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A butchery manager at an Auckland supermarket was fired for unwrapping packed chicken which had reached its best-before date and re-packaging it. Michael Dick then attached a reduced price sticker and returned it to the shelves with a best-before date of the next day, according to an Employment Relations Authority finding released today. Mr Dick did not deny making the changes and also admitted opening packets of beef which had reached their best-before date, mincing the meat and putting it back on the shelves with a new date. He was fired from his job at the Countdown store in Westgate in September 2009 but went to the authority claiming he was unjustifiably dismissed. Countdown spokesman Luke Schepen today said any claim that what Mr Dick did was standard practise at Countdown was false. "The safety of our team members and our customers is an absolute priority. On the rare occasion we find anyone compromising this commitment we take swift and immediate action, and have done so in this case.''



A man convicted of raping and murdering an 83-year-old woman is to be released on parole, despite being judged a high risk of reoffending. Gary Edward Ladbrook, 55, was jailed for life in 1993 for the rape and murder of Nora Sole, a grandmother and widow, in her New Plymouth home. The Parole Board this afternoon released a decision ruling Ladbrook can be released from prison on May 9, provided he is subject to electronic monitoring and a series of other special conditions. A recent psychological report showed he was at a high risk of re-offending, it said. However, the board said Ladbrook had completed an intensive Adult Sex Offenders Programme and shown good ability to manage his behaviour in prison.



The National Party reaped the most in donations for the 2011 election year, declaring a total of $2.6 million - more than double the $920,538 given to Labour. Party donation returns for 2011 were released today and show National declared $702,916 in donations of more than $15,000. It received a further $1.04m from donations of between $5,000 and $15,000 for which the donors do not have to be publicly disclosed. Act got the second highest amount, $1.28m. Labour was third, followed by the Green Party which got $492,591. The Maori Party declared $100,023, Mana $37,584 and NZ First $48,534. United Future declared $25,000. Fletcher Building was one of the widest donors - giving $20,000 each to National, Labour, the Maori Party, Act and the Green Party. Donations of more than $30,000 have already been disclosed under provisions requiring parties to disclose them within 10 working days. It is the first time parties have also been required to disclose the amount received under the disclosable limit of $15,000. They must now say how many donations they received in bands of less than $1500, $1,500-$5000 and $5,000 to $15,000.




The latest KiwiSaver stats from fund research house, Morningstar, reveal a market tracking along more or less according to theory. "For the first time," the Morningstar report says "it's the growth and aggressive funds which are the best performers over a three-year period." The result squares with standard asset allocation lore that states riskier investments such as equities should exhibit higher returns over the long term than your safer options like cash or bonds. In this case, however, we have to discount the four-year return figures that upend the theory with conservative beating aggressive - 5.3 per cent compared to 2.1 per cent. Elsewhere, the Morningstar report highlights a singular change in its KiwiSaver market share ranking with Westpac moving up to number three at the expense of default provider AMP over the March quarter. While AMP hung on to its 11.4 per cent share over the three months, Westpac jumped from 11.4 per cent to 11.7 per cent, proving once again that bank trumps default anytime.



Christchurch landlord and earthquake-hit investor Miles Middleton paid $55 million for the ex-Vodafone, ex-Auckland Regional Council headquarters above Spaghetti Junction in Auckland. Middleton took insurance proceeds from Christchurch buildings and poured them into the high-profile commercial investment, buying Beca House at 21 Pitt St. His four Christchurch high-rises included the Westpac and DTZ buildings in the City Mall which have all been demolished and some time ago, he indicated he was considering investing insurance proceeds in either Auckland or Australia. Kiwi Income Properties sold the block at a 2 per cent premium to the March valuation of $54 million. The deal reflected an initial yield of 8 per cent and settlement is due July 2. The sale was brokered by CB Richard Ellis.




* 21 Pitt St, above the motorway.

* 21ピットストリート、モーターウェイの上。

* 10-level office building.

* 10階建てのビル。

* Net lettable area 16,800sq m.

* 全借地面積は16,800sqm。

* Anchor tenant: Beca Corporate Holding.

* アンカーテナント:ベカコーポレートホールディング

* Beca has 14,400sq m.

* ベカの敷地面積は14,400sqm。

* The nine-year lease started in 2010.

* 2010年から9年のリース契約が開始。

* Sold to Miles Middleton of Christchurch.

