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An antibiotic-resistant "superbug" that has spread to New Zealand could become a significant medical problem unless hospitals remain vigilant. The superbug, dubbed NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1), is thought to be resistant to nearly every known antibiotic, and appears to have originated in India before spreading across the world. The NDM-1 is a gene that produces an enzyme that deactivates most antibiotics. It has been found in bacteria, including the familiar E. coli, and can cause anything from urinary tract infections to dysentery, pneumonia and abdominal infections. Four cases were discovered in New Zealand hospitals during 2009 and 2010. A study published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents this week has revealed they were all found in patients who had received treatment in Indian hospitals.

抗生物質に強いスーパーバグがニュージーランドで蔓延する可能性があるようです(病院が油断すると重大な医療問題になると書かれているので相当の警告を発しています)。このスーパーバグの名前は、NDM-1(New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1ニューデリー・メタロベータラクタマーゼ)と呼ばれ、ほとんどの抗生物質に耐性を持っており、インドで発見されたあと、世界中で感染が確認されているバグとして紹介されています。また、このバグは大腸菌などのバクテリアの中で発見され、尿路感染症から、赤痢、肺炎、腹部感染などの症状を生じさせるもので、ニュージーランドでは2009年から2010年の間で4人の感染者が確認されているようです。薬が効かないバグなので、罹ってしまうとかなり面倒なことになりそうです。感染しないよう、くれぐれも注意を。


A Christchurch photographer required stitches in his head and was left with a bruised cheekbone after he was assaulted by a man with a T-shirt concealing his face. Scott was waiting in a work car while his colleague conducted an interview at a Cass St property in Sydenham. The vehicle was a blue, four-door, four-wheel-drive Toyota with a well-deck and a fibreglass canopy on the back. Less than two minutes later, the back door of Scott's car opened and a man punched him twice in the face and grabbed his camera. The man then hit Scott in the head with the camera and made off with it. Scott described the attacker as a "heavily built" European man with a dark-blue T-shirt wrapped around his face and head. Scott got out of the car and ran after the man. When he got to the corner of Durham and Sandyford streets, he saw the blue Toyota drive south along Durham St. The camera that was taken was a black Canon 1D MkIV with a white Canon 100 to 400mm lens attached. The memory card in the camera is orange and has built-in wi-fi. Scott was then taken to Christchurch Hospital, where he required stitches for a cut artery in his head. "I was pretty shaken up," he said. "I am very lucky. It could have been a lot worse than it was."

サイデンハムのカスストリートでフォトグラファーが何者かに襲撃され、持っていた高額なカメラ(Wi-Fi搭載のキャノン製1D MkIV、100-400mmのレンズ付き、入れていたメモリーカードはオレンジ色)を盗まれた事件が起きていたようです。犯人が乗っていたのはデッキ部にファイバーグラスのキャノピーが載せられていた青いトヨタの4ドアの4輪駆動車で、ダーハムストリートを南へ向かって逃走したようです。被害者の写真を見ると、その暴行の凄まじさが伺われます。もし、該当車両の目撃情報があれば警察へ通報を。


Limited train services are resuming on all Auckland rail lines after a major power outage saw services suspended. Veolia Transport said the power outage occurred at 4pm at KiwiRail's National Train Control in Wellington. While Wellington trains were unaffected, Auckland's network was thrown into chaos as thousands had to make other travel plans. Commuters were being advised to consider alternative transport tonight. "We are trying to source as many rail bus services and taxis for customers on the network as we can," Veolia Transport said. And Auckland Rail tweeted: "Auckland commuters, your journey may take longer than usual tonight. Please be patient with the extra capacity demands on transport."




The Department of Labour has confirmed it is launching an investigation into the death of the vet who was crushed by a 3.1 tonne elephant at a zoo yesterday. Emergency services were called around 4.30pm to Franklin Zoo, near Auckland after vet and zoo owner Helen Schofield, 42, was killed by Mila, a former circus elephant. An elephant welfare specialist told TV ONE's Breakfast this morning that there must have been a problem for Mila's sole carer to be in close contact with the elephant. Peter Stroud said the elephant enclosure, which he had helped build in 2009, was designed to ensure keepers could work with Mila without being in harm's way. "Something's happened. Either Helen has gone into the enclosure or been somehow in reach of the elephant. That's something that needs to be established fairly carefully," he said.



