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Labour has continued its attack on the Government's foreign affairs priorities, accusing it of planning a $1.3 million makeover for the Niue high commissioner's residence amid plans to cut staff. However, Foreign Affair Minister Murray McCully denied the renovations were going ahead, and stressed that the ministry had been told to cut back on non-essential spending. Labour foreign affairs spokesman Phil Goff told Parliament today that documents showed plans for a luxury upgrade of the residence, which is the home to High Commissioner Mark Blumsky, a former National MP. "Why would you spend that much money in a very small country of 1100 people, while at the same time you're getting ready to sack 63 core staff members in foreign affairs?"



Five children were left inside a van in Auckland's SkyCity car park while their parents gambled in the casino. Security staff and police had to release the children, who ranged in age from five months to eight years, after they were discovered by a passing couple on Sunday morning. Surveillance footage of the car park shows they had been left for 45 minutes before being found. Their parents were later found in the casino using electronic gambling machines. The children are now in Child, Youth and Family care and their parents are under investigation.

オークランドのスカイシティカジノのポーカーマシンで遊ぶために、5ヶ月から8歳の5人の子供を乗せたヴァンをスカイシティの駐車場に残していた非常識な保護者が報じられています。駐車場のセキュリティカメラによると、子供たちは通りかかったカップルに発見されるまで45分間ほど車中に取り残されていたことが確認され、子供たちが発見されたあと、カジノで遊んでいる保護者が発見されたようです。その後、子供たちはCYF(Child, Youth and Family)へ保護されているようです。この件、7時からのクロースアップにも取り上げられ、駐車場のセキュリティについても非難されていましたが、番組最後に、駐車場の入り口で子供が乗車しているかどうか確認するべきだ、という視聴者の指摘が簡単な解決方法だと紹介されていました(ただ、このスカイシティの駐車場に車を停めるのはカジノの客だけではなく、展望台や周辺のレストランに行く家族連れもいるので入り口ですべてをチェックするのはちょっと難しいかもしれません)。



Three weeks of strike action began on Monday at the Ports of Auckland, and, as a result, at least six more ships are expected to divert elsewhere by Sunday. Port of Tauranga chief executive Mark Cairns said the port was already dealing with projects that had it brimming with business over the next few months, so it was unlikely the ships would berth here. "There is no guarantee [of room for more ships]. "We are expecting a very busy period over the next few weeks and basically we are at capacity in the short term, until projects within our $150 million investment programme deliver increased capacity ... over the next 12 months."



Alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom will remain on bail and his family has been given just over $30,000 to live off for the next three weeks. Earlier today, Dotcom asked the High Court at Auckland for $28,000 per month for living costs, $29,000 for staff costs and a one-off payment towards the rent, which totals $1 million per year. Dotcom also wanted money to pay the lease on his mansion and to pay off some creditors. However, this afternoon Justice Judith Potter granted the tycoon just over $30,000 to live off for the next three weeks. Justice Potter granted a change to the restraining order on the seized assets, effective until March 21.



Affco Meatworkers Union members have voted to strike on Friday, says union organiser Eric Mischefski. The strike follows today's lockout of 776 union members in five plants after negotiations for a collective agreement broke down. We have had a vote amongst all of our members in the Affco group, with an overwhelming majority giving authority to the union negotiating team to call industrial action as and when they deem it necessary, Mr Mischefski said. The first strike action would occur this Friday at 5am for a period of 24 hours and starting Saturday morning the union had placed a ban on all training for one week at this stage.



Christchurch District Court Judge Colin Doherty said he accepted Annabelle Victoria Quor, 75, did not mean to kill her dog, but pet ownership bore responsibilities, and one was not to cause them pain, suffering, or distress. He said the pomeranian dog Midgey died by being "cooked" in the car, in terrible circumstances, and it would have suffered. Quor left the dog in a car, in the sun on the top of the carpark building at The Palms shopping centre on a hot day in December 2010. The dog was found collapsed by a mall employee before Quor returned to the vehicle. Judge Doherty fined her $2500 to reinforce legislation and to mark her responsibility, and directed that the full sum be paid to the SPCA which brought the prosecution.

2010年12月、灼熱のパームズショッピングモールに車を停めていたところ、暑さにより車内で死亡(died by being "cooked" in the car)してしまった犬の飼い主へ$2500の罰金の支払いがクライストチャーチディストリクトコートで命じられています。車内で倒れていた犬を発見したのはショッピングモールの従業員で、犬種はポメラニアン、犬の飼い主は75歳のおばあさんだったようです。


A Nigerian man who had been living in New Zealand for almost 10 years under a false passport has been jailed. Jeffrey Ugochukwu Orji, 39, from Mangere East had been using a false identity since 2003 and managed to obtain work visas on the basis of partnerships with New Zealand residents. He unsuccessfully sought refugee status 10 years ago before returning to the country with false documents a year later. Orji now faces deportation after being jailed for two years and three months for passport fraud.



