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The desolate Christchurch red-zone is beginning to come to life as residents are given further access to the central city. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority has reduced the cordon on the western side of the CBD, allowing access to Latimer Square and parts of Gloucester and Manchester St. The opening will allow Cantabrians access to the partly-demolished ChristChurch cathedral and the historic New Regent St. Cantabrian Matthew Shivas said it was great to see the picturesque retail strip, where he worked at his grandparents' shop, after more than 15 months. A $5 million renovation is expected to restore superficial damage later this year.



A petition is calling for an online dictionary to remove posts referring to Maori as "thieves", "gangsters" and "self-proclaimed land owners". The petition claims the definitions, featured under the search term "Maori" on urbandictionary.com, are racist and incorrect. More than 100 people have signed the online petition. "The Urban Dictionary is a good reference of colloquial slang but it is also a melting pot of ignorance," reads the petition letter. "The definitions 2-7 of the word 'Maori' are incorrect. They are not definitions, they are racist views and should be labelled correctly." Some of the offensive posts have received over 1000 likes on Urban Dictionary which relies on users uploading their own definitions of colloquial words not found in a traditional dictionary.

urbandictionary.comというオンライン辞書でマオリを引くと、"thieves(泥棒)", "gangsters(ギャング、暴力団員)" and "self-proclaimed land owners(自分で宣言する土地の所有者)"といった語彙を引用され間違って定義されていることから、100人の人々の署名をと共にこれら間違った内容を削除する訴状がurbandictionary.comへ提出されているようです。



A magnitude 4.8 quake has struck Christchurch this afternoon. The quake struck at 5.06pm and was 8km deep. It was initially recorded as magnitude 4.6, but has since been upgraded, according to the GeoNet website. It was centred 20km east of central Christchurch. Residents are reporting it was a big shake, with many saying on Twitter it felt more like a magnitude 5 shake. The quake follows a 4.1 magnitude quake which struck near Rolleston at 9.35am. It was 10km deep.



Hundreds of kilometres of Auckland's ageing stormwater network are not up to scratch and at risk of collapse. ONE News has obtained council documents and a map showing the strain the system is under. View the map here (press "Ctrl" and "+" to zoom in). The pink areas on the map show where a staggering 375km of bad pipes lie underneath Auckland suburbs, in need of priority repair or replacement. The worst areas are in west Auckland, the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast. The council plans to fix the pipes slowly over the next 20 years, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. But with winter coming, officials admit pipes could collapse under the pressure of wet weather. "Unfortunately there is always a risk," said Auckland Civil Defence controller Clive Manley.



An innocent man has spent almost 20 years in jail for one of New Zealand's most notorious cases of rape and murder, says a detective with expert knowledge of the crime. Susan Burdett was brutally raped and murdered in her Papatoetoe home in 1992 after an evening out 10-pin bowling. The 39-year-old accounts clerk, who lived alone, was bashed repeatedly on the head with a softball bat that she kept in her bedroom for protection. A colleague found her naked body on her bed after she failed to turn up for work the next day. The case horrified the public and baffled police, who had no firm leads for almost a year. Eventually, a 17-year-old gang associate, Teina Pora, was arrested and convicted of the crime in 1994 after making inconsistent confessions. But in 1996, DNA testing showed the semen inside Mrs Burdett belonged to serial rapist Malcolm Rewa, who was unknown at the time of Pora's trial but was convicted in 1998 of sexually assaulting 24 women. Now the detective whose expert testimony convicted Rewa says he is convinced police got the wrong man for Mrs Burdett's murder.



The woman's test results were switched with another patient who has since been given the heartbreaking news that she has breast cancer. The Herald on Sunday understands the women, both from the Otago region, had biopsies after mammograms revealed suspicious lesions. Their specimens were sent to Southern Community Laboratories, which tested the tissue samples for signs of cancer. As a result, one of the women was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently had a breast removed. The other was informed of a negative result. They were later told the specimens had been switched and both patients had been misdiagnosed.



She refused to go to her room, so a 10-year-old girl was gagged and bound with duct tape and shut in a laundry by her furious father. Having tied both her arms and legs, he walked away, not returning to free her for 10 minutes. The 36-year-old Masterton man this week admitted assaulting the girl, as well as injuring her by flipping her out of bed during an argument. The software developer and father of two, whose name is suppressed, was sentenced in Masterton District Court to nine months' supervision. The court heard how, during an argument in September, he told his daughter to go to her room for "being naughty" and not doing as she was told. When she refused, he carried her screaming to her room, where she started hitting the door. He then carried her into the laundry and shut the door, but she continued to make a noise. He returned with a roll of duct tape, police prosecutor Sergeant Greg Peters said. "He taped the victim's hands and feet, before placing a single strip of tape across her mouth, before shutting the door and walking away."



Social media marketing is credited with helping a new business turn over $1 million in its first year of trading. United Sweets of New Zealand has hit nearly 13,700 Facebook likes and is attracting about 1000 new fans each week. It stocks about 300 confectionery products, many recognised by American movie buffs but not readily available here. Staff post the goods to thousands of customers countrywide and plan to increase the range to 500 products this year.