The owner of 33 dogs killed in Wellsford put down two of the dogs himself, but he told a court he did it "the right way - one bullet to the head". Russell Mendoza and Tony Campbell, are accused of killing 23 puppies and 10 adult dogs in January 2010 at a rural property north of Auckland. The owner of the dogs, Rowan Hargreaves, told the Auckland District Court today the dogs were his "friends and family" but when one was reported to have attacked another dog and another was found killing chickens he decided to put those two down. "I caught that one fair and square. It's gone and attacked a neighbour's livestock so I had to do the decent thing." Asked how he did it, he said: "The right way - one bullet to the head." He shot the dogs with a .22 rifle, he said. Five days before the mass killing, Hargreaves said Mendoza and another man came to his property and warned him that his dogs had been attacking sheep and one had mauled Mendoza's pet fox terrier.



The expert report that blamed electrical components inside the Pike River Mine lighting up like a 'Christmas tree' as a contributing factor in the November 2010 disaster was "overly simplistic'' and "antiquated'', the manufacturer said today. In February, Australian mining consultant Tony Reczek, one of a panel of five experts investigating the cause of the explosion for the Labour Department, told the Royal Commission of Inquiry that the explosion occurred just seconds after the water pumps were switched on in the control room on the surface. Mr Reczek said he thought the variable speed drives (VSDs) had arced and sparked, igniting gases, saying the mine's electrical system would have lit up like a Christmas tree when the power pumps were restarted.

パイクリヴァーの爆発において、炭坑内の電力が(なんらかの事情で)いったん停電し、そのあと電力が復旧したときに発生した火花が坑内のガスに引火したと推察されており、今回、その火花を生じた(かもしれない)電器機器の製造会社が、事故の発生要因ではないことを主張しています。この電器機器はヴァリアブルスピードドライヴ(variable speed drives、VSDs)で、ウォーターポンプの運転スピードを無段階に調整する機器のようです。


New Zealand Post is looking at cutting back its delivery services from six to three days a week and reducing staff numbers as it seeks to weather a sharp and "irreversible" downturn in postal revenue. A letter from NZ Post chairman Michael Cullen to State Owned Enterprises minister Tony Ryall shows the board wants to make fundamental changes to core postal operations. An NZ Post statement said mail volumes were expected to drop about 40 per cent to just over 600 million a year in 2018. The agency had endured the fastest ever decline in total mail volumes this year and would start losing money from 2015 if no changes were made, it said. "There is no turning back from this decline - every developed country in the world is facing year-on-year falls in mail volumes of five per cent.



A case of mad cow disease in the US may boost New Zealand beef exports, says the industry's association. The brain wasting disease has been found in a dairy cow in central California, the first reported case since 2006. Beef and Lamb New Zealand chairman Mike Petersen says there may be opportunities in Asian markets for New Zealand exporters, depending on the reaction. He said the organisation is keeping a close eye on Japan, Taiwan and Korea - but other countries may also react and that could open up other opportunities. However, Petersen also said there may be a downside of an overall lack in confidence in beef. Mexico, Korea, Japan, Canada and the European Union said they would continue to import US beef, although two major South Korean retailers halted sales. In 2011, Canada, Japan, Mexico and South Korea combined took 65%, or 1.82 billion lbs, of US beef exports. Japan already only allows imports of US and Canadian beef from cattle aged 20 months or less.

アメリカ合衆国でまたも狂牛病(mad cow disease)が報告されており、供給量の減少が予測されることから、ニュージーランドの牛肉輸出に追い風になる可能性が指摘されていますが、ニュージーランドの牛肉輸出業者は世界中で牛肉そのものの興味が薄れる懸念もあると述べています。韓国にある主要2店舗が輸入を停止しているにもかかわらず、いまのところ、メキシコ、韓国、日本、カナダ、そして、ヨーロッパユニオンは引き続き米国の牛肉を輸入することを表明しているようです。2011年には、カナダ、日本、メキシコ、韓国、これらの国を合わせると、米国の牛肉輸出の65%、または1.82ビリオンポンドの量が流通していたようです。また、日本は、米国とカナダからの牛肉は20ヶ月以内の牛だけ輸入が認められていることも紹介されています。この牛肉騒動で、KFCの売上げが伸びるかもしれません(笑)。


