bread is cheap in Australia. I know people in New Zealand are getting ripped off." Compare that with Jill Stanford, who has migrated from South Africa to New Zealand. She had to change her spending habits, she says, after discovering that staples such as bread, eggs, and milk can cost twice as much here. She says red meat like lamb costs about 10 per cent more. American travel blogger Alastair Bland is cycling around New Zealand this month. He noticed the high prices as soon as he left the airport - and he's been telling the world through his blog at the Smithsonian magazine. "At the large national grocery chains, basic vegetables and fruits seem to be two to four times the price of the same produce in America," he says.




Peter Whittall was the boss of the West Coast mine when a series of explosions killed 29 men in November 2010. He is facing 12 Department of Labour charges in relation to the disaster. Mr Whittall has now registered Peter Whittall & Associates with the Companies Office. It mentions he worked at Pike River Coal for nearly seven years but doesn't make mention of the disaster. Spokesperson for the Pike River victims' families, Bernie Monk, said he wished Whittall had waited until after the Commission of Inquiry into the disaster before setting up a safety business. Mr Monk said Mr Whittall promised to get the men out but left them over a year ago. He said it was a very damning point and the families were hurt by it.



A young hockey star is "cut up" after Jaime Ridge dumped him for Sonny Bill Williams. Under 21 New Zealand rep Dwayne Rowsell had been dating Jaime for several months until she took up with SBW. His father Bert Rowsell said Dwayne was upset about the split but admitted: "There is not a girl in the country that wouldn't go for Sonny Bill Williams." Northlander Bert said: "He is just a country kid that likes his sport, he is only 20, a young fella. "He is pretty cut up at this stage. There is probably not a girl in the country that wouldn't go for Sonny Bill. But things change, for right or wrong. You just hope people won't get upset along the way." Bert said Jaime had stayed with their family over Christmas at the family home in Whangarei. "She came up here and is a lovely young kid, a wonderful kid. She cooked some beautiful food, we went out boating, she fitted in like a daughter." They had been seeing each other for a few months. "I wish her well and hope it works out well for her."



A six month data sharing trial is to be carried out by the New Zealand, Australian and Queensland governments to ensure people's criminal backgrounds are revealed. The trial was announced by Prime Minister John Key who is in Australia for talks. Pressure from Australia for data sharing between the two governments arose following the case of Joel Morehu-Barlow, charged with a $21.5 million fraud in Queensland, and who had a criminal history in New Zealand. Key says that a lot of data is already shared but the new measures will go one step further. He said New Zealand laws need to reflect that there is effectively an Australasian employment market.

オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、そしてクイーンズランド政府との間で6ヶ月間、犯罪者記録の共有の運用を試すことが公表されました。訴追されているクイーンズランドで$21.5ミリオンの詐欺を働いた男性(Joel Morehu-Barlow)がニュージーランドで犯罪歴を持っていたことから、犯罪履歴や関連情報の共有を求めるオーストラリアからの圧力により実現した案件のようです。ジョン・キー首相によると、すでに多くのデータを共有しているが、今回の同意では、さらなる犯罪に関する情報の共有を目指したものだと述べています。また彼は、オーストラリアの雇用市場に効果的に反映するため、ニュージーランドの法律の見直しも必要だと述べています。


The brains behind Kiwi machine Jetblack have started a series of complex simulations as they aim to break the 1228km/h land speed record set more than a decade ago in Nevada. The colossal speeds Jetblack would reach present major physical and safety challenges. "Modern software allows [us] to simulate the entire vehicle and all its systems from top to bottom throughout the design process. This allows us to understand how the vehicle will behave and answer 'what-if' questions that would be far too risky to simulate in reality," project director Richard Nowland, a Wellington property developer, said.



The Hamilton woman is one of a growing number of Kiwi women, including a Northland midwife, who eat their placenta. The demand for the more palatable pill option has prompted Ashburton mum Kirsty Ren to start her own placenta pill-making business. Ren took the pills after giving birth to her youngest child and said they increased milk production, boosted energy and helped prevent post-natal depression. "All mammals eat their placenta. We're the only ones who don't." Ren couldn't face eating the placenta raw, but Exelby said it was not as bad as it sounded. "It didn't smell and I never tasted it. It just looked like a piece of raw steak. I'd do it again." - HOW IT WORKS - The placenta is sent by overnight courier in an ice-pack-filled chilly bin to Ashburton woman Kirsty Ren, who cuts it into thin slices and dehydrates it. Later, she grinds it into a powder and puts it into vegetarian capsules with brewer's yeast, which is said to help with milk production. Some customers ask for other ingredients to be added, such as spirulina. Most placentas produce between 100 and 200 pills. Fresh placentas produce more pills than frozen ones.

自分のプラセンタ、胎盤を食べる女性がニュージーランドで増えており、あるアシュバートンの母親は胎盤をピル(またはカプセル)にして販売するビジネスを始めているようです。最近出産を経験した女性によると、胎盤を食べることにより、乳の出がよくなり、エネルギーを活性化させ、出産前に経験していた鬱の発症を防ぐ働きがあると述べ、すべての哺乳類は自分たちの胎盤を食べており、食べないのは人類だけだ、と述べています。胎盤のピルの作り方の一例は、氷が詰められた保冷ボックスに胎盤を入れ、翌日に到着する宅配便を利用し、アシュバートンのカースティへ送付。彼女は、それを薄くスライスし脱水・乾燥させ、それを磨り潰し粉にしたあと、乳の出がよくなると言われているビールの醸造に使用されているイーストと共に製造された植物性のカプセルに粉になった胎盤を詰める、という方法で、顧客によっては、スピルリーナなどの栄養価の高い他の材料をカプセルに混入させたりする要望もあるようです。多くの胎盤は100から200ほどのピルを製造でき、新鮮な胎盤は冷凍保存された胎盤よりも、より多くのピルを作ることができる、と述べています。”Encapsulation Placenta”のキーワードでグーグルで検索すると、このピルの情報が見つかります。興味のある方はぜひ。


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