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A Hamilton mum has been fined $200 after failing to send her child to school - for four years. But Tui Edmonds, 37, says her 15-year-old daughter, Rachel, had since moved to Auckland and is making a better life for herself.



EXCLUSIVE: Work and Income told a client to go to a food bank instead of getting a food allowance. ONE News has obtained a copy of letter from WINZ telling the female client to do this. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett admits it was a mistake but says it was a one-off and not a systemic failure.



Prime Minister John Key said that modernising the IRD computer system as part of an efficiency drive in the public service could cost up to $1 billion. But if it were to be done it would be a long-term investment. "You don't want to be in a position where Parliament is held hostage to a lack of technology," he told reporters at Parliament this morning. Mr Key acknowledged that improving technology would cost a lot of money.



An Auckland motel and property manager convicted of organising a child sex tour to Thailand has been sentenced to three years behind bars. The 47-year-old, who has name suppression, was found guilty of the offence in a landmark case in the High Court in Auckland in November. However, it can be revealed he had previous convictions for multiple child sex charges committed in the 1990s. The man was charged in August 2010 and was the first person in New Zealand to face sex tour charges after being caught out by an undercover police operation.



Speaker Lockwood Smith has told deaf MP Mojo Mathers she must pay for the $30,000 technology to speak in Parliament out of her own budget. Green MP Mathers made history when she became New Zealand's first profoundly deaf MP in November. She will give her maiden speech in the House tomorrow, which will be translated by sign-language interpreters. But Smith has told the Green Party that Parliamentary Services will not pay for the electronic note-taking equipment which Mathers needs to take part in debates.



The man in charge of the Pike River mine was ready to leave his job because of anger at his bosses, just five days before an explosion killed 29 miners. He told a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River mine disaster the email was sent out of frustration at Pike River chief executive Peter Whittall. Mr White said Mr Whittall had accused him of causing a seven cent drop in Pike River Coal's share price when he told a group of share brokers about difficulties extracting coal at the mine.




The research, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, found a 51% drop in the average hours cycled per person between the 1989-90 period when compared with 2006 until 2009, and a 20% higher accident rate over a similar period. Graham Trass from Cycling Health Inc said a move away from forcing people to have to wear helmets would see more people take it up. "If you make helmets voluntary you'll have more cyclists on the road and that can lead to more infrastructure," he said. But Dr Richard Seemann from the Acquired Brain Injury Clinic told Breakfast the effects of not wearing a helmet can be severe. He said a head injury can cause problems with memory, change people's behaviour and even lead to a weakness on one side of a person's body. "These helmets have definitely saved lives, the evidence is you significantly reduce the chance of death associated with a bicycle accident," he said. A Transport Ministry spokesman said it would need time to look at the study but there were no plans to review the law.



Prime Minister John Key says the Government makes no apology for what promises to be a new drive for efficiencies in the public service. More jobs are expected to be lost with mergers of government agencies, sharing of backroom functions such as human resources administration, and a big focus on technological advances. Mr Key anticipated, for example, people having the option of applying for a passport via a smartphone. He said the biggest issue around technology was the cost and security of it. On his visit to the United States last year he had had discussions with Google, which was providing such capability to governments on a bigger scale.



Political anger over rising mortgage rates has increased in Australia after three more banks lifted their lending rates and ANZ Banking Group laid out plans to shed 1000 jobs. The nation's largest home-loan provider, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, yesterday raised its standard variable mortgage by 10 basis points while National Australia Bank increased its rate by nine basis points. ANZ and Westpac took similar steps last week, moving by six and 10 basis points respectively. 



Whitney Houston's death was reportedly caused by prescription drugs and alcohol. An autopsy on the 48-year-old singer - who was found dead in the bath of her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday - has been completed and Los Angeles County Coroner officials have told her relatives that she did not drown. Sources said the coroner did not find enough water in Houston's lungs to suggest she died from drowning in the bath, but they believe her passing was a result of the combination of alcohol, Xanax and other prescription drugs she had taken.



Online meeting forum, findsomeone.co.nz, is carrying out the competition, asking Kiwis to enter and vote for their favourite lines, with $1000 going to the winner. Here are the top ten on the eve of Valentine's Day:


1. "If you were a burger at McDonald's you'd be the McGorgeous."

1. もしあなたがマクドナルドバーガーだったら、マックゴージャスになるだろう。

2. "Wow! You're so hot when I look at you I get a tan."

2. 熱過ぎるあなたを見ていると日焼けするよ!

3. "Are you sure you're from Christchurch? I can't see any faults."

3. クライストチャーチから来たの?まったく活断層(または不具合)がみえないけど。

4. "Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?"

4. それは地震? それとも、あなたが私の世界を揺らしたの?

5. "You must be tired, you've been running through my mind all day."

5. あなたは疲れ切っているはず、だって、あなたはずっとわたしの意識の中で走り回っていたわ。

6. "Hi, I'm Amber, but you can call me tonight."

6. やぁ、私はアンバー、でも、夜に呼んでくれてもいいわ。

7. "I cook better than I play tennis."

7. テニスをするよりも料理は得意よ。

8. "So you're in IT? When can I check out your hardware?"

8. ITで働いてるの? いつあなたのハードウェアをチェックできるの?

9. "Let's make like fabric softener and get cuddly."

9. いっしょに柔軟剤のカドリィみたいに交わろう!

10. "Hi, my name is Doug, that's God spelt backwards with a little bit of U in it."

10. 私の名前はダグ、スペルを逆に読むと神様で、(あなたの)Uが少しだけ入っている。





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