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A baby girl born overnight has pushed Auckland's population to 1.5 million. Ramonah Patience Toomalatai was born just after midnight in Middlemore Hospital to proud parents Sulia and Tutasi Toomalatai. Glyn Jones, from Auckland Mayor Len Brown's office, said she was four days overdue and weighs 4.36kgs (9 pounds 9 ounces). "Ramonah may have been four days overdue but she was right on time to reach this significant milestone for Auckland," says Brown. The Toomalatai family live in Panmure and Ramonah joins her sister Janelia, 6, and brother Patrick, 4. Both her parents are Samoan born; her mother Sulia grew up in Tauranga and her father Tutasi moved to New Zealand eight years ago.

ニュージーランド統計局が予告したとおり、今日、オークランドの人口が1.5ミリオンを超えました。1.5ミリオン番目のオークランダーはミドルモアホスピタルで誕生した女の子で、名前は Ramonah Patience Toomalatai ちゃんです。彼女は6歳の姉、4歳の兄、3人兄弟の次女で、家族はパンミュレに住み、両親はサモア出身で、母親がタウランガで育ち、彼女の父親は8年前にニュージーランドに来たようです。ちなみに、1.5ミリオン番目の人物を”新生児で移民”と予想していた人口統計局は正しかったようです。


Salvors are continuing to remove containers from the Rena today, after a successful effort yesterday lifting three containers and four packets of wood off the vessel. The focus today is on recovering containers and debris from the forward section of the Rena. Engineers are on board the ship assessing options for different lifting systems. A total of 463 containers have now been recovered from the Rena and discharged at the port. Another 65 have been recovered from the sea and local beaches.



Major job losses have been confirmed in a restructure of the Ministry of Maori Development, Te Puni Kokiri. Up to 50 staff are set to lose their jobs and it's feared the redundancies announced today are just the start of a planned overhaul of the Government's Maori agency. The restructure has been well signalled and was part of the Maori Party's coalition deal with National. The Maori Party hinted the 20-year-old department may not be providing "value for money". Te Puni Kokiri employs 336 full time equivalent staff and controls $61 million of Government money. But Hone Harawira says Maori Party support for the restructure is "unbelievable".



Mana Party leader Hone Harawira is making a bold claim that the Treaty of Waitangi can be used to stop state owned asset sales and is calling on Maori to reject the necessary law change at a series of Government-organised Hui. The Government has planned a series of hui to consult with Maori on legislative changes it considers necessary in order to float the minority shareholdings of four State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). "Section 9 of the State Owned Enterprises Act says that the Crown must not act in a manner inconsistent with the Treaty. And to sell off assets that Maori still have claim over is inconsistent with the Treaty," Harawira told TV ONE's Breakfast. Harawira said the majority of Kiwis are opposed to the sale of state assets. "The Treaty is stopping the Government from flogging off the nation's assets, so they're gonna throw the Treaty out," claims Harawira. "So I'm urging Maori to get along to these hui to defend the Treaty, oppose the sale of state assets, and join the fight to ensure that no more of our lands and resources are lost to overseas interests."



The Manawatu Gorge will be closed for at least five more months. The New Zealand Transport Agency announced today that the main route between Manawatu and Hawke's Bay would stay shut because of the amount of slip debris that needs securing and clearing. "We believe this is the largest slip ever to occur in New Zealand. We certainly can't find anything comparable ... It is a very complex slip and the challenge comes from the size of it and the environment we are having to work in. We are up against mother nature, this is what she has thrown at us."



Cereal maker Sanitarium has indefinitely suspended Weet-Bix manufacturing operations at its Christchurch factory as a result of damage the facility sustained in the February 22 earthquake. General manager Pierre van Heerden said 36 staff at the plant had been offered redundancies as the result of the closure. More than 60 staff were sent home on full pay late last year when manufacturing was suspended, and since then the company has been running its Auckland plant overtime to supply the South Island with Weet-Bix.



Waihi sub-area supervisor Senior Sergeant Rex Knight, said officers were "genuinely shocked" to receive a complaint that the town's War Memorial Hall had been broken into and food for a funeral had been stolen. "A caterer had been working like a Trojan preparing food for the funeral of a local stalwart who had been secretary of the Waihi Marae for several years," Mr Knight said. "With a large gathering expected the caterer had been storing the food in fridges overnight in preparation for the funeral which was held yesterday morning."