Under the changes, solo parents on a benefit would be required to look for part-time work when their youngest child is five and fulltime work when that child turns 14. Controversially, mothers who have an additional baby while already on a benefit will be required to look for work after 12 months. Last year 4000 babies were born to mothers already on the domestic purposes benefit. Mr Key said yesterday that a mother who returned to work would be $10,000 a year better off than she would be on the DPB. That's because she would earn a minimum of $22,204 under the family tax credit system as well as a further $3120 for in-work tax credits. The Household Labour Force Survey, produced by Statistics New Zealand, found 62,000 jobs were created over the past two years and the ANZ Bank job report for January showed jobs were on offer in every region of the country, with 30,000 positions available, he said. "If you look at Work and Income, they receive 1300 to 1500 vacancies a week; on average they have 3500 jobs on offer." NZ First leader Winston Peters said the Government's forecast in its May 2010 Budget said there would be 170,000 new jobs by 2015, meaning 34,000 new jobs needed to be created every year. "Where are these new jobs when less than 14,000 were created in 2011, according to Statistics New Zealand?"



Several women a week are seeking urgent accommodation from Nelson support groups to avoid becoming homeless, they say. Women's Refuge Nelson manager Trudie Brand said several woman a week were approaching the organisation seeking emergency accommodation because there was nothing available, which they could afford. "We had another woman who left her relationship and was sleeping in her car with her dog guarding her at night for a few nights. She couldn't find or afford any short-term immediate accommodation until she could move into her rental accommodation," she said. Haven Rentals division manager Kaylene Tasker said there was a particular shortage of low-priced - homes with a two to three-bedroom home renting from $250-$300 a week. These rental homes were normally taken within a week, she said.



Sixty-year-old Canadian tourist Marielle Falar-Deau was killed outside the Christchurch Souvenirs store when the facade of the top floor of the Colombo St building collapsed. Elizabeth Clarke of Church Property Trustees, which owned the building, said engineers told her the building was safe and only needed minor repairs. She said that at the time she was reliant on the advice of the engineers. "And if they had suggested to me that they thought it needed an engineering report that would've been fine."



The Civil Aviation Authority has ordered more checks to be done on 16 of New Zealand's hot-air balloons. An urgent investigation was launched into safety standards on every hot air balloon in New Zealand after a balloon crashed in near Carterton last month, killing all 11 people onboard. The authority today released its initial findings. In the majority of cases, the CAA was satisfied that practices "are at or above the required minimum safety standards." However, in one case the Director of Civil Aviation Steve Douglas said further investigation is warranted.



A patrol was driving along the road when they smelt a strong aroma they believed was cannabis wafting through their patrol car's air conditioning system, said Shift Manager, Senior Sergeant Gill Meadows. The pair parked their car around the corner and "followed their nose" to the source of the smell on Avalon Drive about 5.45am. They identified the address where they thought the smell was coming from and knocked on the door. When the door was opened they had little doubt, given the strong smell that they were at the right place. "The 57-year-old male occupant of the house was pretty philosophical about it all when the officers discovered an indoor growing operation with over 215 cannabis plants and seedlings as well as quantities of leaf material and growing and ventilation equipment," Meadows said.



McCormack said law is an example of a degree that prepares students for different jobs, but only about 40% of law graduates go into the legal profession. "The rest of them go into all sorts of other jobs like business and management and administration that a law degree has prepared them for, because law is a particular way of thinking, which is very useful," he said. "They're good at communication, they're good at writing and setting out arguments and analysing arguments, so they're very useful in all sorts of fields of employment." McCormack said people with degrees are expected to be in high demand in the future, with other qualifications including trades being in less demand.



Italy's Costa Crociere and its giant US parent company Carnival Corporation - the world's biggest cruise operator - are on the ropes after two accidents on their luxury cruise ships in under two months. Shares in Carnival dropped 1.44 per cent in early trading in New York on Tuesday, as the stricken Costa Allegra was being towed to the Seychelles through pirate-infested waters in the Indian Ocean after a fire on board. Italian newspapers even reported a rumour that the Costa Crociere brand itself - originally founded in the 19th century by Giacomo Costa in Genoa in northern Italy - could be eliminated at a Carnival board meeting next month.

