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The balloon, which crashed in Carterton on January 7 killing 11 all people on board, might not have been airworthy, investigators found. The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) has released preliminary findings showing several maintenance requirements were not followed by those operating the balloon, including procedures for inspecting the balloon's burners and fuel system, and a "grab test" to test the strength of the balloon material. As a result TAIC has recommended that Civil Aviation make an urgent check of New Zealand's 74 hot air balloons to test for airworthiness. The CAA said it had launched an investigation into the maintenance of hot air balloons in the wake of the TAIC report.



A female police officer was knocked unconscious during a violent assault in west Auckland last night. Police said the assault occurred after a Henderson unit started pursuing a stolen car at 10.40pm. After six minutes the car pulled to the side of the road near Ranui Railway Station and the four occupants attempted to run away. "The male driver of the stolen vehicle then violently assaulted the female police officer attempting to arrest him, punching her in the face a number of times,'' a police statement said. The officer was knocked unconscious by a punch.



A Canadian tourist whose wife died when their campervan collided with a truck in Waikato today had driven onto a state highway thinking it was a roundabout, says a witness. The collision occurred at the intersection of State Highway 3 and Waitomo Caves Rd in Hangatiki at 1.55pm. It killed a woman travelling in a Kea campervan with her husband and daughter, said the witness, who wants to remain anonymous.



A climber has been killed after falling from the Homer Saddle near Te Anau today. Te Anau police said the 50-year-old New Zealand male had slipped on a ridge and fell about 800 metres. Police were informed of the fall mid-morning and located the missing man who was discovered to be dead. Adverse weather meant they could not immediately recover the body.



A magnitude 4.1 earthquake has struck Canterbury this morning. The tremor was recorded by GNS Science as being centred 20 km north-east of Christchurch. It hit at 5:21am at a depth of 15 km. It was reported to have been felt in Christchurch.



All passenger sailings on the Interislander ferry Arahura have been cancelled following a close-shave on Monday. The Cook Strait ferry had a near-miss with a small recreational fishing boat off Karori Light at about 4.30pm. A deck officer has been routinely stood down on full pay while the incident is investigated. His standing down means all Arahura passenger sailings have been cancelled until tomorrow.



New Zealand's trade will grow at an annualised rate of 5.9% over the next five years, outperforming forecast world trade growth of 3.8% annually, according to the latest HSBC Global Connections report. The trend is expected to continue into the next decade with New Zealand's grow predicted to rise a further 7.3% between 2017 and 2021 annually, compared to world growth on 6.2%. "New Zealand is in the right geography and in the right industries to take advantage of accelerating trade trends," said Gary Cross, head of global trade and receivables finance at HSBC.




KiwiBank's first half profit at $37.9 million has rebounded strongly from $13.9 million in the same period a year ago. Chief executive Paul Brock said the state-owned bank, which is approaching its 10th anniversary, was continuing a very positive growth path" after its result a year ago was "severely undermined by the global financial crisis and the Christchurch earthquakes". "Our underlying performance has always been strong, with consistent growth in lending and deposits and improving margins.


インドネシアをターゲットにするコカ・コーラ アマティル

CCA said yesterday that its businesses in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea had generated five consecutive years of very strong growth, boosted by increased manufacturing capability and the distribution of more cold drink coolers. "The up-weighting of our investment in Indonesia and PNG remains a high priority as the growth outlook for both businesses continues to be favourable," CCA group managing director Terry Davis said. The Indonesian economy remained buoyant, with the economy expected to grow by more than 6% in 2012. In the last 12 months, more than 25,000 new cold drink coolers were placed in Indonesia, bringing CCA's total in that country to 225,000.



The New Zealand dollar may rise to 90 US cents next year as the greenback is held back by a ballooning US current account deficit and low interest rates, according to economists at ANZ Bank. It last traded at 82.82 cents against the US dollar. A move over 90 cents would break through the highs of July-to-August last year to a new record since the kiwi dollar was allowed to trade freely in 1985. The nation's relatively high interest rates - the official cash rate of 2.5% looks fat compared to about zero offered by the US Federal Reserve - are part of the appeal.



