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A five-month-old baby died of suffocation after being placed in a dangerous sleeping environment, a coroner has found. Akayelah Colleen Dejah Collis was found unresponsive in her cot with an adult pillow near her head on December 17 of 2010. She died a day later at Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland after suffering multiple organ failure. Post-mortem reports showed Akaleyah had died of a lack of oxygen. Coroner Morag McDowell today released a report naming the presence of adult pillow in her cot as an underlying cause of death.



A man who punched his partner numerous times in the face after she caught him seemingly arranging to use a prostitute has been sentenced to 75 hours' community work. He was at home with his partner when she saw some text messages on his cellphone, indicating he was arranging to use a prostitute. The pair began to argue heatedly, which escalated into Fergusson punching the woman in the face, around the nose and mouth, five or six times. She managed to get away from him, locking herself in the bathroom where she called 111.



One of the two skippers involved in a collision on Waitemata Harbour - in which a 71-year-old classic yacht sank and a woman was seriously injured - has been fined $200. The 18m yacht Antaeus and the classic sailboat Gypsy collided on Auckland Anniversary Day, when thousands of boats were on the harbour. Kawau Island resident John Pryor spent five years and $100,000 restoring his 71-year-old classic yacht Gypsy, only to see it smashed to pieces and sunk in the collision. His partner, Jill Hetherington, suffered serious injuries after being dragged under Antaeus' bow.



Around 350 Powerco customers are still without electricity since last weekend's weather bomb. South Taranaki and Wanganui were the worst-affected region, and Powerco said it is making steady progress in repairing the severely damaged network. Some parts of the network have had to be completely rebuilt in both regions. Powerco said a small number of rural areas, including Wanganui, Patea, Waverley and the Waitotara Valley, will have to wait until the middle of this week until their power is restored.



A consumer watchdog group says some retailers are misleading consumers about their legal rights with extended warranties. Consumer NZ's deputy chief executive David Naulls said selling extended warranties for home appliances is a lucrative sideline for retailers. "If you're buying goods for personal use, you don't usually need one. You already have strong after-sales rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act", he said.

コンシューマーワッチドッググループ(消費者監視団体)がエクステンデッドワランティー(延長保障、extended warranties)について、小売店側が消費者へ間違った指導をしていることを警告しています。白物家電において、もし一般家庭の使用であれば消費者はすでにコンシューマーギャランティーアクト(消費者保護法、Consumer Guarantees Act)で守られているため、延長保障は必要ないと述べています(ただし、小型の電気機器など、保証期間が1年のもので、どうしても心配で延長保障を必要としている方が加入をするケースが少なくないようです)。


New Zealand has failed to convince a scientific panel it is best suited to host the world's largest radio telescope, after the panel recommended the $2.5 billion project be awarded to a rival consortium led by South Africa. A joint New Zealand and Australian consortium is bidding against a southern African group for the right to host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a $3.1 billion cluster of radio telescopes dubbed the "biggest science project in the world".



A magnitude 4.6 quake was felt across the parts of the North Island this morning. The quake, 50km deep, was centred 30km east of Dannevirke and struck at 8.21am. It was felt in southern Hawke's Bay, the Wairarapa and Manawatu. It followed a magnitude 4.9 quake, 80km deep, felt across the lower North Island last night.



A 21-year-old female was assaulted in the early hours of yesterday morning in an inner-city street in Wellington. Wellington Police are investigating the assault that occurred about 2.30am when the victim was walking through Opera House Lane, from Manners Street to Wakefield Street. The victim was grabbed by a male and pulled into a corner of the alleyway. "The young woman was pinned against the wall by the offender and had her dressed ripped before she was able to fight him off, causing him to run away." The male is described as European of heavy build, about 180cm tall and was wearing a dark or black hooded sweatshirt. Police are urging anyone who witnessed this incident or anything suspicious in Opera House Lane in the early hours of yesterday morning to come forward and speak with Police on (04) 381 2000 or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

ウェリントンの市街地で21歳女性が暴行された事件が報告されています。朝2時30分頃、彼女はマナーズストリートからオペラハウスレーンを抜けてウェイクフィールドストリートを歩いていたところ、歩道の角のところで男性につかまれたところ、彼女は壁を背にして釘付けになっていたので、運よく攻撃してきた男性と闘うことができたため、男性は逃走したようです。容疑者は体格の良いヨーロピアン、背丈が180cm、暗いまたは黒いフードのついたスウェットを着ていたようです。もし、オペラハウスレーンで不審者を見かけたら、警察(04 381 2000)、または、クライムストッパー(0800 555 111)へ通報を。


Local councils have clocked up $1606 in debt for every man, woman and child in New Zealand at a time when the amount they expect people to pay in property taxes is rising steeply. Government figures released to the Sunday Star-Times show local councils are charging, per capita, an average of $951 in rates and that nationally, rates have risen an average of 7 per cent a year for the past decade. Over the same period council debt has ballooned from $1.8b to $7b.


