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A severe weather warning has been issued for much of the country this afternoon, as strong gales from the tail-end of today's storm continue to blast the country. MetService has issued a strong wind warning for Wellington and Wairarapa, coastal Marlborough, Hawke's Bay, Gisborne, with gusts between 120 and 150km/h predicted until later tonight. Metservice warned rough seas and heavy swells are still possible and may cause erosion and storm surge inundation in some coastal areas.






A political leader will appear in Parliament with a drastic new hairdo this month after the public decides who it would most like to see get the chop. Either Labour Party leader David Shearer or Green Party co-leader Russel Norman will have their heads shaved as part of a fundraiser for people with leukaemia and other blood cancers. "It will be fun to see who New Zealanders most want to see shave and we're looking forward to seeing the minister's new hairdo. We hope their leadership encourages other Kiwis to shave their heads to make this the biggest New Zealand shave yet." * To vote, donate, or participate, go to www.shaveforacure.co.nz



Another alleged sex offender has been linked with a school - this time working as a volunteer at a breakfast programme in South Auckland. The man was charged late last month with sexual offending against children going back several years. The Weekend Herald understands between that time and his arrest he has worked as a volunteer on the breakfast programme at decile 1 Edmund Hillary School, in Papakura. It is the second controversy involving sex offenders and schools this week after revelations a convicted sex offender worked as a teacher in several Auckland schools. An inquiry is now under way to determine how that man - who has name suppression - was able to use several aliases and avoid detection by the Teachers Council, police and the Department of Corrections.



A seven-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl were among thousands of children expelled or suspended for bringing drugs and alcohol to school last year. Secondary Principals Association president Patrick Walsh says offenders are getting younger and tougher penalties for parents are needed. Last year 241 students were expelled for drug offences, and 2174 suspended - 298 of them 12 and under. In a 2010 case, a 12-year-old took a kilogram of cannabis to school to sell, reportedly for a family member. "Nearly always they come from dysfunctional homes where substance abuse is rife," Walsh said. "We take a light-handed approach but those parents need to be accountable."



A frightful accident that left a popular Bay of Plenty kiwifruit orchardist with a 15cm bolt lodged in his head has perplexed his grieving loved ones, doctors and investigators. Tauranga father of two Andrew Clink, a qualified mechanic described as careful and experienced with machinery, was found in his work shed on Wednesday evening lying unconscious beside an orchard sprayer he had been repairing. The 53-year-old's family have speculated that as he was trying to lever part of the machine off, a bolt flew from it and into his skull while he was standing over it. His wife, Sandi Clink, told the Weekend Herald yesterday that the bolt was not discovered until it was revealed in a scan at Tauranga Hospital, where Mr Clink later died.



A Canadian visitor has criticised the health care in this country after waiting 14 hours without treatment at Auckland's Middlemore Hospital. Mr Wilkinson: "I said it only takes 14 hours to fly here from Canada. In Canada we don't make people wait for 14 hours in the emergency wards ... there is better health care in Central America." Middlemore communications director Lauren Young said the hospital's medical and surgical wards were at 105 per cent of capacity on Monday, and 103 per cent on Tuesday. Thirty-one patients were waiting for inpatient beds on Tuesday and eight of them were waiting for similar operations to Mr Wilkinson. "It is most unusual, but the demand for surgical services has been huge. "Of course it's not acceptable, we hate it that patients have to wait. That's not the ideal for anybody. But the pressure the hospital's under, we absolutely have to prioritise," Ms Young said.

カナダから来た旅行者がオークランドのミドルモアホスピタルの緊急病棟で治療を受けるのに14時間も待たされていたことに疑問を呈しています。彼曰く: 14時間もあれば飛行機でカナダからニュージーランドに来ることができる。また、カナダでは14時間も患者を緊急病棟で待たせたりはしない、セントラルアメリカでさえ、まだまともなヘルスケアがある。と、述べています。病院側は、彼が待っていた日は患者数がいつもよりも多かったため、対応できていなかったことを認めています。最近、公立病院の待機時間が長くなっている記事を散発的にみかけますが、これは全国的に顕著になりつつある問題のような気がします。


Opponents of plans to demolish Christchurch's quake-damaged Anglican cathedral say they won't let it be pulled down without a fight. Since the Bishop of Christchurch, Victoria Matthews, announced on Friday that saving the damaged cathedral was no longer an option the diocese was considering, many people have taken to online message boards to voice their determination to stop demolition work proceeding. Christchurch city councillor Aaron Keown has threatened to chain himself to the building to stop it being pulled down, and the Wizard of Christchurch has described the Church's decision as "an unforgivable act of barbarism".



