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A German reptile poacher has been jailed for four months today for trying to smuggle rare native geckos out of New Zealand. Andreas Hahn, 27, was caught in a sting by wildlife officers with four jewelled geckos, which can each fetch $8000 on the European illegal reptile blackmarket. The tourist flew into Christchurch International Airport last month where customs officials noted he was carrying detailed photographs and maps of the South Island bush - the only place in the world where the protected lizards are found. Hahn, a social worker, rented a campervan and travelled to Banks Peninsula, near Christchurch, which is a hotspot for the brightly coloured jewelled geckos.

ニュージーランドに生息する野生ヤモリのひとつ、ジュエルドゲッコー(jewelled geckos)を海外へ持ち出そうとしていた27歳のドイツ人男性がクライストチャーチ国際空港で身柄を確保されたようです。男性の持ち物の中に、(おそらく場所を特定できる)詳細な写真と南島の雑木林の地図が発見され、またそれらが示していた場所は世界で唯一のトカゲ保護区域だったことから事態が発覚したようです。ちなみに、このジュエルドゲッコーをヨーロッパのブラックマーケットに卸すと1匹あたり$8000の値段がつけられるという、とても貴重な種だったようです。


The number of problem gamblers using SkyCity casino has increased by almost 300% since 2008, figures obtained by ONE News show. Documents prepared by the Auckland casino reveal the number of customers showing signs of problem gambling has gone up from 661 in 2008 to 2582 last year. The figures are revealed in a series of reports prepared for the Gambling Commission, obtained under the Official Information Act. They also show that while the casino has identified 291% more people with gambling problems, exclusions from the casino have only risen by 27%.



Public submissions on Auckland city's proposed "super brothel" closed this afternoon, with locals overwhelmingly opposed to the project. Brothers John and Michael Chow plan to turn the former Palace Hotel site, opposite the Sky Tower on Auckland's Victoria Street, into a 15-storey brothel. The council has received more than 150 submissions from the public, the vast majority against the would-be high-rise brothel.

スカイシティの交差点(ヴィクトリアストリート)の向かいに15階建ての大きな売春宿(super brothel)の建設計画がオークランドカウンシルに提出され、これについて住民の意見を集めていた窓口が今日の午後締め切りとなるようです。現在、150もの意見が寄せられており、その多くがこのスーパー売春宿の建設に反対しているようです。


A ceremony today has formally marked the start of construction of the new Christchurch Central Police Station. Police announced in December they would be relocating out of the 13-storey Hereford Street building they have occupied since 1973. The current station faces a risk that continuing aftershocks may degrade its internal services. Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson, representing the Minister of Police, and District Commander Superintendent Gary Knowles turned the first sod this morning on the site at the corner of St Asaph Street and Antigua Street.



The head of one of the largest crime syndicates in New Zealand has been jailed for more than 17 years. Feng Chih "Daniel" Hsu was one of the main targets in Operation Acacia, a 12-month covert investigation into an underworld network spanning Auckland, Waikato and the Coromandel that manufactured, sold and distributed the Class A drug methamphetamine. Hsu was sentenced in the High Court at Auckland today to 17 years and three months in prison with a minimum non-parole period of eight years.




* 5.5kg of methamphetamine.

* 5.5kgのメタンフェタミン

*2kg of ContacNT.

* 2kgのContacNT(Pの中に偽エフェドリンを混ぜたもの)。

*21 firearms.

* 21の火器類。

*$400,000 cash seized.

* 40万ドルの現金を押収。

*22 arrests in Auckland, Waikato and Coromandel.

* オークランド、ワイカト、コロマンデルで合計22人を逮捕。


A pay-as-you-flush toilet tax could spell the end of a North Island community hospital. Matamata-Piako District Council has proposed a "pan tax" which will see building owners charged per toilet, rather than a flat rate. All residential houses will be charged for one pan, no matter how many toilets are in the house. Te Aroha Community Hospital has 22 toilets and its chief executive, Nikki Close, told ONE News the change would see their rates rocket. "A 2000% increase. It's just mind boggling," she said. "This is going to take us up to $12,000. I don't know where we'll find the money." The council says the "pan tax" is the fairest way to cover the costs of upgrading the region's waste water system. "It's not fair on the one person living in the one bedroom flat, why should they spend exactly the same dollar figure as the pub," Mayor Hugh Vercoe said. "The businesses and the large users, they should pay more."



A Hamilton man who brought "party pills" into a police station to check whether they were legal is facing serious drugs and possibly explosives charges, police say. The 26-year-old man took the pills into Hamilton Police Station with a request they be analysed to determine their legal status in March. Police declined his request. However, he also took the pills to a media organisation. The media organisation commissioned an ESR test, which proved the pills contained a Class C drug modified from the Class A psychedelic drug "DOB", police said. Acting Detective Inspector Karl Thornton said the police seized the pills after they were informed of the test results.



Police are warning Wanganui women to watch out after two females were subjected to apparently sexually motivated attacks on central city streets. Police have urged people to take particular care when walking or jogging in the broader central city area after two young women were attacked while out alone. In the first attack on April 23, a 19-year-old woman was left shaken but uninjured after being grabbed from behind by a man while jogging down Selwyn Cres, near Hadfield Cres around 6:15pm. The woman managed to push the man away, and he ran off toward Grey St. She described the man as a dark-skinned Maori, aged in his late 20s or early 30's, 1.77m tall, wearing a black beanie, black jersey or hoodie, and black trackpants. The second attack took place on the afternoon of May 1, when a 20-year-old woman was walking in Campbell St near Plymouth St. A man grabbed her from behind and forced her into a nearby property. She fought off her attacker, who ran off along Campbell St toward Plymouth St. The woman was uninjured.



