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If he were to put his money into a Kiwibank term deposit paying 4.7 per cent interest he would get $3334.78 a day. That's $23,352.25 a week, or $100,226.05 a month. That adds up to $1.24 million a year, all without touching the original $26.5m windfall. He could, for instance, pay off Hamilton City Council's V8s debt twice over, or end infighting over the region's Home of Cycling by stumping up almost all of the $28.5 million cost. Or, if he wanted to upgrade from his Te Kauwhata bachelor pad, a quick search of Trade Me could point him in the direction of 923 River Rd, Hamilton. The five-bedroom mansion is on the market for $4.17 million.



Police say thieves who stole more than 600 two-litre bottles of milk - the second case of milk theft in a week - are working to order. Thieves stole milk, cream and other dairy products from a storage property on Totara Street, Mt Maunganui, on three occasions over the past seven days. Detective Sergeant Darryl Brazier said it was clear the offenders were grabbing the products to order. A truck, trailer or utility vehicle would have been used, he said. Brazier was appealing to the public for any information on the thefts. Meanwhile in Christchurch, a police sting netted two alleged long-time thieves on Monday morning. Police arrested two men, 40 and 45, about 5.20am in Sir William Pickering Dr in Russley. The men allegedly had 16 litres of milk in their possession.



The Government is to invest $62 million in new initiatives and also into existing programmes to address youth mental health issues, including New Zealand's high youth suicide rate, Prime Minister John Key has announced. Speaking to the University Youth Health & Wellbeing Symposium in Wellington this morning, Mr Key said New Zealand's youth mental health system had many strengths, including a dedicated workforce that was doing some great and innovative work, "but it also has weaknesses". "It is not as well linked together as it could be and there are gaps that we have a responsibility to fill."



The New Zealand dollar hit a fresh six-month high against its trans-Tasman counterpart after Australian government figures showed an unexpected trade deficit in February. The kiwi rose as high as 79.49 Australian cents, the highest level since Oct. 6, and traded at 79.45 cents at 5pm, up from 79.11 cents yesterday. Australia expectedly posted a trade deficit of A$480 million in February, missing market expectations of a surplus of A$1.1 billion. That pushed the Australian dollar lower against most other currencies as the growing impact of China's slow-down on Australia's exports stokes fears about the so-called lucky country's economy.



Payments New Zealand said yesterday its member banks had completed a massive information technology project costing tens of millions of dollars that means funds transferred between banks during the day could show up in recipients' bank accounts within a couple of hours. ASB Bank said it had been remitting funds to other banks and clearing incoming payments within the hour, between 8.15am and 11.15pm, since Monday and was a "keen participant in this new industry arrangement". The new settlement system was built at the behest of the Reserve Bank to reduce the knock-on effects of any bank getting into financial difficulties. Banks must now settle their accounts with one another at least five times, instead of only once, every day. Trade Me spokesman Paul Ford said faster payments should mean quicker trades. But Massey University banking expert David Tripe said a downside was that it could become harder to prevent internet banking fraud, such as phishing scams, as fraudsters might find it easier to fleece victims and transfer money out of the country before banks detected anything was wrong.



The Budget deficit is running $1.2 billion worse than forecast as tax revenue continues to lag. Treasury today released the Government's financial statements for the eight months to the end of February showing an operating deficit of $8.8 billion. The operating deficit before gains and losses was $395m higher than expected at $5.5b. Core Crown expenditure was $1.4 billion below forecast, partially offset by revenue tracking $1.2 billion below forecast. The lower-than-expected revenue was mainly due to a shortfall of $825m on tax - an improvement from the $946m variance last month. However, all three main tax-types remained below forecast. Source deductions were $200m below forecast as the labour market, employment and wage growth were weaker than expected. GST was $369m below forecast because earthquake-related insurance refunds continued to be above forecast. Corporate tax was $193m below forecast as business profitability was weaker than expected.



Scientists are on the edge of unravelling the origins of the Psa-V disease devastating the country's kiwifruit vines - and China is the most likely culprit. A team of Otago University biochemists is confident it will be able to confirm the source of the virulent disease, which was first detected here in November 2010. The scientists were able to map out the bacterium's entire genetic code using a multi-million dollar advanced genetic sequencer, provided through the government-funded New Zealand Genomics Limited (NZGL). The results have ruled out one of the main suspects, Italy, which also puts to bed any accusations that New Zealand was the source of historic Italian outbreaks. Samples of the Chinese Psa strain have also been sequenced, with the results indicating China is the source of both the New Zealand and Italian outbreaks. The team is currently testing samples from the third main suspect, Chile, with preliminary data showing that it too originated from the Chinese strain.

ニュージーランドのキウィフルーツ農家を苦しめているPSA(Pseudomonas syringae pv)の感染経路に新しい展開が報告されています。オタゴ大学の研究者によると、最初に発見されたのは2010年11月で、当初はキウィフルーツの株を輸入していたイタリアからの感染経路が疑われていましたが、もともとこの株は中国から輸入されたもので、イタリアも被害者ではないか、と指摘しています。このPSA被害では被害総額が相当な額に達しているので、誰が最終的に責任を負うのか目が離せないように思います。


A couple allegedly at the centre of an art-dealing scam which started in Nelson have been arrested in Upper Hutt. A 23-year-old Israeli man and a 33-year-old Chilean women have been charged with obtaining by deception, in relation to door-to-door art sales in Upper Hutt over the past few days. A third man was spoken to but has not been charged. It is understood the artworks were pictures bought from China for a small sum and sold for between $150 and $400 each. Police said three alleged scammers in the Silverstream area were leading buyers to believe the works were worth much more than they were.



