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The decision by Christchurch City Council boss Tony Marryatt to take a half-day off for golf is equivalent to the All Blacks captain running off the pitch at half-time, a critic says. Coleman said he had no problem with Marryatt taking leave to play golf, except on Thursdays. "Thursday's the one day in the week where councillors and the elected members gather together and do governance and management," he said. "Ten thousand dollars a week and he's not there for a crucial meeting on a Thursday. It just shows no leadership at all," he said.



A man on the run for 14 months led police to the centre of one of the biggest P-lab operations in the country. David John Harries, 43, who had been wanted since December 2010, was tracked down this week, as police raided properties in Cambridge, Waitomo and Oruanui, north of Taupo. Detective Senior Sergeant Nigel Keall of Waikato CIB said inquiries made as part of Operation Sonny, set up in December 2010 to find Harries after he breached his parole conditions, led them to the bust. "The inquiries into his whereabouts revealed significant methamphetamine-related offending by a core group of people."



The Government is considering raising Accident Compensation Corporation levies just months after it decreased them, Cabinet papers released to a claimants lobby group show. Last October the Government announced the levy on the average full-time worker would drop by 17 per cent, or $170 a year, and the levy on the average business would fall by 22 per cent, or $1120. The reductions followed ACC making a $3.5 billion surplus in the 2010/11 year, two years after the Government claimed the corporation was insolvent. The Government plans to open ACC's work account to competition from private insurers from October.



The dual-listed company, which cut 300 jobs mostly in its baking division in Australia in the first half of the financial year, has already begun discussions at least one of its New Zealand sites. Goodman Fielder told investors in September it was cutting costs through its programme Project Renaissance and had identified annual savings of $15 million in New Zealand, which it expected to achieve within two years. Overall, it seeks to reduce the company's cost base by A$100m by 2015, with A$40m of that to be delivered in the 2012/2013 financial year. The company yesterday reported an ''unacceptable'' interim net profit of A$21.5m ($27.7m), down 77 per cent from A$93.1m at the same time a year ago.



The income gap between New Zealand and Australia and other OECD countries may be smaller than it appears from official figures, according to Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard. New Zealand's gross domestic product, for example, could be roughly as much as 10 per cent higher than official figures suggest, when compared with Australia, he said. In a speech to the Trans-Tasman Business circle in Auckland today, Bollard said ''international comparisons of economic statistics can be fraught with difficulties''. That could mean New Zealand's economic performance has been understated, he said.



A new $51 million University of Auckland student residence has attracted more interest than it can accommodate - with half the applicants being turned away because of limited space. Nine hundred students applied to live in the new Whitaker Place hall of residence but hundreds had to be turned away as there are only 442 rooms, despite it being built to cater for an overwhelming demand for student accommodation. 




University of Auckland accommodation


* 5 catered halls of residence (including new University Hall).

* 食事つきのホールが5箇所(ユニヴァーシティホールを含む)。

* 4 self-catered apartments.

* 自炊設備のあるアパートメントが4箇所。

* 1810 students in residence this year.

* 今年1810人の学生が居住予定。

* 400 second-year students were among the thousands of students turned away through excess demand.

* 数千人の需要が足りなかったうちの400人がオークランドの2年生。

* $51 million the cost of the new University of Auckland student residence.

* オークランド大学生のための新しく建設された住居のコストが$51ミリオン。


Wellington has a high number of earthquake prone buildings which could collapse over major routes in and out of the city if a major quake struck, according to a new report. The Wellington City Council report estimates the economic impact of a Christchurch-scale event being in the vicinity of $37 billion. The council has identified 435 at-risk buildings, many of which line major routes in and around the Central Business District. Were they these buildings to topple during an earthquake, rubble and debris would likely be strewn over roads and block access out of the city. This would also stop supplies and emergency services from getting through, the report says.



Auckland wharf workers are threatening to double the length of their next strike - starting a week today - to an almost unprecedented 14 days. The Maritime Union yesterday served the Ports of Auckland with notice of an intention to extend the strike of more than 300 workers by a second week unless progress can be made towards settling its bitter employment dispute with the council-owned company. Company chief Tony Gibson said last night that he feared the strike was inevitable, as it would be very difficult to work towards a resolution under threat of such disruptive action.