Telecom's youth brand Skinny SIM-locking its phones "is unlikely to undermine competition" in the mobile market, says the Commerce Commission. Skinny, a subsidiary of Telecom claiming to be a "stripped back" option for those with not much to spend, soft-launched earlier this year but created a stir last December when it was revealed it would SIM-lock some of its phones. SIM-locking is a practice which prevents a customer from using their phone on certain mobile networks. In Skinny's case, some of its handsets come SIM-locked for the first nine-months' of use unless a customer pays a $30 fee. If a Skinny phone remains locked, a Vodafone or 2degrees customer is unable to put their SIM card in the phone and use it.



NASA said hackers stole employee credentials and gained access to mission-critical projects last year in 13 major network breaches that could compromise US national security. The space agency discovered in November that hackers working through an Internet Protocol address in China broke into the network of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Martin said in testimony released on Wednesday. One of NASA's key labs, JPL manages 23 spacecraft conducting active space missions, including missions to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. He said the hackers gained full system access, which allowed them to modify, copy, or delete sensitive files, create new user accounts and upload hacking tools to steal user credentials and compromise other NASA systems. They were also able to modify system logs to conceal their actions.

昨年ナサ(NASA)のコンピュータネットワークに13件の侵入被害が報告されていたようです。うち、11月に報告されたのは、中国のIPを使って、ナサのネットワークのひとつである、火星、土星、木星、などの宇宙の任務を遂行するために23の宇宙船を管理しているジェット推進研究所(JPL、Jet Propulsion Laboratory)へ侵入されており、このハッキングでは、新しいアカウントの作成、訂正、コピー、削除、ハッキングツールのインストール、個人情報のファイルへのアクセスなど、ほぼフルアクセスの状態で侵入していたことが確認されているようです。ここまでくると、内部犯行説を疑いたくなります(笑)。


Violent storms and tornadoes raked across a huge swath of the US Midwest and Southeast, killing at least 36 people in four states, say authorities. The fast-moving twisters spawned by massive thunderstorms splintered blocks of homes, damaged a prison and schools and tossed around vehicles like toys across the region, leaving 18 people dead in Kentucky, 14 in neighboring Indiana, two more in Ohio, and one in Alabama, officials said. "We're not unfamiliar with Mother Nature's wrath out here in Indiana," Governor Mitch Daniels told CNN during a visit to the stricken southeast corner of the state.



About 2000 people in Sydney's flood-threatened north-western fringes have been told to evacuate as emergency services battle what they say is a record event. The evacuation order, issued this morning, takes the total number of people told to leave their homes across NSW to 3500. NSW State Emergency Services commissioner Murray Kear told reporters the Hawkesbury-Nepean River was currently at seven metres and rising as water spilled from the overflowing Warragamba Dam.



The captain of the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner was not wearing his glasses on the evening of the accident and asked his first officer to check the radar for him, the officer's lawyer has said. The giant cruise liner capsized off the Tuscan island of Giglio after hitting a rock on Jan. 13, killing at least 25 people. Seven people are still unaccounted for.



Moody's lowered Greece's local and foreign-currency bond ratings a notch to C from Ca, becoming the third credit rating agency to downgrade the country following the announcement of the swap deal to lighten its debt burden. Moody's says that bonds rated C "are the lowest rated class and are typically in default, with little prospect for recovery of principal or interest." The rating agency added that it did not assign any future outlook. Moodys' concludes that "the risk of default even after the debt exchange has been completed remains high," and any upward movements in Greece's sovereign ratings after the debt exchange are likely to be small.



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