Bankrupt property tycoon Terry Serepisos has been cruising Wellington streets in a $35,000 Jaguar. Bankrupts are barred from owning a car worth more than $5000 but they may drive a car of any value. On Thursday, Serepisos was spotted driving the silver supercharged 2000 Jaguar V8 - with an estimated present value of about $35,000 - into a BP station in Wakefield St. The sighting came on the day it was officially notified that one of his creditors was taking possession of his prized Roseneath home. He said he knew the rules about bankruptcy. "I can't own a car but I can drive whatever I want. "If I want to drive my brother's car, I will drive what I want."



Education Minister Hekia Parata is refusing to say how much top teachers will earn under a performance pay scheme or where the funding for extra pay will come from. In a pre-Budget speech in which she announced $511.9 million of extra education spending over fours years, Ms Parata said performance pay was among the options being considered as part of an appraisal system to boost quality teaching. The new spending comes on top of $304m tagged to professional learning and development for teachers in primary and secondary education. But Ms Parata will not say how much extra top teachers would earn under a performance pay scheme.



The Government expects to pay contractors about $120 million to help sell its controversial asset sales plan message. Finance Minister Bill English confirmed the spend would total "around 2 per cent" of the proceeds from the partial sale of selected state assets – up to $7 billion. The costs were for advertising, PR, legal, banking, call centres and other administrative charges.



The biggest donor to the Act Party says he gave the money to Don Brash and John Banks so they could stop special treatment for Maori who were "either in jail or on welfare". In an extraordinary interview with the Weekend Herald, Louis Crimp said he believed he had the support of Brash, Banks and other "white New Zealanders". Mr Crimp made the largest financial contribution to the Act Party for the 2011 election with a $125,520 donation. His comments have appalled Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples. But the Act Party last night affirmed Mr Crimp's right to have his say - and welcomed future donations if he was inclined to make them. Mr Crimp, a multimillionaire businessman, said he was inspired by Dr Brash's controversial 2004 Orewa speech and supported Act when the former National Party leader took over as Act's leader last year. "I supported Act because I thought Brash would go along the way for Maoris to be treated like equal New Zealanders ... they don't get any more than a normal New Zealander and we're all the same.




Before the High Court at Auckland, the defendant facing four counts of fraud is Yong Ming Yan. To his MP mates he is Bill Liu. He was granted citizenship in the name of Yang Liu. Days later he changed it to William Yang, and was granted a passport. It is believed he arrived in New Zealand in late 2001, already a wealthy man, although how he made his millions remains a mystery. Court documents detail four monikers and several birth dates: he explains this away by saying he was an orphan who was fostered. His various passports put him at either 39 or 42 years old. Yan was granted permanent residency here in mid-2002. Soon he was known around the tables at Auckland's SkyCity casino, reportedly playing blackjack and baccarat for 15-hour stretches. He paid cash for a $2million-plus apartment in the swanky Metropolis tower in central Auckland. Five years later he bought a home in Bayswater, valued at $5m. He is married, to Vienna, with two children, aged 7 and 4. One report suggested that in 2007, a winning streak caused the casino to miss profit targets. Internal Affairs (DIA) confirmed in 2009 Liu was one of several "gamblers of significance" they had discussed with SkyCity. By May 2005 Yan had applied for citizenship. But a month later Chinese authorities posted a "red notice" with Interpol.



Following weeks of negative headlines in Fiji and around the world, Miss World CEO Julia Morley has stepped in and may travel to Fiji to help rectify the Miss Fiji World debacle. "Sadly I am aware of many problems that have occurred. I plan to visit Fiji as soon as possible," says Morley. On April 25, a then 15-year-old Torika Watters was crowned Miss World Fiji in the capital, Suva. The next few days saw public comments on Mai Life Magazine's Facebook page criticising that the winner "was not native enough" to represent the country. "Miss Fiji, who was too young to travel this year, Torika Watters, will be most welcome in 2013, thus giving Fiji and the Miss World Organisation time to work on a solution for the future for 2014," says Morely. "We hope the young lady elected will be given support from everyone to 'Shine for Fiji' and she will be made most welcome. "We hope the people of Fiji will get behind her to assist her with her preparation before leaving Fiji. "We do look forward to receiving the representative of Fiji this year," says Morely, "she will enjoy our wonderful Festival of Beauty with 130 other countries".

フィジー代表としてフィジー人らしさが足りず、若すぎるとしてミス・フィジーの座から降ろされていた15歳のTorika Wattersさんへ、ミスワールドCEOのジュリア・モーリーがわざわざフィジーへ足を運び、フィジーの人々が彼女を支援することを望み、2014年のミス・フィジーとなることを心待ちにしていると述べています。この大人の事情でミスの座を追われた彼女が一番傷ついているのは間違いないので、このCEOの行動はよく理解できます。



The instructions on the box tell you to pop the frozen tray in the microwave for one and a half minutes and then let stand for five minutes. We don't have a microwave so I just let the pack thaw for an hour and all six pieces were consumed after school by my daughter, who said they tasted quite good. But are they as good for you as sushi you would buy fresh from a shop? My recommendations  There's not much in here that you wouldn't normally find in fresh sushi except things such as acidity regulators, stabilisers and antioxidants to help preserve the sushi in a good state so it doesn't collapse when you defrost it. There are artificial flavours in here for the rice and surimi. But none of those additives have health concerns. So if you want to eat frozen sushi go for it, but for my money I'll go with fresh.





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