Karis Rewa Charnley, 39 - who featured in a television show about police recruits - appeared in the North Shore District Court on Wednesday charged in relation to the theft of a Mitsubishi Evo worth $11,000. Court documents revealed she was also facing a second charge of using a police uniform in circumstances likely to lead a person to believe she was a police employee. It is understood Charnley was not physically involved in stealing the car, but allegedly supplied her own police uniform to those who were. The Herald has learned she told police the uniform had been stolen from her. She has been off work since last year. Several sources confirmed she had been suspended from duties over an employment matter. The car was without some parts as Mr Kino was preparing it for a drift competition. The "officer" put the front bumper and intercooler back on, then pushed the car to the road. CAN YOU HELP?
If you have information about the theft of Jerome Kino's Mitsubishi Evo, contact the North Shore police on (09) 488-6200

39歳の女性警察官が車の窃盗グループに加担していたことが暴露されています。かなり悪質です。記事での手口は、ターゲットにする車の所有者宅に警察の制服で訪問し、近所で車両事故が起きているので車を検査する必要がある、と車の所有者へ直接働きかけ、トウトラック(車両を積載するトラック)で移送するので手配させて欲しいと説明し、車の鍵を預かり、そのまま車の窃盗グループがその車両に乗って逃走する、というパターンのようです。今回盗まれた車は完成前のドリフト競技用車両で、この女性警察官が、フロントバンパーやインタークーラーを取り付け、車両を押して道路へ運んでいた、と被害者が述べています。この盗まれた車両はミツビシのエヴォリューションでまだ見つかっておらず、情報を募集しているようです。心当たりや目撃情報があればノースショア警察まで(ノースショア警察 TEL: 09-488-6200)。(競技用車両に改造中だったため、おそらくナンバーがついていないものと推察されます)


No New Zealanders will lose their jobs as a result of Orcon opening a new call centre in the Philippines, says CEO Scott Bartlett. "There are absolutely no roles being removed from our business as a result of this call centre," said Bartlett. "This isn't us going through a reduction, if anything it's because of massive growth in the last year." Bartlett told Computerworld the decision to open a call centre in the Philippines in April is not an indictment against New Zealand, but came about as a result of recent growth from its Genius product.



Judge Richard Jones said he would issue a written ruling later, but that he's inclined to deny a request for a preliminary injunction made by Japanese whalers against the Washington state-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The whalers - the Institute for Cetacean Research - said the Sea Shepherd group has attacked and rammed their ships off Antarctica during the whaling season, and asked the judge to order them to stop. Some of the clashes have been shown on the Whale Wars reality TV show. Sea Shepherd activists use stink bombs and other nonlethal means to interfere with the whalers. The group argues that its activities are supported by international law, that the court doesn't have jurisdiction in the Southern Ocean, and that it's the whalers who have rammed its vessels. "It is a victory for the Sea Shepherd, for environmentalists. It's a victory for the whales," said Charles Moure, an attorney with the Seattle firm of Harris & Moure representing the Sea Shepherd.



DogTV, a cable network for dogs, launched in San Diego on Monday aimed at stay-at-home canines and their workaday owners who want to feel better about time apart. Free at launch, people will eventually pay US$4.99 a month for the channel, but that may seem a small for sum for fido's peace of mind. ''We find it helps with separation anxiety, a problem for many dogs, and with keeping dogs relaxed and entertained,'' said Lisa Wilhoit McCormick, co-owner of Fido & Co dog country club which is the official home of DogTV.



Tom Holloway, 57, of Niceville, Florida, was trying to quit smoking so he was puffing on the device Monday night when it blew up, fire officials said. Officials have not publicly identified the victim. But a Facebook page under his name was filled with well-wishers commenting on the injury and database searches matched his address with his name. "The best analogy is like it was trying to hold a bottle rocket in your mouth when it went off," said Joseph Parker, division chief for the North Bay Fire Department. "The battery flew out of the tube and set the closet on fire." Parker said fire investigators do not know the brand of cigarette, type of battery or age of the device. It appears the battery was rechargeable lithium because a recharging station and other batteries were in the room, he said. Kiklas cited a federal report that found 2.5 million Americans used electronic cigarettes last year. "There have been billions and billions of puffs on the cigarettes and we have not heard of this happening before," he said.



Thousands of travellers have been left without a flight in or out of the country as troubled budget airline Air Australia dived into administration today. And the now-failed airline has sold about 100,000 tickets for future flights that are unlikely to ever take off. Most of the airline's 300 staff have been stood down as about 4000 passengers are left to search for alternative flights on their own as administrators probe the possibility that the company was trading while insolvent. At least two international flights bound for Melbourne - from Phuket and Honolulu - were grounded after they were refused fuel. Five domestic flights between Brisbane to Melbourne today have also been cancelled. Administrators KordaMentha directed stranded passengers to contact other airlines immediately to try to reschedule their flights. ''It currently appears that there are no funds available to meet operational expenses so flights will be suspended immediately,'' KordaMentha said in a statement on the airline's website. ''For clarity, it also appears highly unlikely there will be any flights in the short to medium term.''



