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The family of a teenager shot at 14 times by a police officer say there are still unanswered questions after police released findings from their investigation into the death. Lachan Kelly-Tumarae, 19, was shot after police said he aimed a shotgun at police in Fernhill, about 18 kilometres south-west of Napier in March last year. However, Kelly-Tumarae's aunt Noti told ONE News the findings have not brought any closure. "Why 14 times? I understand 1 or 2, 3 or 4 maybe, 14 I don't understand," Noti said. "That man [the police officer] shouldn't be in the police he should be in the army, in Afghanistan. "Why would they let that kind of man back on the road again?" Lovelock said of the 14 shots fired, three hit Kelly-Tumarae, one in his abdomen and two in his right leg. A bullet fragment also entered his left shoe. Kelly-Tumarae's family have been demanding answers from police after his clothes were returned with what they say seemed to be 13 bulletholes - seven in his trousers, five in his t-shirt and one in his shoe. 



Police are hunting a "high risk" sex offender who has avoided police since a warrant for his arrest was issued last month. Police say a warrant for 43-year-old Brian Conway's arrest was issued for breaching supervision orders. Conroy is described as of thin build and around 184cm tall. He had been living in the Porirua area. Prior to that he was living in the Stokes Valley area. Oxnam said anyone who sees Brian Conroy should call 111 as soon as possible or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

ストークスヴァレイ地域に住んだ後、ポリルアで住んでいた43歳のセックスオフェンダーが逃走しており、公共へ注意が促されています。彼の身長は184cmで細身の男性で、写真が公開されています。もし目撃情報があれば警察(111)、またはクライムストッパー(0800 555 111)へ通報を。


A 21-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a 64-year-old man who was allegedly assaulted near his Turangi home. Gordon Alfred Tunnicliffe died in Cranford Hospice in Hastings two weeks after the April 14 attack. Detective Inspector Mark Loper, of Bay of Plenty Police, said the 21-year-old was arrested and charged with assault shortly after the incident. However, today the charge has been upgraded to murder as a result of further police inquiries, including an analysis of post-mortem results.



An Auckland rental car company manager is accused of stealing more than $300,000 from her employer over almost two and a half years. Carol Joan Harford, a 60-year-old former employee of Omega Rental Cars, faces more than 35 charges after she allegedly pocketed cash given to her by customers to pay for rental cars and allegedly tampered with an Eftpos machine so customers' money was automatically deposited into her personal accounts. Omega Rentals Cars owner Simon Sceats said the woman had been employed as a branch manager in Auckland for more than two years and her alleged offending began soon after. According to charge sheets the alleged offending occurred between May 2009 and October 2011.



A jetboat operator has been ordered to pay $270,000 for taking tourists on sightseeing boat trips which resulted in three passengers breaking their backs.  InterCity Group earlier pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to take all practical steps to ensure their employees' actions did not harm anyone, APNZ reported. Auckland resident Petulia Patey and her best friend Amanda Lee broke their backs during the holiday jetboat trip in the Bay of Islands in January last year.



A solo mother with five children has been forced to live in a sewage contaminated state house for four days. Housing New Zealand refused to move the south Auckland family after their contractor damaged the toilet which led to raw sewage spilling through their home. "I came downstairs and what do I see - a lot of raw sewage still dripping from along the top here (ceiling), all over the stove, over the floor - splashed everywhere," mother Leuma Taumua told ONE News. The family were told they had to continue living in the house. However, half an hour after ONE News contacted Housing New Zealand the family received a call. Housing New Zealand has apologised for not taking action sooner, and told the family it is now moving them to a motel and will pay for food expenses. It also said the Taumua family can either choose to move back to the house once its been properly cleaned or be relocated.