Council debt per capita


Kaipara District $4142

カイパラディストリクト $4142

Taupo District $4048

タウポディストリクト $4048

Waitomo District $3939

ワイトモディストリクト $3939

Queenstown-Lakes District $3563

クイーンズタウンーレイクスディストリクト $3563 

Tauranga City $2769

タウランガシティ $2769

South Taranaki District $2755

サウスタラナキディストリクト $2755

Western Bay of Plenty District $2699

ウェスターンベイオブプレンティディストリクト $2699

Tasman District $2451

タスマンディストリクト $2451

Buller District $2,227

ブラーディストリクト $2,227

Hamilton City $2184

ハミルトンシティ $2184

Auckland (Sum of former AK area councils) $2134

オークランド(以前のオークランド地域を統合した合計) $2134

Ruapehu District $1994

ルアペフディストリクト $1994

Far North District $1925

ファーノースディストリクト $1925

Dunedin City $1920

ダニーデンシティ $1920

Thames-Coromandel District $1823

テームズ-コロマンデルディストリクト $1823

Wanganui District $1812

ワンガヌイディストリクト $1812

Whangarei District $1800

ワンガレイディストリクト $1800

Palmerston North City $1765

パーマストンノースシティ $1765

Rotorua District $1686

ロトルアディストリクト $1686

New Plymouth District $1638

ニュープリマウスディストリクト $1638

Kaikoura District $1629

カイコウラディストリクト  $1629

Kapiti Coast District $1448

カピティコーストディストリクト $1448

Otorohanga District $1448

オトロハンガディストリクト $1448

Wellington City $1433

ウェリントンシティ $1433

Ashburton District $1311

アシュバートンディストリクト $1311

Timaru District $1155

ティマルディストリクト $1155

Nelson City $1132

ネルソンシティ $1132

South Wairarapa District $969

サウスワイララパディストリクト $969

Horowhenua District $915

ホロウェヌアディストリクト $915

Central Hawke’s Bay District $905

セントラルホークスベイディストリクト $905

Westland District $888

ウェストランドディストリクト $888

Porirua City

ポリルアシティ $882

Matamata-Piako District $870

マタマタ-ピアコディストリクト $870

Gore District $869

ゴアディストリクト $869

Lower Hutt City $818

ロワーハットシティ $818

Christchurch City $816

クライストチャーチシティ $816

Invercargill City $805

インヴァーカーギルシティ $805

Masterton District $779

マスタートンディストリクト $779

Whakatane District $777

ファカタネディストリクト $777

Hauraki District $745

ハウラキディストリクト $745

Waipa District $678

ワイパディストリクト $678

Hastings District $678

ヘイスティングスディストリクト $678

Grey District $660

グレイディストリクト $660

Selwyn District $631

セルウィンディストリクト $631

Waimate District $623

ワイマテディストリクト $623

Tararua District $565

タラルアディストリクト $565

Manawatu District $495

マナワツディストリクト $495

Waimakariri District $485

ワイマカリリディストリクト $485

Stratford District $474

スタットフォードディストリクト $474

Upper Hutt City $453

アッパーハットシティ $453

Gisborne District $417

ギズボーンディストリクト $417

Opotiki District $361

オポティキディストリクト $361

Waikato District $295

ワイカトディストリクト $295

South Waikato District $240

サウスワイカトディストリクト $240

Carterton District $216

カータートンディストリクト $216

Napier City $105

ネイピアシティ $105

Marlborough District $42

マールボロディストリクト $42

Southland District $21

サウスアイランドディストリクト $21

Kawerau District $3

カウェラウディストリクト $3

Clutha District $1

クルサディストリクト $1

Waitaki District $1

ワイタキディストリクト $1

Wairoa District $0

ワイロアディストリクト $0

Rangitikei District $0

ランギティケイディストリクト $0

Mackenzie District $0

マッケンジーディストリクト $0

Hurunui District $0

フルヌイディストリクト $0

Central Otago District $0

セントラルオタゴディストリクト $0



A "career criminal'' with 183 previous convictions has been jailed after being caught driving a stolen vehicle with 29 different sets of car keys on him. Christopher Bryan Woodcock, 50, was caught last week after the person who owned the stolen utility he was driving recognised it and called police. The vehicle had been stolen three days earlier. When police pulled over the Mazda ute, Woodcock was driving. He told officers he found the car on the side of the road. Inside the vehicle were 28 sets of car keys, which did not belong to the vehicle's owner, and a key in the ignition that did not belong to the vehicle.