Finance Minister Bill English is attracting political flak over suggestions that some figures in yesterday's budget policy statement for the proceeds of share floats of state-owned enterprises were "a guess". The Government has long estimated that the sale of up to 49 per cent of five SOEs would collect between $5 billion and $7 billion. The amount was factored into last year's Budget and the pre-election fiscal update in as much as the Cabinet decided it would be able to cut its borrowing by that amount.


Big money


49 per cent of five SOEs would collect between $5 billion and $7 billion, the Government estimated


$6 billion - the figure Treasury has settled on as being the midway point between the original estimates

$6ビリオン - これは試算された数字($5~7ビリオン)のちょうど真ん中を採用した国庫のデータ。

$800 million more than the book value of $5.2 billion



Qantas announced yesterday that it would end its six flights a week between the cities from May because of financial pressure. Following the announcement, Air NZ said it planned to add extra flights to its 12 direct services a week to provide extra capacity on the route. A spokeswoman said they had no intention of raising airfares. But Flight Centre's general manager of product, David Coombes, believed Air NZ would "absolutely" increase its prices because it no longer had any competition on the route.



Two in three mobile users are terrified of being without their phone, a study has shown. Researchers found the number suffering from "nomophobia" - or a fear of being separated from their mobile - had risen from 53 to 66 per cent in the past four years. Young adults suffer the most, according to the study of 1,000 employees. Among those aged 18 to 24, 77 per cent were nomophobic. By comparison, 62 per cent of those aged 55 and over fear losing their phones, while 59 per cent of 35 to 44-year-olds were found to be nomophobic. The study, commissioned by SecurEnvoy, revealed that women worried about losing their phones more than men - 70 per cent of the women surveyed were nomophobic, compared with 61 per cent of the men. And 41 per cent of those polled had two phones or more in an effort to stay connected.



It's a bittersweet start to a new career. "I'm sad to be leaving radio because I always loved it. I'll miss getting a bee in my bonnet," he chortled before launching into a tirade about Auckland rate rises. "That socialist Mayor Len Brown will be responsible for no f***er being able to live in Auckland ... who could afford to pay the rates?" Will he miss the controversy? "I'm not interested in being liked by everyone. A lot of people in our industry need to be liked. I know broadcasters [at this station] who get upset when I become news and they don't. They're desperately trying to be controversial." He has regrets. "I didn't get my TV3 talk show up and running," he said. With a million-dollar-plus salary and a large Australian audience to woo, it's no surprise Henry skipped out. "I didn't leave for the money, but the money is a component. It costs to move countries and I haven't sold anything. Money has to be part of the consideration because I don't have a lot of working years," he said.

オーストラリアの朝の番組に出演するためシドニーへ向かうポール・ヘンリー氏の直近のコメントが掲載されています。気になった所を簡単に。彼曰く:いつも愛していたラジオの番組を降板することは悲しい… ソーシャリストのレン・ブラウン市長が誰も住めないようになりつつあるオークランドの責任を持つだろう、誰があんなに高いレイツを払う余裕があるのか? … 私は誰にも好かれたいとは思っていない。この業界にいる多くの人々は好かれる必要がある。私がニュースになって彼らがニュースにならないことに怒りを持つブロードキャスターを知っている。彼らは必死になって論争を巻き起こそうとする。… 私はTV3のトークショーで活躍できなかった。… 私はお金のためにそこから去るわけではない、しかし、お金は構成要素だ。それは私を移動させるに十分で私は何も売却していない。お金は考慮すべき問題の中のひとつで、なぜなら、私には働ける年数がそれほど残されていない、彼は述べた。



Employers opting for more experience as 40,000 youngsters get squeezed out. Old people have displaced more than 40,000 teenagers from jobs in the past five years as more choose to stay on in the workforce and employers shun youth for experience. Research by the Salvation Army's social policy unit has found that the number of 15- to 19-year-olds in paid work dropped by 42,600 in the last five years, while the numbers still working beyond 65 jumped by 40,200. Researcher Alan Johnson said employers were holding on to experienced workers past the traditional retirement age - at the expense of taking on inexperienced young people.




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