ハウジングニュージーランドが管理する家に住む家族が、ハウジングニュージーランドが手配するコントラクターにより壊されたトイレから汚物が溢れる住宅に半強制的に住まわされていたことが暴露されています。興味深いのは、この事態を報じたワンニュース(ONE News)がハウジングニュージーランドへ連絡した30分後、ハウジングニュージーランドがすぐに行動を起こせなかったことを謝罪したうで、被害を受けていた家族をモーテルへ滞在させ、食費を負担することを申し出ていたことで、問題が社会へ暴露されることを嫌っていたハウジングニュージーランドの管理体制に疑問符がつく事件となっています。そもそも、この家族に落ち度はなく、トイレを破壊したコントラクターを手配したハウジングニュージーランドが責められるべき問題なので、ここでも職員の怠慢により無駄な税金が使われたことは事実のように思います。


An Auckland vet is calling for a ban on using a common rat poison in urban areas, fearing it will kill pet cats and dogs. The poison cholecalciferol is used by the Auckland Council to target possums and rats, and one pet owner says it has left her cat fighting for its life. The chemical has also been linked to the death of a pet in Christchurch. Tracy Poole's Tonkinese cat Jasper became very ill just over a month ago. "He wouldn't eat - he was dehydrated - he got skinny - really, really quickly," Poole told Close Up. The cat was rushed to the vet and tests showed his kidneys were badly damaged. Somehow, Jasper had swallowed a lethal brew of poisons meant for rats and possums - bromadiolone and cholecalciferol.



Police say they will be forensically testing a stove which is believed to be responsible for the death of a Waikato toddler. It is thought 18-month-old Kobi George Collier had climbed onto the open door of the Fisher and Paykel multi-function stove when it fell. Emergency services were called to the Te Aroha home, east of Hamilton, just after 7am yesterday. They found the toddler unconscious and not breathing. Police say a post mortem examination completed today was consistent with their belief the oven fell on top of Kobi. "There remains a number of people we still need to fully interview or speak to and the timing of these interviews will be determined by the current situation as many of these people had a close association with Kobi and his family," said Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Whitehead.



Local woman Prue Stringer told the committee sitting in Christchurch this morning that she was "one of the huge majority" who opposed the bill. She cited a recent Massey University poll that found 75.9 per cent of people were against it. Ms Stringer said selling the assets had been likened to selling the family silver. But she said it was more akin to "selling off the family cow ... or eating your last chicken". "You might get one or two meals, but no more daily eggs. What intelligent farmer would do that?" she asked the committee. The submissions heard so far today were all against the plan. David Clark, Labour MP for Dunedin North, said: "I've certainly not heard a submitter who supports the bill."



Small and medium-sized businesses are ill-prepared for crises and New Zealand urgently needs a national programme to help, researchers from Massey University say. The latest BusinesSMEasure report, written by the university's Centre for Small and Medium Enterprise Research, examines the effects of the Christchurch earthquakes on New Zealand firms. New Zealand's small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have a "high degree of vulnerability" and a "lack of formal crisis planning", according to the study. But Professor David Deakins, the director of the centre, said Canterbury SMEs are now much more resilient after the earthquakes. "The experience of dealing with a natural disaster clearly raised the level of companies' crisis management planning and awareness," he said.




Hotel and casino operator SkyCity Entertainment Group is keeping mum on the precise reasons behind the departure of one of its key executives. The dual-listed company today confirmed chief operating officer Stuart Wing had resigned. Wing and his family had chosen to return to Australia after 18 months ''for personal reasons'' its communications team said. He had planned to take leave in May so SkyCity agreed his resignation would take effect immediately. One industry analyst who asked not be identified didn't believe there was a connection between the convention centre debate and Wing's resignation. ''I wouldn't have a clue if there's any link to the convention centre but I'd be surprised if there was.'' A request for an interview with chief executive officer Nigel Morrison was declined. ''It's not appropriate for him to comment on personal circumstances,'' a SkyCity spokesman said.



Metlifecare, which raised $45.5 million of new capital last year, has agreed to buy rivals Vision Senior Living (VSL) and Private Life Care Holdings (PLC) in a deal worth some $216 million in stock and cash. The retirement village operator will buy VSL's five existing villages for $83 million in Metlifecare shares, and PLC's three villages for $123 million for scrip, the company said in a statement. VSL's shareholders will also buy 4.2 million further shares for some $10 million in cash to pay down the retirement village operator's debt.

