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It has been a difficult day, filled with emotion, as Christchurch marks the first anniversary since the devastating earthquake last February. Ceremonies, memorials and community events have been taking place throughout the country, with thousands gathering at the largest service in Hagley Park at lunchtime.




Megaupload millionaire Kim Dotcom has been released from custody after he was granted bail by a judge who decided he was not enough of a flight risk to keep in custody. Mr Dotcom was released on bail at about 1.40pm this afternoon. Speaking to reporters outside the North Shore District Court, he said he was "relieved and happy" that he was going to see his family again. He was granted bail on the condition that he does not use the internet. He is to reside at his Coatesville property and is not to use a helicopter. He is also not to travel more than 80km from the property. If he needs to travel further for an appointment he must notify police at least 24 hours prior, unless it is a medical emergency.



Two of the teen killers of Auckland pizza delivery man Michael Choy are on the path to being released from prison, says the parole board. Mr Choy, 40, was robbed and beaten to death after he was lured to a South Auckland house in September, 2001. Seven youngsters were given prison sentences for murder, manslaughter or aggravated robbery. Whatarangi Rawiri, now 27, and Alexander Peihopa, now 25, were teenagers when they were convicted of murder and received life sentences. Rawiri planned the murder - carried out on her 17th birthday - and Peihopa wielded the bat. Both have had separate hearings before the Parole Board this month, and the board has deemed both to be on the right track for reintegration into society.



Fishermen and surfers have reported seeing a white pointer off Mt Maunganui over the past fortnight. One surfer estimated the shark to be longer than 12ft and said it was in water as shallow as 1.5m. And as frightening as it may sound, there are possibly a few more swimming around out there, said Department of Conservation shark expert Clinton Duffy. "At this time of year the most common types of shark in close are bronze whalers, blue sharks and, further offshore, the mako sharks," Duffy said.



A run-down toilet block on the North Shore has become a gay meeting place with neighbours complaining of ''unsavoury activity'' there. Steve Lindsey says the toilets on Bartley St, Northcote Pt, are listed online as a gay meeting place and the behaviour of people visiting there is getting worse. Lindsey lives next door to the toilets and has witnessed men meeting up. It is the second time this month that lewd behaviour in city parks has been highlighted. Police and Auckland Council are working together to stop men meeting up in Gribblehurst Park, near the Edendale Bowling Club and Westfield St Lukes, following a string of complaints before Christmas.



A British cruise ship passenger who was wearing a wet suit under his clothes has been arrested in Sydney for allegedly trying to smuggle 30kg of cocaine into Australia. The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a fine of up to A$825,000. The 59-year-old UK national, who travelled to Sydney aboard the P&O ship Aurora, was stopped by Customs and Border Protection officers last Friday at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, after a sniffer dog detected drugs. The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a fine of up to A$825,000.



LATEST: A Pacific Blue plane flying to Wellington was diverted to Christchurch and declared an emergency landing overnight. A Christchurch Airport spokeswoman said the plane landed safely about 12.30am. "We enacted our ordinary emergency procedures because we were notified by the plane that it had a potential issue." The plane was meant to land in the capital, but headed to Christchurch instead, a Wellington Airport spokeswoman said. She confirmed it was a Pacific Blue plane.



Buy Right Cars was ordered to pay Majid Lotfollahi $10,488 and take back the damaged car by the Auckland Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal this week. Mr Lotfollahi bought a 2007 Suzuki Swift from Buy Right Cars in November last year for $10,250. The decision from the Disputes Tribunal outlines how Mr Lotfollahi repeatedly asked the dealer, Oliver Siaea, whether the car had been damaged or in an accident. Mr Siaea assured him the car was safe, and said that if he was buying a car for his daughter he would buy that one. After Mr Lotfollahi collected the car he discovered it had failed its last warrant of fitness because one of the front park lights did not work. He then noticed the underside back of the car was roughly painted, and when he opened the doors of the car he saw there was serious crushing and damage.