A document from John Banks' mayoral campaign shows that a former National Party board member who is now an MP was a fundraiser for him. Coromandel MP Scott Simpson is listed as "National Party liaison", offering "assistance with fundraising", on the sheet from one of the original campaign meetings. Mr Simpson said he had no knowledge of the donation that has plunged Mr Banks, now leader of the Act Party and a minister, into a political storm. Mr Banks is facing a police investigation over anonymous donations to his campaign for the Auckland SuperCity mayoralty. The election returns show no sign of donations from SkyCity or internet tycoon Kim Dotcom.



Medical students and post-graduates will no longer get Government support in the final years of their degrees under stricter new rules which critics say will worsen the brain drain. The National-led Government has announced that long-term students will not get access to student allowances and 500,000 New Zealanders with student loans will have to pay them back more quickly. Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce expected the changes to save $250 million at first, and $70 million a year from the higher repayment scheme. The Government was keen to chip away at student loan debt of $11 billion, and make sure allowance schemes focused on early years of tertiary education and students from low-income families. The Opposition and student bodies said the changes would increase the exodus to Australia, which had a more lenient repayment scheme.



Qantas will cut spending by a further $A400 million next financial year by delaying delivery of new A380 aircraft. A review of the airline's maintenance operations had concluded, but a decision would not be announced until mid-May, Qantas said in a statement released today. Qantas was to receive two new super jumbo A380s in early 2013, but will now take delivery of the aircraft in the 2016/17 financial year. Another six A380s will be delivered to Qantas from 2018/19. The changes will cut Qantas' capital expenditure by $400 million in 2012/13 to $1.9 billion. The spending reductions follow a previously announced $500 million worth of cuts, which included staff cuts in its catering, cabin crew, pilots, engineering and ground operations.



Using the three-second rule when dropping food or a child's dummy on the floor could pose a risk, new research shows. Five food items and a child's dummy were tested by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to see whether the three-second rule could be trusted. The scientists, who carried out the survey on behalf of cleaning experts Vileda, discovered E. coli on the dummy after it had been dropped on the floor. MMU Technical officer Kathy Lees said: "The child's dummy, which all our case studies admitted dropping on the floor regularly and then returning to their children, showed very low levels of E coli. "We also discovered Pseudomonas - bacteria which could potentially lead to respiratory, tissue and urinary tract infections, for those whose health is already compromised." The scientists also tested the theory by dropping bread with jam, cooked pasta, ham, a biscuit and dried fruit on the floor and left them there for three, five and 10 second intervals. They found foods with a high salt or sugar content are safer to eat after being retrieved, with less chance of harmful bacteria surviving on such items. But the dried fruit and cooked pasta showed signs of bacteria in three seconds.



The Purchase, New York-based company on Thursday announced its deal with the estate of Michael Jackson to use the late pop star's image for its new global marketing push. The nature of the promotion will vary by country, but will include special edition cans bearing Jackson's image, a TV ad in some markets and chances to download remixes of some of Jackson's most famous songs. Pepsi, which first partnered with Jackson in 1983, did not disclose the terms of its deal with the singer's estate. The promotion is part of a global marketing blitz planned for the year ahead by Pepsi, which is looking to revive its brand and win back market share from The Coca-Cola Co.



A story about a student drinking game called possum - in which young people drink in trees until they fall out - has captured imaginations around the world. Yesterday's Otago Daily Times article highlighting concerns of Dunedin Botanic Garden staff about the craze sparked a flurry of media coverage in the UK, Australia and the United States. In the UK, the Guardian called the craze 'a bizarre new branch of the drinking game' and the story ranked as the second most-read in its world news section. The Sun also picked up the story, prompting comments including 'what a bunch of prats'.



A Mt Eden do-up has been bought for $2 million just three days after being listed - and for more than $1 million over its valuation. The run-down three-bedroom villa at 39 Woodside Rd has an Auckland Council valuation of $970,000 and Harcourts listing agent Charlotte Marshall said the speedy sale showed buyers needed to be quick. "This tells you [opportunities] like that don't come up in Mt Eden very often and when they do, they are sought after." The house could be demolished or removed from the site because it was not in the heritage-zoned Residential 1 area, she said.



The biggest full moon of the year should be visible in New Zealand skies this weekend. The "super moon" could be up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons seen throughout the year. The phenomenon is caused by the moon's elliptical orbit. This weekend it will be 50,000km closer to Earth than at the furthest reach of its orbit. US space agency Nasa says the Perigee Moon, as it is also known, has been linked in folklore to a rise in hospital admissions and an increase in crime, but modern studies do not back this up. However, higher tides than normal are expected. The super moon is set to rise on Sunday evening at 5.23pm.



The best airports in the world have been named in the annual World Airport Awards. South Korea's Incheon Airport has again been named the world's best, taking out the top award for the second time after first winning in 2009. The airport was ranked in the world's top five for eight of the 10 award categories from Skytrax, which include accessibility, comfort, speed of transit, friendliness of staff, and shopping and other facilities. The awards, announced last month, are based on surveys conducted by Skytrax with 12 million passengers of 100 different nationalities over a nine month period. Asian airports dominated the list, with six of the top 10 slots awarded to airports in the region.


World's top 10 best airports


1. Incheon International Airport

1. インチェン国際空港

2. Singapore Changi Airport

2. シンガポールチャンギ空港

3. Hong Kong International Airport

3. 香港国際空港

4. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

4. アムステルダムスキポール空港

5. Beijing Capital International Airport

5. 北京首都国際空港

6. Munich Airport

6. ミュンヘン空港

7. Zurich Airport

7. チューリッヒ空港

8. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

8. クアラルンプール国際空港

9. Vancouver International Airport

9. ヴァンクーヴァー国際空港

10. Central Japan International Airport

10. 中部国際空港(日本)



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