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A nine-year-old girl was allegedly handed a rifle and ordered to shoot her mother's partner after the girl claimed she had been abused by the man. Police say the Masterton girl had approached her mother earlier this year and said the man had inappropriately touched her. However, her mother did not believe her. The mother and her partner then handed a gun to the girl, taunting her and telling her to shoot the man if her claims were true. Crying, the girl refused. It has not yet been revealed if the gun was loaded. The pair were arrested on Thursday night and jointly charged with cruelty to a child and unlawfully possessing a firearm. The man was also charged with indecent assault.



A woman had part of her top jaw cut away after being wrongly diagnosed with cancer of the mouth. The surgeon who treated her says the misdiagnosis happened after a lab worker dropped two samples on the floor and mixed them up. She is the sixth woman the Herald on Sunday has discovered to be affected by errors made in pathology laboratories since we started an investigation a month ago. Nelson oral surgeon Dr Iain Wilson said his 63-year-old patient suffered facial swelling and sinus infections after having a tooth implant last year.



A family will receive an apology after a dog control officer climbed into their empty home to "apprehend" their dog. The dog control officer mistakenly thought he had a search warrant to enter the Te Atatu home of Liesje Bradley, whose 10-year-old dog Monty's registration was overdue. The incident has prompted changes to the way Auckland Council officers act on private property. By law, officers may enter a property but not a house unless they have a search warrant issued by a court. Bradley said she felt "violated" knowing the man had been in her house. "They were out picking up unregistered dogs. They had 11 addresses ... and search warrants for five of them. Plain and simple, they thought they had a search warrant for [Bradley's]address and they didn't. They were just totally wrong."



There is serious concern for two American university students who have been reported missing from a tramping expedition in the Arthur's Pass area. Alec Brown and Erica Kintworth, both 21, set off on June 1 and were expected to return between Monday and Wednesday last week. Friends of the University of Canterbury students told police the trampers were overdue from their expedition last night. Sergeant Sean Judd said police were concerned for the pair's welfare because of heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures for several days in the past week.




All gay and bisexual men in Auckland are being urged to get tested for the Gonorrhea, due to an outbreak of a strain which is almost drug-resistant. Gonorrhoea, which is also referred to as 'the clap', have broken out among gay and bisexual men in the city, and clinicians and lab specialists are particularly concerned that it is nearing drug resistance here. Free testing services have been increased, and the strain can still be treated despite the early signs of reduced susceptibility to treatment showing up in lab tests.



A 32-year-old man and his 18-year-old daughter have admitted having an incestuous relationship. The two people appeared in Dunedin District Court yesterday charged with committing incest between August 2010 and May this year, knowing of their relationship as parent and child. They were both remanded until August 28 by Judge Stephen O'Driscoll. During that time, a relationship developed between the two which became a sexual relationship in August 2010. The girl and her family moved south early last year and her father moved with them. The sexual relationship continued, resulting in the birth of a child. After a complaint to the police, both were interviewed last month and freely admitted their sexual relationship and that they knew they were biological father and daughter.



Fine weather for the parts of the South Island this weekend could be short lived with snow forecasted at sea level and gale force winds early this week. MetService have today issued a weather watch for the Banks Peninsula and eastern areas of Southland and Otago tomorrow as a cold front crosses the South Island. MetService said there is the possibility of snow flurries to near sea-level in Southland and Otago during Monday night and early Tuesday morning.



GDP has been rising across the Tasman, up 2.3 per cent in the year to December compared with New Zealand's 1.4 per cent, unemployment is as low as 5.1 per cent compared with New Zealand's 6.7 per cent, and wages are about a third higher than in New Zealand. But there are stark regional disparities. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, most of the growth is focused on Western Australia where the strong mining sector helped the state record a 14.5 per cent rise in GDP in the year to March. But when you look at some of the other states in the last quarter, growth slowed by 0.3 per cent in New South Wales and 0.8 per cent in Queensland while Victoria only rose 1.8 per cent. "New South Wales has actually been in recession. It's a two-speed economy – although there is this supposedly enormous boom going on, if you're in the southeast all you're seeing is manufacturing depressed because of the high dollar," Malpass said.