ニュージーランドで最大規模の養老施設を運営するメットライフケア(Metlifecare)が株式売買により、ヴィジョンシニアリヴィング(VSL、Vision Senior Living)を$83ミリオンで、プライヴェートライフケアホールディングス(PLC、Private Life Care Holdings)を$123ミリオンで買い取ったことを公表しています。ニュージーランドの高齢化社会も少しづつ顕在化しつつあり、このライヴァル企業との合併も将来の老齢人口を見据えたうえでの企業戦略のひとつのように思います。


A foreign exchange (forex) trader has been charged with fraud for allegedly causing 59 investors to lose around $1.5 million. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has charged Christopher John Collecutt, 57, with theft by person in special relationship, obtaining by deception or causing loss by deception, and false statement by promoter. Collecutt traded foreign exchange on behalf of 73 investors, located both in New Zealand and overseas, the SFO said today in a statement. It is alleged that figures in weekly investment reports emailed to investors from late 2008 onwards were false; that commission income was calculated on false profits; and that investor funds were used for personal use. Collecutt, who used the trading name CFX, predominantly traded in US and Australian Dollars and Japanese Yen.



Cowboys in the construction industry are being targeted by a bill that will introduce fines of up to $200,000 for jobs done without the proper paperwork. The Government is aiming to make building contractors more accountable for their work by making companies or individuals provide upfront evidence of their skills and track record, and insisting that they fix any faults quickly and efficiently with no questions asked. The changes would also affect do-it-yourself renovators.




* Any building jobs over $20,000 will require a written contract.

* 2万ドルを超える建築工事は書面での契約が要求される。

* Building contractors have to provide disclosure statements on their qualifications, track record, skills and licence status.

* ビルディングコントラクターズは彼らの資格、過去の職歴、技術、ライセンスの状況などすべてを公開しなければならない。

* Principal building contractors must fix defects within 12 months.

* 主要なビルディングコントラクターズは不具合を12ヶ月以内に修理しなければならない。

* Maximum penalty for building consents raised to $200,000.

* ビルディングコンセントに違反した場合の最大の罰金額は20万ドル。

* New powers for local authorities to deal with non-dangerous buildings close to dangerous buildings.

* 地元のカウンシルが危険ではない建物に近いところに建てられている危険な建物について新しい権限が与えられている。


A millionaire naturalised Chinese New Zealander who used senior political connections to win citizenship has gone on trial in the High Court at Auckland on five charges linked to claims he created a false identity in China. In a case that has been before the court for nearly two years, Yong Ming Yan, 41, has pleaded not guilty to five charges over claims he created a false identity in China to get citizenship. Justice Timothy Brewer is hearing the case without a jury. Originally Yan was charged with 12 offences but these, the court heard, have been reduced in number due to issues with evidence from China. Yan, also known as William Yan, Bill Liu and Yang Liu, arrived in 2001. He got citizenship with letters of support and lobbying from Labour's Dover Samuels and Chris Carter, as well as National's Pansy Wong. The Department of Internal Affairs opposed citizenship saying with two passports, two names and two birth dates they did not know who he was. Then-Immigration Minister David Cunliffe over-ruled and granted citizenship.



Prime Minister John Key says his Government "totally" has the public's support for a zero budget, particulary in light of the result in the French presidential election. Key said in Greece there has been a really big push back against austerity and as a result "they have really lost control of their own country". "You have to do exactly what we're doing which is deal with your problems up front and don't let them get too bad." He said while Governments naturally want to spend more money to make people happy, "if you're borrowing it from overseas and putting more debt on generations that is a really irresponsible thing to do". "If we went out and spent like a drunken soldier they would say there is something very wrong with the Government."