Four young German tourists' trip to New Zealand has been ruined after their campervan was broken into and all their clothes and two passports were stolen. The four, all from a town near Munich, met in Sydney while they were all working as au pairs. "After we all finished our jobs, we decided to come to New Zealand for a month because none of us have ever been," Miss Tontsch said. On January 18, the women parked their campervan on High St about 11pm for a toilet-stop and to get something to eat at McDonald's. Miss Tontsch said they were away from their vehicle for 30 minutes at the most, but when they got back they found one of the windows had been smashed. "We said, 'Okay, it's just the window'. But then we thought, 'Oh, no. All our backpacks and all of our clothes and shoes are gone too. There was almost nothing left," she said. The women also called the police, but were told nothing could be done.

シドニーでオーペアの仕事をしたあと、ニュージーランドに旅行に来たドイツ人女性4人組のヴァンが盗難被害にあったようです。日時は1月18日で、場所はハイストリート(High St)、夜11時にトイレ休憩のために停めたわずか30分ほどの間に車内は荒らされ、パスポート2つを含む、持ち物のほとんどが盗まれていたようです。なお、警察に届けたところ、何もできないと言われたようです。もしこれからオークランドへ旅行を予定している方は、なるべく人通りのないところに車を停めないよう、くれぐれも注意を。


Waikato University researcher Natalie Jackson and research scholarship student Dave Greenslade collected the information from Statistics New Zealand figures. And they say the figures are part of a worsening decline as the older generation dies off and young people leave. They're still assessing the data, and each area tends to have different characteristics, but these districts have a significant deficit of young adults. They're still assessing the data, and each area tends to have different characteristics, but these districts have a significant deficit of young adults. "Young women in particular are moving away and not coming back. So not only do you lose them, but you don't get the children they may have," Greenslade said.


Districts with stagnant or declining populations:


Chatham Islands














South Taranaki


South Waikato














The kiwi dollar rose as high as 63.20 euro cents, the highest since the common currency was issued in 2002, from 62.41 cents late yesterday. It rose to as high as 82.99 US cents, the highest since September, from 82.30 cents yesterday and recently traded at 82.49 cents.



While the offer of a 'free' smartphone on a mobile contract is extremely appealing, it may come as a surprise to know that such phones are not free at all. Many people are thrilled about the idea of getting a new phone as part of a deal on a two-year contract. But the cost of that phone is actually factored into the overall contract price, the head of a major telecommunications association told TV ONE's Breakfast today. "It is in effect a hire purchase," said Paul Brislen, Chief Executive of the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand.



Christmas hamper company Chrisco has been fined $175,000 for misleading customers. Between 2008 and 2010, Chrisco had a cancellation policy where customers were charged 20% of payments already made if they cancelled up to 90 days prior to the final payment date. If they cancelled within 90 days of the final payment date, that fee was increased to 50% of payments already made. Following an investigation by the Commerce Commission, Chrisco pleaded guilty to 10 charges under the Fair Trading Act.



A man's target practice in his Sydney back yard took a turn for the worse when an arrow shot from his high-powered bow hit a passerby in the throat, police say. The 24-year-old victim was coming back from a walk in northwestern Macquarie Park last night when the arrow hit him and penetrated his throat. Police later arrested a 23-year-old Epping man from a nearby home, and seized a compound bow and several arrows."They are used mainly for hunting but they do also use them in archery contests. "My understanding is that they can be lethal up to 300 or 400 metres." The man's injury wasn't life-threatening but he was being kept in hospital for 48 hours for observation, Supt Marcon said.



Cameron, who directed the blockbuster hits Titanic and Avatar, is expected to begin making the sequel to Avatar at Weta Digital in Wellington later this year. The director and his family say they intend to live at the farm which will continue as a working operation. One of the farms Cameron bought includes Lake Pounui, which the Bayleys real estate website describes as "possibly the finest privately owned natural lake in the country". The properties, measuring more than 1000 hectares, are along Western Lake Rd in south Wairarapa.



"I would like them both to sign up to a stronger safety net for Italy," Schmieding said. Jobless rates in Italy and Spain, both struggling to persuade markets they can manage their debts against the backdrop of stagnating economies, have risen to multi-year highs. Joblessness in Italy rose to 8.9%, its highest since current records began in 2004, the country's statistics institute said on Tuesday - a figure dwarfed by the 17-year high of 22.85 percent with which Spain ended the year German unemployment, by contrast, fell a tenth of average point in January from December to 6.7%.