バイライトカーズ(Buy Right Cars)という車のディーラーが、事故車を不当に販売したため、販売した車両を引き取り、顧客が支払った金額($10,488)をすべて返金すること、という判決がディスピュートトリビューナルで出されているようです。顧客がある箇所を疑問に思い、事故の跡ではないのかと指摘すると、ディーラーは車のデザインだと言い張っていたようです。のちに、車検が通るような車両ではなかったことが判明し、顧客がディスピュートトリビューナルへ異議申し立てしたようです。中古車を購入する前には、プレインスペクション(前検査、pre-inspection)は必須で、これは、個人でもディーラーでも、数千ドルの車であっても、車検が通らなければただのゴミなので、必ず実施すべきです。


The Waikato District Health Board has confirmed it has spent $41,580 to send about 100 staff to Weight Watchers. The Ministry of Health had funded the programme to the tune of $60,000, or roughly 200 workers. The DHB signed up to the Weight Watchers on-site programme last June. Health Waikato chief operating officer Jan Adams said a healthy workforce was a good workforce.



Tourism Holdings, whose brands include Maui, Britz, Backpacker and Explore More will undertake a 50/50 partnership with Kea called RV Manufacturing Group LP, it said in a statement to the NZX. Tourism Holdings will make 63 of its 127 Hamilton-based employees redundant when Kea's Auckland manufacturing plant is relocated to the region. Under the venture Tourism Holdings will also sell its specialist body work business into the JV.



Guessing the value of our state owned assets, however - that seems just plain laughable. But guessing we are, according to the Finance Minister. The $6 billion dollar estimate, he says "is not our best guess; it's just a guess". The government had expectations at between $5 billion and $7 billion in last year's Budget when it confirmed it would campaign on the policy of partial asset sales. The Greens say guesswork isn't how we should be running the country's finances, Labour reckons the figure is far higher than the valuations the Government has received. It does seem a bit odd, considering the Government does have valuations for the companies. In fact they're listed on the Government's Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit's website.



Trade Me has reported an interim profit of $36.4 million for the second half of 2011, up 5% on the previous year. Revenues were slightly ahead of expectations, up 13.2% on the previous year, and expenses were slightly below expectations, it said. Its earnings and dividend guidance for the year remain unchanged.



Air New Zealand, whose chief executive Rob Fyfe will leave at the end of the year, reported a 4.3 per cent decline in long-haul passenger numbers last month. Long-haul total passengers carried fell to 149,000 in January from 156,000 in the same month a year earlier, with a 5.5 per cent decline passengers on the North America/UK route to 88,000 and a 2.7 per cent fall in numbers on the Asia/Japan/UK route to 62,000. The airline blamed the impact from the Canterbury and Japan earthquakes for declining numbers of Japanese routes.




Rising petrol prices haven't stopped New Zealanders purchasing larger-engine cars, according to the latest sales figures from Turners Auctions. Sales of vehicles with engines over 2.0L rose 4% in the fourth quarter, making up 48% of total vehicles sold. The average price for larger cars increased 7% in 2011 to $11,185, the highest since 2008. In line with the increase in sales of larger vehicles, the Holden Commodore has overtaken the compact Toyota Corolla as the highest-selling vehicle. Four out of the five most popular models purchased remain large-engine cars, including the Ford Falcon, Subaru Legacy and Ford Mondeo.



Activity in the housing market has slipped to its lowest ever level, even below the trough of 2009 during the global financial crisis, according to Fletcher Building's Jonathan Ling. The country's largest listed company has suffered a 13 per cent drop in net profit in the latest half-year, reflecting tough trading conditions. As a result, it has cut its full-year earnings forecast. Net profit fell to $144m for the six months to December 31, compared to the same time previous year.



Radioactivity from Japan's power plant disaster has been detected as far away as almost 650 kilometres offshore in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists say ocean water showed readings of up to 1000 times prior levels of the substance cesium-137 from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. But they say the new readings are far below the levels that are generally considered harmful, either to marine animals or people who eat seafood.



A 72-year-old man from western Nepal is hoping to prove to Guinness World Records that he's the world's shortest man. Chandra Bahadur Dangi claims to be only 56 centimetres tall. Guinness World Records currently recognises Junrey Balawing of the Philippines, who is 60cm tall, as the shortest man in the world. Dangi's nephew Dolak Dangi said early today (NZ time) that his uncle would meet with Guinness officials in the capital, Katmandu, in the next few days to be measured.

