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Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has apologised for an astounding shot at Christchurch mayor Bob Parker, after calling him a "clown". His comments, reported in yesterday's Christchurch Mail, were a reaction to the mayor's statement last week that CERA could force the city to increase rates or sell assets to pay for the earthquake recovery. Mr Brownlee told the Mail he was furious at the mayor's comments and was a "clown" for making the remark. He dismissed Mr Parker's assertion, saying the CERA Act specifically forbids such a move. Section 48, clause 3 of the act states the minister "must not direct any council to (a) set a rate under section 23 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2003". Mr Brownlee described Mr Parker's comments as an "outrageous abdication" of his responsibilities and he was sick and tired of the scrapping between city councillors.

この記事の内容が正しければ、ゲリー・ブラウンリー氏がボブ・パーカー氏へ述べた放言は至極適当で、謝罪する必要はないように思います。事の発端は、ボブ・パーカー市長がCERA(Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority)がクライストチャーチのレイツ(家を所有する人々が支払う固定資産税を含む税金)を強制的に値上げしようとしている、と述べ、あたかもレイツの値上げに政府の圧力があり、シティカウンシルがその値上げに関与していないような発言をしたことで、これに対し、ゲリー・ブラウンリー氏がローカルガヴァメントアクト2003のセクション48クロウズ3を引用し、政府が地方公共団体のレイツの値上げに一切関与できないことを明言し、その上で、ボブ・パーカー氏をピエロと揶揄し非難していたことから、謝罪することになったようです。この一件だけでなく、誰がおかしな言動をしていたのか、だんだんと鮮明になりつつあるように思います。


Reece, who led a Department of Labour investigation at the mine, told the inquiry that by looking at the modelled ventilation system and reports from supervisors, it was evident there were serious problems with the system. He said that mining should have been cut back until gas levels could be brought under control. Reece has also raised concerns about methane gas detectors within the mine saying several were in poor condition and unable to properly detect gas levels.



An electricity consumer advocate claims Transpower is building more infrastructure than New Zealand needs and that is driving power prices up. Energy users can expect to pay more as power companies look to offset the cost of upgrading the national network. Some areas in New Zealand will be harder hit than others when grid operator Transpower increases the price it charges to electricity retailers by 20%.



Hundreds of thousands of dollars is to be spent on specialist gear for St John to transport obese people in the Waikato. The announcement follows a number of callouts for the fire service to help lift morbidly obese patients. "We are unfortunately having to deal with a lot more of these people in hospital and, by inference, out-of-hospital services such as ambulances have to deal with them as well." He said dealing with obese patients could be considered an occupational health and safety issue for ambulance staff and new equipment would make it safer.



New Zealand's unemployment rate fell more than expected in the final three months of last year, reflecting a sharp rise in part-time employment and a decline in the number of people looking for work. The unemployment rate fell 0.3% to a seasonally adjusted 6.3% in the three months ended December 31, according to Statistics New Zealand's household labour force survey. That's lower than the 6.5% rate picked in a Reuters survey of economists.



Christchurch residents have been left rattled by five aftershocks since 7pm last night. The jolts were felt widely across the city. Two quakes struck 20 kilometres southeast of Christchurch at a depth of 9km overnight. The 4.2 magnitude quake hit at 7.08pm. This was followed by a 4.3 magnitude quake at 11.06pm. Three aftershocks have also hit the same area in Christchurch this morning. A magnitude 4.2 struck in the same area at 12.51am, followed by a magnitude 3.2 at 5.18am and a 3.5 at 6.02am.



Almost $200 million of taxpayers' money has been mistakenly given out to welfare beneficiaries in the last year. Figures obtained by ONE News reveal the scale of the problem facing Work and Income, which has only been able to claw back $140 million of the $195 million it mistakenly paid out. Work and Income says most overpayments happen because beneficiaries don't reveal they have found a job, but one beneficiary, mistakenly given $6000 over a year, told ONE News she had informed the department and they never adjusted her payments.



Kim Dotcom's $4.3 million home in Coatesville has been seized by officials. The 2.16 hectare property sits alongside Dotcom's huge mansion and was being lived in by his pregnant wife and three children. Dotcom does not own the $30 million mansion because he did not meet the Overseas Investment Office's "good character" test. But the Megaupload founder was permitted to buy the 565sqm neighbouring property with swimming pool because it is less than five hectares of non-urban land. Staff for the Official Assignee are currently scouring the property.



DF1, the New Zealand dairy farmer owned by Harvard University's endowment fund, posted a profit of $4.87 million last year, having bought the Big Sky Dairy Farm properties in central Otago from their receivers. DF1's accounts for the year ended June 30, 2011, show Harvard picked up assets worth almost $34 million in the deal.



Olympic medallist Bevan Docherty has spoken out in support for parents who choose to bottle-feed their children. The triathlete said while "breast is best", being a good father is more important - even if that means bottle-feeding. Olympic medallist Bevan Docherty has spoken out in support for parents who choose to bottle-feed their children. The triathlete said while "breast is best", being a good father is more important - even if that means bottle-feeding.


The Ministry of Health:


* Recommends exclusive breastfeeding of babies until around 6 months old.

* 生後6ヶ月頃までは母乳で授乳することを唯一の方法として奨めている。

* Says breastfeeding may reduce many health risks, such as sudden unexpected death in infancy, asthma, and obesity in later life.