Rotorua police are warning teenagers not to go to an illegal party touted by organisers as the biggest party of the year. Similar parties in Rotorua in recent years have got out of control and been shut down by police. Some have provided teenagers with a shot of alcohol as part of the cover charge. Rotorua police area commander Inspector Bruce Horne said the proposed party was illegal. "Anyone who arranges an event of that sort would not only incur criminal liability for breaching the Sale of Liquor Act, but may also be held criminally liable should someone be harmed when attending such an event," he said. "The general rule is that it is unlawful to supply anyone under the age of 18 with liquor. Even if a parent or guardian consents to someone being allowed to consume liquor at a private address, it is unlawful for a third party to supply someone under 18 with alcohol. In other words, liquor can only be supplied to someone under 18 by their parent or guardian."



New Zealand-owned Foodstuffs has taken out the prize for the worst packaging in Unpackit's 2012 awards. Foodstuffs won the award for putting vegetables on polystyrene meat-trays and wrapping them in plastic, beating Sunsweet Ones individually wrapped prunes by a few votes. The awards are part of the Smart Packaging project run by Wanaka Wastebusters aimed at helping people to choose packaging that can be reduced, reused and recycled. Unpackit's Sophie Ward said supermarkets who practised this sort of packaging were ignoring the environmental impact of their company, and she hoped winning the award would be a wake-up call.



Bargain botox could be coming to a shopping mall near you. Discount clinic Oz Skin has forged a deal with Westfield Australia and plans to open 13 clinics in the next 18 months. It already has a clinic at Westfield Helensvale, Queensland, where botox costs A$9.90 ($12.78) a unit, around 60 per cent cheaper than elsewhere. Oz Skin chief executive Deb Farnworth-Wood said she would be open to having franchises in New Zealand. "Expansion is happening quickly. We wouldn't say no. We've never had to advertise for franchisees, they've all approached us," she said.

低価格のボトックス注射施術を展開するOz Skin(オージースキン)がショッピングモールの大手ウェストフィールドオーストラリアと向こう18ヶ月において13店舗をオープンする契約の同意を得たようです。すでに開店しているウェストフィールドヘレンズヴェール、クイーンズランドでは料金がA$9.90(NZ$12.78)と格安で他店よりも60%ほど安い料金のようです。Oz Skinのチーフエグゼクティヴはニュージーランドでもフランチャイズのオープンを考えていると述べているので、そのうち、ニュージーランドのウェストフィールドショッピングモールでも開店するかもしれません。


Consumers are being warned about a large-scale online selling operation involving dangerously rewired top-brand power tools that have been given fake compliance labels. The Ministry of Economic Development's Energy Safety team is investigating six Trade Me users allegedly selling cordless power tools carrying the brands Hitachi, Makita and DeWalt destined for the North and South American markets. They had been illegally modified and had compliance labels put on. Customs seized thousands of labels at Auckland Airport six weeks ago. Almost 2000 people have been alerted that they may have bought one of these products and have been urged to stop using them. Trade Me has banned one seller but five others are still operating.



Heinz Watties was right. Italian producers have been dumping their tomatoes in New Zealand and it has been suppressing prices. But despite finding 17 per cent of all imported Italian tomatoes were dumped, New Zealand officials are not going to take any action. Of 15 importers in New Zealand, four did not co-operate and two – supermarket operators Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs – provided "partial responses". The Italian tomato production industry is vast and highly efficient, though use of migrant labour has led to some international concerns of exploitation. While Italian growers produce over five million tonnes of tomatoes a year, the report said, New Zealand growers produce just 13,000 tonnes. It is not only here where there is concern about unfair competition. In Australia the number of tomato growers has plummeted, though it remains an exporter to New Zealand.



First-home buyers are being lured into the property market by interest rates that in some cases make it cheaper to own than rent. But they come with a warning. The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income is worried that some borrowers - especially first-time buyers and novice property investors - are biting off more than they can chew. A $250,000 mortgage on a rate of 5.5 per cent results in payments of $793 a fortnight. But if interest rates return to the historically average 7.5 per cent, the fortnightly repayment becomes $928. The warnings come as record levels of mortgagee sales have been reported. "It's hard for people to remember when interest rates were at 15 or 20 per cent. But people who took mortgages at that time will tell you it can happen." He said first-home buyer hotspots included Glenfield on Auckland's North Shore. There, the average rent for a three-bedroom house was $420 a week. The median sales price was about $450,000, which meant fortnightly repayments of about $1122 with a $25,000 deposit.