イタリア沿岸で座礁した豪華客船の運営会社の存続が危ぶまれているようです。この運営会社Costa Crociereは19世紀に北イタリアのジェノアに住むGiacomo Costaによって起業された歴史ある会社で、イタリア紙で報じられた噂によると、来月のカーニヴァルのボードのミーティングで会社が清算される可能性が指摘されているようです。


France has demanded that internet giant Google postpone rolling out its new privacy policy two days before it comes into effect as it appears to break European Union data protection rules. "A preliminary analysis shows that these new rules do not respect the requirements of the European data protection directive," said the National Commission for Computing and Freedom (CNIL), which has been asked to investigate Google's new user terms by its European counterparts. The CNIL asked Google to "postpone applying the new rules." However, the CNIL said: "Instead of improving transparency, the way the new rules are formulated and the possibility of combining data from different services raises concerns and questions about Google's real intentions."



The captain and navigation officer of the grounded cargo vessel Rena today pleaded guilty to 10 out of the 11 charges laid by Maritime New Zealand. The charges followed an investigation into the ship's grounding on the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga on October 5 last year. A week after the grounding, MNZ charged both men under the Maritime Transport Act , "for operating a vessel in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk". The charge carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 or a maximum term of imprisonment of 12 months. Further charges were laid against each man on November 2 under the Resource Management Act, relating to the "discharge of harmful substances from ships or offshore installations".



New Zealand business confidence regathered momentum at the start of the year, with a pick-up in the construction sector leading the way, according the National Bank's Business Outlook survey. A net 28% of survey respondents expect better times for the economy in the year ahead, up 11 points from the last survey in December, while a net 31% of firms predict their own activity will improve, up 5 points. A net 44% of businesses expect a lift in residential construction-related work, up from 26% in December, while commercial construction intentions turned positive a net 30% of respondents picking growth, compared to 3.2% expecting a contraction in December.



Stronger gas and wholesale electricity prices helped Genesis Power more than double its first half earnings to $38.3 million. The company, New Zealand's largest electricity retailer, said revenue from its share in the Kupe gas field increased by $15m to $67m on stronger production and higher gas prices, while wholesale electricity prices also rose due to low rainfall in the catchments of the South Island hydroelectricity stations. Earnings before net finance expense, income tax, depreciation, amortisation, fair value changes and other gains and losses (EBITDAF) rose 37 per cent to $190.5m. During the period Genesis increased its customer base by 12,820 to 669,138 as it recruited new customers, mainly in the South Island.



Net profit rose to $69 million, or 5.22 cents a share, in the six months ended December 31, from $65.5 million, or 4.99 cents a year earlier, the company said in a statement. Sales rose 8.9% to $215.9 million, while expenses climbed 15% to $54.5 million, which it said largely reflected work ahead of the Rugby World Cup. The biggest single contribution to the gain in revenue was from retailing, where sales rose 13% to $61.8 million. Revenue from airfield income, passenger services and terminal services charges combined rose 6.6% to $95.5 million and the company flagged further increases to fund development of a new domestic terminal. Total international passengers rose 6.5% to 3.96 million in the first half while domestic passengers rose 0.9% to 3.13 million. January including the biggest week for international passengers ever recorded, it said.



The teenager who raped a five-year-old girl at a Turangi holiday park had been drinking and taking drugs for up to ten hours before the attack. Rotorua District Court heard today how Raurangi Marino had been taking cannabis and had consumed between 20-30 bottles of beer at a party before the attack on Boxing Day, last year. Marino, 16, does not remember much about the assault he inflicted on the toddler in a caravan at Club Habitat Holiday Park, the court heard. Through his lawyer the court heard how the victim had tried to escape but Marino held her down during the rape. Marino was today jailed for 10 years for sexual violation, seven years for sexual violation causing grievous bodily harm and two years for burglary. Name suppression was lifted ahead of sentencing. Marino faced up to 21 years in prison. The victim's family joined the sentencing via video link from Europe.


追記:今朝、この事件について、The Sensible Sentencing Trustが仮釈で20歳の誕生日に出所する可能性があると非難していました(動画はこちらから)。もう少し重い刑罰を考える必要があるかもしれません。


Interpol said on Tuesday that 25 suspected members of the loose-knit Anonymous hacker movement have been arrested in a sweep across Europe and South America. The international police agency said in a statement that the arrests in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain were carried out by national law enforcement officers working under the support of Interpol's Latin American Working Group of Experts on Information Technology Crime. The suspects, aged between 17 and 40, are suspected of planning coordinated cyber-attacks against institutions including Colombia's defence ministry and presidential websites, Chile's Endesa electricity company and national library, as well as other targets. The arrests followed an ongoing investigation begun in mid-February which also led to the seizure of 250 items of IT equipment and mobile phones in searches of 40 premises in 15 cities, Interpol said. Anonymous has no real membership structure. Hackers, activists, and supporters can claim allegiance to its freewheeling principles at their convenience, so it's unclear what impact the arrests will have. Some Internet chatter appeared to point to a revenge attack on Interpol's website, but the police organisation's home page appeared to operating as normal late Tuesday. One Twitter account purportedly associated with Anonymous' Brazilian wing said the sweep would fail. "Interpol, you can't take Anonymous," the message read. "It's an idea."