The Reserve Bank today kept interest rates unchanged at 2.5% and stuck to the same script as earlier this year. The Official Cash Rate (OCR) has been held at a record low since March last year and Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard today said he is comfortable with inflation and sees some pickup locally. "The domestic economy is showing signs of recovery," he said. "Housing market activity continues to increase and a recovery in building activity appears to be underway, as forecast. That recovery will strengthen as repairs and reconstruction in Canterbury pick up later in the year." However he also said the dollar has "stayed elevated despite recent falls in commodity prices" and he will be keeping an eye on that while monitoring the global outlook which "remains of concern". For now, it is "appropriate" for the OCR to remain at 2.5%, he said.



Global food prices are rising again, pushed higher by costlier oil , strong demand from Asia and bad weather in parts of Europe, South America and the United States, the World Bank said today. The latest World Bank food price index showed the cost of food rose 8% between December and March. In the previous four months, prices had declined. Even after the latest rise, food prices remain 1% below a year ago and 6% below the February 2011 historical peak, the World Bank said. "After four months of consecutive price declines, food prices are on the rise again, threatening the food security of millions of people," Otaviano Canuto, World Bank vice president for poverty reduction and economic management, said in a statement. "The price indices of grains, fats and oils, and other foods all increased in each month since January 2012," the World Bank said. The World Bank said it was hard to predict whether the surge in prices this year would lead to a new global food crisis since there is no mechanism to identify the onset of a global food crisis.



Heritage Gold has been fined $15,000 after an investigation found it had unwittingly breached NZX listing rules over the size of its audit committee for more than four years. The New Zealand Market Disciplinary Tribunal (NZMDT) rejected the mining company's pleas for a smaller fine, saying it took breaches of the relevant rules "very seriously". Heritage's fine comes as the company is seeking to raise cash from shareholders. The issue began more than a year ago when independent director Warwick Grigor resigned from the company, which is attempting to develop a mine near Waihi, putting it in breach of rules over its board makeup.

NZXの上場企業ヘリテージゴールドが(株主から現金を得るために)4年以上に渡りNZXの上場規則を違反していたことが発覚し、1万5千ドルの罰金がNZMDT(New Zealand Market Disciplinary Tribunal)より命じられています。珍しいケースのようです。


The Auckland Council has voted against a motion to formally oppose the contentious deal for the SkyCity Convention Centre. The deal has been controversial as it would allow the casino to fund the build of the centre while in return being permitted an extra 350 to 500 pokie machines. But today's motion, tabled by councillor Cathy Casey, was voted down 12-9. Mayor Len Brown was among those to vote against condeming the plan. Casey told TV ONE's Breakfast show today that the deal is "dodgy" and the council should not support it because there is a 30-year plan for Auckland and it is not aligned with that vision. "We say we'd like to minimise harm from gambling - now, the Government is a partner in this&we need to make sure the Government has actually read the Auckland plan", she said.



Labour has lodged a complaint over what it says is a false declaration made my then Auckland mayoral candidate John Banks. Shadow Leader of the House Trevor Mallard said Mayor Len Brown had declared a donation of $15,000 from Sky City among his total campaign donations. The casino said it donated the same amount to Mr Banks. But Mr Mallard says it is not in his electoral return. " Transparency around election donations is a major protection against corruption in the New Zealand political system,” he said. And so, Labour has lodged a complaint with Auckland Council's electoral officer Bruce Thomas. " I would hope that he now refers the matter to police for further investigation.



The scrapping of New Zealand's military bands for relatively meagre savings is a "national scandal", says the secretary of New Zealand's oldest band. The Defence Force plans to cut funding for seven out of ten military bands by the end of June, and expects to save $520,000 a year. Band of the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery secretary Bob Davis said the timing for the cuts was poor because military bands would be in demand for major events in the next few years - the World War 1centennial and the 75th commemoration of World War 2.