A Wellington Art Museum has cancelled a much-anticipated art exhibition due to cultural concerns raised by local Maori. Mexican artist Teresa Margolles was to have her latest work 'So it Vanishes' exhibited at The Dowse Gallery in Lower Hutt as part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival. The exhibition includes a series of machines releasing bubbles containing trace elements of water from a Mexican morgue.



The study compared 540 woman from Auckland, Hawaii, California, Oklahoma and Iowa - and highlighted widespread and heavy use of cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol among Kiwis. The study was designed to measure the effects of prenatal exposure to the drug methamphetamine by studying addicts who were pregnant - but results from a control group of non-meth users found that use of other drugs among pregnant New Zealanders was startlingly higher. The effects of such drugs - illicit and legal - on unborn children include miscarriages, low birth weights, mental and growth problems. The results, submitted for publication in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, showed New Zealand women not only used more drugs than the US mothers, but used them in larger amounts.




NZ versus US pregnant drug use.


* 10 times more heavy drinking.

* (ニュージーランドの女性は)アルコール摂取量が10倍も多い。

* Eight times more heavy cannabis use.

* (ニュージーランドの女性は)大麻摂取量が8倍も多い。


Asked by Mr Rochford whether he is "Team Julia or Team Kevin," Henry replied: "If I had to be on that team, and I'm not, I would be Team Julia. Even though she has done such an appalling job managing Rudd." Another asked, "Who's that bloke with the glasses on? I don't know him, I don't want him". "That guy I actually didn't like," Henry responded. One caller described Julia Gillard as a "disgrace to women in Australia". Henry said she sounded "like she's been drinking". On Twitter, opinion was divided over Henry and his co-hosts' performance. "This new @Channelten Breakfast show is pretty good. Paul Henry is a breath of fresh air," Stephen Cenatiempo said. Mathan Allington agreed: "I like having Paul Henry on Breakfast TV in Oz. The other two shows were getting boring and predictable." Peta Barclay also liked the new show. "Paul Henry grilling (deputy opposition leader) Julie Bishop. Clearly this is what he was brought across the ditch for." However, Henry had the same capacity to offend Australians as he did Kiwis on TVNZ's Breakfast show. "Ten seconds of Paul Henry on Ten Breakfast and I've been offended already (by the comment) 'does the short man have feet on his bottom?'" Arion Ellis Potts wrote. "Paul Henry makes me nauseous! NZ is such a beautiful country, if I lived there I'd send him away too!" Elizabeth Fletcher said. Comments on the Channel Ten Breakfast Facebook page were mainly positive. "Really enjoying the show! Great team and a refreshing change from the 'norm' ... love the dynamic," Georgina Jurevic wrote. Jess Frost another was "loving the show. I usually watch Sunrise but I'll definitely be staying with you guys! Good work." Henry resigned from TVNZ's Breakfast after admitting he had "crossed the line" after questioning whether Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand was really a New Zealander.

オーストラリアの朝の番組に出演したポール・ヘンリーが話題になっているようです。記事の内容をいくつか拾ってみると、ジュリアチームとケヴィンチームどちらに入りたい、という問いに、ポールは:どちらかを選ばなければならないなら(または所属しなければならないなら)、ジュリアチームかな。ケヴィンを手懐ける仕事には向かなかったみたいだけど。  視聴者のひとりが、番組でメガネをかけた奴は誰だ?オレは彼を知らないし、いらない、という問いに、ポールは:その男性、オレも本当に嫌いだ。  他の視聴者からは、ポール・ヘンリーはジュリア・ギラードを扱き下ろしており、これは彼がニュージーランドの番組でやっていたことと同じことだ、また他の視聴者は、もし私が美しいニュージーランドに住んでいたなら、私も彼をニュージーランドから追い出すだろう、といった冷静な批判、番組は楽しかったといった前向きな意見も紹介されています。とりあえず、多くの視聴者からの声はポール・ヘンリーに好意的だったようです。


Fisherman Rob Page had never seen anything like it – an adult orca was "smoking" line off the reel so fast and for so long it was nearly too hot to touch. Page, of Forest Lake, Hamilton, was on board the 8-metre C Crazy 2 on Saturday with three others trolling lures during a tuna and marlin fishing tournament off Gisborne.



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