Green party oceans spokesperson Gareth Hughes said the Government should do everything in its power to make the whalers leave. "It is offensive that Japanese whalers are in New Zealand waters," Hughes said in a statement. "The Government should seek urgent legal advice to determine if the Marine Mammal Act gives the Government grounds to expel Japanese whalers." Hughes said if New Zealand cannot act legally, the laws should be changed. "Chile has passed legislation that bans the transport of whale meat through their waters, and we can do the same." The Nisshin Maru is currently whaling in the Antarctic and is likely to have taken hundreds of whales already.



Thousands of Telecom customers with phones older than two years will soon be forced to shift over to the company's new network. At the end of July this year, Telecom will shut down its CDMA network, requiring customers to shift to a newer form of technology. The number of people on CDMA connections represents about 11% of Telecom's mobile revenue, TV ONE's Breakfast heard this morning. Telecom launched a sub-brand called Skinny Mobile, which is targeted at youth, offering deals on data and calling, Putt explained. "Basically, they're going after the Two Degrees market and Vodafone's pre-pay market. It's very competitive out there. It's about youth." Telecom said on its websIte that CDMA customers can keep their mobile numbers and people with prepaid mobiles can keep any credit left on their phones when they move to XT.

ニュージーランドテレコムの携帯電話でCDMAのネットワークを使っている顧客がまだ11%いるため、テレコムがこれらの顧客へ、CDMAのネットワークが終了するため、3Gに対応した新しい機種へ交換するよう呼びかけています。いままで使用した携帯に残っているプリペイドのクレジットや携帯電話の番号を新しい電話にそのまま移行することができるので、そのあたりの問題はないようです。テレコムの新しいプリペイドは、他社のトゥデグリーズ(2degrees)とヴォーダフォン(Vodafone)に対抗する料金体系を持つ、スキニーモバイル(Skinny Mobile)が紹介されています。


The invitation-only event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, where it also introduced the last two generations of iPads. Apple, which sent the invitation to reporters by email today, did not divulge details of the event beyond saying: "We have something you really have to see. And touch." The invitation featured a partial picture of the touchscreen of a device resembling an iPad. Apple launches are some of the hottest events on the tech calendar, scrutinised by fans, investors, the media and industry insiders alike.



New Zealand has been named the second best place in the world for UK expatriates, according to a an annual index released today. The NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index also reported that despite a global economic malaise, more than two thirds of UK expats had not seen a reduction in their quality of life abroad and fewer planned to return home. Coming in behind Canada, who took out the number one spot, factors considered in the index were natural beauty, muliticulturalism, health care services and security.



Christian Sunil Paul, of Taylorsville, was charged yesterday (NZ time) in Salt Lake City's 3rd District Court in the US with one felony count of discharging a firearm with injury and one misdemeanour count of possessing drug paraphernalia. The 27-year-old told police he was aiming at the rodent during the December 20 shooting, but the bullet went through the pantry and into the bathroom, where it hit Paul's roommate in the shoulder. The roommate was taken to the hospital for treatment.



Presented at the New Delhi motor show by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan (the actor with the famous white goatee), the DC Avanti will take the fight to Ferrari and Lamborghini in terms of supercar styling, not supercar performance. How much? Three million rupees (NZ$72,600), or a fleet of 20 Nanos. Rather than opt for a high-revving V8 or silky V12, DC dipped into Ford's parts bin with the familiar 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, which currently serves in the Mondeo and forthcoming Falcon range. Tuned to deliver 180kW and 366Nm, the ''EcoBoost'' engine is mounted behind the seats in keeping with Avanti's supercar aspirations and is mated with Ford's six-speed dual-clutch auto or six-speed manual transmission. As a former General Motors exterior designer, the founder of DC Design, Dilip Chhabria, penned the 2007 Chevrolet Beat concept, which morphed into the Holden Barina Spark.



A new US Senate candidate in Virginia wears a tie, has a campaign website and even launched an ad. One big difference? He has a thick coat of fur. Hank the cat has thrown his paw into the race, running to mock the political status quo. The cat's owner, Anthony Roberts, says he and his partner set up the campaign as an inside joke. But the campaign's website has crashed after a recent spate of publicity. Hank is running for the seat being vacated by retiring Senator James Webb, a Democrat.



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