* クライストチャーチのマイルズミドルトンへ売却。


A new national distribution centre has been completed for quake-hit retailer Kathmandu in Christchurch. In a move which many saw as a big business showing faith in the city, the retailer last week took possession of a Woolston warehouse only slightly smaller than a football field. The company's existing centre received minor damage in last February's earthquake and the business announced that while it was in working order, the old lease was due to expire and with limited space available for the growing company it made sense to move to bigger premises.



ANZ New Zealand, the local unit of Australia & New Zealand Banking Group, boosted first-half underlying earnings 13 per cent as it fattened margins from more customers borrowing on floating interest rates, and despite a declining loan book. Underlying profit, which strips out non-cash and significant items that distort the underlying earnings picture, climbed to $684 million in the six months ended March 31 from $605 million a year earlier. Bottom line profit jumped 29 per cent to $615 million. Net interest income grew 6 per cent to $1.63 billion. "This was driven by favourable lending mix from an increased proportion of variable rate lending, lower mortgage break costs, and improved deposit margins," the company said.



Consumers should be paying about 4 cents per litre less for petrol than they are currently, the AA said today. Prices have not dropped during April, despite the imported cost of diesel and petrol falling 3 to 4 cents per litre since the last price rise on 14 March, the AA said. Diesel is currently on $1.57 a litre and 91 octane petrol at $2.20 a litre in the main centres. "While oil prices have dropped 8% in the last month or so, the international commodity price for refined petrol or diesel - the stuff we actually put in our tanks - has only fallen about 4%," AA PetrolWatch spokesperson Mark Stockdale said.



The New Zealand Superannuation Fund, which was set up to pre-fund the pension liabilities of the baby boomer generation, is in talks with Harvard University's endowment fund manager to take full ownership of the Kaingaroa forest estate. The so-called 'Cullen' Fund, named for its architect Michael Cullen, and global investment firm GMO Renewable Resources are in discussion with Harvard Management Company "over the possible purchase of Harvard's majority stake" in the forestry assets, the pension fund said in a statement. The Harvard fund, with some US$32 billion of assets, owns 60% in the 170,000 hectare estate in the Central North Island, with the NZ Super Fund holding the remainder, which it bought in 2006 for $300 million. Kaingaroa is the super fund's biggest single investment, and part of its $1.26 billion timber investments, which include international timber holdings.



United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has warned the New Zealand Government about the latest terrorist threat known as "body bombers". US media reports have suggested the Al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen, and its master bomb-maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, have been designing body bombs with no metal parts to get past airport security. Napolitano said the US is monitoring the possibility of terrorists implanting explosives in the human body. "Do we have specific credible evidence of a threat today? I would not say that we do, however, the importance is that we all lean forward," she said. Security at airports in the US and UK is now reportedly being beefed up ahead of the anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden this week.



More than 500,000 people with student loans will face higher repayments, and student allowances will be harder to get under  Under the current rules, students qualify for a full student allowance if their parents' combined income is lower than $55,026. It abates above that up to $83,449.01 for students who live at home, or $90,554.74 for students who do not live at home.


* Students and their partners can earn up to $206.73 a week before tax.

* 学生とパートナーは週$206.73(税前)まで稼ぐことができる。

* The average student allowance is about $6000 a year.

* 平均的な学生アローワンスは年間およそ$6000。

* The average amount borrowed in a student loan in 2010 was $7300.

* 学生が2010年に借りていた学生ローンの平均額は$7300。

* Interest-free student loans came into effect on April 1, 2006.

* 2006年4月1日から無料金利の学生ローンが施行されている。

At present, people with student loans in the workforce must pay 10 per cent on income earned over $19,084 in repayments.



Internet experts have warned of New Zealanders' carefree attitude to online privacy, saying that most of our personal data is held by foreign companies which are not subject to New Zealand law or ethics. IT specialists, watchdogs, politicians, bloggers and others gathered yesterday in Wellington for a major privacy forum Think Big? Privacy in the Age of Big Data. "Google knows more about what I'm interested in than my wife does.... and it is all stored and searchable. You are not Google's customers. You are the product they sell to their customers." Some experts downplayed the threats of cloud computing, or the use of remote servers to store information. Microsoft corporate affairs manager Waldo Kuipers said the privacy threat did not lie in Facebook or Twitter, but in the third parties the information was sent to.