A new mosquito species may be causing Cantabrians to suffer bad reactions to bites. Christchurch teacher Donna Buchanan had to take more than a week off work last month to recover after a severe reaction to a bite. "It was itchy and inflamed and it just got worse and worse over two or three days," she said. "The redness spread across my back and round to my stomach. It was horrible." The population had grown in the past two years. "This mosquito is a day-time biter ... People will be reacting to a different species because of what the mosquito injects," Crosby said. The mosquitoes could cause "very irritating" bites, he said.



Up to a dozen tornadoes skipped through the densely populated Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas today, ripping apart homes, tossing tractor-trailer trucks into the air and injuring at least 17 people, but there were no reported deaths. Ten to 12 tornadoes touched down during a massive storm that brought chaos from high winds, rain and hail to the nation's fourth most populous metropolitan area, said National Weather Service meteorologist Jesse Moore.





With airlines cutting every corner to keep down the cost of economy tickets, and at the same time boosting business class to woo cashed-up travellers, there's a growing gap between the back of the bus and the pointy end of the plane. That's become an opportunity for increasingly popular 'in-between' category of premium economy which offers a significant upgrade from the economy experience without the high price of a business class fare. Cathay Pacific is the latest airline to embrace premium economy on selected flights from into Hong Kong – and onwards to New York, Vancouver and Toronto, with London to follow in May. The Hong Kong flag carrier joins Qantas, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand in the premium economy push.



Sergeant John De Lury, of Invercargill, said Chris Ramage, a former jockey and current harness racing driver, helped to cremate his brother John before Christmas. The fire on Chris Ramage's Nightcaps farm was huge and had burned for two days, De Lury said. There was very little left of Ramage's brother after the fire. Chris Ramage was not the person who instigated the home cremation, De Lury said. "It wasn't [Chris'] idea and I think he is having nightmares about it." John's son had organised the home cremation, he said. "He wanted to cremate his father and he wanted to be present when it happened. The crematorium people weren't going to let that happen – so he did it himself." Chris Ramage declined to comment yesterday, other than to say: "The brother wanted the job done and we done it." John had died of natural causes in Southland Hospital before Christmas, De Lury said. "They took him out to the farm and had a monstrous fire and burned him – we are satisfied they had a fire sufficient to burn him. "It's been investigated by a local constable and that's the end of it as far as we are concerned." It was legal to cremate people in places other than a crematorium, with religious sects known to do so. However, a certificate was required, De Lury said.



The development comes two years after Corby first launched her bid for clemency. Corby, 34, is suffering from mental illness and struggling to cope with life inside Bali's notorious Kerobokan jail. She was jailed for 20 years in 2004 for attempting to smuggle 4.1 kilograms of marijuana into Bali in a bodyboard bag. While details of the recommendation from the Justice and Human Rights Ministry have only just emerged, a senior official confirmed the final report was handed to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono some months ago. The ministry has recommended a major cut in Corby's sentence based on humanitarian grounds. "Our office agreed with her clemency. We recommended granting it," the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AAP. "Basically the decision was made based on humanitarian considerations," he said.



"She said, `Don't you guys think I could do this on my own? Don't you have confidence in me?' She was calmer than everybody on the ground. She had it totally under control.'' They were coming back from their second home in Marco Island, Florida, for Easter, Collins said. His 81-year-old father, John Collins, had a heart attack about seven minutes from landing at Cherryland Airport and had called her to the cockpit before he became unconscious, Collins said. She had called police dispatchers, and that's when everyone came together to help her down. He said one engine had completely run out of gas and the other had to be close to running out because it was sputtering. He said the nose-wheel collapsed upon landing and she skidded down the runway about 1,000 feet (305 meters). But she worked the rudders to keep the plane straight, he said. "The amazing thing is she landed that plane on one engine,'' she said. "I don't know if are a lot of trained pilots that could do that.''



Current 007 Daniel Craig will order a Heineken instead of his famous favourite cocktail in a scene in the upcoming film after Heineken USA agreed a deal to be featured in the movie, according to trade magazine Ad Age. The 44-year-old actor will also appear in character for a TV commercial for the drinks brand which will air all over the world and will be created by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam with 'Skyfall' director Sam Mendes acting as a consultant. Daniel will also appear as the spy on special packs of the beer.



People from around the world have gained instant access to the Auckland Art Gallery, as it joins top museums and galleries on Google's virtual visiting tool. Google Art Project, a website, expanded overnight the number of galleries that can be explored from 17 to 151, in 40 countries, including the Auckland Art Gallery and Te Papa. High resolution photographs of artworks can be zoomed in to see details of brush strokes and the grain of canvases. "I think this will generate huge interest," said Auckland gallery director Chris Saines.



A giant pumpkin grown at Parua Bay, in the Far North, by Eve Barton along with her sons Alan and Jason has broken the New Zealand giant pumpkin record. The pumpkin weighed in at 721kg. Having held the record two years ago, Eve decided to enter the inaugural RD1 giant pumpkin competition to see if she could do it again.



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