* 母乳は乳児の突然死や喘息、将来の肥満などの健康リスクを下げている、と述べている。

* Recognises some mothers and babies are unable to breastfeed and provides information on infant formula.

* いくにんかの母親や母乳が出なかったり、乳児が母乳を受け付けないなどの事例は認識しており、乳児専用の粉ミルクなどの情報を用意している。


Southland District Mayor Frana Cardno said "national parks are there for everyone" including international visitors. "We are charging in lots of places. People are paying to walk the Milford Track." Mrs Cardno said she was supportive of a tax charged on arrival at the country's international airports, which could pay for essential tourism infrastructure and alleviate the ratepayer burden for those living in small tourism centres. A spokeswoman for Mr Key confirmed officials were looking at the issue of regions with small rating bases and high tourism numbers "because of the infrastructure challenges they face".



2degrees says it now has 875,000 people on its network but won't reveal their customers' average monthly spend. The mobile operator said today its customer numbers had grown from 580,000 last year to 875,656 as of February 1. 2degrees chief executive Eric Hertz said although the proportion of its customers on post-paid plans was on the rise, pre-paid customers still made up "a large percentage of growth". However, Hertz would not say what each what 2degrees customers were spending on average each month.

第3の携帯電話キャリア、2degrees (トゥデグリーズ)のチーフエグゼクティヴが2月1日現在で875,656人の顧客を獲得したことを公表していますが、彼らの顧客が毎月平均どのくらい使用料を払っているのかを明らかにしなかったようです。彼らの多くはプリペイの顧客で、加入者は増えているものの、売上げはそれほど伸びていないのかもしれません。


Police have denied they are considering lowering the speed tolerance to 4km/h for the entire year. Since Queen's Birthday weekend 2010, the tolerance has been lowered for speeding drivers to only 4km/h for public holidays, which police say has led to a drop in fatal crashes during these periods. The lower tolerance is also to be used for the rest of February, however acting-assistant commissioner of operations Andy McGregor has rubbished reports the lower tolerance may be in place for the whole year. "There is no consideration of making this a permanent reduced tolerance," Mr McGregor said.



A family with more than $340,000 invested with a gold bullion trader say they have been told by its owner they won't be getting it back. The Serious Fraud Office received two calls about Bullion Buyer website yesterday and SFO chief executive Adam Feeley said the complaints were "being looked into as a matter of priority". The bullion investment company has an office in the Vero building in downtown Auckland and is run by Grace Holdings NZ Ltd, whose sole director is Robert Kairua. The website has advertised heavily on television and radio and calls itself "New Zealand's trusted name in bullion trading".



An Electoral Commission ruling due out today has found the Radio Live show hosted by John Key last September was an election programme and therefore a prohibited broadcast. Newstalk ZB's obtained a copy of the commission's decision over a Labour Party complaint about a show the Prime Minister conducted on Radio Live during last year's election campaign period. The commission's found the broadcast was an election programme and a breach of the Broadcasting Act. Today's decision by the Electoral Commission will now see the police decide whether to prosecute the broadcaster which could be fined up to $100,000.



The Election Commission believes the Radio Live show, broadcast on September 30, broke the law and is referring the broadcaster to the police for allegedly breaching the Broadcasting Act. But Peters says Key should also be referred to the police. "Of course, it was a stunt. Just like the tea party was and he's been caught out," he told media today.



V8 Supercars have drawn the line at no more than five manufacturers in the championship series after Nissan confirmed it would enter and take on Holden and Ford next year. Nissan will join the series from 2013, with Rick and Todd Kelly's Kelly Racing defecting from Holden to become the Japanese giant's factory-backed team. And Chrysler is expected to announce in the new few months it will become the fourth make on the grid as V8 Supercars' Car of the Future blueprint allows other manufacturers to join Holden and Ford from next year.



Kiwis who lost their summer holiday to the rain are being tempted to look abroad for another break with hundreds of dollars being slashed off the price of flights. The airline sale season has begun in earnest with Air New Zealand offering 25 per cent off the cost of North American flights and other carriers dropping fares by hundreds of dollars. Travel expos being held this week will offer further discounts, with more than $1000 being dropped from some economy-class fares.




Air New Zealand: Auckland to LA, Mar-Dec. Flights usually about $2240. Now $1720.


Qantas: Auckland to Bangkok, Mar-Aug. Flights usually about $1220. Now $1099.


China Southern Airlines: Auckland to Amsterdam, business class. Flights usually around $5655. Now $4155.




Get your wackiest outfits ready and prepare for the monster ball - Lady Gaga has confirmed a June show in Auckland. The reigning Queen of Pop will perform for her "little monsters" at Auckland's Vector Arena on June 7 as part of her Born This Way Ball world tour.


Pre-sale tickets go on sale on February 13 through www.visaentertainment.co.nz.


They go on general release on February 17 through www.ticketmaster.co.nz.


What: Lady Gaga


Where: Vector Arena, Auckland


When: Thursday, June 7

日時:6月7日 木曜日


Sonny Bill Williams took just 2 mins 54 secs to stop his opponent. But some in the crowd who paid up to $100 felt it was money well spent. And with a pay-per-view bill of $39.95, the boxing bout cost Sky subscribers $13.77 a minute - or 22c a second. A left hook set up a flurry of punches for SBW to add a heavyweight title to his sporting resume, knocking out Clarence Tillman III with just seconds remaining in the first round. On Twitter, fans weren't so happy. "Who's SBW's next opponent - Kim Dotcom?" said comedian Raybon Kan.



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