The Anglican Church should release all advice and documentation regarding the decision to demolish Christ Church Cathedral, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says. His call comes after the minister announced the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority will release all documents in regard to the cathedral tomorrow. More than 1000 CERA-held pages of information on the church will be made available from 9am tomorrow. CERA said the process will take some hours to complete due to the volume of material. Mr Brownlee said the church should follow suit, given the huge public interest in the issue of the cathedral's partial deconstruction. "There are a range of views on the very difficult decision the Anglican Church has made about the future of its cathedral, and given the significance of the building this issue is of huge concern to many people in the community,'' Mr Brownlee said. "I believe that if the public is able to see the advice the Church has been working from there is likely to be more understanding about the extent of the damage to the cathedral, and the rationale behind the decision to partially deconstruct it.



Police Minister Anne Tolley is considering plans to introduce a sex offenders' register. Police and Corrections began work on proposals earlier this year after it was revealed a convicted paedophile was found to be working as a teacher. But the register will not be open to the public, just officials with security clearance. "I'm coming to the conclusion that that might be the most effective way," Tolley said. Figures released this year show the number of convicted sex offenders who breached extended supervision orders rose from 56 in 2008 to 72 last year. The register would be based on a British model, she said. She has also talked to former Act MP Deborah Coddington, who drafted legislation to implement a register in 2003. But a register may not have exposed Terito Henry Miki, 40, who assumed fake identities and used forged documents to work in several schools with children as young as 5.



The Green Party says figures released today showing a $1 billion worsening of Budget forecasts for 2014/15 is a "damning indictment" on the Government's economic management. Finance Minister Bill English today revealed the Crown's operating balance was in track for a deficit of $640 million in 2014/15 instead of the $370m surplus forecast in the Budget Policy Statement. Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said poor Government decisions are to blame for the forecast blowout. "Once again, the National Government has failed to deliver on its economic promises," he said. English today signalled there will be cuts to future new spending provisions to help bring the Budget back into surplus, but Norman said that was the wrong response. "This is a damning indictment on National's economic management but all they see is an excuse to make further cuts to vital public services, which will not fix the problem," Norman said.


Ministers were taking steps to ensure a return to surplus:


* Running very close to a zero Budget, meaning little new net government spending in this Budget out to 2014/15.

* ゼロ予算へ限りなく近い予算とし、これは2014/15年度予算において、政府が新しく費やす予算は少ししかないことを意味する。

* Continuing to reprioritise existing spending into higher priority areas to ensure better public services.

* 公共サーヴィスをより良いものにするため、現行の予算内で優先するものを考え直し、優先順位の高いエリアへ予算を費やすことを継続する。

* Considering the appropriate level of future allowances, while ensuring better service delivery.

* 良いサーヴィスが提供されていることを確保しながら、将来の運営引当金の適切な水準を考慮すること。

* Proceeding with $1 billion of public sector savings over the next three years, as announced in Budget 2011 to ensure chief executives had time to plan.

* チーフエグゼクティヴが計画を練ったことを履行するため、2011年予算で公表したとおり、向こう3年間において、政府関連の公共事業において$1ビリオンの削減を進めていく。

Those savings begin on July 1.




Twenty-four companies spanning a range of industries were recognised at tonight's inaugural Customer Satisfaction Awards, run by research company Roy Morgan. Southland-based lender SBS Bank was crowned overall financial institution of the year for 2011, and other locals Taranaki Savings Bank and the Co-operative Bank rounded out the top three. Meanwhile, state-owned Kiwibank slipped over the 7.5 per cent market share threshold to enter the major bank of the year category and claim the top prize.



2011 カスタマーサティスファクションアワードウイナーズ(顧客満足賞の勝者)