インターネット専門家によると、ニュージーランドの人々はオンラインプライヴァシーに関してあまりに無関心で、知らず知らずのうちに個人情報が漏洩していることを指摘しています。曰く:グーグルは私の妻よりも、私が何に興味を持っているか知っている… それらの情報はすべて保管され検索が可能だ。あなたはグーグルの顧客ではない。商品はあなた(の情報)で、彼らはその商品を他の顧客へ販売している、と述べています。衆知のとおり、この懸念はかなり前から指摘されていて、第三者がその事実があるかどうかを調査することも難しく(損失・損害がなければ何もできない)、事実上、対策らしい対策がなされないまま、いまに至っていることがこの記事でも露呈されているように思います。特筆すべきは、すでに順調に成長しつつあるクラウドコンピューテイングでもこの傾向はさらに濃くなるので、利用のさいには注意が必要かもしれません。


Surveillance cameras are now so powerful that they were able to zoom in on individual spectators at the Rugby World Cup and read their text messages. Details of police monitoring used for the first time during the tournament were discussed at a privacy forum in Wellington yesterday, at which it was revealed that the average person is digitally recorded about a dozen times a day - and even more if they use email and social media frequently. Superintendent Grant O'Fee told the forum how one incident at the Rugby World Cup "tweaked in my head" a concern about possible privacy breaches.



New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has described New Zealand as becoming the "political callgirl of the Pacific" because of the National-led Government's willingness to sell off its assets. In a speech at the Grey Power annual meeting in Invercargill this evening, Mr Peters focused on the Government's selling of farmland to offshore companies, its proposed partial sale of power companies, and its privatisation of social welfare and education. He said nearly all submitters to the Mixed Ownership Model Bill in the last two weeks had opposed the sale of companies that controlled New Zealand's power stations. "It is sad that New Zealand is being sold to anyone and everyone like a streetwalker in K Road. "This great country - once described as 'God's Own' - is being pimped around the globe to anyone who wants a piece." Mr Peters criticised the Government's contention that to not sell the Crafar farms to a Chinese business would be prejudicial.




A Kiwi woman who once dated the British Prime Minister and was a socialite before joining a convent is a happy, 'naughty nun', says a long-time friend. Laura Adshead attended St Margaret's College in Christchurch before moving to the UK where she went to Cheltenham Ladies' College and Oxford University, the Daily Mail reported. While there she met the future Prime Minister David Cameron in the late 1980s and the pair dated for more than a year. After the break-up Ms Adshead moved to New York where she became lost in a life of drink, drugs and partying before becoming a Benedictine nun at Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut in 2008. The 44-year-old, now Sister John Mary, is part of a documentary called God is the Bigger Elvis about the convent she joined.



The Hollywood venue that hosts the annual Oscars show has been renamed the Dolby Theatre, after the audio pioneer gained naming rights previously held by bankrupt camera company Kodak. Kodak pulled out weeks before this year's Academy Awards show in February, and talks have been ongoing to find a new backer for the venue, next to the iconic Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Britain-founded, California-based audio technology pioneer Dolby announced a deal with the CIM Group, which owns the Hollywood & Highland Centre of which the Oscars venue is part, to put its name on the theatre for the next 20 years.




In what was essentially a giant ad campaign for the latter, a televised contest has been held to find "Britain's most naturally beautiful face". The key word being "natural": so no make up, Botox or plastic surgery allowed. They eventually found her in Kent: Florence Colgate, an 18-year-old chip shop worker and student who beat 8000 other hopefuls to the pip with her pleasing visage. Thanks to great genes, 6000 public voters, and expert judge Joanna Hutton, a "senior Superdrug skincare buyer". As the teen's reward, she's now set to appear in Superdrug posters, as well as Superdrug's snazzy in-house magazine, Dare. And best of luck to her, she looks very sweet. But why did she win? Like, scientific 'why'? Well, thanks for asking, because it turns out scientists are really strung out these days, working tirelessly on quandaries like, 'What does the most mathematically beautiful female face look like?' They can therefore tell us why in much detail. To start with, if you're thinking "symmetry", that's part of it, but not all. The real answers lie in all manner of angles and ratios between this facial feature and that.



Drinks International produces a list of top 50 'world's most admired wine brands' and this year seven NZ-based names feature. Brancott Estate, Oyster Bay, Cloudy Bay, Villa Maria, Babich, Wither Hills, and Nobilo are listed alongside international brands such as Penfolds, Michel Chapoutier, and Chateau Margaux as being leading players in the global wine industry. Brancott Estate - which was recently rebranded from Montana - and Oyster Bay both featured in the top 20.



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