The Government announced reforms to the welfare system in March, claiming it would help 30,000 beneficiaries re-join the workforce. Today, it says the Budget will provide $287.5 million over the next four years to implement the first phase of the controversial reforms. Social Development will get a fresh injection of $81.5 million in the Budget, but the rest of the money will have to come from within the department with the Government demanding that the ministry "re-prioritise" or cut its spending in some areas. The funding will go towards early childhood education ($80 million), extra Work and Income staff ($55.1m) and youth services ($148.8m). The reforms will see those on the unemployment, sickness and widows benefits, along with sole parents whose youngest is over five forced to look for work. "170,000 New Zealanders spent the majority of the past decade on benefits. That's bad for children, families, individuals and the economy," said Bennett. She adds that $77.6 million will be spent to support around 14,000 disengaged 16 and 17-year olds into education or training.



Captain Bruce Kevin Clark's family released a statement describing what his wife saw in the video feed from Afghanistan recording her husband's death. "Clark was suddenly knocked forward," the statement said. "The closet behind him had a bullet hole in it. The other individuals, including a member of the military, who rushed to the home of CPT Clark's wife also saw the hole and agreed it was a bullet hole." "After two hours and many frantic phone calls by Mrs Clark, two military personnel arrived in the room and appeared to check his pulse, but provided no details about his condition to his wife," the statement said. US officials in Afghanistan referred questions to the Pentagon. The Pentagon has said the cause of Clark's death remains under investigation.



South Korea says it's strengthening customs inspections in a crackdown on the smuggling of Chinese-made capsules filled with powdered human flesh. The state-run Korea Customs Service said Monday that since last August it has discovered 35 attempts to smuggle from China about 17,450 such capsules disguised as stamina-boosters. Customs officials say the capsules were made from dead babies and infants in northeastern China, and that ethnic Koreans living there tried to smuggle them into South Korea. The officials say some people believe the capsules are a panacea for disease, but an investigation shows they contain superbacteria and other harmful ingredients.



The success rate for passing the new restricted licence test has been halved. After nine weeks under the harder tests, nearly 9000 tests have been conducted and the overall pass rate is 41 per cent. It was 80 per cent under the old system. NZTA spokesman Andy Knackstedt said learner drivers will have to put in a lot of practice to pass, and will need to appreciate the test is a lot harder. "More practice and preparation is needed for people sitting the test, and that's our clear message to learner drivers, that this test is more challenging.



A large low creeping towards New Zealand is expected to bring an end to the dry spell affecting much of the country. Rain is expected to develop around northern and western parts of the country from tomorrow. Heavy downpours are possible in Fiordland, Westland and Northland. People in affected areas are advised to keep up to date with the latest forecasts.



Internet giant Kim Dotcom has released a song about his controversial donation towards John Banks' electoral campaign in 2010. The track called "Amnesia" has the chorus: "That politician got amnesia again". Dotcom made the track with Black Eyed Peas producer and songwriter Printz Board. The track features quotes from media interviews with the Act Party leader, including an interview from TVNZ's programme Q+A when Banks tells host Paul Holmes he has "nothing to hide". Dotcom claims he discussed the donation with Banks at his Auckland mansion, and later received a phone call thanking him for the money. But Banks said he never called Dotcom to thank him for the $50,000 donation to his 2010 campaign. A former Dotcom employee - who does not want to be named - described how he deposited $50,000 in Queenstown so the donation would come from "as far away as possible" and would appear to be anonymous.

著作権侵害の罪で訴追を受けているキム・ドットコム容疑者が献金疑惑の渦中にあるジョン・バンクス氏へ記憶喪失ラップを捧げています。記事を読むと、このラップ、ブラックアイドピーズのプロデューサーとソングライターのプリンツ・ボードによって製作されたもので、それなりにしっかりと作られています。"That politician got amnesia again"(その政治家はまた記憶喪失に陥っている)や"nothing to hide"(隠すものは何もない)また、”can't remember”(思い出せない)といったジョン・バンクス氏がインタビューや記者会見で発言した言葉を散りばめたラップで笑いを誘っています。ぜひ動画の視聴を。


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