世界で最も背が低い72歳のネパールの男性がギネス世界記録に登録されたようです。名前はChandra Bahadur Dangiで、彼の背丈はなんと56cmだそうです(記事元に写真があります)。彼の前に記録を保持していたのはフィリピンの男性で60cm、一気に4cmも低い記録達成となっています。


A man accused of dealing drugs had his luck run out when he won US$2500 (NZ$2997) playing blackjack at a casino near Philadelphia. Altoona police say 34-year-old Mateen Johnson was arrested because he had to produce identification to cash out his winnings at Philadelphia Park Racetrack & Casino in Bucks County in the US. Casino officials learned Johnson was wanted for drug offences in Altoona and called authorities. The Altoona Mirror reported today (NZ time) that Johnson told police he expected to be arrested soon and was trying to win enough at blackjack to make bail.



The temporary billboard, which looks like a real supermarket shelf with images of 120 key grocery items, enables commuters to purchase products by scanning the barcodes on the billboard with their smartphones. The barcodes take users to Woolworths' mobile phone app where the store's full range of 40,000 products can be purchased and delivered to homes and offices within hours. ''The information we're getting is that in the next year or so the amount of internet traffic coming from a mobile phone will be higher than from a desktop PC,'' says Woolworths innovation programme manager Has Fakira. Since its launch in October, GroceryRun has received more than 200,000 orders. A spokeswoman says more than 20 per cent were made from iPhones and iPads.



Australia's foreign minister resigned amid an ongoing leadership squabble, saying he could not continue in his role without the support of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd announced his resignation during an early morning news conference in Washington, where he is visiting on official business.



The severity of conditions attached to Greece's 130-billion-euro bailout deal looked set to head off a parliamentary backlash over the package in Berlin but Germans are still concerned about Athens' long-term ability to meet the demands and repay loans. Germany, the biggest euro zone contributor to the bailout, has taken a hard line in the tortuous negotiations with Greece, making Chancellor Angel Merkel a hate figure with some Greeks, with newspapers even printing montages of her in a Nazi uniform.



Qantas Airways' low-cost offshoot Jetstar Pacific will be majority owned by Vietnam Airways under an ownership change confirmed in Hanoi late yesterday. Under the new arrangement, national flag carrier Vietnam Airways will hold 69.93 per cent of Jetstar Pacific, with Qantas Group owning 30 per cent of the low-cost carrier.



The University of Auckland has had its head in the clouds, and its conclusion is they are getting lower. "This is the first time we have been able to accurately measure changes in global cloud height and, while the record is too short to be definitive, it provides just a hint that something quite important might be going on," explains lead researcher Professor Roger Davies. He said longer-term monitoring will be required to determine the significance of the observation for global temperatures. "We don't know exactly what causes the cloud heights to lower," Davies said, "but it must be due to a change in the circulation patterns that give rise to cloud formation at high altitude." "Clouds are one of the biggest uncertainties in our ability to predict future climate," he said.




Greater Wellington and Regional Public Health have renewed a health warning after the one-year-old cocker spaniel died shortly after coming into contact with cyanobacteria "mats" on the edge of Hutt River over the weekend. Dogs were particularly susceptible to cyanobacteria toxins because they liked to scavenge around mats on the river edge. The warning said river users should avoid contact with the mats of algae, especially making sure children did not touch mats. The mats could contain toxins which could cause vomiting, diarrhoea and skin irritation in humans.



The Napier house where a police officer was shot dead during a three-day siege is being advertised as ''a great opportunity for a young family''. The house at 41 Chaucer Rd South was owned by Jan Molenaar, who killed a police officer and injured two others and a civilian in early May 2009. A siege ensued, culminating in Molenaar taking his own life. The house was transferred to the Crown in December under the Proceeds of Crime Act and is now in the hands of the Insolvency and Trustee Service. It has a rateable value of $260,000. The three-bedroom house is being sold by tender by Tremains Real Estate, which has advertised it as redecorated and repainted, with new carpets. Viewing is by appointment only and tenders close at 2pm on March 13.

2009年5月に警察に射殺された人物が所有している不動産が入札を受け付けています。この物件はクライムアクトの下12月にクラウンへ譲渡され、その後インソルヴェンシーアンドトラスティーサーヴィスが管理しているようです。住所は41 Chaucer Rd Southで、RVが$260,000、入札の締め切りが3月13日午後2時まで。興味のある方はぜひ。


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