The number of people on benefits fell by more than 20,000 in the last month, according to the Social Development Minister. That included 5,651 fewer people claiming unemployment benefits - which represents a nine percent drop. "I am particularly pleased to see nearly 3,000 fewer young people on Unemployment Benefits in February, though we still have a long way to go," Paula Bennett said. There are now 56,471 people on the unemployment benefit, of whom 16,400 are young, and a total of 329,649 people on all benefits.



An Air New Zealand domestic flight had to turn back after a fault was discovered with the plane's landing gear. Flight 8369 left Auckland Airport bound for Nelson just before 8pm but had to return when a landing gear on the Dash 8 failed to close properly. Fire crews were placed on standby but the plane landed without injuries to the 45 passengers or three crew. Passenger Nigel Wilson said no one on the plane was alarmed thanks to the efforts of the crew.



The worst case tsunami scenario for New Zealand would be 35-metre-high wave hitting the North Island's east coast, according to experts. Waves reached up to 5km over land and 10km up rivers in Japan last year. Leonard emphasised such a disaster would be the "worst case scenario". "Parts of the upper South Island, such as Marlborough, could also be strongly affected," he said. The North Island's east coast was more "commonly affected" by tsunamis, while in the South Island different sources impacted each of the coasts. Several tsunamis had hit the New Zealand coast in the last 200 years, coming from South America in 1868, 1877 and 1960. Some were generated locally - in 1855 in Wellington and Wairarapa, and north of Gisborne in 1947, Power said. The largest tsunamis in recorded history were about 200 years ago, when a few reached 10 metres high on land. Prehistoric geology suggested they had reached heights of 35 metres.



Kiwi executives are confident they can attract and keep the staff they need, but a third are eyeing the door themselves, a Deloitte survey shows. Only 9 per cent of executives and senior managers around the country expected significant numbers of staff to leave in the next two to three years, according to the second annual Talent Edge Survey. When talking about their own employment intentions, about 32 per cent of the executives and senior managers said they were either fairly or highly likely to leave within a year. In November, the online survey canvassed 300 executives and senior managers from various industries and differing sizes around the country. The survey report was released today.



Britney Spears has reportedly been offered $10 million (NZD$12 million) to judge the US version of The X Factor. The Hold It Against Me singer's fiancé and manager Jason Trawick is said to have "been negotiating for some time", with executives for the talent search show. One source told E! news Britney has been offered the huge sum to appear on the second series of the show - which returns later this year - but she's said to be holding out for $16 million.



Pike River Coal has been sold to state-owned enterprise Solid Energy under a conditional agreement, receivers for the mine said today. The receivers said they have reached agreement with Solid Energy New Zealand for the sale of the assets of Pike River Coal. The company went into receivership after a mine explosion that killed the 29 workers in 2010. Before the disaster, the mine was valued at about $400 million. The series of explosions starting on November 19 trapped the bodies of the 29 men inside the mine, where they remain. Lawyer for the families, Nick Davidson, said the sale was a welcome surprise.



Bank customers disputing mortgagee sales contributed to a record number of complaints to the Banking Ombudsman last month. Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell said her office received 34 new disputes in February, compared with 22 in the previous year and only 14 before the global financial crisis. The number one grievance in January and February was mortgage finance, particularly relating to mortgagee sales. The complainants typically disputed whether their houses should have been put up for mortgagee sale, and also how the banks managed the sale process. The dissatisfaction is a reflection of a longer term trend with 197 disputes in the financial year to date, a spike from 120 in the same previous period.



Labour has attacked the Government's immigration policy after newly released documents revealed why Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was granted residency. In Dotcom's application he admitted two convictions in Germany for insider trading and breach of trust and after he was awarded residency he was convicted of eight minor charges in Hong Kong for breaching share trading regulations. However, the papers show Dotcom promised to buy $10 million of Government bonds, buy $36 million worth of property and attract other wealthy investors to New Zealand if granted residency. Dotcom had also declared two previous convictions in Germany on his residence application- two year suspended sentence for computer hacking in 1994 and another suspended sentence and 100,000 euro fine for insider training in 2001. However, these convictions were wiped under Germany's clean slate legislation. The documents show that under the Immigration Act, because of his convictions, the default position is that Dotcom would not have been eligible for residency. However, this position can be overridden by a special direction from a senior official, which is what happened in Dotcom's case.



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