金利が低いことからファーストホームバイヤーズが家の購入に向けられており、彼らが得るものよりも失うものが大きい可能性があることがコミッショナー(The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income)から指摘されています。要約すると、(かなり昔に15%や20%の金利があった頃と比べ)現在の低金利では家賃を払うよりもモーゲージを組んで支払ったほうが安い場合があることから初めて家を購入しようと考えている人々がそれに釣られる形で多額のホームローンを組んでおりメンテナンスやレイツなどの維持費で手一杯になりさらに近い将来金利が増えたとき彼らが家を買うときに期待していた(持ち家の)優位性がなくなり時としてそれが大きな負担となる可能性がある、ということのようです。数字をみると、25万ドルのモーゲージを組んでいた場合、5.5%の金利では隔週(2週毎)で$793となり、もし金利が上昇し7.5%になると、同じく隔週で$928の支払いとなるようです($928-$793=$135。年間だと$3510になります)。もうひとつ別の数字をみると、ノースショアの平均的な3ベッドルームの賃貸は週当たり$420で、ノースショアの平均中央価格は$450,000で、$25,000の頭金で隔週の支払いだとおよそ$1122となるようです(週当たり$561)。



Mortgagee sales have hit record numbers, and landlords are the new victims. Terralink recorded 524 mortgagee sales from January to March, at least 100 more than in the same period last year and more than the previous record of 519 mortgagee sales in 2010 when New Zealand was at the height of the recession. The number of forced sales in Northland rose 155 per cent, from 20 to 51, and Otago was up 153 per cent, from 15 to 38. Sale numbers in Hawkes Bay and Canterbury fell. But Mr Donald said the overall picture remained bleak, and even record low interest rates were no help. Last year, Terralink recorded 2265 mortgagee sales, 169 fewer than the 2434 in 2010. Numbers began to rise during the second half of last year, and have remained high since.




Two earthquakes struck northern NSW last night, and were felt in Tamworth, Gunnedah and Coonabarabran and in areas more than 100km away. A 4.2 magnitude quake struck at Lake Keepit, northeast of Gunnedah, at 9.31pm (11.31pm New Zealand time) on Friday, Geoscience Australia said. It had a depth of 17km. A similar sized earthquake nearby struck about two minutes earlier, the Australian Seismological Centre says.

オーストラリアのガネダーの北西にあるレイクキーピット(Lake Keepit)で午後9時31分頃、深さ17kmの地点でマグニチュード4.2の地震が発生したようです。同じような地震がこれの2分前に起きており、2回連続した地震だったようです。





Spain secured a European lifeline of up to 100 billion euros (NZ$162 billion)to save its stricken banks and try to avert a broader financial catastrophe. After an emergency video conference lasting more than two hours, eurozone finance ministers issued a statement saying they were "willing to respond favourably'' to a Spanish plea for help. The deal - hailed by European economic powerhouse Germany and the United States as well as the IMF - was a dramatic climbdown for Spain, where successive governments have hotly denied any need for outside aid.



Slumping job growth has alarmed some economists who fear the United States economy is in trouble. But Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke doesn't appear to be one of them. He has sketched a hopeful outlook in testimony to the congressional Joint Economic Committee and sent no signals the Fed would take further steps soon to aid the economy. Bernanke acknowledged Europe's debt crisis posed risks to US financial markets, and noted US unemployment remained high at 8.2 per cent, saying steps would be taken to boost the economy if it weakened. He was mindful all that could change if Europe's crisis quickly worsened or US job growth stalled.



Lindsay Lohan has been taken to hospital after a car crash in Los Angeles. The troubled actress - who is currently shooting her movie return as the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz & Dick' - was driving her black Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway when it hit a large vehicle. According to TMZ.com, the rear bumper was taken off the car and the passenger window was smashed. An ambulance was called to the scene but Lindsay did not appear to use it and made her own way to an unknown hospital in Los Angeles.



The All Blacks young guns shone last night in the 42-10 win over Ireland around a wealth of experience as the transition to 2015 kicked into gear. The introduction of hat-trick hero Julian Savea, smart-passing halfback Aaron Smith and hard-working lock Brodie Retallick worked wonders. But the end result was only achieved because the blend of hardened All Blacks and rookies was in synergy, according to coach Steve Hansen.



A New Zealand freediving champion plunged to 125m on a single breath only to have what would have been a world record cancelled on a technicality. Official freediving protocols state that once competing divers return to the surface they must give an "OK'' hand sign; a verbal "I am OK''; and remove their goggles and nose clip within 15 seconds. William Trubridge failed to do the latter and had the dive, in the Bahamas, cancelled. "I made it to 125m and back to the surface, but my oxygen was just too low and I had a samba [a loss of muscular control caused by oxygen deprivation] and failed the surface protocol. I forgot to remove my goggles. There were groans and laughs, but on the whole I'm not too gutted,'' he told the Xtremesport website.



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