Financial Institution of the Year - SBS Bank

年間最優秀金融機関 - SBSバンク

Major Bank of the Year - Kiwibank

年間最優秀主要行 - キウィバンク

Travel & Tourism


Domestic Airline of the Year - Air New Zealand

年間最優秀国内航空会社 - ニュージーランド航空

International Airline of the Year - Singapore Airlines

年間最優秀国際航空会社 - シンガポール航空

Hotel of the Year - Novotel

年間最優秀ホテル - ノヴォテル



Coffee Shop of the Year - Muffin Break

年間最優秀コーヒー店 - マフィンブレイク

Clothing Store of the Year - Postie

年間最優秀アパレル店 - ポスティー

Department Store of the Year - Kirkcaldie & Stains

年間最優秀デパート店 - カカルディー&ステインズ

Furniture/Electrical Store of the Year - Harvey Norman

年間最優秀家具/家電品店 - ハーヴェイノーマン

Hardware Store of the Year - Bunnings

年間最優秀ホームセンター - バニングス

Liquor Store of the Year - Liquorland

年間最優秀酒店 - リカーランド

Music/Book Store of the Year - JB Hi-Fi

年間最優秀音楽/本屋・店舗 - JBハイファイ

Pharmacy of the Year - Unichem

年間最優秀薬局 - ユニケム

Quick Service Restaurant of the Year - Subway

年間最優秀ファストフードレストラン - サブウェイ

Shoe Store of the Year - Hannahs

年間最優秀靴店 - ハナーズ

Sports Store of the Year - Hunting & Fishing

年間最優秀スポーツ用品店 - ハンティング&フィッシング

Supermarket of the Year - Pak'nSave

年間最優秀スーパーマーケット - パックンセーヴ



Home Phone Provider of the Year - Vodafone

年間最優秀家庭用電話 - ヴォーダフォン

Internet Service Provider of the Year - Paradise

年間最優秀インターネットサーヴィスプロヴァイダー - パラダイス

Mobile Handset of the Year - Apple iPhone

年間最優秀携帯電話機器 - アップルアイフォーン

Mobile Service Provider of the Year - 2degrees

年間最優秀携帯電話サーヴィスプロヴァイダー 2デグリーズ



Electricity Provider of the Year - Energy OnLine

年間最優秀電力供給会社 - エナジーオンライン

Gas Provider of the Year - Genesis Energy

年間最優秀ガス供給会社 - ジェネシスエナジー


Car Manufacturer of the Year - Suzuki


年間最優秀自動車製造会社 - スズキ



Hundreds of thousands of computers will simultaneously lose access to the internet on July 9, unless their owners check for a virus that may have remained hidden for several years, the FBI has warned. The so-called "internet doomsday" will come as the bureau turns off a server system its investigators installed in November, when they broke up an Estonian crime ring that was running a global internet advertising scam. Since 2007, the six men had been using a "Trojan" virus - named after the mythical horse - to seize control of computers all over the world. The virus, called "DNS Changer", would redirect the web browsers of victims from sites they wanted to visit to ones controlled by the gang.



What did the dairy cow order when she got to the drive-thru window at McDonalds? Nothing — she just wanted a little attention. That's what Sandy Winn says was the reason her cow, Darcy, wandered from her pen and ended up at takeout window of the fast-food restaurant a half-mile away in Brush, Colo.



An Auckland University researcher believes a major new analysis of studies into schizophrenia provides further evidence of the need to tackle childhood poverty. Researchers at the Universities of Liverpool, Maastricht in the Netherlands, and Auckland found that children who experienced childhood trauma were three times more likely to develop schizophrenia in later life. Their findings were based on a meta-analysis of 46 studies involving 80,000 subjects, covering physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, bullying, and parental death. Tackling major childhood poverty would be a major step forward. By itself, that would reduce not just psychosis, but all mental health problems in adulthood, Prof Read said. The study meant current mental health services were completely wrong.



Sir Peter Jackson has released preview footage from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to mixed reviews. The director was present at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas yesterday when 10 minutes of the eagerly awaited footage was screened. In his introduction Sir Peter explained that his adaptation of JRR Tolkien's classic fantasy was shot using new digital technology that records at 48-frames per second, double the usual rate. "The movement feels much more real," explained Jackson. "It's much more gentle on the eyes." Some attendees at the screening were critical of the technology, suggesting the effects were jarring and looked cheap. "It reminds me of when I first saw Blu-Ray, in that it takes away that warm feeling of film," one cinema owner told Variety magazine.



Antarctica's massive ice shelves are shrinking because they are being eaten away from below by warm water, a new study finds. That suggests that future sea levels could rise faster than many scientists have been predicting. The western chunk of Antarctica is losing 7 metres of its floating ice sheet each year. Until now, scientists were not exactly sure how it was happening and whether or how man-made global warming might be a factor. The answer, according to a study published in the journal Nature, is that climate change plays an indirect role - but one that has larger repercussions than if Antarctic ice merely were melting from warmer air.What's happening in Antarctica "may have already triggered a period of unstable glacier retreat," the study concludes. If the entire Western Antarctic Ice Sheet were to melt, which would take many decades if not centuries, scientists have estimated it would lift global sea levels by about 3 metres.




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