Singapore Airlines said today it had found examples of recently identified wing cracks in all six of the Airbus A380s on which it carried out mandatory inspections, as a senior pilot issued reassurance over the superjumbo's safety. The discovery of more instances of cracked wing components was expected after Airbus said last week it had found the problem and predicted that until it had time to conduct repairs, a consistent pattern would emerge in further tests. The European planemaker and airlines insist the world's largest airliner is safe to fly, but are keen to move beyond the issue of small cracks in wing brackets that grabbed media attention and triggered compulsory checks last week.



WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is to make a guest appearance as himself on the 500th episode of the Simpsons, the irreverent US television show's producers said. A post on the Simpsons' Twitter feed linked to a report which "exclusively" reveals that Assange - battling extradition to Sweden to face rape allegations - will appear on the February 19 episode. It is not yet known when the episode will screen in New Zealand.



A rare far north Queensland horse fly has been named after sultry singer and actress Beyonce because of its unusual, but attractive, butt. CSIRO researcher Bryan Lessard said the fly, first discovered three decades ago, was named after Beyonce because of its glamorous golden lower abdomen. He said the fly's spectacular gold colour makes it the "all time diva of flies". "It was the unique dense golden hairs on the fly's abdomen that led me to name this fly in honour of the performer Beyonce as well as giving me the chance to demonstrate the fun side of taxonomy - the naming of species, Lessard said. 



Anyone can turn professional - just look at Sonny Bill Williams, say Australia's amateur boxers who head to Hobart this week on their path to the London Olympics. Australian boxing team captain Luke Jackson says the Olympics is the pinnacle in a sport he'd rather pursue for love than money. "Anyone can turn professional," Jackson said yesterday ahead of the Australian Amateur Boxing Championships beginning today. "Sonny Bill Williams is a joke," Jackson said. "He's a good footy player. "They're just putting him on with guys who don't know how to fight and try and make him look good. "He's a good-looking bloke and he's a monster of a man but he's not much of a boxer. "He's no Anthony Mundine, that's for sure."

誰でもプロになれる - だけど、ソニー・ビル・ウィリアムズのボクシングはジョークだ、とオーストラリアのボクシングチームのキャプテンが指摘しています。曰く、”彼はいいフットボール選手だ、彼らは戦い方も知らない彼を試合に出場させ、彼をよく見せようとしているだけ。彼は見た目はすごくいいやつだし、男性の中でもモンスターだが、彼はボクサーではない。彼がアンソニー・ムンディン日本語)でないことだけは確かだ。”と、かなり厳しい評価をしています。ちょっと前にも書いたとおり、SBWのボクシングはそれほどキレがなく、例えば同じへヴィー級の、あの絶頂期のマイク・タイソンと比較するとわかりやすいかもしれません。キャプテンが彼をアマチュア呼ばわりするのもわからない話でもないように思います。


Ann Brower's testimony came as the Royal Commission into the Canterbury Earthquakes heard evidence on the collapse of two Colombo St buildings, which killed eight bus passengers and four pedestrians. "The bus started shaking violently, I heard bricks falling on the roof of the bus. The next thing I remember is passing out,' Brower told the commission. "I was smooshed in between the roof, the wall and the seat. That impact of the roof and the seat and the wall broke my pelvis, a bit of my spine, my leg and my hand." It took rescuers nearly an hour to cut Brower free and her bones were so badly broken they cut through her skin. 



Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said today Prime Minister John Key, Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae and their wives would attend the memorial services at Latimer Square and North Hagley Park. "Their attendance shows that these are commemorative events not only for our community, but also for the people of New Zealand, who will be with us in spirit on the day," Parker said. Parker said Key had requested that the New Zealand flag fly at half-mast on all Government and public buildings on February 22. "This is a tremendous sign of respect not only for those lost, but for those left behind who will find the first anniversary a difficult time," Parker said.



Christchurch councillors say they have heard the anger of ratepayers but do not believe mid-term elections are necessary. Up to 3000 people frustrated by the leadership of the city council joined a protest today calling for chief executive Tony Marryatt to be sacked and Mayor Bob Parker to stand down. Their anger stemmed from a $68,000 pay rise Marryatt was offered and subsequently turned down. "I'm annoyed. I don't understand how one person can get a pay rise that is so epic," a protester told ONE News. "I think people are feeling excluded," said another. "The secrecy that's going on. It's just not on." "This is your one chance to make Prime Minister John Key, Dr Nick Smith and Gerry Brownlee wake up and listen to the good people of Christchurch. "We will not allow our city to descend further into chaos. We must reclaim our democracy."But Lynch told TV ONE's Breakfast this morning the demonstration would go ahead to force major changes. "We want Marryatt to go, we want Bob Parker to go and we want fresh elections."



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